NESARA and The Golden NOW

"NESARA and The Golden NOW"

"Matthew and Celestials Quantum Thoughts about NESARA"

"December 5th, 2006"

S: Matthew dear, hello!

MATTHEW: And my greetings to you, dear soul! Now that all the lively and loving family visits have come to an end and before preparations for your weekend visitor, we shall return to our usual format that includes readers’ questions. Well, not completely "our usual," as I invited another soul to contribute to this message. Despite my many attempts to explain the truth about NESARA, still you are receiving requests for me to say when it will be announced, when the prosperity funds will be delivered, when credit card debts will be wiped out, when the US monetary system will start using NESARA currency, how equity will be given to hardworking individuals who struggle to make ends meet, why billions of dollars have to be invested before the program can be implemented.

NONE of that is NESARA! Even more than by justifiable skepticism, NESARA has been relentlessly besieged by intentionally false information, misleading information, and widespread misunderstanding. It is infinitely more than is thought by most who believe in it, and correctly understanding this joint endeavor between light workers on and off-planet is vital for every soul residing there! NESARA is nothing less than ALL the changes that have been underway for more than six decades as the light has been exposing the ages of hidden darkness so Earth can be healed and restored to her Eden self. You chose to embody there now to participate in this unprecedented process—the physical and spiritual ascension of your homeland planet and your SELVES! This is why it is essential that you consciously know what you know at soul level: What is transpiring is not to further the materialistic third density—it is soul evolution into the fifth density!

Although I have addressed this in numerous messages, twice Hatonn’s clarifying messages went out with mine, and those as well as my explicit explanation [August 7, 2003] were added to the site ( as "Special NESARA Edition" a few months ago, the questioning has not abated. I simply do not know how to describe more clearly than those efforts the full significance of this massive global reformation and spiritual renewal undertaking or how to dispel the misconceptions still abounding.

That is why I asked a highly evolved soul who went to Earth from the Pleiades specifically to assist in creating the true NESARA, and whom I respect without measure, to write about it from her personal experience and knowledge and wisdom of the ancients. Mother, please insert Celestial Blue Star’s perspective.

The Golden Now

For millennia, people of this Earth Star planet have watched and waited for signs to appear to inform them of coming events, especially those that had long ago been prophesized. The God of this Universe and the Creator in Their Infinite Wisdom have always sent the signs needed/wanted to inform the Truth Seekers of the true realities taking place in front of humanity and for humanity.

Throughout the history of this planet, men and women have awaited a specific "timeline," one that would forever define Earth as a world bearing the "Mark of God." I can tell you that "timeline" has arrived. What I have borne witness to is the astonishing touch of the Infinite Force of Creation.

It is difficult for me to find words in the human language to aptly describe the experience that I had and that continues for me. I shall do my best with this limiting format. On October 12th I was awakened from sleep, and while conscious of a feeling of supreme bliss for reasons I did not yet understand, I was immediately taken outside of our home and told to look at the sky. I stood on air several feet above the ground. We live deep in the mountains, so normally I would have seen the mountains reaching upwards as well as the brilliant sun. That did not happen. All I saw was an endless sky—no sun, mountains or anything else.

The sky was an incredibly brilliant, intense vibrant array of various shades of gold. The light from the shining gold was an astonishing brightness, the likes of which I had not seen on this planet before. There was no beginning to the sky and there was no end. It was Infinite. Yet my entire being vibrated with the most compelling sense of love without conditions imposed; of happiness so penetrating, so passionate and all encompassing that tears of unlimited joy filled my eyes. I felt the golden rays touch me and I could feel the energetic force of the golden sky integrate with me in a great feeling of completion.

Then there was the not-of-this-world silence; it was an all pervading absence of sound, yet the silence was deafening. It was not a suppression of sound; rather it had integrated with the golden sky in a definitive Sacred Union. I do not know how long I remained there, I can only tell you that I still can see the golden sky and hear the macrocosmic sound of the NOW. Each and every day, I can look at the sky and see the "golden now" superimposed over the Earth’s sky.

Take heed, the "timeline" so many have awaited is here and now! I know I witnessed what we have been speaking about for many months: I was watching the true NESARA. As I have stated before, "NESARA is the "Golden Age," NESARA is here and NOW.

All that you have longed for is available to you. Do not mistake the true NESARA with the deliberately designed lies about untold monetary wealth. It will be those people who follow the trail of the "great lie" that shall not be part of the Golden Age. "NESARA the GOLDEN AGE" was never intended to be a monetary event. It is about Infinity on Earth and each person’s earned place in this wondrous new "time." It is being God in physical form.

People who are the "NESARA-KNOTS" are those whose motivation is the amassing of great wealth by corrupting the true reality of NESARA. They shall soon find they will have to confront themselves; this is the harshest reality of all. They will not be able to continue to hide from the Golden Now.

Those individuals who have been believing these people would do well to use discretion and learn what God is and is not. My earnest wish for each individual is that you find yourself. Allow nothing and no-thing to prostitute you. Do not be deterred from opening to Truth. As for the great and continuous expansion of the Golden Now…it’s from your Godself to God.

Celestial Blue Star


Thank you, Mother, and thank you, Celest! Now, Mother, if you will please, copy the last part of Hatonn’s second message [December 31, 2005]. It is not that Celest’s unique experience calls for any substantiation whatsoever, but to show that nearly one calendar year prior to her sharing this with readers, Hatonn gave the same assurance of NESARA’s fruition NOW.


[Hatonn:] The concept and intent of NESARA is to help you create that world on Earth. You do not have to know of this Act or, if you do, you don’t have to believe in its actuality—wanting the same intentions that it embodies is what counts. IT ALREADY HAS COUNTED! You are reading this in the early days of your year 2006, when wars, suffering, tyranny, corruption and the like can be seen wherever you look. But in this very same instant in the continuum, where everything is NOW, Earth is peaceful and beautiful and all of that negativity is gone. She has reached her chosen destination where low-vibration manifestations don’t exist. The world of your vision, the "future" world you are helping to create right now, already IS!


Thank you again, Mother. It is immensely heartening that greater numbers of readers are asking for guidance in soul-searching. Spiritual preparation for this time at hand and the Golden NOW is of paramount importance to everyone there, and it is a joy to us that many are becoming as interested in this as in mundane matters. "How can we know what to believe?" is not only a common question from readers, it is stirring in more and more minds globally, and because the topic is pertinent at this point, I shall speak about it first. Choose your information sources carefully and be discerning about ALL that you hear or read. As I have cautioned in prior messages, this includes channeled information, and with relevance to NESARA, I would say that any that mentions its "announcement" or "investments" requires keen discernment.

Although discernment is your birthright, often usage facility and especially trust need to be developed, and that comes with practice. To repeat what I have offered before, when you are in doubt about the authenticity of any information, ask your godself—your inner voice, your higher self, your soul—wherein all truth lies. The answer comes as an immediate sensation, or intuition, in the form of ease of acceptance (truthful) or resistance (untruthful). However, frequently the reply is lost because, instead of allowing yourself to feel the reply, you let your mind start analyzing, and the result is confusion and doubt. Intuition—like conscience, instinct, radiant goodness, inspiration, aspiration, honor and courage—comes automatically, and it is from your soul, not your mind. As Celest and Hatonn stated, Earth’s Golden Age IS! It is the journey of individual souls that still is at stake. The enlightenment, guidance and encouragement that I and others at high stations offer is meant to assist you along your respective life pathways, and motivating you to consciously communicate with your soul is part of this.

To all who are asking what you can do to help the light vanquish the darkness, I say, BE the soul you ARE. How can you know what that is without knowing what is in your soul contract? Almost no one knows his or her contract’s provisions, and you don’t need to because you can fulfill your primary missions by trusting and heeding your soul’s messages that I just mentioned. By recognizing these "sign posts" along your pathway, you make the conscious choices that are progressive steps in BEing what your soul chose this time around.

It is helpful—make that necessary—to understand that your contract may not call for dramatic action, profound changes, or renowned accomplishments. Yes, some will sense the need to end relationships, leave current employment or relocate, and some will emerge as the light-filled souls who are prepared to step in and replace darkly-influenced leaders. But far more frequently the differences are quietly made within each of you. This is the time of Earth’s achieving the balance she needs for ascending into progressively higher vibrations, and all of you who chose to be there now to assist her—and were selected, because not all souls who wished to participate were equal to the task—are doing so by balancing your multiple lifetimes’ experiencing, and the collective balancing is propelling Earth’s own process. As examples of how you are aiding her—and yourself!—perhaps it is by learning to see others’ perspectives instead of leveling criticism, or forgiving instead of harboring resentment, or giving from the heart instead of for social recognition. Emanating love energy, which is the same as sending forth light, is a vital individual endeavor, and it has immeasurably more positive effects than the energy generated by spreading concerns about "But IF that happens, then what?" Certainly overcoming fear is a private effort and one of the most essential lessons in many soul contracts, as is learning to trust and follow your soul’s messages, which brings contentment and a peacefulness that ripples into the lives of all whom you touch. Never underestimate the power of your contributions in these respects!

Now then, are dreams communications from the soul? They may be, but the interpretation of what largely are symbolic messages is important, and I suggest asking your soul if you are correctly interpreting what you remember of the dream. Also, what are considered dreams may be fragments of memories of actual experiencing in other realms in the continuum, commonly considered past and future lives. For the most part, nightmares are irrational fears, or phobias, being reflected and deflected in mysterious ways to help you overcome patterning that once may have served you well, but no longer does; then again, simple indigestion may be responsible for a "bad" dream. And some people don’t remember anything of their dreams, so all in all, I would say that this is not the most reliable means of soul-to-consciousness communication.

How I welcome your questions about animals! Knowing about their importance on Earth—remember, everything in existence on the planet is there for your conscious awareness and soul evolution—and respecting their lives is a crucial part of this. Just as you, animals are souls; each is a part of Source, and not only those few species that you think of as pets and may love as family. And love is the key—animals know how and help show you how to love without conditions or limitations, and their loyalty also is without qualification. Their spectrum of emotions and characteristics closely matches humans’, but without those acquired traits such as tact, deceit, slyness, bitterness and cruelty. The intelligence of the higher orders also is very close to yours, and in some ways their awareness is superior. Animals are more energy sensitive than the vast majority of humankind and one or more of their "five senses" is keener; they are multidimensional—that is, they know that they can go back and forth between the physical and spirit worlds and that there is no such thing as "death"; they can communicate telepathically, and they see and often frolic with the myriad Devic kingdom souls, about whom most people know little or nothing. Like humans, animals evolve into higher life forms, and species-wide, the cetacean family of whales and dolphins, both intellectually and spiritually, are the most highly evolved souls on the planet. Some animals, particularly those with close human contact, are aspects of human souls that chose to experience in that form; usually this is to enhance the bonding spirit between all animals and the person.

In ages past, all animals now called wild and those called domesticated lived together peaceably. It was the darkness that created the predator and prey groupings, and there are instances where some animals’ innate knowingness that the darkness is leaving is reestablishing their ancient cross-species friendship. To the reader who asked if animals ever want assistance in their transition journey: YES! This is the merciful honoring of their desire to leave their suffering bodies and move forward in their soul evolution. The animals who agreed to be grown for food are equally in your care, and part of your demonstrated enlightenment is ending their traumatic living and dying circumstances. No animals agreed to be taken from their families and caged in zoos or forced to perform circus tricks to amuse human crowds, and all who are saddened by their plight can take heart in knowing that this, too, will change as the light continues intensifying.

Mother, I feel your concern that "space is running out" and I haven’t addressed the many questions about world events, which we do understand are of great significance to you as tangible milestones in the light’s progress. To step back just a bit, last year was pivotal in loosening the deepest roots of the darkness; your year that is ending has been a time of exposing those roots; and 2007 will bring about the changes that the exposure set in motion.

By now, "news watchers" who "follow the dots" can see that this has been happening and rightly expect it to continue. As the light has brought developments into wider public view, even news gatherers and reporters are putting increasing pressure on main steam media to relate happenings accurately. That influence and philosophies are changing is especially obvious in the United States, despite the election aftermath where the "system" showed its true colors—the majority in both major parties follows the Illuminati agenda—and much more is fomenting. You will see that recently elected leaders whom some have labeled "leftists" came in because of the higher energies prevailing, and others labeled "rightists" will be eased or forced out—this also is on the way but more slowly where despotic regimes still hold sway. In summary, justness and wisdom is coming to governments globally because the light is reaching the populace who fervently desire this and thus are manifesting it, and ones in leadership positions from communities upward to nations will respond because of their own increased light or they will be replaced by lighted souls. In like manner, all unjust laws, policies and practices at all levels will be replaced with fairness regulating governing.

As I looked over my mother’s list while she was compiling it, I saw that many topics were covered previously—perhaps not as the specific person, legislation, location or situation asked about, but within the overall progress of the light, and that is what I shall do once again because you are asking for this information. Being truthfully informed is good, so I do not advocate refraining from Internet, radio, television and print information about world happenings, but please do not become emotionally immersed; feel grateful for positive reports and compassion for all who are enduring any kind of oppression, and most especially, send light to ALL of Earth. No, it is not necessary to study spiritual or metaphysical material to advance spiritually; everything you want to learn is already known by your soul. Please end your fears about potential geophysical events and remember that these are evidence that Earth is releasing remaining negativity so she can maintain her ascension apace—if you have fulfilled your soul contract, you will move forward to your next evolutionary phase regardless of how safe your surroundings; if you still have major missions to accomplish, you will survive when many around you do not. US President Bush is not solely responsible for the violence in the Mideast, he is following orders that he agrees are right; rather than focusing on due punishment for him and his controllers and others of like mind, please send them light and focus on men and women with wisdom and leadership capabilities in those same high positions. By Creator’s decree, there will be NO nuclear war. Our space family surrounding your homeland planet and assisting with light beaming and technology will not land en masse until they are assured of safety for everyone, and that moment is not at hand. Renewable energy developments that have been suppressed will emerge and ET technology will be introduced to help restore Earth’s health and overall well being in an astoundingly short time, and what is perceived as "global warming" is her own natural part of that restoration.

All of that said, albeit it in a rat-a-tat-tat form I’m not comfortable with, I am moved to request again that before sending questions, you please read previous messages ["Matthew’s Messages" on] and if possible, the books. Not only are you likely to find greatly more comprehensive explanations of the subjects of your interest, but also I spoke about my limitations insofar as my ability to reply knowledgably and I gave guidelines for questions [August 13, 2006]. While my purpose in doing so may seem self-serving or only on behalf of my mother’s email response workload, it is not [NOTE from Suzy: I just reached October 1 in my inbox.] All of us at this station want to inspire you to realize that many matters that preoccupy you have such minor significance at this stage of the game that they do not deserve the energy you are giving them, and to stop relying on external sources for the answers that are within you. These are integral aspects of advancing spiritually, and spiritual growth is why you are where you are now.

"Now" is approaching the Christmas season, and we see—we feel— the heightening emotions. There is the happy anticipation of visits with family and friends, and children’s exuberance as they help choose a tree and decorate their homes. There is the excitement of participating in church pageants or civic groups’ parties, the spectacle of the outdoor lights in neighborhoods and communities, the pleasure in finding the perfect present for a loved one; and certainly the music is uplifting, some even wondrous in its beauty. Organizations and individuals are preparing merriment and gifts for the poor, and bakers at home or in shops are adding enticing aromas to everything else that heralds the imminent Christmastime. All of this carries joy-filled energy streamers, and by no means do we wish to dim those by relating what else we see.

It is more than the birth of Jesus, whom his parents named Emmanuel, being so falsely depicted by the nativity scene; although we will rejoice when the truth of his heritage and long life is revealed, it is that other emotions shooting out to the universe are vastly different from joy. The non-Christian world, particularly in the Mideast, wonders how the Christian world can celebrate so festively and generously with each other while endorsing war and knowing that billions of their fellow humankind are deprived of even subsistence living: Hypocrisy, apathy and lavish spending to "show love" are not the teachings of the Christed soul whose birth is commemorated on Christmas day. People in war zones are living in fear, and there is anguish in families whose members are in combat, prisons, distant hospitals, or their whereabouts are unknown. Parents who cannot meet basic expenses are feeling more desperate because of their children’s disappointment that there cannot be presents for them, and the numbers of homeless in the midst of others’ wealth are growing. Holidays are especially nostalgic times, and for those whose beloved people have passed on, fresh or lingering grief is compounded by the flurry of exhilaration around them. Thus this season is one of highly mixed emotions, and Earth pauses to absorb them all.

We want you to be joy-filled always, not only in times of celebration! That is why our prayer for your world is that thankfulness for the abundant blessings of the universe and love and respect for all life everywhere will accompany your enjoyment of traditional celebrations. Hold in your hearts our eternal inseparable closeness in LOVE, the essence and the power of the Oneness.


Suzy Ward