The Guide to Ascension; Part one

Arcturian Perspectives

The Guide to Ascension; Part one

Ascension is a steady process, one that requires perseverance and dedication.

Ascending simply put is one’s ability to raise the level of consciousness in a person or a planet. Ascension is necessary for each individual Soul to raise their vibration and break free from the bonds that them. It has been and always will be the driving force behind Creation.

The Creation exists because of the hard work individuals do to better themselves and all that surrounds them. Each individual Soul is at their own level of development, no two are the same and that is what makes you all so unique. Unique is the desire to be different. If everything were the same, what challenge would there be? It is for this that reason all who walk upon the earth should strive to better themselves while at the same time refraining from competing with one another. It is not a competition.

Through accrual of knowledge comes wisdom. With wisdom comes understanding. With understanding comes change. From change comes evolvement. Simple, you see.

One particular aspect of ascension is a process known as "commitment." Without commitment to your convictions you have not learned the lesson and there fore it must be repeated. This is why you find yourself tested, tested in certain areas that have been known to give you trouble in the past. You will be tested and re-tested until you have learned from all the experience has to offer. It again requires dedication and commitment to stand true to your convictions. Your convictions are the mere principals that you portray, It is easy to talk the talk, and it is walking the walk while talking the talk that puts one to the test.

Each of you wishes to be infallible, I’m sorry, you are not. You are in human form living in a three dimensional atmosphere and it is to be expected. Do not beat yourself up, do not curse yourself or others when you disappoint yourself. Learn from what you have experienced and grow from it. At the same time choosing not to repeat the experience over and over again. There is nothing harder or tougher than growing pains. Coming into your own is a monumental step, It is standing by your conviction without doubt or fears of reprisal.

The multitudes of people on this planet who are going through exactly what you are, is immense. In fact the only ones who aren’t have long ago given up. Their drive for personal evolvement is as a snail crossing the road. Eventually they will reach their personal destination, unless of course they de along the way from utter stupidity. Each one of you on this planet, with the exception of a few, has the abilities to create and manifest your own destinies. Be masters of all you perceive. This is manifestation at its finest, creating a world that is profoundly "Heaven on Earth." Just as it "used" to be.

There are no two of you alike, teach others, work with each other, grow from the sharing, from the teachings. Please to remember, we are all students and we are all teachers. Be part of the greater whole, for from that comes the desire for change. Positive change when applied properly is unstoppable. It would be as a snowball rolling down hill and turning into an avalanche. Nothing could stand in your way. Many of you out there keep asking the question, how can I, as an individual change anything, the powers that be are united, how can I make a difference, I am only one. Do you remember the day you threw a pebble into that crystal smooth mountain lake? The ripples that ensued carried on forever and were they not completely unstoppable. Same thing, It will not be the masses that will change this planet from it destructive course. It will be you and I.

For those of you who feel you cannot do it on your own, remember what has been said, many, many times before and bears repeating again.

"When two or more are gathered in My Name."

There is strength in numbers. Yet only a few shall make the biggest changes by creating a domino effect. Change, evolvement, ascension, are all-inevitable. It will happen with or without you. Learn to bend like a reed in the wind and nothing will stand between you and your destiny, Your final journey home to Source, the Creator. He/She has been awaiting and expecting your arrival, watching ever patiently, the many detours you have taken along the way. Knowing at the same time, that when you were done, when you had experienced all you cared to from your travels, that you, as your Soul, would return home to the very same place from whence you started your journey.

The assimilation of all you have learned along the way would be added to the knowledge, wisdom, the beauty and the wonders of all that is.

Journey well
Received through David