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New Light Messages August 2015

New Light Messages

August 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see. Yet know this: Your world does teeter on crucial threshold, for it does threaten to descend deeper into the turmoil and darkness of war. Yet it may break free of ancient karmic ties. Much does depend upon the great warbird Netanyahu. He does usurp and gather others under his wings of fear, while those who wave the black flag prepare, prepare to mark a date in infamy. As you do approach the month of September, your prayers will do much to waylay those plans, those preparations, you see. The choice is exceedingly clear, yet the picture has grown murky. For those who stir turmoil seek the seat of power, whereas even those in the land of Abraham who desire peace are oppressed and shut off from avenues of power. So it is in many places for those who seek peace.

NOW is the time to change the direction (of the unfolding of events).It will require many to hold the Eye of the Storm; it will require prayers, morning and night, to prevent the warbirds from succeeding in their efforts to overwhelm the power of those who seek peace. Yes, we do say, among them is the Prime Minister (UK?), you see, as well as the Descendant of the Pharaohs. This does point in the direction of a most important, *important* choice – to further the effort for potential peace. Many, many do work behind the scenes and in the shadows, you see, to direct the choice towards war. While Netanyahu may win the day, the cost will be high, very high, and he will pay by losing the innocent and those desiring of peace. Prayers may help prevent the choice that may lead to war.

Know this: There is indeed a massing of that which you do know as methane beneath the ocean floor. The Ring of Fire does threaten massive release. The creatures of the ocean need desperately your prayers. We do call upon you to remember those who do suffer greatly due to choices made by those driven by greed and need for power.

There is more to be given, yet it must be at another time. As the fires rage and the waters are flowing with toxins and from the heat, you will find it necessary to hold daily, daily in your heart, your mind, and in your soul – prayers for those who suffer due to rampant greed. As given: We have indeed come for the purpose of assisting you and other light-bearers within the Eye of the Storm. You shall find great challenge in remaining so in coming weeks. Remain at your post, for the need is great. The times require those who will not waver. Do be among them. We do stand with you in the Eye of the Storm, and send forth blessings of the Holy One as you hold steady in the Light of Grace.

May the Prince of Peace go with you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Eloheim. Asparagus, potatoes, oh my;

After dancing, helps you keep the glow.

Laughter, more play – IF you really want to stay.

It’s the way.

Visions – Messages

More water problems with ships.

Netanyahu is using money threats, offering and withdrawing money to get his way.

The power of the Blue Star is still with you!

Transmissions received by Shamaan

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New Light Messages July 2014 #2

New Light Messages

July 2014

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief.

You shall see an acceleration of that which does indeed bring change to your world. Many, a great many who did see themselves apart, separate from that which does unfold, shall discover differently.

We would have you do this: To spend time, as much time as possible, holding in vision the image given – that image of the tree, the dove, crescent moon, star (of David), and the rose. For in these days, events that shall lead to a great conflagration within the House of David comes near to impossible to avoid. Yet where there are hearts committed to the Way of Peace, resolved to come together to hold the Light for Peace – there is hope, though it does grow more remote.

The danger does draw once again near to your shores,1 for the House of David and the House of Ishmael, though within the country of Abraham, is to be found everywhere. And so you do have those preparing for greater war; yet as well, you have those preparing for peace and the time of the Purple Sun.

It shall come hard to all, yet we do beseech you: Hold fast to the image given. Hold fast to your prayers, and those actions that transform the world, those actions which in the world contribute to the healing of ancient wounds.

In coming months, prior to that time which would be your autumn equinox, an escalation does threaten all. For it is indeed not one source, but many through which the dangers always enter. Uppermost in your concern must be nuclear power, nuclear power, we do say – in ALL of its forms. It [the danger] is indeed grave and must be attended to through prayer, yes, through prayer, but also through those actions that do reach out of self to meet others in peace, to meet others in tolerance, to meet others in understanding – that before you is a soul imbued with the Light of One, and what is done to one another is indeed done to self.

We do now implore you that you meet each challenge, each difficulty, with each person in the coming time – two-and-a-half weeks – with greater patience and greater tolerance, and greater insight to see within the other the image of self. For you shall find in these weeks a testing from those forces which many choose to ignore, that emanate from within your own solar system [“astrological influences”]. More shall come with great intensity into your field. These forces shall be exacerbated by those frequencies that do immerse your world in a cloud of energies2 detrimental to balance, detrimental to living organisms. We would have you live, demonstrate, manifest in all ways the Way of the Heart within this period of time. It shall be extremely important, necessary, we do say.

We must complete our message at this time. For let these words bring caution: Do not in this time allow temper, personality, you see, to go before you in any of your dealings with others. Soul must be the leading force with which you encounter all. Know this in every small thing you do. As the reverberation goes outward into an ever-greater expression, healing peace in the world, you then see peace within the House of Abraham. You must see peace with those around you. You are chosen and thus have been chosen. Reach, reach for that which does at this time seem impossible and you will find waiting for you the Creator of all that is possible.

These coming weeks shall do much to determine if the gourd of ashes can be withheld, can be made to be transformed into an instrument never, never to be used, but to be transformed.3 These are the days many directions are chosen. These are the days of choice. Know this and go forward with your path that does lead to the Time of the Purple Sun. Go forward with the Prince of Peace guiding each footstep. Go forward without fear, knowing that the Way of the Heart shall be, shall be THE WAY OF THE FUTURE.


All things are sacred [in the] heart and soul of one who has chosen to serve the Light of One in the name of Divine Love. All things are sacred; even that which one does consider lowly may become exalted when used to sustain life. This must be remembered by this one, by all.

We do now take our leave, and this blessing is given unto you – that you know always the sweet breath of air from the Holy Source of Life, for it is eternal and sustains you through multiple dimensions and multiple existences. Rejoice in the moment for this life. Go now upon the path of the Prince of Peace with the blessings of the Holy One flowing around you, now and evermore.

Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim – We are.

[Shamaan heard earlier in the day the following:]

There is no dogma that will lead you to the Way of the Heart.


Ah, good. He’s happy, happy you found your dancing shoes. Dance away the blues and bring in good news. You should now also [endeavor to make] both ends glow, both ends glow. Become like a magnet – attracting, attracting, attracting all that you need, never ever to hold on to greed.

Roundhead says he can’t stay, just wanted to send gratitude your way. Hold on to your dancing shoes. You’ll be surprised to see what they can do.

Lady of the Blue Light

The children suffer so. Remember them and all the little ones –human, animal, … – every form of life is in a grip of the shadow. Remember them in prayers and reach out to those who live in pain and fear. Remember – you, too, may be the Hand of Grace.


I keep seeing many beached whales. It’s the water – oh god – so radioactive, so contaminated – the ancient sea turtles, whales. “Oh, send out your prayers; take actions that bring healing.”

[Shamaan lightly touches her 3rd eye.] Melchizedek thanks you. Focus your attentions, your prayers, yes, your actions, upon the waters of the world, NOW.

Searing heat, cripples many.

Earth upheavals will be abundant in coming weeks, abundant.

A wave of intensity will hit this planet – soon (coming 2 to 3 weeks).



1 Shamaan says that she has had information coming in about this nation encountering its karma very soon.

2 EMF pollution: i.e., cell towers, wi-fi, microwaves, etc.

3 Shamaan later heard these words, “fixed by fusion into a stable state.”

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages June 2014 #4

New Light Messages

June 15, 2014 


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We must be brief, you see, yet we would help in the preparation for the vigil, that which is of the Solstice. As you do see, many areas of your world are inflamed. These questions we do put to you:

1. Can the flames of war be quelled? 2. Can those who live by the dictum of greed be transformed? 3. Can the multitudes, as you do say, multitudes awaken to the devastation that does befall your Earth, your Planet? These are the questions that define your quest, your vigil, you see, for the Solstice. For these are indeed the barriers that you must cross to enter into the time of the Purple Sun. Commitment or convenience; comfort or clarity – these are choices that each must make, guided by the light within, arrived at by the guidance of the soul. Clarity of insight, of understanding, of direction is rarely comfortable, you see. Commitment to one’s choice of lifepath, commitment to service to the Light of One is rarely convenient, yet each must choose. Again, and again, and again, each must choose, and it is the choice that determines the soul’s growth, the evolution of Higher Self, you see. Each vigil, each opportunity to serve bears with it some inconvenience, some discomfort; it is not punishment, yet many, many do determine it as such. It is opportunity, opportunity, you see, to transcend any obstacle in the path of one who has chosen the spiritual essence of life. And so, we do say, this vigil that you approach must deal with these issues, for the time that does come will bear many opportunities to transcend.

The evening of the 19th, do gather in meditative state. Gather that you may focus with intent upon the question: Can the flames of war be quelled in this time? And so it [the vigil] shall proceed. On the 20th, in the evening, gather and do contemplate the second question in a meditative state. On the 21st of Solstice, you will hold the ceremony of the sacred pipe. It will not be in contemplation; it will be an act of prayerful co-creation. The third question shall be met. As co-creators it will be answered by the soul force. You will be joined by those who have gone before you, who have served the light with full commitment, who have transcended all barriers in exchange for clarity of the light within their souls. You shall join company with these. It is an honor; it is indeed a great privilege that you shall join them in the ceremony of the sacred pipe. You shall join them as co-creators of the Light, and live by that choice. Yes, we do say, live by that choice.

A great many, most in your world, have no understanding, no idea how exceedingly close your world is to destruction, to the demise that has come to every civilization your kind has created. It all [your civilization] appears so normal. It all appears that life will proceed as it is. However, as has been demonstrated many times in the history of your planet, it is not so; it cannot be, for life cannot continue when all is  SEVERELY out of balance, out of balance, we do say.

Know this: There has been in recent days a very dramatic increase in those particles that are radioactive exuding from the island world of Japan. There have been further releases that have not been made public, you see. The blue-green serpent of ocean and sky do carry them, yes, even across thousands of miles and across mountaintops. All life is being changed and altered, as it must be that many might awaken.

We do beseech you: Remain steady at your post in every way possible. We shall be of assistance, yet you, you are the Eye of the Storm. Ever mindful of this, go forward, allowing the choice that your soul has made to be your compass. Yes, we do stand with you and shall be ever-present. As you walk the path of the Prince of Peace, we are ever-present. Go now, firm, firm in your commitment, at peace with the clarity of your choice. Blessings of the Holy One pour down upon you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


A week without dancing is a week without magic. Magic, you know, only comes when both ends glow. It’s not just your feet that keep the beat; it’s also the channel between crown and seat.* He says I must come back, for he doesn’t want us to get off the track of dancing.

Dancing in the morning,

 Dancing in the evening

Dancing at noontime.

Lady of the Light

(Appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands, then hands over heart chakra.)

Melchizedek Visit from Melchizedek – she felt a blessing given.

_________ * This refers to the chakras, i.e., the channel between the crown chakra and the root chakra (base of spine).

Transmission received by Shamaan

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The Power of Thought

The Gifts of Experience

The Power of Thought

Message #10

(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

“A penny for your thoughts.”  I’m sure that most of us have heard this expression more than once, either being directed at us or at another person in a group.  I don’t recall who the individual was who came up with this, but surely it was a long time ago.  Why?  Because a penny doesn’t have much value these days and it was at least a couple hundred years ago when it did have some buying power.  Ever wonder how much a thought is really worth?  From a spiritual standpoint I believe a thought is worth more than a penny even if you go back a thousand years.

Now a thought has limited material value in the third dimension world of illusions no matter how far back you care to go.  But from a spiritual perspective it has a value beyond the ability to contemplate.  You can go back as far as you want to go, even to the beginning of the cosmos, or you can just consider the thought you had a minute ago.  A thought has a power that is hidden from the third dimension eyes of the average person who lives and exists in this world of illusions.  And that is why some thoughts can be dangerous if they are developed in a negative vein.  We just continue to dig a deeper hole for ourselves from a spiritual evolving standpoint if we generate thoughts of negativity.  And then we have devolvement and we now have more spiritual ground to make up.

But a positive thought can have unlimited power when generated from the heart, with a sincere intent, and when it is for the benefit of the common good.  Positive thought can also be utilized for a personal benefit, but I don’t think that means you can generate a very sincere thought about winning the lottery so you can enjoy a life of leisure.  But I do believe that you can have thoughts about how you will live from day to day or how you will be able to obtain a replacement vehicle for the present vehicle that is on its last legs.  You don’t have the cash to get a replacement vehicle but you just put the thought out into the universe and it seems that something comes up that allows you to take care of the situation.  It may not happen immediately, and it can happen at a later date when you don’t even make the connection to the thought requesting the action.

Almost twenty years ago, my wife and I heard about a concept called a God Jar.  The premise was that you wrote down what it was that you wanted to have take place in the future of your life and then let God take care of it.  I think this concept is somewhat in the same vein as the phrase, “Let Go and Let God.”  Now the God Jar wasn’t for the immediate future but for a much longer time horizon.  Well we both got a jar and wrote down items of a somewhat specific nature to put into the jar.  Then we set the jars on a shelf with the idea that we would periodically check the contents to see how things were going.  That was the intent, but when you are both working long hours (Kaye was a math teacher with a lot of prep time and then grading papers and I was a CPA working in the corporate finance arena), you sometimes let things slide for a period of time.

Well it was about 15 years ago when we bought a very modest place in the country that we used on weekends and eventually became our retirement home.  During half of that 15 year period, we were still both working day to day as we developed the “farm” to include additional out buildings and equipment for brush clearing that included a tractor with a loader and a bush hog.  It was years later that we again came across the jars.  Since I had forgotten what I had specifically written down, I took out the pieces of paper and read them.  When we compared what we had requested in the God Jars with what had occurred, we found it was very close except for minor details.  Now I am of the belief that the notes we put into our God Jars can be considered as thoughts that were transcribed into writing.

Now earlier I mentioned that from a spiritual perspective, thought is a very powerful force and I said you could go back to the beginning of the cosmos.  It is my understanding that the Creator used thought to create the Cosmos.  Coming forward in time, you have the God of this Universe using thought to create the Earth Star Planet.  Now God used a little more specificity when making Terra than what I used when putting my notes in my God Jar.  Let me give you just one extremely small example of how specific and interrelated God was in his design.

I viewed a program on National Geographic some time ago that showed the relationship between Alaskan trees, the salmon and Alaskan brown bears.  As many of you know the salmon spawn in the rivers of the world and then at some point, depending upon the species of salmon, the young salmon make the trek to the oceans where they stay for varying amounts of time.  Then as the salmon return to the place of their beginnings they migrate up the rivers to spawn, sometimes in excess of 2,000 miles of river.  The brown bears await the salmon runs and gorge themselves on the fish.  They take the fish up on the river banks and into the forest along the rivers to consume them.  Parts of the fish decompose on the forest floor and then also the bears leave droppings that contain the digested remnants of the fish they had eaten.  Both of these sources provide nutrients for the trees and the trees flourish to a greater extent along these rivers than do trees much further inland.  The trees in turn filter the rain runoff to keep the water pure in the streams where the fish spawn and also provide shade for the fish so that the water doesn’t get too warm and destroy the salmon eggs.

Now scientists have studied the content of the leaves from the uppermost reaches of the trees along these Alaskan rivers and have found evidence of certain nutrients in the leaves that could only have come from the far reaches of the Pacific Ocean.  You think God had a plan when developing the Earth Star Planet?  Wow!  There are literally billions of examples like this of how everything is interrelated and that you must live in harmony with nature.

(Everyone should take the time and study how nature, when left alone by humans, continuously balances itself by not letting any-one part of the equation to get too dominant.  All of nature works with all of its parts to keep this balance.  So why can’t humans, sooner rather than later, learn from nature and decide to work with all aspects of the human races?  It will happen, God said it will.  So why not begin in earnest right now, rather than waiting for someone else to start!)

The National Geographic piece went on to state that due to polluting of rivers, damming of the rivers and overfishing that we are in danger of losing this life cycle miracle.  Already the Atlantic fisheries in Europe and the eastern United States have been extremely depleted.

When using your power of thought you have to be sincere, it’s true, but I believe you also have to be specific about what it is you wish to accomplish.  There is a saying that goes like, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.”  I think this might refer to thoughts that haven’t been completely analyzed or maybe thoughts that aren’t always in a spiritual vein.

Now the reader may ask what does the writer mean by, “thoughts that haven’t been completely analyzed”.  The reader may say that his thoughts just come and go, sometimes at such a rapid rate that he has difficulty keeping up with them.  Well, I don’t mean the general volume of random thoughts that we all are “saddled with”.  I mean the thoughts that we generate when we desire to make changes in the way humanity exists in this world.  This is similar to the thought that has been and is being put into what we wish to state while performing the Project Push.  (For those of the readers who are unfamiliar with Project Push, you can find a description of the project, how some participants developed their part and summaries of the results of the project on Awakened

I believe all participants in Project Push made many efforts to specifically develop what they wanted to say while performing the Push.  I believe we should all take the same tack to develop what we wish to say mentally (thoughts) to the Universe on a more frequent time frame.  David and Celest made a comment, in response to an inquiry, that the “push” technique can be used at any time.  So why not have many mini pushes where we continuously develop new thoughts that we can put out into the Universe on a periodic time frame.

There are literally billions of subjects for our thought generating process.  Think of the example of the Alaskan salmon, the bears and the trees.  Developing thoughts that would prevent the situation that has occurred in the Atlantic from becoming a reality in the Pacific with regard to Alaska would be a good place to start.  Some of the issues behind the decline in the fisheries are due to the damming of rivers, unrestrained pollution from industry and the decline in the forests.  Now there are many valid reasons for river dams so how about constructing fish ladders to help the fish return to their place of birth.  The reason it isn’t done is because the fish ladders are too expensive to build.  Too expensive for who?  And how expensive?  More than the cost of an F-16 fighter jet that is now mothballed in the Arizona desert?

Unrestrained industrial pollution, even when done in accord with EPA guidelines, is the responsibility of the management team of the companies that are polluting.  I know it costs money to do the right thing.  But what are the hidden costs that company management never considers or knows about but hides from the public.  What happens down the road because of an action taken today?  There are always “hidden costs” that are kept secret or ignored when justifying why we can’t do something for the greater good.  If the general public knew what the hidden costs were they would, “hopefully”, create such uproar that the company would have to make allowances to curb the pollution.  Remember these companies will not do it willing of their own accord.

Forest decline is also defended by the idea that we continuously need more and more building materials.  I understand the need for more materials, but how about a thought that would involve developing new materials that would replace wood.  Maybe the discovery of a new building material is just waiting for a nudge from the Universe to be discovered.  We don’t have to know or suspect what the material is, just that we ask for a material that would replace wood.  It would also be nice if the material was more cost effective (just like God – be very specific).  Additionally land owners can adopt a program that would reforest areas that are in desperate need because of soil erosion and disappearing habitat for our friends of the forest.

I was watching the beginning of a movie titled, “We Were Soldiers”, when I had to stop about 30 minutes into the movie.  It is a story about the first US troops going into Vietnam.  I don’t like to watch movies of this kind anymore, because I don’t believe that there is any reason to go to war.  Now I will tell you that I didn’t always think like this.  I am a four year veteran who served in the early 60’s and was discharged before the Vietnam War really got going.  The only thing going on during my enlistment period was the Cuban Missile Crisis.  I was stationed 90 miles from Cuba at the time.  And I was a “Hawk” in my beliefs regarding war.  But now I know the How and the Why wars are conducted.  And it makes me sick to see all the young people who have died or been disfigured by being involved in “somebody else’s war”.

Some years back I sent a letter to each Senator from my state and told them that I didn’t want the U.S. to be in any more wars.  I went on to say that we should have taken all the money spent on wars and instead develop, or more correctly stated redevelop, the problem areas of the world.  Humanity would have benefited greatly from such a course of action.  It took awhile but I did get a reply from both Senators, probably from a staffer, who thanked me for my letter and in a nice way told me that the congress was going to continue to make sure the country had a strong military force to protect the citizens of the U.S.  Did the writing of the letters do me any good?  It probably just got me on somebody’s list somewhere.  It was of interest that a few years later one of the Senators decided not to run for reelection.  No I don’t believe it was because of my letter, but that might have been nice too.

IF YOU DON’T WANT ANY MORE WARS, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!  Tell the Universe that you don’t want to see the country you live in involved in any more war or civil strife.  Do it with sincerity and often.  Somewhere down the road the overwhelming tide of thoughts will diminish the desire of those who like to start and conduct wars.  If we just keep to ourselves, the warmongers won’t stop their activities on their own accord.  Be concerned and be active in your thought generating capability.  You have “The Power of Thought”!!!

Until next time, Phil

The Gifts of Experience /



New Light Messages June 2014

Note from Celest and David; these messages are very important, and yes, there are TWO new messages on this page. Be sure to read the one following this as well.

  New Light Messages

May 18, 2014 

Note: It is important to read the accompanying May 25, 2014, New Light Message (also below), with this one, as they are recommended (by the Eloheim) to be read as one.

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We, the Eloheim,[1] do speak to you this evening as Guardians of Your Planet. For the time has come that this reluctant messenger[2] has sought to avoid. For you see, it has been desired to not discourage those who serve the Light, who wish to and shall indeed build a better world. Yet now it must be known. First, we do say, it must be known that the Earth shall survive; those forms of life that you do consider lowly shall survive. Some of your kind shall also survive. It may not be seen at this time the number, though it will not be multitudes. Second, as foreseen by many, eons ago, your technology will be the instrument of your demise, indeed, the demise of many, many lifeforms. For even now, in this moment, dozens do become, as you say, extinct. Life may be returned after a long interval, but changed, much changed.

At this time in the unfolding, the unfolding of the Purification, there are but two means by which the greatest destruction might be avoided. The first is the sudden and comprehensive awakening of multitudes to the perils that your world does face, and the choice, you see, to move with haste, and inexorably, in the opposite direction; move toward healing, greater harmony with the natural forces, and cessation of war, most especially cessation of war. The second event is by intervention from without; a disaster, as it may be seen as such, that would disable a large portion of your world is that known as the Great Hammer. Acceleration of the elements that bring about disruption of natural cycles, that bring about pandemic pathogens entering the atmosphere, acceleration, you see, of imbalance and disintegration, leads to greater conflict, greater warring. These things bring about what is very nearly unavoidable, we do say, unavoidable – that which is the demise of your world.

As Guardians, we must protect the planet, for its role is crucial in the balance of the sacred circle of life, which does extend FAR beyond this world.[3] Know this: There are some who even now work to bring about the Time of the Purple Sun, like yourselves. Would that their numbers multiply more quickly. Yet it is our charge to see that those who serve the Light of One­ those who seek the Time of the Purple Sun, and choose the Way of the Heart­ survive, as many as possible. Though the building of the new world will be amidst extreme difficulties, you shall be aided as before. We, the Eloheim, will assist and guide in this new endeavor. Generations will be required to restore the Earth’s balance, but it can and will be done.

Most will not hear this message; the comforts of your world are far too entrancing. Many who do hear will not believe. Yet know this: Those who do hear and believe shall be the salvation of the best within your world, and the foundation of the new. There is no time for discouragement; there is no time to yield to despair, for you, and others like you, hold in your hands, in your hearts, in your souls the hope that the new beginning shall reflect the beauty, the harmony, and the balance of the best of this world. For the Earth, you see, that was given unto you, was rich with beauty and resources that you might nurture the life force in all of its forms, manifested through the power of love. Yes, we the Eloheim, Guardians of Your Planet, shall be your sole visitors tonight.[4]

Know this: These words that are spoken are difficult, and shall be more difficult for this one. Though it has been known (“it” being the very real potential for the destruction of this civilization), it has indeed been hoped otherwise. Awareness of the truth as it is helps to transform it into what it could be. Without awareness, co-creators may operate blindly, and achieve little. Go forward unafraid, empowered, and fully committed to carry out your task as co-creator, holding forth in the Eye of the Storm, so that others may join you and expand the possibilities of peace upon this planet, and all that comes with the power and the grace of peace. We evermore stand with you; we evermore hold forth in the Eye of the Storm. May the Blessings of the Holy One strengthen you, guide you, and empower you to bring an awakening that will bring healing to your world and the one that follows. We go with you into the next [world]. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Ocean, [I’m] seeing the ocean. Powerful tides washing up. Very forceful waves. Ocean is moving so strongly and forcefully. Tides washing high up onto the land. Waves crashing on rocks, and land washing away shorelines. Tumultuous, that’s what it’s like. The ocean is surging up out of the depths. It seems like it’s cleansing itself with a deep upwelling.


I can’t come through, but I’m still with you.

Other NLM Excerpts on “Guardian of Your Planet” & “We the Eloheim” New Light Messages September 18, 2011

For your world does approach dangerously close to the heart of the shadow. If it is engulfed, there shall be great suffering, great suffering for all species indeed, including your own. We, as guardians of your planet cannot allow its destruction; yet we may not be able to prevent yours.

New Light Messages October 23, 2011

As given, we are guardians of your planet. We are given unto the task of protecting this Earth. We cannot, however, determine whether you, your kind, will survive. But we want to see you and the Earth survive. It does play a critical role in the design of the universe and that of all life.

New Light Messages February 3, 2013

We do say, “Take heart, take heart, for it has been given unto us the task, indeed, the honor of Guardians of Your Planet; Caretakers, you see. As given, though circumstances shall appear dire, we shall not allow this planet to be destroyed. However, we do say, many shall pass through the doorway into the beyond in order to avoid planetary destruction. Much does rest with those who have chosen co-creator roles as Light-Bearers.

New Light Messages August 4, 2013

We take our leave at this time, yet we are with you in all times. Go now upon the path that does lead to peace, the time of the Purple Sun. The Holy One does join you in each breath, each step you walk with the Prince of Peace, and all who have gone before you who have served the Way of the Heart in the Light of One. Know this and be comforted. Blessings of the Holy One to you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim. We are.

[1] Researching the Eloheim is a major task; just try it on the internet. It’s found throughout the King James version of the Bible as Elohim, in both the Old and New Testaments, although usually translated as “God.” A cursory search seems to indicate that it was the Hebrew name for God, sometimes singular, sometimes plural, the latter sometimes interpreted as pagan – the gods. They first identified themselves to NLM recipients on August 4, 2013, and first started using the salutation, “Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim,” on January 15, 1998 (the readings began in 1987). [Perhaps we have misspelled the name, which conventionally is spelledElohim.] Prior to that they were sometimes referred to by Shamaan as “Star Nation.” She identified them, from experiences of transcendent love, as star beings. Here, they repeat that they are “Guardians of Your Planet,” although they first called themselves that on September 18, 2011; again on October 13, 2011; and once again on February 3, 2013. (See those four reading excerpts at the end of this message.)

[2] Some background on the “reluctant messenger”: On November 30, 2008, this message for Shamaan was given: “You are given to the Seal of the Prophet to serve. You don’t carry it. Servants are given to it; many conceive of themselves as ‘the’ expression of the Seal of the Prophet. No one is worthy of the Seal of the Prophet, for the Seal of the Prophet is greater than any one.” On September 20, 2009, this: “I see a symbol, a shape I remember. It’s the symbol of the sign of the prophet – lost, lost, in the mist of time is the directum of the symbol, the code for the symbol: Ever Be Worthy. It appears that reluctant prophets are the rule, not the exception: There is a book entitled, The Reluctant Prophet, by James Kirsch, a Jungian analyst. The prophets of the Old Testament may also have been reluctant given the nature of their messages.

[3] For the scientifically minded who believe today’s standard cosmological theory, this is an uninformed statement. However, it is simply hubris to think that the human intellect is capable, with or without abstruse mathematics, of understanding the Universe, even the physical universe. The current cosmological theories are being deeply questioned today as contradictory evidence mounts. One emerging model is called The Electric Universe (, which calls for the integration of electricity into the gravitational paradigm.

[4] This is a first in these readings (since 1987), and emphasizes the importance of this message.

New Light Messages May 25, 2014

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We do assist this one and replace dissonance, discord, with that which is the essence of soul, that which is love, you see. In all ways, in all things, it is the soul healer. We shall be brief, yet we would have you know: That which was given (last Sunday, May 18th) is indeed crucial, yet it will be more easily received with the content of our message this evening. This we would have you know: Why it is indeed necessary that you may perform no greater service in this time, as one who does serve the Light, than to alert others, to bring awareness to others. Be mindful, as given, many shall not hear, many shall not see, indeed, there are those who will turn away in mockery. You must abide with strength and with courage, knowing that in these times we shall be, as we have been, with you. That which was given in the past has proven to be true. Yet fear, fear does wear many masks. It may appear in many forms [such as disbelief or ridicule]. Yet we do say: Do not stir the depths of fear with your message; merely provide that which will aid others in seeing and understanding and in becoming one who does serve the Light. Encourage others to prepare and, indeed if possible, to mitigate, even turn away the forces of destruction before they have struck a blow.

It is said by some at this time, that which unfolds is that known as climate change. It is not climate change; it is environmental degradation. The climate extremes are but a manifestation of that which has brought much destruction and has greatly disrupted the cycles of nature. Yet some do believe therein lies the greatest danger of this time [i.e., climate change­ – global warming]. Know this: Disruption in the cycles of nature will become the driving forces that lead to the volatility of personality, abuse of positions of leadership in many hands, and preparations of military power.[1] The greatest danger that you face is nuclear war, nuclear war.[2] For as resources become scarce, even as resources disappear, there are those who will seek to gain dominance by means of the greatest devastation possible. By the hand of humankind, all life will suffer greatly.

Do recall: At the very beginning of contesting for the seat of power in your land we did inform that the Descendant of the Pharoahs [Obama] was not ready. He has now proven he was not ready to combat, confront, you see, the vindictive hunger for power that does devour those who follow the Pachyderms [ultra-conservatives and Republicans]. We do say, as situations become more difficult, as fear of change, as fear becomes stronger in some, it will lead to many turning toward the shadow and seeking dominion through force. IT MUST NOT BE! For if these forces are to become fully manifest as probability through a negative force building in strength, only the Great Hammer shall respond. The course toward destruction shall then be quickened and compounded by the changes in your Earth, changes brought about by such extreme atmospheric and terrestrial disruption. We do beseech you: Maintain the courage necessary to carry forth your commitment as holder of the Eye of the Storm. In times when you waver, as indeed you shall, recall, recall, we do say, the many times you have seen unfold that which has been given in these messages. Test your own souls for the veracity of that which has been given.

This one shall now put forth both messages together (i.e., email them out together). It will be more effective, you see, for those who struggle with the potential [of nuclear war] and the need to offset that potential, through not only preparation, but through informing, awakening, and helping others to become aware of the danger and do what they can to deflect the destructive forces as much as possible. Fear is not what should be awakened; understanding must be awakened. Clear vision must be awakened (a willingness to see what is truly being wrought by those in positions of power). Knowledge must be attained, yet above all these, prayer, prayer, and projection of the vision of peace, of healing, and a ripening of the seed that dwells within the thirteen cells of the Blue Light of the soul. These, above all, are the tools of those who serve the Light of One. These, above all, must be your instruments of transformation, for yourself, for others, for the world. Hold fast; know that we stand with you within the Eye of the Storm. We shall not yield our commitment as Guardians of your Planet. Do not lose sight of your soul’s path and chosen task, for it was given long ago to those who first tread upon this land, those who knew the power of peace. It was given that the gourd of ashes2 (see footnote on page 1) is what could destroy your world, and so it is. Yet they, too, from beyond the veil that does separate dimensions of life, they, too, work steadily to turn away that possibility, to dissolve that image and destroy, not the world, but those elements that have brought such imbalance, suffering, and disruption to all life. For this we work together as we walk together. Remain steady as you walk the path of the Prince of Peace. The blessings of the Holy One shall strengthen you and bring courage and clarity to all that you do, for the Way of the Heart is the way of your future, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Light

She weeps, She weeps. She weeps for the sake of the young ones of every kind, of every species. Do remember, for even now She calls out to them (tears fall from Shamaan), for even now so many pass, so many disappear from this world. Hold life as a precious, precious gift in your hands. Let Love and compassion be the shining seed of Light bringing forth life to all creatures, all. Protect the young, protect the young. She asks you to pray daily for the young. Choose a form of life from among the multitudes. Pray for the young, that they will be present in the beautiful new world. She says, for the sake of the young, offer your prayers so the new world will be rich with life. She offers gratitude for your service; this is Her message. Yes, my Lady. (Appears to drink the sacred water from cupped hands) Every day I will, daily. She sends forth Her blessings of Grace, of Divine Love, to each. To each She offers gratitude and the blessings of the Holy One, now and evermore. There’s a beautiful Light; thank you.


(Chuckles) Just watched the dance? Just grab every chance you can to dance, to dance. It helps to get that glow, glow, down below. So change the song; you can’t go wrong if you just dance. No, life is not tragic, it hasn’t happened. You can see your way to making sure it doesn’t happen. How can that be? Well, you’ll see, you’ll see … Take it and break it and make it your own, Open the egg of magic! Wherever you wander, you’ll always be home, Even if life looks tragic. Just remember to ride the wind, You can be sure, that he is your friend, so-o-o-o … Take it and break it and make it your own, Open the egg of magic!

He’s waving an asparagus baton, baton. Roundhead says, Don’t forget…

Magic is all around you All around you, Just look and see. Magic is all around you, All around you … and me!

Buckets are too. You can step in one or two as long as you do a dance like the ol soft shoe. Do you know what he means by the “ol soft shoe?” Glide lightly through your day; be light-footed on your way. Yes, yes, light-footed leads to light-hearted. You’d be surprised how much the feet can help the heart. That and the chocolate train, ride that chocolate train.

Roundhead says, “Message for all: Don’t let your hope take a fall; you never know which way it will go. Because if you couldn’t change it, they would tell us so; cause you can count on them.”

Many, many sightings of the starships will be seen around the world, around the world. Why? Because many sightings of your neighbors in the stars must be seen, for it must be more widely known of their presence.

Oh my, oh my. Oh. Oh my. How far the reverberations will reach if we can’t change the current theme, the theme that grips the world, which could destroy your blue pearl, the shining blue pearl of Earth. Roundhead’s not ready for such a crowd at the Bo Tree, so he’s going to help make sure it won’t be, it won’t be.

Together, together, we can change ourselves, but Not the weather, not the weather.

Okay Roundhead. (Laughs) He’s dressed in a costume that looks like the Sun. Never fret; they will not let its shine be diminished for too long.[3] So keep singing our song, and believe it, and believe it, and believe it.

Magic is all around you All around you, Just look and see. Magic is all around you, All around you … and me!

Because …

You’ve got Roundhead You’ve got Two-Bear, You’ve got Magic, Who could ask for anything more?!

He’s off. He’s riding what looks like a rocket of asparagus, swinging the stalk. Bye. He’s off, not into the sunset, but into the sunrise (i.e., the new world).

He has a pleasant surprise for all of us, soon. Oh, he won’t say. Soon. Bye Roundhead.


Huge mudslides! People falling into the Earth, into gaping holes. Swallowing whole houses. In many places I see mud sliding and boiling from fire underneath, breaking out.

Pray for the bears. They’re so skinny, so skinny; not enough fat. Pray.

Melchizedek of the Golden Light

Melchizedek of the Golden Light offers this: Be at peace as you go about your task, your service, for if it were not possible to alter course, you would not have been forewarned. Allow that knowledge to comfort you, but never cease, yet be at peace, be at peace.

Visions (again)

The whales need help, badly in need of help.

I think I just saw a supernova go off. Another new light coming to the Earth. Yes, it was a supernova, the new light.[5]

Hawaii volcano, much, much more active.

[1] This brings to mind the Hopi “Koyaanisqatsi”, which means world out of balance … a state of life that calls for another way.

[2] The ancientHopi prophecy, “A gourd of ashes might one day be thrown from the sky, which could burn the land and boil the oceans.”

[3] The Taos area has long been a home of pioneering, persistent solar practitioners. Two of them, who are known to us here in Colorado, have separately and independently measured the average decline in solar gain reaching their various panels: one says 24%, the other 25%. They live about 20 miles apart.

 [5] As most of you know, the New Light Messages began as the result of Supernova 1987A, which was experienced as a vision by Shamaan before the light reached astronomers. Here’s a footnote from December 23, 2001: “The Blue Star, Supernova 1987A, was the stimulus that initiated the New Light Messages. Its light reached Earth for the first time in 1987, but Shamaan had a vision of it in late 1986.” Supernova 1987A continues to evolve in space in ways unpredicted by standard theory. It was “… the closest observed supernova since the invention of the telescope. The previous supernova visible to the eye was in the year 1604, and was only observed with basic equipment.”


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