Do Today, For the Children’s Tomorrow

"Do Today, For the Children’s Tomorrow"

My interests are much as yours in celebrating the forth coming times of peace and harmony which are presently in the works here on the planet Earth.

I know we are only here for a short time, therefore we should consider the consequences of our actions in regards to the long term effects where our children’s inheritance is concerned. As the saying goes, "Do for today for our children’s tomorrow."

Laying credence to this statement, this planet does not belong to us, we are here for only a brief moment in time, this planet will always be. The children are the ones who will inherit our mistakes or our triumphs.

Humanity as a whole is very curious, we seek to gain peace from war, and we concern ourselves with the most trivial of thoughts, not understanding that as we think, so we create. We worry about war, poverty, disease, hunger and most curiously about death and dying. Do we not realize that the energy being transmitted by these thoughts are actually creating that which we fear the most?

Long ago we relinquished control over our lives and destinies for insatiable desires of material possessions that cannot and will not bring us what we seek the most. We have willingly turned over control of our lives and happiness to only a few, our chosen representatives and those who operate silently behind the scenes. We have become so caught up in our own little worlds that we have failed to act in our best interests by controlling and monitoring their activities. Had we held them liable for their actions as was the original intention of our constitution there would be none of that which we fear the most.

Why is it that we allow the continual raping of our lands? Why is it we misuse our resources without giving thought to the damage, destruction and chaos that is being created? Is this simply a sign of progress? I hope not.

The native peoples of long ago lived in harmony and peace with nature, using only what they needed, no more, no less and always giving thanks for all they were blessed with. How many of us have ever thought of "asking permission" to use or remove anything? I certainly have. It is truly amazing how everything blesses us with that simple act of kindness. Do we not demand this of our children? Do we not ask permission from our elected representatives before building yet another of our monstrosities?
If so, why would we not ask permission from that which gives us life, substance and unconditional love? This should be one of the first things taught to our children. Respect for all that is, for everything is connected. It only makes common sense.

Everything has its own name vibration just as you and I do. Is it not common courtesy to refer to them by name rather than "it."? Animals, plants, everything that lives and thrives upon this planet, the very planet herself, which we consider to be "less intelligent" than we as humans, do not have the problems we create for ourselves. They instinctively know what to do, they know how to survive in peace and harmony with all else. They know the changing of the seasons without having to live by a clock or a calendar. They instinctively know. They have not lost their imagination nor their intuition. They have not the need for self-gratification, nor do they have egos to bruise. Are they more advanced than we? I’m sorry to say, yes they are, by leaps and bounds. They know what we have long forgotten.

Coming in that which we would perceive as the near future, all will be as one again, the planet, the people, the animals, the plants and all that thrives in our oceans will be working in harmony and living EQUALITY.

I am not that much different than you, I have traveled the same paths, made the same mistakes, the same wrong decisions and fell on my face many times. You see, in order to learn, we must experience and experience takes practice and patience. Above all, we must believe in ourselves and learn from our experiences, both good and bad. If we are trying at every given moment to do our best, no matter if it is to the worst of our abilities we are all perfect in that given moment. For it is the attempt that matters. And that is ok, each in her/his own time will learn from what has been experienced. For some it may be many lifetimes from now. The main thing is we keep trying, never giving up, always moving forward. If we catch ourselves backsliding, pick up the pieces and start over, it is ok. After all we are in human form, or most are.

What I have a hard time understanding is, if it hurts, if it is knowingly wrong, why would we continue to do it? If we knew we were being watched would we still do it, or would we be afraid of being caught? What about our thoughts, do we think they do not have the same effect? What if we knew everything that we think, everything we say and everything we do was being put in our "Permanent" file? A good example of this would be what we have allowed the governments, the banking industry, the medical fields, the insurance company’s etc, .to do. The only difference is, they use it against us instead of to help us.

What if I was to tell you that there is such a place that cares not for controlling us, nor of enslaving us? It is a place from where we can study our weaknesses, our insecurities, our strengths our accomplishments, our defeats and our victories. There records are kept of all we have done, or all that we been failed to do. It is called the Akashic library.

What is accomplished in this lifetime will not have to be relearned in the next one. As one who has experienced this firsthand through many different lifetimes, I choose to lighten my load for my next go-around. What will you choose?

Do you understand that what is done in the present, not only effects the past, it alters the future as well? Let us also ponder the effect on all the other "we’s" in all our alternate realities and in parallel universes. At times it can be quite mind boggling. If you knew that by choosing to change, what you could in the present, you could alter all your other realities, would you do it for yourself? Are you worth it? I Am!.

Right now the dimensions are merging on this planet. This is a transition from the 3rd to the 4th and 5th dimensions. Would you like to see it all unfold and experience it first hand, or will you be one of the ones who are sent home? Now I understand many will be leaving soon, for them the challenges ahead will be harder than they are willing to endure. This is ok, it is what it is. Not all need or desire the experience.

There are many so-called light workers on this planet who still have not figured much of this out. The times ahead are going to be tough enough. Do you think that maybe by working together for a common cause it would be much simpler, much more effective and a lot less painful?

Love and light serves a great purpose, and it should still be spread like blossoms on a windy day. Soon it will again be the prevailing essence of this planet. For those of you who have still not figured it out, we chose to be here now, we volunteered to help, assist and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. More so, we are here to "bear witness" to all that transpires. We are the living record so that our children’s children will not have to experience it ever again. Will we choose our true course in life with passion, zeal and purpose? Will we deprogram ourselves from all that the mass media and those who intend to enslave us have force fed us? Better yet, will we deprogram ourselves from all that we have allowed our intellects to feed on for the soul purpose of protecting ourselves? Do you still not understand that you as your Soul are never wrong? If we trust ourselves and believe in ourselves then we need to ask our intellects to take a back seat while we become reacquainted with the real us. We as our Soul. Will we choose to live our lives with no fears and no doubts? For in truth, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

It simply is up to us. Each must make their own choices. A free man has free expression. A free man cannot be enslaved nor controlled.
For each of us our destinies will run different paths, there are no two exactly alike. Our intellects make everything complicated, giving us far too many options.

Keeping everything simple works every time.

I AM David
I am all signs
I walk all paths
Therefore I Am No-Thing