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  • NESARA and The Golden NOW

    "NESARA and The Golden NOW" "Matthew and Celestials Quantum Thoughts about NESARA" "December 5th, 2006" S: Matthew dear, hello! MATTHEW: And my greetings to you, dear soul! Now that all the lively and loving family visits have come to an end and before preparations for your weekend visitor, we shall return to our usual format […]

  • NESARA The Eclectic Program

    We wrote this article New Years Eve and New Years Day, 2006 We stand by what we have written. NESARA "The Eclectic Program" We have awaited the correct "timeline" to write about this issue. We consider it to be an extremely important one. We feel saddened and at times we have become angry about the […]

  • New Years Eve message from Hatonn on NESARA

    "New Years Eve 2006 message from Hatonn on NESARA" December 31, 2005 HATONN: I bid you "Good evening," Suzy, with thanks for receiving me in these last hours of your year 2005. I ask that you send out my message with the next one from Matthew. This is Hatonn speaking in my capacity as director […]