NESARA The Eclectic Program


We wrote this article New Years Eve and New Years Day, 2006
We stand by what we have written.

NESARA "The Eclectic Program"

We have awaited the correct "timeline" to write about this issue. We consider it to be an extremely important one. We feel saddened and at times we have become angry about the misrepresentation and outright lies surrounding the NESARA event. In many ways however, it is not a surprise to us that this has happened. When have you ever known of a predestined event that has not become bastardized? Have you ever known of a plethora of wondrous events that ALL of humanity can benefit from and suddenly find "channels", politicians, ministers and all forms of clergy, speaking either disparagingly of them or conversely, grasping on to them with a strangle hold? We could state that "human nature is very strange." We could say, "it is the nature of the BEAST." Both of our comments are correct.

To understand first what NESARA is and is not, is The Beginning.

What NESARA really is :

NESARA is a Divinely Created Gift. It is a macrocosmic synchronization of events and a polarization of energetic mass in schematic forms that began intangibly years ago and now are tangible. ALL thought forms that are birthed into consciousness must undergo a period of stability while the masses of human consciousness correctly interprets those thought forms and understands what they truly are. It is then that those forms coalesce into an expansion of themselves. This is but part of the synchronicity required before NESARA came into manifestation. As such, it needs to be understood that this Gift is for all people, all countries, no one country or race of people is "a chosen one." "No ONE person is a chosen one to be in charge and hold sway over this Gift." God and The Creator are magnanimous with this Present; in this sense They are "Switzerland." They do not see color in Their Creations; They do not see sexual preferences nor shall They. They have not given to us a microcosmic event, They have bestowed upon ALL PEOPLE the greatest Gift humanity has ever received. It is NESARA. There is no realization among people that NESARA is The Creator and God in activated participation as a Whole, Completed Entity. They shall be of people, animals, vegetation, environment, politics, Spirituality and ALL grassroots movements. NO ONE shall be left behind.

Where NESARA differs from the everyday principals of "God in Action," here on this planet, is that the human race has been permitted to use their free expression, (free will) and run amok in many cases, achieve personal private distinctions in some cases, play out on the stage of human life roles of antiquity, of political and religious fervors, of drug induced euphoria, of street life and of prostitution, in self-selected cases, to name but a few. When the timeline arrived here that was the causation and effect of the mindless hordes of irresponsible people degrading and seriously impairing the earth, the Divine Forces Said, "ENOUGH. " Although that timeline was known of long before it arrived at its apex of Spiritual corruption, many other events had to take place before NESARA entered the third-dimension.

NESARA is "without limit, without striation, it is an all encompassing CIRCLE; one that is not broken, cannot be broken, a completion of a momentous cycle of human and planetary life force. It is within this circle of Divinity that many systems of energetic forces dwell. It contains all elements, all configurations since the beginning of The Creation. It modifies itself to conform to all philosophies, all modalities, all methodologies in a totally non-conformist manner. It epitomizes "free form energy." In this manner it encompasses and analyzes belief systems, the human mind, the rational and the irrational with "passionate detachment." In a way, we think of it as "a child full born and complete." Nothing missing, experiences to be shared. NESARA is ECLETIC in its Essence, as is The Creator, as is God.

NESARA, The ECLETIC PROGRAM, is a reformation instrument, one designed and geared for, subtly at some times, not so subtly at others, redirecting the energies that have been plaguing this planet through the utilization of right-minded people. It is its own Gestalt, continually attracting the men, women and children who know how to make a difference here and are willing to do so, even at great personal cost. The only ingredient NESARA was awaiting was for the voices of the people on this planet to echo the sentiments of The Creator and of God. When the people, the ordinary people, screamed "ENOUGH," the CHILD was born. Many years ago NESARA slowly and quietly began her entrance into this third-dimension. At times, you could feel her presence; at times you could hear the whispers in the wind. Slowly, like the great cleansing that tornados perform, she entered into the hearts and minds of ordinary Souls. Many of us began to feel excited for no "consciously known" reason, many felt an urgency of unknown origins. We have much to thank the current corrupt World Governments for. Without their debauchery, their lewd and perverted acts of violence, both random and premeditated, their "selling of the planet and the human race," perhaps, just perhaps it would have taken NESARA longer to come into fruition. We do not think so, but we offer that statement to you as "a possibility."

The human race as a whole seems to require great amounts of directed prejudice, massive murders "in the Name of God," sheep mentality and ugly complacency before they suspect that something smells rotten in the Governments of the World, something nefarious is going on. So we thank all these administrations for doing all that they have been doing…and will continue to do to unconsciously further the goals of The NESARAIANS. A part of the effort of NESARA is cleaning up the notorious and UNLAWFUL acts committed by ALL banking institutions, acts that have been long ongoing by the rape and pillage of hard working and trusting people, who have lost so much financially and they never should have. Usury laws are now under the peoples’ microscope, ABOUT TIME! Unfair tax laws that have needed to be changed will begin to very shortly, ABOUT TIME! The truths behind the environmental issues that are so convoluted and are covertly hiding greater truths about the environment and exactly WHO and WHAT really is responsible will be revealed in increments. ABOUT TIME!

Political parties that have already begun to falter will fall. Politicians all over the world are experiencing an emotion that is "alien" to them; they are fearing the people and the VOICES of the people. "NEW" men and women will actually be voted into office…what a concept…these people are already striding into the political arena, glistening, shining and ready to SERVE THE PEOPLE. "The good old boys club," is now passé. Politicians will either jump aboard "the good ship peoples voices" or leave and fade quickly into obscurity. "the entirety of the President’s Men," are not. Pay close attention as many, MANY members of this particular cabinet take refuge from the "now" bombardment impacting on them and the very soon-to-be acceleration of such. Many in the "intelligence" fields will continue to seek out those men and women they can share governmental secrets with; even they can no longer stomach what really goes on behind the scenes, no longer can they remain involved with or condone any more murders of " Truth Talkers.

The hardcore lifetime military officials will be among those who fall the hardest. People will learn of the terrible deeds these men and some women wreaked upon innocent people. Their names shall live in infamy. And well they should! Even members of the "secret governments" are NOW talking among themselves and trying to reconcile all that they know with how much to "leak." Rats and ships don’t you know! Then there is the religious movement. The Catholic Church is about to discover how vulnerable it really is. This church and all that it alleges to stand for is a lie; one that is promulgated by the forefathers of religion, especially the Roman Catholic Church, The Illuminati. Followers of the Roman Catholic faith as well as other religions, will remove their blinders and have hearing aids installed instead. Yes, there will be great turmoil among the religious ones, especially when they learn that Jesus The Christ was never crucified. The massive fortunes amassed by banking and pharmaceutical companies, by mining companies and religions, to name a few, is about to cease.

Some of the biggest changes will be coming in the way the news is being reported. Those who have followed the dictums of the news echelon will find themselves breaking from the norm. The truth and all relevancies to the truth will be brought into the "people light" for all to see. All that has been altered or misconstrued will be rectified. The truth has a way of weeding out the bad apples, they like all other facets of what you consider the civilized word, are even now under a microscope, revealing the real but hidden truth for all to see. This is not say there will not be many false prophets in the media hanging on to the bitter end, they like all others who do not accept the changes will not survive as earth rids herself of all negative based energies. The media since the early beginning days has been controlled by the few in order to control the masses. Through this venue, those Truth Talkers who have been strategically placed in all media departments will begin to expand upon their search for the truth, all that goes on behind the scenes will become public knowledge, the "new" voices will be heard. Evidence of this is already here as continued leaks of supposedly private, secret hush hush, "on a need to know basis" news is being leaked to the media. As we have said before, the truth will be laid out in plain sight for all to see. This too will continue to be global.

Each and everyday what had been formerly taken for granted will be questioned. Everything that has been taught will come under scrutiny and examined for content and truthfulness. The scholastic systems will require massive reorganization. What has been assumed as the truth will over time be understood as controlled hyperbole and deceit. Many textbooks will need to be rewritten. The depths of the lies and deceits will continue to become obvious to all. Great teachers will step forth; those who were considered "dreamers" will be acknowledged for their insights of the truth. Evolution, the origins of mankind, astrology, sacred geometry will become remedial teachings. Each and every person will be understood by the masses everywhere as important, a vital, integral piece in the tapestry we call life. Spirituality will be lived and experienced as the basis for all teachings. There will be no more separation. The teachers will become students; the students will become teachers, working in harmony. As Martin Luther King once said, "I Have a Dream," it is through real education that the patterns of the past shall be broken. History will no longer be doomed to repeat itself. Everyday new and important discoveries will be made, shared and expanded upon.

Information will be shared freely, personal glory and other ego based thought forms will cease to exist. No more wars will be fought in the name of God, for all will be in communion with All That Is. Personal belief systems will be expansive, encompassing all different beliefs. No longer will people be one Astrological sign or another, they will understand that they are all signs, that they walk all paths, that this is what makes them whole and expansive, not limited or constrained. Teachers will encourage the dreamers, the philosophers, all of the children of Earth to leap beyond logic, listen to their heart song and follow their paths of destiny, seeking to learn all that is learnable, experience all that can be experienced, see everything for the beauty that it is and savor the sweet taste of freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of emotion.

Can you imagine a world where man and beast live as one, where everything is acknowledged as Sacred, respected and understood? Imagine a world where fairytales were lived and experienced, not nursery rhymes told to children. Imagine a world where imagination and thought Created ones’ realities. Imagine a world where none would suffer, get sick, get hungry or cold. Imagine a world where animal and man could communicate and share thoughts and ideas. Imagine a world where nothing was impossible. Imagine a world filled with love, peace and happiness. What a concept, a very real and now happening concept. We know that all things come full circle; we understand the need for things to change in order to evolve. If change is not present then everything becomes static; there is not life-force to propel anything forward. Each of you who walks upon this planet is an integral part of the Greater Divine Plan known as NESARA. Each must do their part to see things through. The very changes that are necessary are not for a few to do for the for the benefit of everyone, each must do their part by starting at home, in their own lives. It is the seemingly smallest changes that cause the larger changes to materialize. Mankind is not a puppet on a string, collectively as one voice many are screaming at the top of their lungs, "we have had enough, we are not going to take this anymore." They are seeking the non-violent alternative and that is peace for all peoples. That is NESARA. And believe us, this is a good thing.

Look at the judicial system that is rapidly changing under your very noses. Men and women of great integrity in all parts of the system are now emerging. Many more will. This is what NESARA is creating in physical materialization. NESARA is the sum total of the people working in tandem to change all of the above mentioned issues…and more. You have all been waiting for something that is already in progress. It was never intended that NESARA would enter this world blowing loud noisy trumpets and yelling Here I Am! NESARA is the sum total of the now accelerating grassroots movements; it is the personification of each person in each country declaring their intentions to create these needed changes…and actually doing so.

What NESARA is not and what shall not happen.

NESARA is not a vehicle to be used for ANY investment purposes. Never, never, never was it to be an indictment against humanity. People who have foolishly given monies to those proclaiming to be "in charge" of millions and billions of dollars that is NESARA money to be distributed to people when NESARA arrives, have STOLEN your money. It is bizarre to realize that people would believe that a DIVINE ENDEAVOR asks that you tithe and tithe big time, as though The Creator and God put a price on your head. Who started this terrible lie? What did that woman or man receive as a "perk" for stealing your money? WHO SAID "The Divine Forces" demand this? WHERE did they get their information from? Did they check their sources for authenticity? Where were the minds of those who "donated?" WHERE IS THE MONEY NOW? It really is sad that so many people are clinging to the monetary belief that money can buy them their birthright. Think about this for a bit:

Trace all the NESARA news back to a few years ago when the original NESARA PANDEMONIUM broke loose and so many people were living "in desperation," rather than living "in EXPECTATION of a grand DIVINE EVENT."

People chose to believe that each person would have access to untold monetary wealth, that each person would no longer need to pay their taxes, that this world would be a river of gold, that no longer would they need concern themselves with the personal responsibility of caring for their families, that their financial independence would be a direct result of the alleged NESARA millions. Thousands and thousands of these people truly believed at that time and far too many still do, that they who once looked upon the financially wealthy icons in this world wishing for to be just like them, would now become the icons themselves.

The GOLD rush was on! These are the people who clung to NESARA out of desperation for a better life and fear of not having enough. These are NOT good reasons. It is true there were some humanitarians who donated monies into the non-existent NESARA accounts with the intent of helping others. Not many, but a few. Not a day passes that we do not hear of others’ impatience with awaiting the distribution of these monies. We sincerely hope they are not holding their breaths. It IS true that as the all encompassing forces of NESARA continue to expand, this entire world will reap the benefits. BUT NO, you will not become an instant millionaire! Look beyond all the illusions that people have been believing about NESARA. Look to see the beauty of this great venue, NESARA defines freedom in a non-monetary manner, not as any monetary definition, rather as the ability to live with no fear of being monetarily deprived by unjust legal dictums that tell you what you are entitled to and what you are not, while they are at the same moment financially raping the people.

What we are talking about here is "fairness" in the allocation of the Earths resources, a world working as a single race of beings for the betterment of all mankind. NO ONE MAN OR WOMAN, NO ONE RACE OR COUNTRY is undergoing any special selection process; NESARA is a continuation of the true Second Coming. This is but mass consciousness in action! We know that no one should suffer at the expense of another. We know that health care should be available for all who need or desire it. "Alternative healthcare" will soon become a thing of the past, it will become an integral part of everyday life as it was meant to be. With the removal of all lower based thought forms will come a healthier society, both physically and Spiritually. If you believe that NESARA is to repair the damage done by decades upon decades of abuse and deceptiveness, you are right, will it all happen at once, in the blink of an eye everything will be different, then think again. Personal responsibility and accountability should be foremost in your minds if you wish to make the changes necessary to live a fuller, brighter more vibrant life. When all differences, biases and other forms of one upped-ness are no longer present in any format, all will come forth to help those in need. No longer will there need to be a national emergency or natural disaster that needs to occur in order to bring out the best in us.

NESARA is not the cure-all that it has been touted as being, it is the whole sum completion of a unified world, working together as "One World-One People." Nothing and no-thing else will do. NESARA was to bring out the best in people, to those who jumped on the bandwagon ahead of schedule and had ulterior motives, we feel pity for you, those who were sharing a few parts of what NESARA is, were not giving you the whole story for several reasons. A Divine Gift such as this is meant to be shared with all, not the very few, not the privileged, not the ones who signed up first. How preposterous. God and The Creator love all equally without bias. If you want the changes, be the changes. if you want a better world, then start with yourself. Look deep inside yourself and do a complete inventory and risk assessment. Until your own home is in order, how can you expect the world to come to grips with itself? When each person saves their own world, there will be no world that needs to be saved. Each person IS a world. We reiterate, we are all part of the whole.

It is time to stop waiting for "First Contact" to be made, it like NESARA already has occurred. It is time to stop waiting for the "Second Coming" it already is. It is time to stop waiting for the "Ships" to come save and evacuate you, it is not going to happen. You are responsible for your destinies, assistance is always available, yet it is you who chose to "Walk the Walk." It was you who so whole-heartedly volunteered to be here now, in this time, bearing witness to the "Greatest Show On Earth." This is the long awaited climax to the dark ages we have all been living in. NOW IS THE TIME to shine brightly as the true beings of light you are; you each on an individual basis make the difference, so be the difference. Teach others what you have learned, listen to them when they have something to say. Work together to continue to Create a New World. Protest (PEACEFULLY) when it is called for. Violence and anger are not a part of this and will most assuredly defeat the purpose. From all aspects of the Creator to all aspects of the Creation, All is One, All for One, God will be as One.

We are well aware that Candice Frieze is claiming that she is in contact with a High Source, one that has assured her that a SHIP will land here and take her aboard as the first person to embark upon the SHIP, with her news camera person behind her of course. This same source has convinced her that she is in charge of the NESARA program and that it will happen ANY DAY NOW! She suffers from mass delusions and extreme ego and is unwilling to check the authenticity of her sources. She has convinced people who are only to willing to be convinced, of a physical Second Coming as well. Candice cannot abide knowing that it is a very ancient, very dark force that speaks to her; she cannot allow herself to know the truth of NESARA. She cannot handle the ridicule that will be hurled upon her when others realize there will never be a physical Second Coming and that NESARA is already HERE and NOW. It is alarming how much confusion instead of "co-fusion" is occurring among good-hearted people who listen to her and are now finally beginning to realize that instead of truth, they are receiving dangerous and lying rhetoric.

Another person who is a victim to mind control is known as "Dove." At one time, she was in fact a very clear, very discerning channel for information from Hatonn and others. That was then, this is now. We expected better of Dove than for her to fall prey to the same dark energies she once combated. It has been at least 2 years since Dove’s information bore any semblance to truth. Candice, just as many others, have little understanding of non-linear time, of the NOW moment that is in one manner spontaneous yet constant and ALWAYS in the PRESENT. NESARA is today, it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, regardless of whether you believe it or not, it has happened anyway.

As politicians continue to fall, as the positions of presidents and other dictators are now beginning to undergo the change to new improved political leaders, not merely figureheads, those truly Of the people and FOR the people, the vast wall of dominoes that slowly began to sway years ago shall continue its momentum. Take heart people! NESARA is here to stay! It is not what you thought it was, it is more than you think it is.

Have you hugged NESARA today? Please give yourself a BIG one!

There, now we have said something.
Written by Celest and David

Message to us from Hatonn,

Message received January 14, 2006 by Suzy Ward

"Greetings to you, Celest and David. This is Hatonn, with great thanks for publicizing the truth of NESARA! This is vitally needed to correct the misinformation, disinformation and misperceptions of this consciousness-raising, spiritual-awakening and worldly-reforms program designed by highly evolved souls on and off-planet. By her choice, Earth is on target for reaching this evolutionary stage — this is assured and, in the timeless continuum, successfully accomplished.

"Earth would love to have all of her individual souls make this joyous journey with her, and to this end we are making every effort to reach all who are still slumbering unaware. Belief is what creates one’s reality, and without truthful information about NESARA, they have no reason to believe that in your linear time, the intentions are being achieved and in the continuum, success has been manifested. I am not saying that without this knowledge, the slumbering souls will be "lost." They won’t be, but they will leave this evolutionary pathway and repeat third density experiencing in a world that offers another opportunity to awaken and "see the light." We cannot interfere with their choices, nor do we wish to, but it is our mission to offer the awareness that they HAVE a choice, and only through availability of truthful information can they know that they do.

God speed your effort to provide this enLIGHTenment!"

*** Your Responses ***

Hi David and Celest,

Just read your rave on Nesara. It is the clearest, most concise and direct communication of the obvious truth of the matter that has come to my attention.

I was the original director of the New Australia and New Zealand NTAT, appointed by Bob Tower, whom I hold in high regard.

Dove and I had several phone conversations and she became suspicious that I was not in total harmony with her viewpoint, and I realized that Dove would brook no questioning of her viewpoint. She said she could not work with someone that thought she was a liar. I tried to assure her that I did not question her sincerity, just the frequency of her viewpoint.

I told people from the beginning of my directorship that Nesara was not something from "outside" that was going to provide a third density solution to their third density economic problems. It is rather an opportunity to focus on co-creating a reality you prefer by holding a higher, more expansive vision, deciding how you choose things to be, play a bigger game than is being played, create a new world.

I’m in close communication with the current directors, and am gently sharing this viewpoint with them – I think they are beginning to see the light.

Again, congratulations and well done!

Best Regards,

Finally, someone has put this into words.

All the expectation about NESARA, and how it will deliver us from our responsibility for what we have created. The Spirit of NESARA is Truth. We must face it, and deliver ourselves to Peace and Freedom.

I am no one, but knew this from my Being. I have been inching my way ‘down the ladder’ for fifteen years. I am so pleased to not be in want, want, want all the time. Good food, most of which I grow, clean water, no debts, time to look at websites such as this one, a context of appreciation and love for all (including that which makes up the structure of my material things), and learning the art of ‘being-ness’ and bring it into the ‘doing’ of life. Is that not what the Path is?

Thanks so much,

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