Conversations with Self

" Conversations with Self "


Be more appreciative of that which you "Do," for without self-praise you will not move forward. You may liken this to a moth and a butterfly, the butterfly chooses to spread its wings and show off in all its glory the beauty and the essence of what it is. The moth is content to arise during the night hours and attracts itself to the light source that is not its own. Do you see?


Be mindful that all that you do, all that you see and all that you think, has an action and a reaction. There will never be a time when this is not so. So be wary of the effects it Creates. The un-doing of the event is much more complicated than the creation process itself. When we do what we feel is to the best of our abilities, there can be no wrong, only the intent and the actions of the follow-though.

When working as a leader you must never doubt your abilities, nor should you question a decision that you have made. For it is the questioning that creates the doubts and the fears present in all the Earth Star People. When the road gets narrow and the path seems untouchable, simply carve a new path, rather than going through the motions of working your way through the obstacles. There is no greater gift you can give yourself than the belief that you have done the best you can do and the knowing that comes from having no doubt.

When the time comes that All That Is has culminated into one brief moment, when all the choices and decisions that were made that have impacted upon your life are done, let it be said, that you did it your way, the only way, to the "best or worst" of your abilities. Be proud of what you have accomplished. That is all there is and no more, no less.


When you awaken in the morning, always give thanks and praise to the day for all it has to offer. The gifts are plenty for those who choose to acknowledge and receive them. There will come a time when the gifts and the rewards are no longer needed or desired. So compliment Self today, enjoy the bounties of life and be happy and positive in all you do or say. The result will be the saving of your Soul. "ME."

Do you understand? Remember; Life is for the LIVING.


When in the presence of those who do not understand, let them see all that the truth has to offer by just being yourself. There is nothing that is required of you, you will teach by example. Show the changes in yourself by allowing others to see that the infinite possibilities, the unobtainable are within each persons grasp by simply being. Nothing more, nothing less. The road will come up to meet them in their own travels.

Long ago it was foreseen that only a few would choose to walk the path less traveled. You answered that calling and have arisen to the challenge at hand. Destiny has done its part, now you need to see it through to the completion of your contract.

That contact that was signed between you and yourself.

No one has anything to gain, only you. Let the cycle continue without looking back, boldly going where no one has gone before. I know, it sounds a little corny, yet the truth always has a way of coming out.


At every given moment realize that you, "we", are never alone and that there will not be any other time like the present to meet the challenges at hand. What you put off till tomorrow may never be done. Opportunities are lost, but not forgotten. Be mindful to create the future as you would have it, for therein lies the beauty of creation. It is simplistic, expansive and genuinely devoid of fault.

When you wake up tomorrow, let the light shine the true light of Self. Shine brightly, unfaltering, never wavering, never looking back, never giving up, never questioning and never EVER doubting the resolve you have.

That will be the all.


When you wish for guidance or simply company along your journey, know that there is your family and friends along with you every step of your travels. Never judging, never criticizing, only praising and encouraging the efforts that are made from the lessons that are encountered. There is no moment you are ever alone, nor will there be.

Only if you allow the doubts and the fears to rule you, will you fail and that failure will only be to yourself. Do you understand?


When confronted with anger, obstacles or any other form of interference, never, Ever, loose control of your senses. They are your allies. They know when and how to properly react to each given circumstance. Being in a state of control allows oneself to not only face the challenges at hand, but to also move right through and create the reality that is best for any situation.

The act of loosing control is best described as the "Ending to a beginning." You have effectively terminated any chance of a successful outcome. This and only this can deter you from your present goals.

Now, do not take it wrong. Anger can and is a very effective tool when applied properly. It can be forged into a weapon, a devise, an instrument that can and will cut directly to the core of an issue. Although each issue is different, they are all the same. The idea, the thought is to acquire the required outcome. Is it not?

Therefore before loosing your "Cool," judge the situation from a Soul level, not the quick and irresponsible act of an "intellectually driven decision"

The intellect is your friend. It guides you, teaches you and its main job is to protect you. It knows only what you have programmed it with and therefore requires to be constantly cared for.

Integration of the thought patterns of the Soul and the Intellect gain not only the knowledge, but enhance it with Wisdom. Do you see?


Before traveling down the virtual highway you call life, learn to honor and respect yourself. To thine own self be true. It is a powerful and extremely important lesson to learn. If everyone would only live their truths, there would be no more wars, no more famines, none of the hatred, anger and self-centered EGO-tistical acts that are orchestrated upon this planet. There would be peace, harmony and a working together for the good of all. It is not the self-satisfying desire for self-gratification. No one would know the meaning of it.

When they were first Created, those thoughts and energy forms were alien to their survival. It is not now, nor ever will be, a means to an end.


We are here in the light, so to speak, have always considered life to be a precious gift. One that is not to be taken lightly, nor taken for granted. No one owes you anything, nor do they have right to interfere in your own personal quest for enlightenment. The one who believes otherwise is foolish and arrogant. Generally they are a lower based vibratory levels of beings, although not always.

There are some amongst you who do have the knowledge, the wisdom, and yet, choose the path to self-gratification. Enlightenment is always gained in steps. None coming easy, all have to be sought and desired more than life itself.

It is through this acquisition of the true nature of realities that one becomes whole and complete. Until such a time comes about, the journey will continue. At the end of the travels your journey home to All That Is will be your reward. Your treasure. When we all act as one, there will be no more cruelty, only the desire for betterment of the whole. Do you see?

If we were to sum it all up, "The beginning will be where it will end. Then again, since there is no end, you have just come full-circle.

That’s all.
More to come later: