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autumn equinox

New Light Messages September 2014

New Light Messages

September 7, 2014


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We would have you know that the course of events, as they now unfold within your world, are in indeed extremely serious, escalating, moving inexorably toward nuclear involvement. In this time we do beseech you to remain ever-focused in the Eye of the Storm, for every cell group of Light, everyone, is essential, essential.

At this time great disruptions within the Earth’s crust have occurred, disturbing the magnetic field. And so, as the House of Abraham is aflame, the Hand of the Great Awakener does strengthen, and there shall be greater activity within the Earth. Flooding shall continue; fire shall continue; a new disturbance has been added – volcanic activity in many places. And those seams that do make up the continental fault lines shall now become extraordinarily active. Grace, must be lived within you, and within your circumstance, that it may be multiplied exponentially within your world, you see (i.e., we must also be instruments of grace for others).

Your focus, your meditations upon the Light, your prayers, your daily thoughts and actions do contribute greatly to the direction of flow that Grace shall take. Know this, and do go about your day, your life, as keeper of the Eye of the Storm, holder of the Light within, for each group, each individual that does hold the Light is now precious, precious, we do say. There continue to be too few, too few, as your world remains mesmerized by the toys that your technology has created, and so much does go unnoticed by the multitudes. Do not be among them. You are greatly needed.

As you do approach the Equinox (September 22), know that this may be a turning point if there are enough who will gather to hold the Light. It may be a turning point in which the shadow will begin the process of destroying itself. Allow yourself to approach the vigil that shall unfold with great gratitude, indeed, reverence; for the opportunity presented to your soul is rare.

Move with caution within coming week-and-a-half. Do not allow mental faculty to be clouded by despair. You are the Light; for as you do draw upon the Light, you do become for another a beacon of the Light. Live it as such, that your soul may celebrate this Light.

We do now take our leave. Walk now upon the path of the peace that you must keep; as the Prince of Peace does travel with you, you are a bearer of Light, as well. Blessings of the Holy One shower upon you, now and evermore. Do celebrate this life, this opportunity. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Can’t stay, but have to say, “Where, o where have your dancing shoes gone? O where, o where can they be?” Too many wrinkled brows. A little dance here, a little dance there – it will keep you with both ends alight! Okay, he’s waving goodbye with a pair of shoes in his hand; he has blue suede shoes in his hand. (Laughs) Be careful, blue mood, not blue moon, blue mood. Don’t let the blue mood trap you. Dance, dance, dance! Okay, thank you, Roundhead.

Visions and Messages

A beautiful light, beautiful light I see. Thank you.

Earth’s magnetic field, fluctuating all over the place; it’s all over the place. Something is going on. Big shift coming, big shift coming. Can’t tell when. They don’t show me how soon. Watch for the light in the sky. You’ll know when it’s coming. (Shamaan thinks this was due to the recent coronal mass ejections from the Sun.)

Chocolate and spirulina – partners forever. Good for all, good for all in this room.

Something about connective tissue. You will need vitamin E, sesame and flax seeds. Vitamin E supports antioxidant properties of lignans, supports healthy tissue as the connective process is developed. They work together very strongly; they complement one another.

Roundhead sings, “Don’t you forget my blue suede shoes.”

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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Note: Blue Star the Pleiadian spoke about many of these changes in his recent transmission “Beyond the scope of your Perception

To read this go to


Project “PUSH”: The last of the additional information on PUSH

Project “PUSH”: The last of the additional information on PUSH

Project “PUSH” will occur on September 20th, 2013

at 7:00 P.M your time worldwide.

First of all we want to say “thank you” to all of you who have so eagerly expressed your intent to participate in PUSH. We do not have time to answer all the email we have received from all over the world about PUSH. People are joining together from all over the United States, South America, Europe, the East, Australia, South Africa, (no, sorry no one from the middle east so far) and people are  going to be participating in Malaysia, Brazil, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the U.K., Germany, France, New Zealand, and so many other countries. Sorry we don’t want to offend anyone by leaving your country out, there are just too many to name. Many of you are gathering together in groups on the 20th to expand PUSH and your intents collectively. Please understand that because everyone will be doing this at 7:00 P.M. regardless of where you live, what will be occurring is a continuous wave of collective energy moving around the planet as each time zone enters the 7:00 hour. The beauty of the wave motion with the assistance of Divinity will effectively PUSH the dark energy away.

This is what will happen next: as the dark energies are being pushed from areas all over this world, simultaneously the collective of new Earth energies will immediately fill the void which once held the dark energies. The Universe has already designed a manner in which she herself will be collecting all that we and Divinity PUSH from the planet. The Universe has Created these devices that are contiguous energy retrievers. These devices have tornado-like energy. They are similarly shaped like inverted tornados, countless numbers of them will be in place surrounding this world. All the energies that are being pushed out will be immediately collected by this vacuum and destroyed. Please remember, this is not being done with any hatred or malice or ill intent. The dark energies simply have not availed themselves of the other options to change themselves that were given to them.

What you can expect: Organized chaos will accelerate as vast amounts of disorganized chaos are replaced. Most of you should be able to feel a difference, it may be hard to explain to yourselves what it is at first, but you will feel it. Monitor your own feelings, your sentience, even your hearing. You should also be able to become much stronger as individuals who are part of the collective consciousness. We have all been offered an opportunity to participate in something that has never happened on this planet before. You will be participating in something greater than yourselves, yet at the same time you yourself will become greater. You are standing your ground and drawing a line in the sand. People who are ensnared in dark energies will be acting out more because the energies they depended upon will no longer be there. It would be like being thrown into the deepest part of the ocean without a lifejacket. There is nothing we can do about that one. In a perfect world this would all be unnecessary, however it is not a perfect world…. Yet. Now would be a very good time NOT to get involved in anyone’s dramas!!

No, not all evil will be gone at this time. God said we are only to do this part as co-Creators. We are only to do what God wants us to do at this time. After all, we have been called upon to participate in this portion of the Grand Plan, we should all be grateful for being asked.  

On the 21st we will post a message here on what we see and how we feel we all did. God said He will have His own message to relay to all of you. We welcome your own personal comments about your own experiences.

Email us at

Please send a reminder to those you have shared PUSH with, about the date and time of this event, and about this new information.

Project “PUSH” / and and and



New Light Messages September 2013

New Light Messages

September 2013

Greetings. Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, we must be very brief yet we would have you know: These days before new moon do bring great, great danger, not merely to the people of Syria, but the world. If it is so, that there is no declaration of war, further war before the 5th you see, it is indeed possible to avert full-scale conflict. Yet the Butcher of Damascus [Assad] must be brought to justice; it may present extreme difficulty in doing so. Know this: That which is his karmic burden shall be justice enough. Grace shall be the only power to alleviate that burden.

Egypt yet holds the key, and the key is not held very well at this time. The Vigil that you do approach is more crucial than you know. We would have you begin with the evening of the full moon, and for a time each night prior to that which is the Equinox, the 22nd. Sit together for one hour that you hold the Light, indeed, magnify the Light to such an extent that it may reach all hearts, all souls within the House of Abraham. It will be on the day of the Equinox that the sacred pipe be activated once again. It is but an instrument, but all instruments such as this emanates great power by virtue of its role in usage to bring peace, harmony, and healing, you see, to the world. There are many such in different forms, and each one, each one, we do say, is needed in this time.

As you do approach the time, more will be given. If it [it refers to nuclear weapons being used] can be avoided without deeper involvement in the war, a great many, a great many may be saved. We do continue to assist in avoiding any and all nuclear involvement. It does draw near. Know this: Those who have chosen not to intervene, in a peaceful manner, on behalf of those who walk in the ancient land where Damascus was the soul of that land, shall have much cause to regret for withholding, withholding assistance to the innocents.

We do now take our leave. This one has been assisted, and you all shall find greater relief in coming days. Stand firm in the Eye of the Storm; we are with you and all who hold the Light in heart and soul. Blessings of the Holy One do pour upon you; receive them and celebrate them, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Visions & Messages

This, and more, is why the Lady of Grace has wept [the use of toxic chemical gas in Syria].


Laughs. If you don’t dance, you lessen your chance of shaking those numbers loose, because you stay so tight. Yes, yes, it spoils the juice of life, life, life. You must learn the art of celebrating, even when you don’t see a reason. It’s always the season to dance. He says he must go. Yes, he must go, but practice your smile; it will stand you in good stead for a long while. Even when life looks tragic, there is always lots of magic. He’s waving goodbye.

Pickled asparagus. Oh, good for me and most people? I?ll try it, only once. Okay, bye Roundhead.

Seething, seething, ocean waters, are seething.

He gave me a lotus flower.

Tensions rise with the new moon. Counter the influence with prayer and laughter.

Better. More and more people need green beans. (Good for the kidneys)

Just have to get through this month; then the tide will turn.

Received by Shamaan

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New Light Messages August 2013 #2

New Light Messages

August 18, 2013

 Yes, greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We would have you know this: It is indeed as we had hoped it would not be, yet the House of Abraham is aflame and there are many, many who even now gather to join the ranks of those dedicated to the peaceful way. At this time we do not see an end to the conflagration, the upheaval. But there are things that you may do as an effort to prevent greater uprisings, as an effort to prevent the flames that now consume the House of Abraham; yes, to prevent the worst destruction. We do say this: As Egypt devolves into inner torment and violence, the entire House of Ishmael follows. The remaining opportunity to mitigate, perhaps deflect, this danger that shall indeed engulf the whole world is with the Equinox that you do now prepare for.

We do advise and repeat: That you would do well to gather that which will not perish in storage, for events do escalate apace.

Miraculous intervention is the only impediment to great suffering. As co-creators you may call upon this miraculous intervention; yet in doing so we would have you add a request, indeed a vision of a great awakening. Call for an awakening to that which is reality, an awakening to Higher Consciousness, awakening of the many souls who sleep during this critical turning point. You will see an escalating awakening that shall cause multitudes to rise up and say, “No more war”, “No more war.” And so you must continue preparing the path towards the Time of the Purple Sun, towards healing the House of Abraham. We would have you begin now, this night upon retiring, a continuous prayer that forgiveness sweep away centuries of karma and replace the empty space that was occupied with love, love, love, that your world may be spared a painful reckoning.

[It would be such …] A painful reckoning in which all, all shall be caught up. We do continue to assist as allowed in turning the tide away from conflagration. Yet there must be many others, many more others with whom we may work to send out the call to the highest level, that others who serve the One will now join you, and together we may turn the tide toward healing the soul and lifting the burden of karma. Know this: If there is containment of bloodshed before the next new moon, hope is reborn. Remain at your posts within the Eye of the Storm. We remain with you and do hold the Light of One that all may know joy. Go now upon the path of the Prince of Peace. May your burdens and discomforts be eased by blessings of the Holy One, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

“Time, time,” they say, “not much time.”


Oh how he enjoyed the dance. You must create even more chance.

Oh where, oh where has asparagus gone? Remember, remember the asparagus song.

Asparagus, asparagus

Blessings to you. Yes, be careful, be careful, it’s the full moon. Don’t let it make you swoon. High energy, but it doesn’t have to burn.

Yes, soon, soon, the tide may turn. No more now, for he must go.

Patience, patience, wins the game, you know.

Bye Roundhead. He says he must go.

Visions & Messages

Fire, fire, fire – in so many places.

Poor, poor Japan.

Ask and you will receive; it will bring relief from worry, worry, worry.

The instrument, HAARP is destabilizing Earth’s axis. Not good, not good. Pray that this instrument and its manipulators will be brought to the Altar of Transformation. Soon!

Transmission received by Shamaan

New Light Messages /

NOTE from Celest and David: Remember to join us on September 20th for Project “PUSH.” This may well be the most important thing you do all year.


New Light Messages August 2013

New Light Messages

August 4, 2013

Greetings. We are among you in this circle. It is indeed a sacred circle, as are all that are joined in prayer, in meditative communion with the One, you see.

We shall be brief, yet we would have you know the danger of which we did speak (previously) does grow. Many do believe that we are beyond that point wherein the danger does arise. This is not so. For you shall see, as we have spoken: near the Autumn Equinox is when you shall reach critical point, as you do say, critical point. The world is mistaken in assuming that nuclear weapons are not in existence in the ancient land of Persia, Iran, in limited form, yes, but they do exist. That which has unfolded in Egypt has hardened the hearts of those who follow the Crescent Moon and Star. It is what we had hoped might not be, because the danger has indeed intensified; and so your vigil, which began at the Summer Solstice, must continue. You must in genuine prayer and hopefulness pray there will be no resort to such weapons.

You must continue to focus your prayers, you see, on PEACE, on a miraculous transformation of the heart for those who do dwell in the House of Abraham, for such a miraculous transformation may then spread throughout the world bringing healing, indeed, bringing hope. You must maintain your focus. Visit often the image of the sacred pipe. Hold it dear, hold it dear to your heart, your soul, as an emblem, you see. Believe in that emblem of a circle unbroken, a circle filled with love and forgiveness. Yes, we do say, forgiveness offers healing of body, mind, and heart and soul.

Know this: As you have seen arise in recent weeks, the threat presented by the Bear who has grown stubborn and ill at ease does indeed stir the threat presented by the Hungry Dragon. And the fact that Netanyahu grows restless ever moreso amplifies the danger. This comes at a time when Egypt has erupted and found no center (i.e., stability) that would allow it to overcome such angry division.

You may help provide the means through attunement to your spiritual center, through prayer and visualization of the co-creator, and of hope. Do not yield to doubt. Do not yield to fear. Do not yield to resignation – for there is yet the possibility that the gravest danger may indeed be avoided. Remain at your posts. Should there be a shift leading away from the danger, be assured we will inform you through this one.

[Pause] We do continue.

It will be difficult for this one to accept, yet there are those to whom we have bequeathed that which is of our being, our origins, you see. Many more who do not suspect have been so bequeathed. It is true. By this means we do elevate and give assistance to those who have chosen, and indeed been chosen, to serve the Light. Others of you may find the same.

We do beseech you: Do not dismiss the danger because it is not seen, heard, smelled, or felt. It does indeed loom and may yet be turned away. We do say the odds, as you say, are very slim. Do recall all that is needed is that one continue to go in the direction of resolution and dissolution of the danger. Remain focused within the Eye of the Storm. Maintain your prayers – most importantly upon Egypt, the Hungry Tiger [Pakistan], and upon all those who serve the Crescent Moon and Star. Pray that their hearts be softened, their eyes opened to the realization that they are one with the House of David within the House of Abraham, as you are all one in the House of Light, created by that which is, and always shall be, love.

We take our leave at this time, yet we are with you in all times. Go now upon the path that does lead to peace, the time of the Purple Sun. The Holy One does join you in each breath, each step you walk with the Prince of Peace, and all who have gone before you who have served the Way of the Heart in the Light of One. Know this and be comforted. Blessings of the Holy One to you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim. We are.

Lady of the Blue Light

[Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water and concludes with her hands folded over her heart.] Thank you, my Lady, thank you.

We will not forget. She does say, Do not forget your mission. So much rests with those who pray, who hold in their hearts the image of the sacred tree, dove, and crescent moon and star – the vision of peace and healing in the House of Abraham. So many souls could pass if we do not hold to our mission. Others like you around the world have been told. They too pray and hold the vision that the suffering may be lessened so much that joy will come easily at the dawning of the Purple Sun. Yes, yes.” She says, “Do not doubt your power to bring to this world Light and the peace that will heal centuries, centuries of sorrow. Do not doubt. Hold fast that the children, the little ones, the creatures, may be saved. It will be done. Thank you, my Lady.


Roundhead says his dancing shoes have grown lonely, oh so lonely – if only they had a dance or two – they wouldn’t be so blue.

Summer days are okay. Even in summer – especially now:

 Asparagus! Asparagus!

Yes, it (asparagus) may not be young – but then many things can be done to make it tender and sweet. It helps keep you on your feet.

You can’t give it up, Little Buttercup! None of you. All of you must stick like glue to the Egg of Magic. Yes, so don’t give up hope – things unfold slowly. But when you’re ready it will happen fast, and you will be aghast to find yourself among the trees – just where you always hoped to be. So …

Take it and break it and make it your own, Open the egg of magic! Wherever you wander, you’ll always be home, Even when life looks tragic. Just remember to ride the wind, You can be sure, that he is your friend; soooo – Take it and break it and make it your own, Open the egg of magic!

He’s running with the egg like it’s a football! He’s going to make a goal – TOUCHDOWN! That will break it!

Artichoke is good for you!

Yes, of course it’s hard (referring to hard times), that’s why you have to keep your spirit strong. These are the days in which you belong. You were called because in the past you volunteered; yes, so be of good cheer, however hard. It must be done – we have to begin to live as one.

Bye, Roundhead. He wants all to know before he leaves:

You’ve got to see happy, You’ve got to be happy, You’ve got to feel happy, too!

Don’t give your mind over, You can’t just roll over To that old man, doom and gloom!

[Laughs] He’s falling over buckets! Enough song – just be happy and play – a little each day.

Strawberries. He popped in to say – more strawberries. Wash them well, he says.


I hear this phrase: “The Sea cries out for its children.”

Transmission received by Shamaan Eagle

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