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God I AM

Full Spectrum House Cleaning Time

Arcturian Perspectives

Full Spectrum House Cleaning Time

Planting seeds, eradicating weeds

Welcome to the New Year, linearly speaking that is. I AM Cammeron of Arcturus gathered together with many other kindred Spirits both incarnate, physically standing here with all of you, as well as many who are off-world doing what they do best… looking after each and every one of you who has chosen to BE of Service to the ever growing League of Extraordinary Earthizens here on God’s Earth Star planet. We must tell you one and all that We as a Collective are observing and studying the emotional flip-flops you are, well most of you are, going through at this time. Confusion has set into the minds and hearts of so many as the changes they were seeking have been coming into fruition, however slow and painful you may believe the changes to be. Doubt is entering even the stoutest hearts and minds when change has not occurred at a pace or in a manner in which the individuals believed they should. Life truly is a box of chocolates but many of you have chosen to admire the wrapping instead of the contents of the package. Now, so we are clear here, we are not chastising any of you nor are we trying to belittle any of your efforts. It is not easy to grasp and maintain a firm look at the non-ending, ever-changing story that unfolds before your very eyes. If you could take a glimpse back and ‘watch the movies’ that you all wrote, directed and are now in then of course you would know the potential outcome. However that is not allowed and for good reason. Peeking at the end of the book or movie before starting at the beginning raises false hopes and fosters illusions of what is real.

Many of you spend vast amounts of “Time,” that non existing illusion, trying to see tomorrow’s news today. However admirable the attempt may be the result in many cases has been one of disappointment and sorrow. Why has so much not come to pass as so many of you thought or prophesized? The times you are living in are not an ‘age’, they are the NOW. They are the Golden Now. Many of you forgot to LIVE IN the NOW, not for tomorrow, not in yesterday. This brings us to the reason why we are here with you NOW. It is Spring Cleaning Time. And yes, we are quite sure that many of you are not now in the springtime of your climate season. What we are referring to is simple in its purpose and directly impacts on how your future NOW moments may unfold for you.

Those of you who live in the northern continents, those of you who have heeded our advice and are planting your own vegetable gardens, know that NOW is the time for you to germinate many of your seeds for this upcoming spring and summer crops. What is true for nature is also true for you. Before your desires will be ready to bear fruit you must first tend to your crops. 2014 is the year where we would encourage each of you to the best of your ability to go through life without any unnecessary baggage clinging to you; no baggage holding you hostage to the ties that bind. Keeping things simple should be your new modus of operandi. Clear away the clutter, both in the practical sense as well as the Spiritual. Clear  your mind and intellect of the useless chatter and the game show idioms. We ask that you remember, remember, remember, why you are here now. It does not matter if you are a Starseed, a Walk-In or an Earthseed. No, it is not important to know what your precise mission in life is to be, what is important is that you try to be a shining example of God I AM. When in Spirit you catalog what knowledge you have acquired and appropriately store it where it belongs. The same goes for life in the practical world. Let go of the past, let go of regrets as well, as well as all should-of, would-of and could-ofs. They are holding you back. By now even the least astute among you should know that you can not turn back time. Be at peace with that. Deal with, revel in, and cherish your life as it currently is. It ended up that way for a reason; one which may not appear clear to many of you in your current stage of evolvement. Throw out the trash; it is clogging the pipeline to many peoples’ Spiritual wellbeing. Your telepathic and sentient abilities are the direct result of having a clear and open heart and mind. What another person can do, you can do also if you choose to get out of your own way.

In David’s earlier years he learned this lesson both the easy and the hard way. At first he embraced the lesson openly and clear mindedly; then he went through a phase where he and his intellect overanalyzed what he was hearing from God and his off-world family. Fortunately this only lasted for a brief period of time. To get to where he wanted to be he was willing to do all that it took, he accepted all the sage advice he was offered. He let go of the past, he severed relationships that no longer held any true meaning. He tossed out the physical baggage, his lifelong collections of memorabilia that were no longer the “new David.” He did so without questioning our reasons for doing so. Now he can live peacefully and relatively effortlessly with his Celestial, both of them with one foot in each world, the Spiritual as well as in the practical. He doesn’t cling on to the past with a death grip, living a life of regrets.

So what was some of our advice to him in his earlier years? Glad you asked. We suggested to him to release any possessions that was collected out of fear. We also suggested to him to go through his memorabilia, his photo collections, his Christmas and birthday card collection, his music collections and other possessions that served no higher purpose. We suggested that he discard his ‘toys’ that would no longer be relative to his new beginnings. He did so without trying to receive a monetary compensation for them. His time was now too valuable to waste on trivial pursuits. Quite often he simply gave to those who were in need. We suggested David change and alter his wardrobe to his now new and expansive expressions of himself. We suggested he add color, flair, and pizzazz, as well as a sprinkle of panache if it suits him to do so. Leave the past behind by Creating anew. He disposed of some or all of his possessions that truly no longer held any meaning in his life. We suggested to him to let go of old thought patterns and begin Creating some new ones with loftier purposes. In so doing he, as well as each of you, will be building an unshakeable foundation for his/your Higher Self to stand upon.

Why wait until spring, why not do your cleaning today instead of putting these important things off until tomorrow? If you are a procrastinator consider your membership to the procrastination club unequivocally revoked due to overpayment and overindulgence. It tis the season of your highest honors. Honor your Self by BE-ing the unchained melody.

So we are not amiss, our earlier reference to “living in the northern hemisphere” was clearly as an example. Our suggestions are applicable to you wherever you may currently reside. Your course of actions will define the new you. Your intent of planting seeds instead of only tending weeds will benefit all of humanity. You are the New Children, the New People of the New Earth. Be not pattern makers, Be pattern breakers. Allow yourself to BE!!

While you are diligently cleaning house and removing all the cobwebs we ask that you focus intently on the suggestions your Guides and your Soul is making to you. If you feel the need to relocate please make sure you are not doing so out of fear. Whether it is fear of what is occurring or fear of what may come to be, it is still fear. You are Creating New Beginnings, not preparing for the End Times. Pay attention to the weather; many crops, and many former ways of life may not be possible to sustain this year as the Earth changes continue to alter people, places and things. Reconnect with nature; spread your feet on the ground when you can and wiggle your toes upon the ground. Hug a tree even if it is not the “cool,” the “IN” thing to do. There will be warming trends which will entice the plants and trees to prematurely begin their festive dance. It is not time for them to do so, do what you can to protect them. 

We will leave you with a thought that has been shared many times before in many different ways. If you are waiting for someone to come along and show you the way… the way has already been shown. If you are waiting for someone else to come along and do the work for you, then you have already made your non-commitment by your inability to commit. If you are waiting for the ones you have been waiting for, repeat after me, I AM the ONE I have been waiting for. If you believe what you say then your life will never again be the same.

As our beloved Celestial said the other day “Every culture on the planet is thinking about what is going on. They will not talk about it openly, however you can know with confidence they are aware to some degree or another that permanent change is here.” This is a good thing. It will make your job as well as ours a little bit easier if they continue to question, to question everything they have been taught, everything they are told, everything they bear witness to each and every day. Let naught a kernel of knowledge be left untended. You are the gardeners; you are the Caretakers of the jewel you reside on, of the life and lifeforms that you reside with. You are all ONE. NOW… I ask you to move in Unison.

Au revoir… Cammeron, David and all of Divinity.

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Chakras and the PUSH movements

 Project “PUSH”

Chakras and the PUSH movements

 By Celestial Blue Star

Greetings everyone, sorry for the delay but shifts happen. What I want each of you to understand is that there are special magnetic currents which are aligned with each Chakra within the individual AND collective Chakra Systems. Although there are literally hundreds of chakras located within the human body, some are much smaller in actual size point than others. None of them is less important than the other either. The Chakras were originally Created to work with one’s Soul, mind and body. Each of these three key parts which make up the individual “you” reflect all the chakra energy in a steady consistent manner, so that the system literally envelops all aspects of yourself. The system also reaches out and expands all of its immaculate capabilities to unite with the systems of other people in a collective movement. Obviously this is in accordance with the Universal Law denoting “like adheres to like.’ Again this is about each system aligning with the systems of others who are on the same level, the same Soul maturity.

Chakras aid in governing the body’s health when needed and work diligently with Soul to assist in raising a person’s level of consciousness, among other things they do. So, when you agreed to PUSH, the system began a slow movement predicated on the confidence you may have needed and your INTENT to complete the project. Every part of the hand movements were the ones I brought with me from my own home in the Pleiades. Although I have conscious knowledge of many other movements which I myself use here when I feel the need to do so, it was the PUSH movements that were so vital and had to be aligned with the system. Over the years I have had to use a modified PUSH movement of course with the aid of the system, to literally defend myself from human attackers. Some animals as well. With Project PUSH however, there was only one movement that would be appropriate and that is the one we all used.

Every motion you made stimulated the system which simultaneously stimulated your Soul Voice and your thought patterns. From the very moment you began practicing, you set into place a foundation for the system to become grounded with. Every movement of hand, arm, finger, heart rate and pure thought, sent out a combination of the energetics of the system which combined with the ratio of energy of the consciousness levels FAR above the Super Conscious. You produced an incredible array of Light which then combined forces with GOD and all the other Luminescents and the diverse Sources of all the others who worked with us. Each time you practiced leading up to the very moment when the 7pm target time began, that invisible cord you connected to with God, became so strong, so Omnipotent that you were being raised far above the former “norm” levels of your consciousness and you became God I AM! Your chakra energies and the system itself have become hardier, soooooooo much brighter and radiate their own vibration on a more elevated level as well. That will not change for you, for you are coming into your destinies in a very big way!

Do you yet understand one of the most important reasons WHY you are alive at this time? You are needed to work with the Golden NOW and PUSH was pivotal to her bringing in the purer energies and upgrading organized chaos here. Simultaneously dark disorganized chaotic energies ready to bring in terrible things were sent off-world. Congratulate yourselves please, you have all done well! It is well-known by those who know me best that I do not hand out compliments indiscriminately. It does not matter a darn bit if you were nervous, unsure of yourself, or if you tried too hard. You still succeeded. Learn to thank your chakra system each day with whatever words you choose. After all, in a very real way, you are thanking yourself.

I salute you one and all …. Celestial Blue Star

Note: Blue Star the Pleiadian spoke about the effects and importance of Project “PUSH” in his latest transmission posted 10-25-13 entitled “Illusions – How they came into materialization and HOW they work.

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