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More useful information about The Gatherings


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Hello, Celest and David here. It has come to our attention some people are desirous and want more direction on what to talk about, what to do and how to do it during their Gatherings so we have come up with a few ideas and suggestions which may be of use.

You can talk about philosophy, love and kindness and acceptance. Talk about personal responsibility and passionate detachment. And discuss things that you as a group can do to accomplish your goals. If you do not have any then toss around ideas and see if you can find that which you feel you have within your power to change or empower. If you have The God Books you may choose to read a passage and then see where the conversation takes you. Talk about life, talk about death, reincarnation and what happens after a person leaves their mortal existence. Share your thoughts on why we are all here and what our collective missions are as well as to help other find and define what their individual missions may be. Talk about current events and help others to see and understand what is occurring, what is in need of change and why. You may choose to keep your Gatherings strictly on a Spiritual level or you may want to diversify your subject matter to help others to build a stronger Spiritual foundation in their everyday practical lives.

Teach people about finding their center and being able to maintain this even as the world around them seems to be spinning out of control. Teach them how striving to find balance in their lives is incorrect and why they should have been focused on finding their center. Think about this for a while and you will see how it makes sense to readjust one’s outlook, one’s perception, one’s beliefs to find their center, rather than to be trying to balance the different aspects of their lives instead of eliminating the balancing act altogether and place everything front and center. The center is much like being in the Eye of The Strom. And as you have all learned from what God and the other Luminescents have shared, is that God IS, the Luminescents ARE the Eye of The Storm. How does one find their center? Can one survive by being whole and complete, not dependent upon others for self approval? Can one live without drama in their lives? Can one be their own best friend first and attend to your own best interests first and not feel guilty about doing so? Teach people about the power of words and thoughts and how to properly focus them to do the most good. You can also discuss how planetary and Universal energies and the collective consciousness affect people. You can also come together and perform PUSH movements. The list goes on and on.

Other suggestions for subject matter may include: Nirvana and Life in the Hereafters. What, why, and who are Advocates for Justice and The Advocacy Program. Indelible fingerprints, Understanding I AM, understanding The Seasons of the Soul.

Teach about often bandied about but not truly understood terms such as Love, Light, Spirituality and the need for people to find their own purpose for being and how there is no need to be mimicking others. In other words, how our unique individualities define and unite us and how collectively we complement and enhance each other.

You can teach people how to quiet their minds, how to find, maintain and strengthen their own sentience and learn how to listen to their Soul Voice and to start trusting their intuition. Explain how their intuition is Soul Voice speaking to them. You may also want to discuss what is happening in the environment. You could teach each other how to grow your own vegetables and how to store them properly. With the unpredictable nature of the world’s economies, the political arenas, the ever-changing weather conditions there are many things to be considered. Teach others to understand their dreams, how to decipher them and how to properly ask for information to be given to them. Think about things you yourself have over time come to understand and share your revelations no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Everything is important if the information is presented properly. Show people how they may be inadvertently contributing to the disorganized chaos through thoughts and everyday actions which they may not have ever considered before.

There really is no limit to what can be done with your gatherings. Maybe you are into song or art or other forms of expression and can help others to find other means to express themselves. Teach people about their new Light bodies and how it is a naturally occurring event and why they may not need to dwell too much and wonder if they are changing. Conspiracies are great IF you only use them as a catalyst to show others how to see behind the scenes and decipher truth from illusion. Teach them how to understand GOD CODE and how it is not only used by God but by all others in Divinity as well as in the visions everyone has during their dream states.

Your Gatherings can be held in your home IF you feel comfortable doing so. Or you can choose a neutral place to come together. During the sunny days you may want to consider meeting in a park or at a coffee shop. We do suggest you pick a place where others will not be able to overhear your conversations. This could be counterproductive if others do not share your perspectives.

You may also choose to use other types of venues available to you which you either feel comfortable with or those you feel may be the most effective. If you are not able to gather in groups physically you may choose to use alternative means to contact others like yourself. There is Skype to consider and other options like Skype. There are internet conferencing as well as internet radio programs which can also be utilized. We are not a big fan of Facebook or online forums but many others are and use them regularly and they be quite effective IF you monitor the responses, the exchanges and moderate or block the  “unfriendly” or those who are trapped in illusions and dramas and are causing disruption in your sharing, in your Gatherings. If you belong to other groups share with them the new Gatherings you are Creating or belong to. If you have websites or know others who have a website ask them to share the information with others.

And please choose an alternative email address which you can use for your communications, one that is separate from your everyday communications. This is important. There is no need to send information to people who do not understand or believe as you do.

We know that to some of you this is all new and you may be feeling a little bit nervous about stepping forward and taking a Stand and this is ok. Moving into unchartered waters is not always easy. Not everything in life is. We will also remind you that nervousness is another aspect of fear and fear is NOT a natural response or expression of Soul. So we encourage everyone to EXHALE and think, “I am calm, serene and tranquil. I, as the expression of My Soul can  learn anything if my intents are pure and unbiased.” Now, do you feel better?

Whichever directions you choose to go with your gatherings believe in yourself, in your ability to make a difference and in your choice of direction. God is saying “Believe it, feel it… own it! You will do no wrong.”

Let us know if you have any other questions or have comments which may be beneficial to others. We will post your updates and email contact information as you share them with us.

Salude, Celest and David






Holding Our Spiritual Focus

The Gifts of Experience

Holding Our Spiritual Focus

Message #8

Now this is one issue that I have struggled with, for well I guess, most of my life.  As I have stated in a previous article I am a recently awakened person.  Since that occurred, keeping my focus on the true spiritual path on an everyday basis seems to be more challenging.  Some of the reasons for this situation relate to the increased attention paid to a newly awakened individual by, as God calls them, “the children of the lesser gods” or the “shadow riders”.  Or you could refer to them as the “dark side” which I believe is the same as the absence of Light.  Now we can’t blame all that we think about on the shadow riders but I believe it makes up a noteworthy part of it.  We also have to give credit to our unrestrained free expression.  I know God gave us free expression, but I also know that He would prefer we use good judgment when we utilize it.

I have a past where I did things that I wish now I had never got caught up in.  What I don’t know is how much of it was due to pre-birth agreement or how much of it was my own free expression.  Regardless of what the reason is, I know that I must put it behind me and forget about the past and move forward.  I learned from the experiences and I sincerely desire not to repeat them in this lifetime and in future incarnations.  I suspect there are many readers out there who have similar situations.  We all must leave the past in the past.

But a problem arises when the shadow riders sneak in and plant thoughts and images into your conscious mind when you become weary and unfocused and/or become embroiled in the illusions of everyday life.  I have read that the shadow riders can only implant images and thoughts that have actually occurred in the past and do not have the ability to create new ideas and thoughts to implant into our conscious minds.  Many of the shadow rider intrusions relate to those actions of long ago.  At least I believe that my understanding of this situation is correct.

So how do we combat these intrusions into our thoughts?  My belief, first and foremost, is to learn to recognize the intrusion quickly and then deal with it and stop it.  Think about the last time you thought of a situation that caused you some distress.  Maybe an argument with another person or some product that you bought that you weren’t satisfied with.  You mull it over in your mind and pretty soon you are recreating the situation with thoughts of how you would have liked to have handled it.  You could be directing thoughts that aren’t that charitable to the person or the company that made the product or provided the service.   As you really get wound up, your blood pressure rises and your agitation increases.  You keep this scenario going until it runs its course.  And the shadow riders are sitting on the sidelines smugly laughing at your expense.

Now what have you accomplished?  Let’s review for a moment.  How many negative thoughts were generated and sent out into the universe?  A substantial amount depending how long the mental rant lasted.  And keep in mind that any new negative thoughts that you added to the situation are now fodder for the shadow riders to use against you in the future.  Am I casting stones at the readers?  Absolutely not!!  I struggle with this daily!  But I can hope and believe I am getting better at recognizing it when it starts so that I can stop myself.

So how do you stop the intrusion?  This is a really good question that I have worked with for a long time.  I can only relate what sometimes seems to work for me.  I stop the negative thought with trying to remember a time when there were positive events going on where friendship or love was in the air.  But it isn’t easy, especially when you are in that in between state of sleeping and fully awake.  Then as I wake up I place my sight on something on the wall and think about it until the negative intrusion dissipates.

Another time when we seem to be susceptible to shadow rider implanted thoughts and images is when we are in that state between wakefulness and being asleep.  Then what has worked for me is to imagine myself being in a transparent cylinder.  The cylinder extends far into the ground and goes upward into the heavens.  The cylinder is filled with golden light that swirls around me and through me.  Then I make a statement that the only thoughts, images and positive streamers that can enter the cylinder must come from entities that are of The Jesus The Christ Consciousness.  Furthermore that images, thoughts and dark streamers from the shadow riders cannot penetrate the walls of the cylinder.  I ask for protection.  Immediately the shadow riders seem to leave me and go off in search of another target.  I find that I must remember to do this every night.  I also need to remember to start performing this activity at the start of every day.  My wife, Kaye, creates a view of extremely white light to focus on and ask for protection while she sleeps.  And such is how we learn to change the little things in our lives to make our present lives better.

There are other actions that can help to maintain focus.  The best one that I have found is to take the time to consistently read books and materials on web sites that allow you to gain spiritual knowledge.  It doesn’t seem to make a difference as to the quantity of the material you read, as it does to read consistently.  Sometimes it is only a chapter or two and then sometimes it is only a page or two.  It is just to keep you attached to the spiritual.  Rereading the God Books that were written by David and Celest has helped me considerably to maintain my focus.  When you drift away from reading and learning, and we all do, it is easier to wander off of the path we want to be taking.

But how do you keep focus at the end of a hard workday while you watch the evening news with the full complement of news spewed forth by the media?  Well that isn’t really easy unless you have the constant ability to look behind what is being broadcast to see what hidden agenda is being displayed for the unenlightened.  Then you process what you have just viewed and discard that which does not fit into the truth you live by.  This is much easier said than done but is worth the effort.

My wife and I have been retired over six years and this lifestyle has given us the opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.  I remember how hard it was to make the time to read while I was in the workforce because I was what you would call a workaholic.  More reading and learning during those years would have benefitted me greatly but it is what it is.  We all have a moment in our life plans where we are prodded to make changes and take a different path.

Now have you ever had one of those days when you feel off?  You may be reading, browsing the internet or just plain doing nothing.  You get a feeling of doubt that you truly are an awakened personality.  You begin to feel the lack of confidence that you really can do something to help the world.  I get that feeling occasionally and then I struggle writing these articles and wonder if I can really get across a message that will make a difference for someone.  The idea for this paragraph was developed after reading a book written by one of the presenters at the Transformation 2012 conference in Pagosa Springs.  While reading this book, it dawned on me that this feeling of doubt must be another intrusion into my intellect by the “shadow riders”.  I have been told that these articles do strike a chord with some readers and therefore the “shadow riders” would like nothing better than to get me to stop.  Could it be that just by reading a book about the author’s experiences on his spiritual path brought this sudden realization to me?  I believe it did.  And that realization further supports my statement earlier that you have to stay committed to reading and learning and growing in your spiritual understanding and evolvement.  I had only been reading for a few minutes, but the author’s message seemed to ground me to see what was happening.  Maybe, maybe not, but that is what “came” to me and I felt I needed to write this paragraph.

Years and years ago I used to ask for help in all aspects of my life, both business career and everyday life.  I would ask God and the folks on the other side to help me get over some hurdle or solve some problem for me and for others that I was concerned about.  When the situation hit a critical mass I would really beg for assistance.  I did not know then that the perplexing issue could have been something that was a part of my life plan or just something that my free expression got me into.  It could have been something that I just needed to experience and learn from.  Now days I don’t ask for help as much as I used to and one day I wondered why I didn’t.  It seemed to come to me, that I could, and was actually doing more looking inside of me for assistance and not depending on God to do things for me.  Now maybe it’s the reading I have recently done that has led me to understand that we all have the ability to do anything of value we seriously desire for ourselves and for the greater good.  Now I know that help from God and my guides and teachers continues to come to me, but I believe I have to take the initiative and start trying to solve the issue myself.

At times life seems to really be a struggle.  But then there are many more times when we realize that we really do enjoy being here.  We are doing what we came here for and that is to help the world.  Regardless of what is happening from day to day, we asked God or God asked us to be here during these times, and I for one am very thankful that I am here.

Until next time, Phil

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