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    If you have a quote you would like to share email us at People are afraid of their own immortality Celest “I was never crucified; I did not die on the cross.  My beloved wife Mary Magdalene and I traveled to many lands and had many children. I never founded Christianity, I did NOT Create…

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    Noteable Quotes page 2 Updated 1-2-13 If you have a good one to share, or just a good “Quote” please email them to us at *********** ************ “Power is not the control of situations or others; it is the alignment of our energy with that of Source.”  from “Learning to Trust”  by C. Weldon…

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    Notable Quotes

    Quotes to think about. Some funny, Some serious, Some not so funny. Updated 4-1-12 ********** Q- why is congress saying one thing and doing nothing? A- Tradition mostly. Charlie Wilson, former congressman Texas ********** In every war there will be periods of calm, When we will loose faith and when our allies desert us, that…