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New Light Messages April 2016

New Light Messages

April 2016


Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle, although not complete in body (missing Roses & Sandra). It is complete in Spirit, you see. We shall be exceedingly brief. Yet we would have you know that the coming days of this week shall bring great intensity, as you do say. Those movements pertaining to the cosmos or heavens above (planets, etc.) shall be felt far more strongly by many, for the hand of the Great Awakener has been accelerated, indeed, intensified. It is necessary, you see, for those who do follow the path of the shadow, who do refuse to embrace the Way of the Heart, to embrace the natural world’s rhythms, and we do say, needs, have made it necessary to increase the activity, to increase the weight of the hand of the Great Awakener. Heed well in coming days a period of stillness, quiet, that you may not be caught up in this storm. It need not be extensive time; begin with three minutes. If done from a place of quiet and stillness, it will be sufficient to restore the balance within body, mind, and soul.

Know this: Upheaval, chaos shall continue to accelerate for those consumed by fear, fear and anger. They assist to create conditions in which the shadow force shall consume itself. Ally yourself with those of the Way of the Heart, with the path of peace; and when you do see those caught up in the storm caused by the shadow, use your Light to emanate compassion; offer your prayers to call for PEACE, COMPASSION, HEALING of the soul that karma may be erased and replaced by love!

We do conclude. You must see that those elements of your government who do stand staunchly in the shadow and refuse opportunities to embrace the Heart, are those who quicken the demise of the very thing they do seek – power, greed, arrogance. These things shall devour them. Remember your own path to compassion; do not celebrate their demise. Send forth prayers for healing and compassion. Send forth The Clarion Call that they be taken to the Altar of Transformation and awakened to their Higher Selves to experience the ecstasy, the beauty of an Open Heart. Do this and you shall */aid/* the coming of the Time of the Purple Sun.

Yes, as we have assisted this one, so we shall assist each one. Hold steady in the Eye of the Storm, even in the face of unpredictable circumstances, even in the face of SUDDEN CHANGE! Know that you are held in the Light of One, as you hold steady in the Eye of the Storm. Go now upon the Path of the Prince of Peace. Know that the blessings of the Holy One shine upon you and are with you now and evermore. We do go with you, for in each moment we are present.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We ARE.

Visions, Messages, & More

The great cleansing is speeded up. Those who scar the sky do greater harm by speeding up the melting …

Roundhead wants us to dance. Just give it a chance. Yes, yes. (Pause)

Houses falling down. Cliffs collapsing. Flooding, flooding, flooding. Drying, drying, drying out in other places; faster, faster.

Beware, there are elements attempting to buy water resources from this region (San Luis Valley, Colorado). They are not from this country.

PRAY for the bears; they suffer so. Black, brown and white bears suffer so!

I see prayer flags fluttering in the wind. [It’s Tibet sending prayers to help strengthen the Way of the Heart.]

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages February 2016

New Light Messages

February 2016


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yet we must be brief. We would have you know this: In coming days, and indeed weeks, there shall be a high tendency toward contention. We do see strong energy frequencies bathing your planet, as the Great Awakener does quicken the pace. It would be well that you do avoid yielding to the contentions-frequency which does now sweep across your planet. There are indeed massive changes that do now unfold beneath the surface of your Earth. Within rock and soil increased tremors will be felt. These destructive forces are brought into play by those of the shadow world, yet they may serve to awaken many, many who do yet sleep beneath the veil of comfort, the veil of complacency, you see. Yes, we would advise that you do use a small piece of copper or gold within your bodily sphere that the increased electricity and other frequencies may be shunted away from body.

Do maintain a daily period of silence for a minimum of two weeks. A three- to four- minute period of sitting in silence is that which does stabilize the electromagnetic field within and without. It may be done in the morning. In this time you shall find intense restlessness does besiege mind and body. We do advise placing spinal cord against a tree, allowing body to adapt to the flows that are within the earth and that do serve to bring harmony with same.

We do say: Those forces that would control every facet of government have now begun to quicken their effort to skew, to choose, as you do say, the successor to the seat of power. Those forces would be extremely detrimental to all life in your world. We do at this time remind each to hold steady the Light within and around self, to hold steady within the Eye of the Storm, so that Light may be an obstacle to those who seek by manipulation to claim the seat of power. The shadow must not be victorious. You are /needed/ to hold forth the Light.

We do take our leave, yet we do request that you – on the sixth day of the coming month (March 6^th ) – be very cautious in movement and in mind, for there shall be an intensity of energy that shall be very extreme. We have assisted this one, and have assisted each one. May the blessings of the Holy One pour down upon you now and evermore. We do walk with you on the path of the Prince of Peace. Know this and be comforted in these difficult times.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.

Lady of Grace

She cannot stay, the Lady of Grace, but She asks prayers for the children. Pray for the children. (Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands.) Thank you, my Lady. (Hands over heart chakra) Each prayer will lessen the suffering for thousands upon thousands upon thousands. Your actions, your prayers HELP the suffering.

The dove, crescent moon and star, rose, the tree of life – these are the elements that will turn the tide. Use them *well*!

Visions, Messages

The passionflower and the poppy may be a combination to soothe. Two-thirds passionflower and one-third poppy.

Spring comes early, I smell it.

What is that? I see red, red underground, like moving lava, lots of lava. Powerful moving energy. It’s moving fast, rising and sinking and moving forward at the same time. Massive collapses of sections of Earth occur. I’m hearing that it’s too soon to tell what direction it will release. It will be powerful.

I hear this message. The one who spews invective shall not be elected … unless multitudes yield to the shadow.

I keep seeing something red. I don’t know what it is. I see the continental plates. It looks like I’m seeing from outer space one continental plate pushing against another, northwest. A powerful blast increasing the pressure enormously. That’s what sets the lava flowing. But, it also sets off the people who are not very stable. It feels like a jolt of a big land mass.


Some asparagus, he says. Got to eat it!

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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More useful information about The Gatherings

The Gatherings 2

More useful information about The Gatherings


The original posting about “The Gatherings” can be found at


Hello, Celest and David here. It has come to our attention some people are desirous and want more direction on what to talk about, what to do and how to do it during their Gatherings so we have come up with a few ideas and suggestions which may be of use.

You can talk about philosophy, love and kindness and acceptance. Talk about personal responsibility and passionate detachment. And discuss things that you as a group can do to accomplish your goals. If you do not have any then toss around ideas and see if you can find that which you feel you have within your power to change or empower. If you have The God Books you may choose to read a passage and then see where the conversation takes you. Talk about life, talk about death, reincarnation and what happens after a person leaves their mortal existence. Share your thoughts on why we are all here and what our collective missions are as well as to help other find and define what their individual missions may be. Talk about current events and help others to see and understand what is occurring, what is in need of change and why. You may choose to keep your Gatherings strictly on a Spiritual level or you may want to diversify your subject matter to help others to build a stronger Spiritual foundation in their everyday practical lives.

Teach people about finding their center and being able to maintain this even as the world around them seems to be spinning out of control. Teach them how striving to find balance in their lives is incorrect and why they should have been focused on finding their center. Think about this for a while and you will see how it makes sense to readjust one’s outlook, one’s perception, one’s beliefs to find their center, rather than to be trying to balance the different aspects of their lives instead of eliminating the balancing act altogether and place everything front and center. The center is much like being in the Eye of The Strom. And as you have all learned from what God and the other Luminescents have shared, is that God IS, the Luminescents ARE the Eye of The Storm. How does one find their center? Can one survive by being whole and complete, not dependent upon others for self approval? Can one live without drama in their lives? Can one be their own best friend first and attend to your own best interests first and not feel guilty about doing so? Teach people about the power of words and thoughts and how to properly focus them to do the most good. You can also discuss how planetary and Universal energies and the collective consciousness affect people. You can also come together and perform PUSH movements. The list goes on and on.

Other suggestions for subject matter may include: Nirvana and Life in the Hereafters. What, why, and who are Advocates for Justice and The Advocacy Program. Indelible fingerprints, Understanding I AM, understanding The Seasons of the Soul.

Teach about often bandied about but not truly understood terms such as Love, Light, Spirituality and the need for people to find their own purpose for being and how there is no need to be mimicking others. In other words, how our unique individualities define and unite us and how collectively we complement and enhance each other.

You can teach people how to quiet their minds, how to find, maintain and strengthen their own sentience and learn how to listen to their Soul Voice and to start trusting their intuition. Explain how their intuition is Soul Voice speaking to them. You may also want to discuss what is happening in the environment. You could teach each other how to grow your own vegetables and how to store them properly. With the unpredictable nature of the world’s economies, the political arenas, the ever-changing weather conditions there are many things to be considered. Teach others to understand their dreams, how to decipher them and how to properly ask for information to be given to them. Think about things you yourself have over time come to understand and share your revelations no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Everything is important if the information is presented properly. Show people how they may be inadvertently contributing to the disorganized chaos through thoughts and everyday actions which they may not have ever considered before.

There really is no limit to what can be done with your gatherings. Maybe you are into song or art or other forms of expression and can help others to find other means to express themselves. Teach people about their new Light bodies and how it is a naturally occurring event and why they may not need to dwell too much and wonder if they are changing. Conspiracies are great IF you only use them as a catalyst to show others how to see behind the scenes and decipher truth from illusion. Teach them how to understand GOD CODE and how it is not only used by God but by all others in Divinity as well as in the visions everyone has during their dream states.

Your Gatherings can be held in your home IF you feel comfortable doing so. Or you can choose a neutral place to come together. During the sunny days you may want to consider meeting in a park or at a coffee shop. We do suggest you pick a place where others will not be able to overhear your conversations. This could be counterproductive if others do not share your perspectives.

You may also choose to use other types of venues available to you which you either feel comfortable with or those you feel may be the most effective. If you are not able to gather in groups physically you may choose to use alternative means to contact others like yourself. There is Skype to consider and other options like Skype. There are internet conferencing as well as internet radio programs which can also be utilized. We are not a big fan of Facebook or online forums but many others are and use them regularly and they be quite effective IF you monitor the responses, the exchanges and moderate or block the  “unfriendly” or those who are trapped in illusions and dramas and are causing disruption in your sharing, in your Gatherings. If you belong to other groups share with them the new Gatherings you are Creating or belong to. If you have websites or know others who have a website ask them to share the information with others.

And please choose an alternative email address which you can use for your communications, one that is separate from your everyday communications. This is important. There is no need to send information to people who do not understand or believe as you do.

We know that to some of you this is all new and you may be feeling a little bit nervous about stepping forward and taking a Stand and this is ok. Moving into unchartered waters is not always easy. Not everything in life is. We will also remind you that nervousness is another aspect of fear and fear is NOT a natural response or expression of Soul. So we encourage everyone to EXHALE and think, “I am calm, serene and tranquil. I, as the expression of My Soul can  learn anything if my intents are pure and unbiased.” Now, do you feel better?

Whichever directions you choose to go with your gatherings believe in yourself, in your ability to make a difference and in your choice of direction. God is saying “Believe it, feel it… own it! You will do no wrong.”

Let us know if you have any other questions or have comments which may be beneficial to others. We will post your updates and email contact information as you share them with us.

Salude, Celest and David






A Clarion CALL for the GATHERINGS to begin

The Gatherings 2

A Clarion CALL

For the GATHERINGS to begin

Earth Star date 2016

For a very, very long time now we, Celestial and David, and so many others like us have been issuing the clarion call for “All Good Souls to Unite NOW” and for “All Good Souls who are meant to Unite  with us now to do so.” This message has been echoing and reverberating throughout all the Universes. This message has not only been received, it has also been responded to by Divine Beings from all civilizations from All Universes. Those Beings are the ones who are incarnate as well as those who are discarnate. Yes, this includes portions of humanity also. Every timeline, every gridline intersection PREDESTINED is important to the continuously contiguous evolution of all lifeforms and the overall expansion of the Collective Consciousness here on Terra (Earth.)

And so The CALL has been issued… again. We ask you, “is it better to know than not to know?” Do you believe that being forewarned is being forearmed? Are you willing to consider coming out of your comfort zone to work with others of like-mind and teach them and share with them all the kernels of wisdom you have accrued through your own trials and tribulations? Are you each ready to speak of your individual successes and accomplishments as well as your disappointments and failures? Do you understand that each of those events have brought you to the level of understanding you now find yourself STANDing Spiritually and emotionally centered upon? Are you ready to show others how every perceived setback, failure or rejection they too have experienced or borne-witness to may well have been the catalyst which opened their eyes to the Truth which has been hidden behind veiled eyes?

Illusions run rampant here on Earth, this is nothing new. What is new and so exciting is that “the veil is being lifted” and illusions, delusions and everything based on, created by or brought into this world through dark intent or fed by ill-born desire and foisted upon humanity is being revealed in The Light of ALL Lights.” The “ages” humanity has gone through as a learning arc and continuous cyclic patterns are over. Either people have figured it out or they have not. The Creator’s gift of reincarnation has offered every opportunity for humanity both individually as well as collectively to evolve into finer expressions of themselves. There will be no more “ages” here on Earth for everything and everyone who remains will be living in the NOW, the Golden NOW, where everything happens in the moment and The Moment will be cherished for all it has to offer. Nothing will be taken for granted, no one will do without, and no one will be considered as being better than another or considered privileged and beyond or above having to adhere to Universal Laws. So many of those people in the past who have erroneously neglected these Sacred Principles never knew they were doing so. Sadly, it was not until they left their mortality that they remembered what they as Soul had known since their inception.

This is the precipice which many people of today currently find themselves standing on. So many people are struggling to maintain their Spiritual focus now. This is occurring for many, many reasons right now. It is for this reason that the islands of us, the individuals, are in need of reinforcement, of validation that their beliefs are not misconstrued or misguided. They need to understand that being a Spiritual Being is easy, living a physical life more often than not is much more complicated. They need to learn, TO REMEMEBER, that being, living as a Spiritual person is simply understanding “The connectedness of ALL That IS.” ALL That IS, is simply that; everything is connected, everything and everyone is impacted directly or indirectly by everything, every thought, deed or action or inaction of everyone else. It is and always has been the intent for ALL That IS to be a harmonious symphony of expression ensuing in continuous motion.

This is what these gatherings are all about’ to remember, remember, remember what IS and what will be. Understanding what has out of necessity had to have been allowed to transpire up to now to reach this pivotal moment in Earth’s history where re-creation, where lackadaisical recreation and senseless pattern-making will finally cease to be. Pattern-makers will be replaced with pattern-breakers who will permeate and imbue the essence of the fluid-like perpetual, transcendental, uncomplicated, multifaceted, Creative Process within the Crearchy. Each of us who are incarnate now are the catalysts for this to occur. How fast this happens is quite dependent upon the actions and intents of those who choose to take up the gauntlet and issue their own “Clarion Call.”

Everyday more and more StarKeepers, Ascended Masters and other Divine entities, who are Beings from all the Universes are arriving. Many who are here now are here to lend a helping hand in their many varied capacities as a means to smooth humanity’s and Earths transition out of dankness which has penetrated this world for far too long. Transmuting the energies, extracting diseased, dark dank and evil roots and extricating the shadow riders’ tentacles is an awe-inspiring job. No, it will not be done overnight, but with every LIGHT filled thought, every kind word spoken, every outstretched hand to someone in need, alters the vibrations and frequencies just a little bit more.

We have known all along that we could not do it all on our own. We also knew it was NOT our responsibility to try to do so. This however did not stop us from letting God know once in a while that we felt we could be doing more. Yes, He heard us muttering once in a while and reassured us that we WERE doing what we were here to do and often times we were doing much more when it was requested of us. No, we did not balk or question; we knew our time here was limited as all Earthly incarnations are and were determined to do what we could, to be the catalysts for change even when it was not the popular choice or “fashionable” to do so. We do what we do because we can. And so can many others.

So now we ask you, we say to you, does it not feel right, important and timely to take a STAND and unite those of us, those others like us, others who are or were just like you, searching for answers, who are here now? Moral support, comfort, someone to listen to, someone to share our thoughts and inspirations with, lessens the feelings of aloneness, or at times feelings of helplessness while trying to change things which are wrong can be, can feel overwhelming. BEARING WITNESS to events is not always easy, but it IS what we in so many cases are here to do. But we no longer have to do so all alone. Like THE Creator”s GIFT of Free Expression and reincarnation we all cherish so dearly another gift has been bestowed upon all Lightworkers and Lightweavers. The gift is a gridline intersection which has occurred that allows us to unite the once isolated Islands of our Selves.

And yes, to quote from the first posting about these gatherings when Katherine, Cyndi and Dave originally stepped forward and announced they would be willing to start a group in Texas:

“All of this was predestined long, long ago when we all gathered together in the great halls with God and all the other Luminescents, all the Masters and others of Divinity and viewed this current “timeline”  in Earth’s history when all good Souls would be needed to unite once again for just cause and Take a Stand as ONE. It was determined that during this Spatial time of coming together, uniting the islands of ourselves, would be pivotal in swinging the scales of justice in its predestined direction. We all agreed to do our part in fulfilling our personal as well as planetary missions. Starting these gatherings and holding Summits IS what we each agreed to do. Will you do what you can to be part of the solution now when you are needed most? Start your own groups. Start a Spiritual tsunami; the likes of which have never before been seen on this world. It is time for all of our diverse selves to come together and unite as one.”

We have begun to hear from some people who are willing, or interested in hosting some of these gatherings. No, the gatherings do not need to be large, but they can become so. God is now saying to us what HE has said so many time before, “When two or more are GATHERED together in My name.” We guess that about sums it up. For ourselves it has been an honor to be the scribes for His books as well as to have the chance to once again walk upon The Earth Star Planet and sow our indelible fingerprints and footprints into the ever-changing, constantly expanding, glistening and every so real melodious TAPESTRY OF LIFE.

Now, so far we have heard from people in or near Spokane Washington, San Angelo to Dallas Texas, Meridian Idaho, the Philippines, Australia, Janesville Wisconsin, from Rahway NJ north to Plattsburgh NY and east to Boston Mass as well as the Greater Kingston NY area, centered in Rosendale NY. There are those who live in Virginia as well as near Virginia Beach Virginia who would also like to come together.

If you would like to be added to this list or would be interested in meeting others in your area please contact us at”

and we will do our best to connect you with others in your area. You can assist us in this endeavor by using your contact lists, your social medias, or groups you already attend, to bring others together as well. Use your imagination. God and all the other Luminescents certainly gifted all of us with the best of the best of those.

If you live in or near Texas you may contact Dave, Cyndi and Katherine at

And feel free to ask them questions. They have spent considerable amounts of time exploring the possibilities, probabilities and directions their gatherings may, or will, take.

We will continue to post updates as they come in here on this website. We will add your email contact information here as well as you send them to us.

There, we have done our part, now go forward be fruitful and reinforce your personal as well as planetary grids, by uniting your strengths and Co-Creater-nesses. We encourage you to take your roles as Caretakers for The NEW People of The NEW Earth respectfully. You have not now nor will you ever… walk alone.

Salude, we are Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David of Arcturus presently residing on a planet we fondly, reverently and respectfully call HOME!

Journey well.


P.S. If you are considering starting your own Gathering we suggest you create an alternate email account which you will use solely for your gatherings and other types of Spiritual communications. This will alleviate any unnecessary or accidental communications with others who are in your everyday email address books who may not be of like-mind. Everyone has enough to deal with as it is without having to try to explain your beliefs to someone who is NOT READY to understand what you do. In other words it is better if you do not accidentally stir up some unnecessary and quite avoidable dramas from beginning in your life.

The Gatherings /



New Light Messages June 2015

New Light Messages

June 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Know this: There is indeed a rare opportunity of convergence of forces uniting at the solstice of this your summer season. We do see three elements coming to union at that time. A fourth does join this trinity, as well: You do have celebration of Fathers Day upon that day while the moon is in that which represents purification, cleansing, correcting of earth matters (Virgo); while your Sun, representing the masculine principle, does enter Cancer, which is reflective, you see, of the feminine, soul force. There are indeed symbolic messages contained in this convergence, for you do see the conscious will of the mental principle, the masculine has sought complete dominion, control over all earth forces’ expression; dominion over that which is the feminine, the soul. Opportunity presents itself to correct, cleanse, realign, you see, the relationship between conscious will and elemental force (the Earth’s natural energies) to the physical plane, you see. Many more in your world do now become aware of the need for such realignment, for such reassessment of the relationship between will and nature’s way of the creative force. The way does unfold from within the creative force. Yes, now will many learn to sublimate the desire to dominate all the forces of nature by allowing the mental will to discern and choose the WAY; the way of the Heart, the way of Nature, the way of Soul, indeed, the way of Grace, Grace, we do say. For in this time it is seen that karma, consequence, results from dominance. Human will is a reality and does indeed generate much imbalance, much suffering. For with each layer of concrete, with each dam constructed, with each forest destroyed, the Way is lost.

And so you do have a rare opportunity as you move toward this solstice, to prepare the ceremony of the Sacred Pipe for those who do not recognize this opportunity or the need, for those who have forgotten the true role of the mental will. For it has become extremely clear in your world that imbalance has been created by those who refuse to follow the way and who seek to impose their will. It is for this reason that the Elder Brothers,* and elevated beings from beyond this world, the Masters of The Way have returned to help in this time to awaken and restore an awareness within the multitudes of the need for the feminine role of Grace, intuition which plays a role in the natural expression of the Way. It must be allowed, indeed, encouraged to become a guiding force within your world. Thus may the soul return to its critical position; thus may the creative force of human beings be allowed freedom to realign itself with the Spiritual element of existence.

And so, in preparation for your gathering to honor this convergence, we do say, inquire within as you prepare; inquire within self as to the balance between that which is conscious will, mental choice, you see, and that which is the way of the soul, of nature, of, indeed, Grace. For it is Grace that recognizes that which will elevate the soul, that which would cleanse and prepare the way for higher expression, emotion, intuition, and soul. Do think about these things, so that as you come together you will attain, not only for yourself, a balance that reflects your spiritual path, but also a reinforcement for others of the way to assist in realignment of will and the Way. In this manner you may help refine the choices and affirm the direction you have chosen, thus strengthen the Light of One within you and within the world.

Know this: It is your PURPOSE that is sacred in all things, all things created and given unto you for your sustenance, for your guidance, for your elevation and your growth. All things serve the Higher Good if your purpose is aligned with Higher Good – that which strives to express the highest manifestation of soul force. Know this and be at peace. We do say: As you gather together in the three-day period approaching solstice, pick an opportunity to go out into nature, to be in the world created for you, to commune with the Way; and in humility ask that you be shown Grace, that karmic patterns may be cleansed, and that you may find a higher relationship between conscious will and the creative Way, that you may reflect the harmony and beauty of your world as it was given unto you, and so indeed serve the Greater Good in achieving this new relationship. Do recall: As you establish a frequency of energetic flow from WITHIN, it does go out into the world and does strengthen that flow for multitudes. As it is within, so it is without; as above, so below. Go forth with this knowledge and do that, do that which you came to do; BE that which you did come to BE.

We are with you and stand ready to assist in every way needed. Call upon our assistance. Go now in the knowledge that the Light of the Holy One dwells within and all around, and shall guide you now and evermore on the path of the Prince of Peace with, indeed, the Lady of Grace going before you. We are with you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Difficulties with wind will not abate soon.

Continuing earthquakes.

Many more dangers in the waters, excess waters, and more difficulty with ships.

Counter intense energies with laugher, laughter, laughter, smiles, smiles, but don’t lose sight of reality.


Dance in the morning,

dance in the evening,

dance at noontime.

Any time you dance it’ll be a prime time.

Roundhead is here, dancing, dancing to keep body loose.

Dancing, dancing, dancing to keep body loose.


Note: A contingent of the Elder Brothers (the Kogi tribe of Colombia) came to Colorado in late May to work with the indigenous peoples of the Four Corners Region.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

New Light Messages /