Constant Change

"Constant Change"

Here we are swiftly soaring smack dab into the year 2008. We are growing beyond the confines of the shallow, unwavering thinking that was so prevalent in years past. Time is completely evaporating which is giving the illusion of it speeding up. How many of you have noticed that even your fingernails are growing much more rapidly than before? The stars in the night skies have moved around so much it is hard to keep track of who or what was where, and what used to be. This most certainly has many astronomers very confused. Global warming is a hot topic, finding solutions to pollution problems and finding alternative forms of energy is very important, so I do encourage people to continue on with that cause, but please understand that all of this (global warming) is change that is most needed and a natural occurrence. Areas that are cold will continue to get colder and visa versa until such time as this entire planet becomes habitable as it once was. So, the world did not come to an end while we were busy writing God’s book over the last few months, nor will it. We see that many of you took the opportunity to refresh yourselves with many of our messages that you have read in times past. As it always has been, your futures, our futures, are not written in stone. Change is the one thing that is always Constant. Love is still the most powerful energy in the Universe.

Being flexible in the current times is a must for all who wish to bend with the wind instead of fighting the winds of change. Going within your mind and your heart to find the answers to all your questions is and has always been the best course of action. The wave of The Christ Consciousness is sweeping across this planet and not one living organism can escape its loving embrace, or its cleansing touch. To flow with the tides as this wave encapsulates all in its path is to honor yourselves for a job well done and a life, if not previously lived well enough, a life that is now being well lived. The unpredictable weather patterns are most definitely part of this wave which is uncovering the pockets of negativity that have concealed themselves all too well, for far too long. One way or another all these hide-e-spots will be exposed and their energies transmuted in the days and months to come.

All that one requires to make their lives better, richer and more fulfilling is at their fingertips; it is a mere thought away. With the last message I posted here I gave each of you clues and tips on how to sever your ties to the past so that you would at last be free of those umbilical cords that were holding you back from beingyour destiny. Baggage comes in many forms, what you choose to hold onto is your choice, as it always has been. Closet fantasies, what goes on behind closed doors, may not be common knowledge to your neighbors and friends, however I remind you that your Higher Self and those who watch over you know of these pet peeves as well as do you, so perhaps it is time to stop fooling yourself and get on with your life as you intended it to be. The other day I did a quick review of the mountain of information and teachings that are collected within our three websites and have come to the conclusion that most everything a person needs to free themselves from self-permitted bondage can be accessed here. The tools each of us needs, the KEYS to the future, lie within the grasp of those who are willing to go the extra mile to search them out. The KEY is to then put what you have learned into practice in every aspect of your lives. Then you can share this knowledge with others. I, we, have told you before, no one else can do it for you, and that has not changed. What has changed is that people are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings; they are taking a stand against all that is simply not right and refusing to be held captive on a planet that they currently call HOME.

I cannot tell you what your personal destinies hold in store for you, that information is yours and yours alone to unravel. What I can tell you is that by going within, monitoring the information that your Soul Voice sends to you in the form of visions, gut feelings (intuition), your nighttime dream states, (where you are most certainly watching part of The Movie), watching for signs to present themselves and heeding those urges and nudges that seem to come from nowhere in particular, you will find your purpose for be-ing. We, you and I, and the rest of humanity, have chosen a very interesting, a completely chaotic time for incarnating here on Earth. We are here to expand upon our personal knowledge, to bear witness to events as they unfold, as well as to be of assistance to this Soul, this sphere we call Earth. There is no better way to do this than to share your Love and to help others and acknowledge that we are all ONE, that we are here and now, the human race. These current times are a culmination of all our previous life incarnations going as far back as Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, and for some of us, much farther. It is also a time of great prophesized cleansing; it is the timeline we have all long awaited, remember? It is indeed the time of The Golden Now, the Golden Age, if you will. This is in Universal context, the greatest show on Earth.

We have all incarnated time and time again here on this Orb to try to better understand ourselves, to challenge ourselves, to better ourselves and to bring Light and Love and some form of sanity to areas where there was none to be found. We have all been the other person, worn the other shoe so to speak, so judge no one for their roles in this, their present life experience. Now is the time to use all those experiences which show that we have risen to the challenge, all that we have triumphed over and sometimes all that we have failed at and most certainly learned from so long, to bring completion to a cycle that has at long last outrun its course. That cycle which is the denseness that we have all allowed and contributed to, no matter how innocently or naively, to envelope this world, God’s planet.

God’s planet and all Her inhabitants have long suffered from our lack of convictions, time and time again offering to us ample opportunities to make the necessary changes that were so desperately needed in not only our personal lives, but the changes that were so desperately needed to bring harmony, peace and balance to this wondrous planet once again. Our future, our destinies, our right to be, has been controlled by the few for far too long and it is time to reclaim that which has been our birthright. Like it or not, to them we were nothing more than a commodity and a very expendable one at that. They (the Illuminati and their cohorts) have been able to do this only because we have let them. Simply put, that fear element that they introduced long ago (which is not natural) enticed us not to rock the boat and demand better in our lives. We as a population became complacent, what many term as "sheep." I say "we" because all of us have at some time or another been under the thumbs of those beings that desired to claim Earth and all Her treasures, which includes us, as their own to do with as they will.

To give over one’s personal power to another is a desperate act, one of self preservation. Search within your hearts and you will see that this is the ultimate sacrifice. Once you accept death as a part of life, then you will better understand that there is no ending when your physical vehicle wears out, this is but another new beginning. What most do not completely comprehend is that they have allowed themselves to be expendable, at best a commodity to be bartered with, and no, not everything has a price. There is no price one can put on freedom, on Love, on another’s well-being. The human race has been conditioned to accept anything if it is force fed to them long enough. These times are at an end, those brothers and sisters of each of ours who live in other countries, who may have a different accent than ours, perhaps a different color of skin, and God forbid a different belief system than you or I do, are every bit as much a part of the human race as is any other Soul and deserve to be treated equally. Take a look below the skin and see the Light that emanates from within them and you will see yourself, a different aspect of yourself no doubt; still they are you as you are them. We are all Created by the same God, no matter what name each of us chooses to call Him/Her.

The dark tentacles are currently lashing out in sheer desperation; evidence of this is all around you. They are fighting for their survival just as each of us is. Their biggest fear is the Light, that spark of awareness of All That Is which resides inside each of us, no matter how brightly it shines. They feel that they cannot survive in the Light and will be destroyed by it. This is far from the truth, the Light will free them from the self-imposed bonds that have kept their energies, their life force, in the basest of forms and it will allow them the freedom to expand and to grow Spiritually. A tiny pinprick of Light can illuminate even the darkest regions, so please, do not ever let yourself believe that you yourself cannot make a difference. Simple awareness of this is lighting up this planet, let your Beacon of Light shine with Love.

There are world financial concerns that are affecting each and every one of us. People are starving in a world that abounds with abundance. The weather is certainly anything but boring, actors and actresses are acting out in ways that only they can remedy. In short the energies (The Wave) that is sweeping this planet is making the good get better and the bad get worse. It is amplifying the characteristics of both; ergo the need to remain in balance at all times. This will continue until all negativity, no matter the form or origin, is cleansed and its energies transmuted. There is still time to make the necessary changes in your life and your beliefs, but frankly, there is not much time.

All around us is evidence of these changes in action; the news is full of them, many people are acting out in confusion and living out acts of desperation because they do not know where to look for the answers to what is affecting them physically, emotionally and Spiritually. It is each of our obligations, our agreed-to missions, to teach those that are ready to hear the truth, to help them free themselves. We cannot do it for them; this is once again, where personal responsibility comes into play. A wise one once said, "teach them how to fish, do not give them fish." Do not become ensnared in others dramas, be compassionate about what they are having to endure, but do understand that much of what is transpiring, they agreed to in order to bring more awareness to the problems that have long plagued this planet and Her human populations.

This year, so far beyond the dreaded Y2K, is a timeline, an energetic force that shall separate the wheat from the chaff. Truths about the origins of religions and all other forms of control shall become public knowledge. Those that do not know that the "true test of a human being is how they handle power," will be tested mightily on this subject.

I shall leave you with a few more tidbits to help alleviate the impacts of these unprecedented times we are all living in. Most of you have heard about sending Light and Love out to those in need and/or to help defuse an ugly situation. Now is the time to expand upon this concept. As we and others have told you, "what you think you Create and bring into manifestation." Take what you know about Love and Light, and if you don’t just visualize it, and expand that unto infinity throughout eternity, allow it to grow exponentially and omni-directionally and infuse it with your own Light of All Lights. Some other simple exercises would be to send The White Light through all forms of communication. When using the telephone, before picking up the handset, send The White Light through the lines. Before getting on your computer etc. do the same thing. Use your imagination; God gifted you with a great one. When going to a meeting or before going to town to do your shopping, before going to another’s home for dinner or out to a restaurant, before you go to the doctor or dentist’s office, send The Light to clear the way for you and send it directly to and around all who may be in one way or another involved in your life that day. Clear your path before you ever leave your sacred space. Keep your intent pure, remember you are not allowed to interfere in another’s free will choice, they however on the same hand are not allowed to interfere in yours as well, so do not allow them to. Keep yourself surrounded in this White Light at all times; surround your vehicle with the Light for both your safety and your vehicle’s.

All of these seemingly insignificant little things help to clear away any obstructions or blatant invasions to your well-being. In my last message I taught you about finding and using your personal energetic "Swords." Use these in much the same way and by all means, use both at the same time. And please remember, in these current times of NOW, cross all the t’s, dot all the i’s, double check everything that still has to do with the old third-dimensional way of thinking/being. Do not take anything for granted, double check everything and you will have yourself to thank for it later. Stop restricting yourselves by thinking singularly, think plural, and think exponentially and infinitely. While you are at it, when you are finished thinking, start doing. Start visualizing the world as you would have it for everyone and send those thoughts out. All we do, all you do, is for the betterment of humanity and all the future generations to come, so "Let it Be with Love."

I encourage you to take the time to do nothing; to exist in the moment, not for the moment. When the leaves are falling from a tree, see if you can stop them in mid-flight with your mind’s eye by slowing down time. When you can, you will know that you are there. Stop thinking of yourself as a caterpillar and visualize yourself as the effervescing butterfly you are destined to be.

I Am that I Am,
I Am David