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New Light Messages August 2014

New Light Messages

August, 2014


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. In these days you do see ample cause for prayer. That which is the House of Abraham is torn asunder. All within suffer. Now you do also see the need for prayers for the young ones, indeed, for all creation. For that which is now visited upon the House of Abraham shall extend its reach, even unto this land, for choices have been made. The warbirds have been given free latitude to do that which they deem necessary. Know this: The spilling of innocent blood is never necessary. And so the Purification does continue. Yet we do weep, weep for the House of Abraham, and we do weep for the young ones, and for your Earth. So many do yet sleep, inattentive to that which does unfold before them. The Way of the Heart is sullied, sullied with the blood of innocents. As given, this time that is before you is marked by rivalries and ancient karmic wounds. The Hand of Grace is sorely needed.

For this reason we do remind you that each one, each one must step forward and be a messenger, for each, indeed, is a messenger to all you encounter, to every soul, every creature, every space that you fill. You do carry forth with you the message of the coming time, the time wherein the soul shall awaken, the heart shall open to give and receive the healing balm of love. You carry forth the message of a humble return to the way of nature, and you do carry forth the message of the time of peace, yes, even in the House of Abraham a time of peace, where the Purple Sun does shine with benevolence upon each and every one. This is your role as surely as it is a role of this one. Yield not to despair, for when you do, you do steal away a small part of hope from all who suffer the pain of the Purification. You must hold the Light in the heart, in the mind, in the soul, the body; you must hold true to the path you have chosen.

It shall come hard in these weeks to come. It shall be nearly unbearable to see the suffering. Focus, focus upon your intent, your task, that you may bring into manifest form the promise of the time of the Purple Sun, yes, the promise of fulfillment of the healing, the awakening, the realignment of soul to the Spiritual Source.

These things will come. They must be aided, you see, by those who serve the Light of One. We do beseech you: Do not fall under the spell of forgetfulness, under the spell of heedless comfort. Be aware of that which does unfold. But at the same moment in space and time, you must be aware of the time that you do approach. It is now, as has been given: joy in one hand, sorrow in the other. Yet what has not been given is that in-between two hands is an open heart, glowing, glowing with the light of a new Sun, a new Sun.

Recall: Of this reality you each are a messenger. As you do approach the Equinox, the fierce spiral of events shall appear frightening indeed. Remain in the calm. Remain in the conscious awareness of that which must be. Remain ever in the Eye of the Storm, that you may be an anchor for those who seek understanding, strength, hope, and above all, comfort, the comfort of an open heart.

We do say: This coming three to five weeks shall be tumultuous within your world. Again we say, “Move with caution. Heed well each sign given, but hold forth the Light and hope of the knowledge that this time shall lead inexorably to the time of the Purple Sun. Let that be your guiding star. Let that be your comfort. Yes, patience and compassion are your leading guidelines now.

We take our leave with this final message: “Be cautious, cautious, for there is indeed a rising tide of infectious agents that shall extend into every area. Many shall meet extreme challenges to life force as a result. Use all that has been given to support your world, your health, your being, your body. Some [infectious agents] have been unleashed purposely, some by accident. Be aware, cautious; become attentive to detail.

Go now upon the path of the Prince of Peace with a light surrounding you, filling you, guiding you with each step. Know that you walk among those who have also chosen to serve the Light, to serve the One Source, Giver of the Sacred Breath, imparting to all the Sacred Fire in the Divine Heart of Love. Yes, this is your destiny. Claim it, fulfill it, for your sake, for the world. May the blessing of the Holy One go before you, behind you, each side of you, above and below you, as you go upon the path of the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – we are.

Visions, Messages, & Roundhead

More sinkholes everywhere; more sinkholes opening in the earth. Fluctuations, massive fluctuations in atmospheric and electromagnetic fields. Grounding will be necessary. The trees are endangered, under attack and need prayers, help.

Roundhead’s here, but he’s far away. If he comes too near he’ll try to stay; can’t do that today. Neglected dancing shoes, oh yes, they have the blues. Neglected dancing shoes.

Must celebrate in gratitude all the good things that come to you!

That was lovely, just now. I was infused with a golden white light, a golden white light.

I feel Roundhead; he has much more to say, but he must come on another day.

Ah, yes, that was a gift; that was the light of Melchizedek [the golden white light mentioned above].

I want to send Roundhead to help a very sick whale. It’s trying to get to the north Pacific. It’s been in the northern waters of Japan. It can heal if it gets to clean water, but its stuck in-between now. Send Roundhead to the rescue. Roundhead says, he’s on his way. Thank you. This whale won’t die today. Go Roundhead (laughs)! He’s got a big satchel; he’s got this big medicine bag strapped across his shoulder and across his chest.

I heard something that I must pass on – the mantra for this week must be: May the Hand of Grace erase karma and replace it with love.

Transmissions received by Shamaan during her weekly gathering of like-minded individuals.

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New Light Messages December 2013

New Light Messages

December 8, 2013 

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. It is indeed as given: The Purification does proceed, as the Great Awakener moves across your world. Yet however difficult, challenging these times may be, there are greater yet to come. Your resilience lies in your spiritual attunement; your fortitude lies in your commitment, you see. For know this: The challenges that you do face you may meet victoriously. Do recall: You are privileged to be held within the Eye of the Storm. You may meet, indeed, endure many challenges, discomfort, and be victorious because of the role that you do play. It is necessary that there are many of those souls who have chosen to serve the Light of One in this time. You are among them and must remain attuned and committed. Let not your courage falter; be confident even in the face of that which is yet to come. Yet know this: The hand of the Great Awakener is made much more destructive, harsh, by the manipulations that are carried out by those who serve the shadow. Recall – we are by your side and provide assistance, relief, whenever possible.

The great warbird grows more emboldened, and will not hesitate to go further. Those within his own land, who stand for peace, are at this time the only restraint. Yet through your prayers, your spiritual work, you may multiply the effectiveness of those who stand for peace, and increase the influence they may have on him.

As given, you may work with the elemental forces to assist in maintaining balance. At this time, great danger, great danger, we do say, grows steadily beneath the waters of your oceans. Fissures open as result of activities within the sea. [Shamaan believes this is referring to tests and practice exercises conducted by the Navy using sonar and other weapons, such as HAARP.] If it is accelerated by your surface activities, that which is released will bring great upheaval to your atmosphere. Even those who do now seek to control the blue-green serpent shall be astonished at its thrashing about, and the destruction it shall bring. Bring calm through the Blue Light of Grace, holding to the Light in the Eye of the Storm.

Let not your concerns of daily difficulties, frustrations, deter you from your task. Many, many lifetimes have led to this privilege; use it well, that your souls may rejoice at the end of this journey, this journey.

Know this: As we do assist this one, we do assist each and all who serve the Light of One, for it does also express our task in serving the Light of One.

When peace does prevail, the beauty and harmony of creation is magnified greatly. Thus you see, all do benefit, ALL.

Turn now your attention to the waters, that they may be cooled, calmed, and given the healing of the Blue Light.

Yes, we do now take our leave. Know that we may be called at your request to assist you in all ways, ALL WAYS. Go now upon the path that does lead to a new peace, healing, indeed joy. We do follow, as well, this path of peace, and walk with you toward that new dawn. The blessings of the Holy One be FELT with every breath you take, and every step you make, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Trust, acceptance will always win. Keep going, it’s a strong wind, but your wings are stronger. Keep going.

Received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages November 2013 #2

New Light Messages

November 2013 #2

(Note: this message was received by Shamaan in late October however we just received it)

Greetings. Yes, we are among you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see. We would have you know that this, indeed, is the time in which the shadow does deepen within your world. As given, the danger that did erupt into further conflagration is not yet past, for the great warbird, Netanyahu, does continue to press forward with plans for more.

As given, as well, Egypt yet does remain the key, for its ancient influence does yet spread far. Many do now see the need for the prolonged presence of the one known as Mubarek at the helm, the helm of government in Egypt. Though it was not perfect or as might be desired, the stability did serve to maintain order in the House of Abraham. Those who now do struggle for dominant power within the House of Abraham continue to move toward greater conflict.

Yes, your prayers in the Vigil did contribute much to delay, delay, we say, yet not dissolve the threat. For this reason you see before you that which does represent ongoing prayer (the Sacred Peace Pipe, etc.), ongoing focus within the Eye of the Storm. It shall be needed yet for some time to come. Yes, many, many do yet meet the shadow as it sweeps through and brings cleansing – that which is known as the Purification. Grace, Grace, the Hand of Grace alone may lift karma and replace it with enlightenment, which does bring Love.

The bloody hand that still does grip the throat of Damascus shall prove to be of greater concern. The arrogance of the Bear [Russia] shall be its own undoing once again. Do not be deceived; that which does unfold in your own land is as the power struggle that does unfold in many places, also in the heart of the House of Abraham. Domination, the great illusion that is sought, that which is domination is the root of the destruction of those who do seek it.

Know this: many do seek this. They even vie for dominion and control of the weather systems that encircle your planet. Chaos is being created, and it shall have dire consequences. Unexpected disruptions, unusual weather occurrences will challenge many. You must heed the inner voice; heed well the inner warnings that guide your comings and goings (so as to avoid dangerous weather anomalies).

We do say, heed well the signs we give for protection, for it shall not be easily known which direction storms will take, which quality will be carried upon the wind or within the waters. [Possibly a reference to barium being carried in our atmosphere.]

Solar activity shall increase. No one can tame the Sun. Machinations used to attempt this taming shall impact your entire world. You must, as we have given, work with the elemental forces as instruments from within the Eye of the Storm, as instruments of Light, as instruments of calming, healing the damage done by others. You have the power, as you are co-creators, to work with the Source of all creation. Align yourself, attune yourself to that which would allow you to do so (i.e., attune to the Source of Light & Life).

We do say in this time: You must not lose sight of that which you have held in your mind, in your heart, as your goal. The door shall open and release those forces that enable you to be, as you do say, among the trees. Do not lose hope, nor shift your focus, energy. Continue to prepare; all shall unfold. Yet we do say, whether here or there is not as critical as being fully within the Eye of the Storm. From within the Eye you serve a greater good. Rejoice in the honor; rejoice in the great privilege of being within the Eye of the Storm. Do that which is before you with patience and gratitude. However difficult your challenges are, they are yet less than that of so many others. So we do say, rejoice at every opportunity.

November, late, early December brings a fresh challenge to the world. Meet it with prayer. Send forth your Light as co-creator to help defuse the danger that does build.

We now take our leave and offer this blessing: that each moment, and with each breath, you learn to recognize the great privilege of the life you have been given, of the path you do walk, the work that you do to serve the Light. Blessings of the Holy One be with you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

Yes, my Lady. She does come. She does say, “So many children do die; so many innocents who face a painful death. In such a manner the ordeal was the gift, painful but necessary to open deeper the heart of compassion that you may know that which you must alleviate and change in the world. Yes. A death but a birth, a death but a birth, as with an exploding star that gives light and life to those who accept it.

Pray for the innocents. She asks that you send forth your compassion, your prayers, with renewed, renewed awareness; yes, awareness of the suffering that must be lifted and replaced with love. As you did for your little ones, pray that others shall do the same, as all of life is One. Yes, Lady. Grace is Love. It does lift and heal all, all suffering, all karma, all.

Now there shall come many a flood of souls who need your prayers, for the gate has been flung open, pouring forth the voices of the Purification. Do not turn away. Stand in your light with courage and strength, that you may turn back the shadow with love.

Yes, She says. She asks that I tell you, no suffering is in vain. It brings new life always, always. Such is the way of Grace. [Shamaan then appears to drink the sacred water from her cupped hands, and her hand then rests over her heart.]

In weeks to come, many more innocents shall need your prayers.* Okay, I see. Thank you, my Lady. She asks you to be courageous; do not tremble. Know that the Blue Light of peace, healing, goes with your prayers, your actions, offered in healing, comforting others; and whatever level of life they may be, do not judge; offer compassion, love, and helpfulness. Peace be yours. Thank you, my Lady.

Yes, the Sun – will show much activity. _____________ * I believe this was a reference to prepare for sending prayers and help to the Philippine Islands.


More play, more play. It’s good you had more play, but not enough, not enough. You have to shake off the dust, the stuff of the world. Shake off the stuff of the world. As you care for the little ones, you care for all life. You care for your soul and the creation in all you do.

Eat more chocolate, too. Asparagus makes good soup; asparagus makes good soup. Put it in the blender, add a little dab of butter, good for the tum when too many strange winds come, as they lift it (the ionosphere, with HAARP).

Get your hat,

Get your coat,

Leave your worries on the doorstep,

Just direct your feet,

To the sunny side of the street.

Bye Roundhead.

He wants to dance more, dance more. He leaves with this: Treasure every moment, whether pain or bliss. Each one brings you closer, yes, to all that is in the heart of the Creator and all creation. Then the mystery is solved. In a dream he will explain it to me. He says, “I must go.” Soup, soup, soup. (Laughs)

Visions & Messages

Be careful. Jet stream shifting strongly, soon. Unleashing, unleashing storms, north central. Something big is coming.

Japan, Japan, Japan, ohh, poor Japan. More earth tremors are being created, created by manipulations of ionosphere. Rays going into the Earth; I see them destabilizing fault zones, major fault zones, swarms of earthquakes, growing in intensity over the next few months. Japan will suffer more damage.

The call goes out to the Lightworkers. Hold the Light; delay the Great Hammer to make time for more to awaken, to awaken and CHANGE course.

The Pachyderms [Republicans] have lost their way, and they will discover they will soon have to pay, far more than they thought.

Images, I can’t stop (them) ….

I saw the oceans rise up, driven by howling winds – much suffering ensued. [I remembered this as I worked on this message.]

It won’t be the victory that they sought (for the Pachyderms).

Build resistance with soup, soups – food for strong health.

I’m supposed to transmit this: “Yes, it is well. The work of the Vigil, joined with others – those who joined in prayer did help defer the threat of war. However, the danger has not passed – November/December – they show a new flare of tension. Maintain prayers through focused meditation. Continue to stay the forces of war.

Faith, hope – difficult though it may be to believe the world is moving in the right direction. The right force is moving the world in the healing direction, healing of the soul and heart. That’s what they are saying: Don’t lose sight of that, they said.

Messages received by Shamaan Eagle

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Chakras and the PUSH movements

 Project “PUSH”

Chakras and the PUSH movements

 By Celestial Blue Star

Greetings everyone, sorry for the delay but shifts happen. What I want each of you to understand is that there are special magnetic currents which are aligned with each Chakra within the individual AND collective Chakra Systems. Although there are literally hundreds of chakras located within the human body, some are much smaller in actual size point than others. None of them is less important than the other either. The Chakras were originally Created to work with one’s Soul, mind and body. Each of these three key parts which make up the individual “you” reflect all the chakra energy in a steady consistent manner, so that the system literally envelops all aspects of yourself. The system also reaches out and expands all of its immaculate capabilities to unite with the systems of other people in a collective movement. Obviously this is in accordance with the Universal Law denoting “like adheres to like.’ Again this is about each system aligning with the systems of others who are on the same level, the same Soul maturity.

Chakras aid in governing the body’s health when needed and work diligently with Soul to assist in raising a person’s level of consciousness, among other things they do. So, when you agreed to PUSH, the system began a slow movement predicated on the confidence you may have needed and your INTENT to complete the project. Every part of the hand movements were the ones I brought with me from my own home in the Pleiades. Although I have conscious knowledge of many other movements which I myself use here when I feel the need to do so, it was the PUSH movements that were so vital and had to be aligned with the system. Over the years I have had to use a modified PUSH movement of course with the aid of the system, to literally defend myself from human attackers. Some animals as well. With Project PUSH however, there was only one movement that would be appropriate and that is the one we all used.

Every motion you made stimulated the system which simultaneously stimulated your Soul Voice and your thought patterns. From the very moment you began practicing, you set into place a foundation for the system to become grounded with. Every movement of hand, arm, finger, heart rate and pure thought, sent out a combination of the energetics of the system which combined with the ratio of energy of the consciousness levels FAR above the Super Conscious. You produced an incredible array of Light which then combined forces with GOD and all the other Luminescents and the diverse Sources of all the others who worked with us. Each time you practiced leading up to the very moment when the 7pm target time began, that invisible cord you connected to with God, became so strong, so Omnipotent that you were being raised far above the former “norm” levels of your consciousness and you became God I AM! Your chakra energies and the system itself have become hardier, soooooooo much brighter and radiate their own vibration on a more elevated level as well. That will not change for you, for you are coming into your destinies in a very big way!

Do you yet understand one of the most important reasons WHY you are alive at this time? You are needed to work with the Golden NOW and PUSH was pivotal to her bringing in the purer energies and upgrading organized chaos here. Simultaneously dark disorganized chaotic energies ready to bring in terrible things were sent off-world. Congratulate yourselves please, you have all done well! It is well-known by those who know me best that I do not hand out compliments indiscriminately. It does not matter a darn bit if you were nervous, unsure of yourself, or if you tried too hard. You still succeeded. Learn to thank your chakra system each day with whatever words you choose. After all, in a very real way, you are thanking yourself.

I salute you one and all …. Celestial Blue Star

Note: Blue Star the Pleiadian spoke about the effects and importance of Project “PUSH” in his latest transmission posted 10-25-13 entitled “Illusions – How they came into materialization and HOW they work.

Project “PUSH” /