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Christ Consciousness

When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

The Christ Consciousness IS Christmas Day every day.

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“The Gift” A Christmas Day Event

Updated 12-23

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If you are still unsure about “The Christ Consciousness” or Jesus and “The Coming” you might wish to read/re-read

“The Incomparable Beauty of the Interfacing of Soul Magnetics AND The Quietude”

We ask that we all dedicate this day (today) as “Christ Consciousness” Day. And since each and every day, every moment of every day is “NOW” as it exists within the Continuum of The Creation and “The NOW,” each and every day from here on will respectfully, honorably and most favorably, be celebrated by us as “Christ Consciousness” Day. Now … let the celebration of Life continue!

Approximately ONE YEAR AGO we were all Gifted with “The Ancestral Procession” spearheaded by The Creator Himself. The Luminescents (Gods and Goddesses from all of the other Universes) and so many of the most Ancient of “The Elders” from each Universe entered into this realm. They entered this world as was agreed upon at a predetermined time, to continue to expand upon and enhance the good works each of us has begun with our unified commitment to BE, To BE of Service to The Light of ALL Lights, to the greater I AM, to make a difference by BE-ing the difference… remember? This was promised by all of us long, long ago per our Soul Contracts with “the promises made promises kept,” agreement. It also included the amendments and addendums contained within our individual as well as Collective Advocacy Agreements.

We wish to send a special “Kudos” to all “The Gatherers” who participated in The Creation of the Dimensional Doorways which interconnected THIS world, THIS Universe and all other Universes through the Matrix. This Matrix was lovingly tended to, nurtured and Created by Gwendonela and the other Avatars within “The Valley of The Ancients” as well as the Starkeeper forces from all Universes. This included  all of The Luminescents, those from The Angelic Realm, The Spirit Realm and all other aspects of The Creation Processing. Working in unison we Created and birthed into manifestation an Event once only dreamed about by fertile minds. Fortunately, The Creator in His infinite wisdom saw to it that there would be ample amounts of hutzpah contained within The Matrix of each Soul.

For those of you who have noticed as well as those who STILL have not, Planetary and Celestial Events are occurring in rapid, well-organized and definitively unqualified fashion and synchronicity right now. Terra (Earth) has regained most if not all of her Soul momentum and is guiding and gliding serenely, meticulously, methodically, peacefully and decisively at times, maneuvering Her Self within the depths of Her new Galaxy, Her NEW Universe. The Golden NOW has peacefully, albeit painstakingly at times, replaced the former Linear times we Earth-walkers were out of necessity living with as a means of buffering or limiting the human races until such time as they could function without a regulator reinforcing their lives.

Remember, it was not all that long ago when the 60’s permeated this world with its unsustainable peace, love and flower power. It was not that long ago that the dreaded Y2K (year 2000) came and went without much fanfare. Then so many were waiting for 2012 to come and sadly Light Workers found themselves experiencing futility because of what they perceived would be the outcome of this Mayan prophecy. WOW, we lost many a good Soul and many dedicated Light Workers when the Continuum did not SHIFT overnight and make everyone’s dreams come true.

SO, in the present NOW yearend each of us has a decision to make, or not make, about the Gift you want to send to all other Good Souls, all other true Advocates for Justice on world and off world as well. Why not think carefully and consider what the best Gifts are that you can share with others and remember to share all your good thoughts, your inspirations, your aspirations to all those who given so much and ask for so little. Even if you have not walked a mile in their shoes… yet, surely your empathic abilities and your role as part of the Collective Consciousness will direct you to give from your heart this year while being mindful that we are “All Related.”

Open your hearts, clear your minds and have the foresight to see beyond the veils of illusion so that you may share your joys and love others without condition. Think of it this way, if you were in the place of others, of walking in their shoes, what feelings, what compassion, what understanding would you need the most? Do not judge others by your perception of their shortcomings. After all you have each had to learn many lessons yourselves. What does The Christ Consciousness mean to you? Why not send those wonderful feelings you may have to those less fortunate?

This is the time to hone your telepathy. You formulate your thoughts and then direct the Power of the Mind to send them out for you. For those who may have trouble visualizing the power of the mind try this; imagine that a beautiful, highly evolved four-year old child is waiting in the power of your mind to send forth all your thoughts and your wishes to others.

God said “Think of it like this; A Child will lead you.”

Our wish for all of you is – the arrival of the day when none of you have any more wishes.

 No go and celebrate your life and all life.

And Merry Christmas and Merry Consciousness to One and All!

Salude, Celest and David


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Updated 12-23

Dear Celest and David,

Thank you for that wonderful Christmas Season message!

Wishing indeed all the Light and Love in everyone’s heart to shine and burst forth to action.

The Jesus the Christ Consciousness in us to spread, and spill over into this world.

Defeating the darkness, and overcoming insecurities and fears as witnessed around us.

Wishing for Terra to keep the course and more people to be mindful of her Soul.

Sending healing energy to all Earth’s residents and may there be more awakening taking place.

May more people be led to Godumentary and the Awakenedhearts websites

With God all is possible as we traverse along in the progress of The Golden NOW.

Looking forward to good health and continued well-being in the next New Year!

Holding on to The Eye of the Storm,


NOTE; Wiesje is the author of “Kids Corner” on the Godumentary website


My Christmas Gift is the promise of my complete acceptance of, and unconditional love for, each and every Being currently living in the illusion of separation, including at times myself.
Love Lyre




Holding Our Spiritual Focus

The Gifts of Experience

Holding Our Spiritual Focus

Message #8

Now this is one issue that I have struggled with, for well I guess, most of my life.  As I have stated in a previous article I am a recently awakened person.  Since that occurred, keeping my focus on the true spiritual path on an everyday basis seems to be more challenging.  Some of the reasons for this situation relate to the increased attention paid to a newly awakened individual by, as God calls them, “the children of the lesser gods” or the “shadow riders”.  Or you could refer to them as the “dark side” which I believe is the same as the absence of Light.  Now we can’t blame all that we think about on the shadow riders but I believe it makes up a noteworthy part of it.  We also have to give credit to our unrestrained free expression.  I know God gave us free expression, but I also know that He would prefer we use good judgment when we utilize it.

I have a past where I did things that I wish now I had never got caught up in.  What I don’t know is how much of it was due to pre-birth agreement or how much of it was my own free expression.  Regardless of what the reason is, I know that I must put it behind me and forget about the past and move forward.  I learned from the experiences and I sincerely desire not to repeat them in this lifetime and in future incarnations.  I suspect there are many readers out there who have similar situations.  We all must leave the past in the past.

But a problem arises when the shadow riders sneak in and plant thoughts and images into your conscious mind when you become weary and unfocused and/or become embroiled in the illusions of everyday life.  I have read that the shadow riders can only implant images and thoughts that have actually occurred in the past and do not have the ability to create new ideas and thoughts to implant into our conscious minds.  Many of the shadow rider intrusions relate to those actions of long ago.  At least I believe that my understanding of this situation is correct.

So how do we combat these intrusions into our thoughts?  My belief, first and foremost, is to learn to recognize the intrusion quickly and then deal with it and stop it.  Think about the last time you thought of a situation that caused you some distress.  Maybe an argument with another person or some product that you bought that you weren’t satisfied with.  You mull it over in your mind and pretty soon you are recreating the situation with thoughts of how you would have liked to have handled it.  You could be directing thoughts that aren’t that charitable to the person or the company that made the product or provided the service.   As you really get wound up, your blood pressure rises and your agitation increases.  You keep this scenario going until it runs its course.  And the shadow riders are sitting on the sidelines smugly laughing at your expense.

Now what have you accomplished?  Let’s review for a moment.  How many negative thoughts were generated and sent out into the universe?  A substantial amount depending how long the mental rant lasted.  And keep in mind that any new negative thoughts that you added to the situation are now fodder for the shadow riders to use against you in the future.  Am I casting stones at the readers?  Absolutely not!!  I struggle with this daily!  But I can hope and believe I am getting better at recognizing it when it starts so that I can stop myself.

So how do you stop the intrusion?  This is a really good question that I have worked with for a long time.  I can only relate what sometimes seems to work for me.  I stop the negative thought with trying to remember a time when there were positive events going on where friendship or love was in the air.  But it isn’t easy, especially when you are in that in between state of sleeping and fully awake.  Then as I wake up I place my sight on something on the wall and think about it until the negative intrusion dissipates.

Another time when we seem to be susceptible to shadow rider implanted thoughts and images is when we are in that state between wakefulness and being asleep.  Then what has worked for me is to imagine myself being in a transparent cylinder.  The cylinder extends far into the ground and goes upward into the heavens.  The cylinder is filled with golden light that swirls around me and through me.  Then I make a statement that the only thoughts, images and positive streamers that can enter the cylinder must come from entities that are of The Jesus The Christ Consciousness.  Furthermore that images, thoughts and dark streamers from the shadow riders cannot penetrate the walls of the cylinder.  I ask for protection.  Immediately the shadow riders seem to leave me and go off in search of another target.  I find that I must remember to do this every night.  I also need to remember to start performing this activity at the start of every day.  My wife, Kaye, creates a view of extremely white light to focus on and ask for protection while she sleeps.  And such is how we learn to change the little things in our lives to make our present lives better.

There are other actions that can help to maintain focus.  The best one that I have found is to take the time to consistently read books and materials on web sites that allow you to gain spiritual knowledge.  It doesn’t seem to make a difference as to the quantity of the material you read, as it does to read consistently.  Sometimes it is only a chapter or two and then sometimes it is only a page or two.  It is just to keep you attached to the spiritual.  Rereading the God Books that were written by David and Celest has helped me considerably to maintain my focus.  When you drift away from reading and learning, and we all do, it is easier to wander off of the path we want to be taking.

But how do you keep focus at the end of a hard workday while you watch the evening news with the full complement of news spewed forth by the media?  Well that isn’t really easy unless you have the constant ability to look behind what is being broadcast to see what hidden agenda is being displayed for the unenlightened.  Then you process what you have just viewed and discard that which does not fit into the truth you live by.  This is much easier said than done but is worth the effort.

My wife and I have been retired over six years and this lifestyle has given us the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.  I remember how hard it was to make the time to read while I was in the workforce because I was what you would call a workaholic.  More reading and learning during those years would have benefitted me greatly but it is what it is.  We all have a moment in our life plans where we are prodded to make changes and take a different path.

Now have you ever had one of those days when you feel off?  You may be reading, browsing the internet or just plain doing nothing.  You get a feeling of doubt that you truly are an awakened personality.  You begin to feel the lack of confidence that you really can do something to help the world.  I get that feeling occasionally and then I struggle writing these articles and wonder if I can really get across a message that will make a difference for someone.  The idea for this paragraph was developed after reading a book written by one of the presenters at the Transformation 2012 conference in Pagosa Springs.  While reading this book, it dawned on me that this feeling of doubt must be another intrusion into my intellect by the “shadow riders”.  I have been told that these articles do strike a chord with some readers and therefore the “shadow riders” would like nothing better than to get me to stop.  Could it be that just by reading a book about the author’s experiences on his spiritual path brought this sudden realization to me?  I believe it did.  And that realization further supports my statement earlier that you have to stay committed to reading and learning and growing in your spiritual understanding and evolvement.  I had only been reading for a few minutes, but the author’s message seemed to ground me to see what was happening.  Maybe, maybe not, but that is what “came” to me and I felt I needed to write this paragraph.

Years and years ago I used to ask for help in all aspects of my life, both business career and everyday life.  I would ask God and the folks on the other side to help me get over some hurdle or solve some problem for me and for others that I was concerned about.  When the situation hit a critical mass I would really beg for assistance.  I did not know then that the perplexing issue could have been something that was a part of my life plan or just something that my free expression got me into.  It could have been something that I just needed to experience and learn from.  Now days I don’t ask for help as much as I used to and one day I wondered why I didn’t.  It seemed to come to me, that I could, and was actually doing more looking inside of me for assistance and not depending on God to do things for me.  Now maybe it’s the reading I have recently done that has led me to understand that we all have the ability to do anything of value we seriously desire for ourselves and for the greater good.  Now I know that help from God and my guides and teachers continues to come to me, but I believe I have to take the initiative and start trying to solve the issue myself.

At times life seems to really be a struggle.  But then there are many more times when we realize that we really do enjoy being here.  We are doing what we came here for and that is to help the world.  Regardless of what is happening from day to day, we asked God or God asked us to be here during these times, and I for one am very thankful that I am here.

Until next time, Phil

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New Light Messages November 2013 #3

New Light Messages

November 2013 #3

Greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. Yet we do address that which is indeed seen as the workings of fate. It is not so, for it is as you have been given many cycles ago: that which we do speak of is the Hand of the Great Awakener. As given, the Hand of the Great Awakener would be unleashed. As you do see, it is so. Yet many, many fail to understand, to see that the strength, the power with which the Great Awakener does strike has been greatly amplified by actions taken to attempt, as you do say, weather control. Know this: It is not solely manipulations that they do practice; rather, it is a form of attaining and maintaining dominion over all resources and, indeed, populations. Yes, it is so.

Yet, the elemental forces are indeed involved to a great extent. For indeed, the Purification must go forward to awaken hearts, inspire souls, and motivate the will to choose the path that shall indeed lead to the Time of the Purple Sun. Yes, we do say, as given: There does continue to be turmoil from within the waters, the wind, the fire – all elements will rise now, again and again, with great force. Do recall: From within the Eye of the Storm you may act in concert with the elemental forces. Yet you must know this: Do not ask that one direction or another be taken; rather, do ask that the direction taken will serve the Greater Good from the highest frequency. For it is not for you to determine, but to surrender to the One, the one Source, yet act as co-creator with one thought, one constant desire, held above all else: that the uplifting of the human soul, the healing of the human heart, and the awakening of the higher mind for all may be accomplished before the final strike by the Great Awakener. Only this shall bring an end to the reign of the shadow forces within your world. And the full radiance of the Light of the One Source will shine in every aspect, in every place, in every opened heart within your world. It is not yet seen if the greatest of destructions must occur; we will continue to work with you to help transform those forces that shape your world; not elemental forces, but those forces within government, those forces that are within financial and military. The greatest power you have to bring about this transformation is to maintain your place in the Eye of the Storm, and continue to unfold your own transformation. From the smaller act comes the greater influence in all things, in all things.

We do request that you continue to hold Egypt, the land of the pyramids, in your prayers. Hold fast to the image – the crescent moon and star, the dove, and the rose – for as Egypt goes, so goes the whole land, the whole land within the House of Abraham. Shock upon shock shall unfold; do not waver. Do not yield to despair. Do not fall from your place within the Eye of the Storm.

Do continue to prepare, as you can, knowing there does indeed grow a powerful force of Light, a powerful force for the Way of the Heart, and a powerful force for healing the Earth, for She does stand, you see, as a symbol of the soul. Know this and continue your work as co-creator through prayer, through meditation, through your daily walk.

Before we take our leave we would give this one this message: Indeed there is substance to the message brought by 11:11. There are not three, but four (events); there are two more (two having passed already). Will they be necessary? Heed well, heed well the signs, that you may be guided in your daily walk, guided which prayers are most needed – when and where, indeed, for whom. This is your task as co-creator. Let gratitude go before you in your walk, in peace. Blessings of the Holy One shall be around you with every step. Yes, we do now take our leave. Recall this: We too are servants of the Blue Star.1 It is an honor to be among you, as you are among us. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Messages from Melchizedek

The Sun announces its full fury soon. Take care; it will be powerful. The Earth’s shield will weaken. Electrical bodies will be much affected. Ground upon the earth – your feet to the earth, your mind to the heavens. Maintain mental-emotional balance with music, with music. Peace be upon you, now and evermore. Melchizedek offers blessings from the heart of the One.


Well, when difficult times challenge your smile,

Sit down and think for awhile,

How many joys fill your life?

Yes, let your mind be free of strife By focusing,

yes, upon the good you have,

Oh, all the good things you have before you, before you,

And leave behind, yes, yes, and leave the worrisome things behind you. (Laughs)

He’ll be there to catch them, and turn them upside down. Okay.

You’ve got Roundhead

You’ve got Two-Bear

You’ve got Magic,

Who could ask for anything more?

Who – could – ask – for – anything – more? (sung more slowly)

Who could ask for anything more?

Even in a jar. Asparagus, asparagus. Even in a jar you’d be surprised what they can do. Even make gray skies blue, or seem that way. Oh, asparagus salad; pickled asparagus with all those lovely greens; tomato, tomato, how colorful. Delicious, and good for you. He will tell you much more of all the ways you can find asparagus.

Find a mushroom or two to put in the stew. Oh so good for you; celery root too. Before he goes, he’d like to say he too knows how to play (poker). He’s got his cards ready but not a penny he could find; he’ll have to get on the credit line, but he’ll make good, he’ll make good. His promises are kept.

Get your hat,

Get your coat,

Leave your worries on the doorstep,

Just direct your feet,

To the sunny side of the street.

That’s where you’ll meet … Many, many smiles.

Yes, a delicious one in many ways, maybe with mayonnaise. [Asparagus salad]

He has a mushroom cap on. Not just any cap on; it’s Lions Mane, by the way. [Lion’s Mane is good for the brain.]

Right. Good dancing last night. Thank you.

Visions & Messages

I see a tidal wave, like a tidal wave of events, not water; although, water is a concern too. Hold on to the bright Light, bright Light; going to turn out all right.

Great Hammer is not decided yet.

That was a very different energy. I have this image of a protective force, huge, massive, very loving, benevolent protective force, like a Mothership over us. I can’t explain it; very beautiful, full of love, full of love.

____________ 1 The New Light Messages were initiated when light from Supernova 1987A, the Blue Star, reached Earth.

(Note: Even though Shamaan did not message on 11/10/13, she spoke these words while coming back from a bit of a trance.)

November 10, 2013:

Melchizedek of the Golden Light will not abandon you. It has been spoken.

Messages received by Shamaan Eagle

New Light Messages /