Glimpses at the Present

"Glimpses at the Present"

There was a time, oh – not so long ago, when change happened at the pace of a snail’s crawl. And no – I am not speaking here of technological change. What I am referring to here is the change that only organized chaos can bring about. Disorganized chaos is what we have all been experiencing since the dawn of linear time’s arrival. Organized chaos is the energy waves that are currently sweeping the planet, forcing all people to look at their lives and understand all they have taken for granted for as long as they can remember. Chaos has the ability to enact massive changes whether people know what they want or even know that they need to change things. To most people change can be a frightening experience, one that forces them to venture out into the unknown, into an area that is devoid of any safety nets. For most it requires a leap of faith and invites them to trust in themselves and the unspoken fact that someone shall be there to catch them. If each person was to fully comprehend the fact that they are each Gods and Goddesses then this will be a small feat for them to accomplish. For those who are not in awareness of this fact – then they shall be the ones that will hold onto their ill-conceived beliefs until the bitter end of this life’s incarnation.

Change can also be said to be a great motivator to prompt oneself to examine their belief systems. Throwing out what is no longer relevant in favor of a glimpse at the larger picture is what evolving is all about. Far too many inhabitants of this planet are carrying around vast amounts of garbage from their past. It is inhibiting them from becoming a better, more consciously aware version of themselves. As one moves up the evolutionary ladder the veils of forgetfulness, the veils of illusions, the implants that restrict our knowing of the grand design, are slowly removed and thus clarity and understanding of universal truths comes into the forefront of our lives. Undoing preconceived notions from earlier con-ditioned responses allows the essence of all that we are to become an integral part of All That Is. By releasing the past from the hold it has on us, we then begin to play an active part in the shaping of our futures, our responses to future situations and start fulfilling our destinies by be-ing our destinies.

Evidence of these events and occurrences of change is all around us, none can turn a blind eye to it any longer. The massive influx of Light being beamed to this planet is affecting everyone, whether they – one- know about it, or two- believe in it. Those that know of these positive-positive energetic patterns are using them to further their personal achievements and goals. Those who are naturally good Souls are effortlessly gravitating to the natural balance and flow of life as life here on Earth was always intended to be. On the other side of the coin, those others who are in awareness of these ongoing changes, I speak of those same ones who stand adamantly in the way of progress (change of the status quo), are the very ones whom you see every day in your news services who are being cast aside by the very society(s) that once worshipped them as untouchable gods and idols. There are also the ordinary people you may pass everyday on a street corner who are lost and confused for they do not understand the times that we are in. The so- called elite politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, actors and actresses etc. are no longer existing, surviving and thriving by the laws that were meant to subjugate all but the few. They too, like all of us, are now being held accountable for their actions. They too must pay the piper.

We are all bearing witness to actions and atrocities that seem gruesomely inhumane, and in truth they are…. yet we must strive to see the silver lining in all of this and know full well that every action or deed that was done or created out of lower based energetic thought forms of greed, power, lust or the need for control or domination, must be played out, that all must come full circle in order for the Golden Now, the time of the true divinely inspired NESARA to come into fruition. Messages are coming forth that speak of the urgency to get things right, to throw out the garbage of our past, to see the light (the truth) and enact the necessary changes in our personal lives to allow for our continued right to exist as a race of beings, the human race. These messages are getting stronger, no longer echoing the thought that time is on our side, for most, Time is Not on Their Side.

Nirvana (Heaven) is expanding exponentially to accommodate all the transitioning Souls who are departing our beloved Terra en masse. The darkness is seeking refuge in the darkest corners of this planet. It is seeking to hide from our own personal lights (our Soul essence), which is beginning to shine more brightly as we are questioning everything that we have previously been taught. Please remember, every spark of Light (every thought of recognition and understanding) no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, can illuminate even the darkest of rooms. If you do nothing more in this lifetime than stand steadfast in your own light, in your own truths, emanating your own awesome auric essences of peace, love and tranquility, you will touch all those around you whom you come in contact with without doing a thing. You do not have to do great deeds and stand upon a pedestal to make a difference, you do that by be-ing the difference. You see?

Spend time each and every day practicing being your own best friend. Seek out the serenity in all that you are. You may as well find this peace; after all, you do spend every moment with yourself. Find the wonders of the universe in every moment and learn to live and exist in that moment. Cherish these moments and return to them in your mind when all is chaotic around you. There you will find serenity and peace. Start to see the beauty in everything while still acknowledging that not all things are beautiful. Thank the Earth for all that She blesses you with. Thank yourself for all that you are all that you have done in the past and all that you will become. Learn to love yourself unconditionally, forgive yourself for errors in judgment in your past so that you may move steadily forward – uninhibited. Toss out the garbage, it reeks of the past and has no place in your future. And by all means, thank yourself for all that you presently do, you will like yourself much more and you will gift yourself with the freedom to soar high above the madness of the mundane. And by the way, do not forget to thank the God of this Universe for the gift He has bestowed upon you to have this opportunity to be here now in this physical existence we term "life." It is indeed a great honor to have been chosen, or to have volunteered to be here now.

How many of you have taken the time to notice that the sky overhead is filled anew with star configurations that never were present before. How many of you have taken the time to keep track of the movements of the "Big Dipper?" If you have you may have noticed its peculiar dance in the night’s sky from time to time. At one moment it appears normal, another night you may notice that it is either backwards or even upside down. Other nights it is nowhere to be found, reminds me of the actions of the moon over the last few years, yet no one is speaking about it…..hmmm – I wonder why? Mars (the planet of war) is closer to Earth now than it has been in a very long time and this is causing massive disturbances everywhere. As the veils (the illusions) are being lifted, planets and systems that were never before seen are coming into the awareness of those who gaze longingly up into the heavens. Our brothers and sisters from other planets are making themselves known, no longer hiding behind the scenes; they are taking their places to be ready to help us enact the changes in policies that are much needed and desired.

We, like you, watch as the current events are unfolding, feeling saddened by all that we must bear witness to, while knowing full well that no stone can be left unturned, that all diseased seedlings will be uprooted and the ground under them sterilized. We know that all of this must come to pass before changes can be made to better implement the changes necessary for the future that awaits us all. The future is being written in the present, so cast your eyes upon the future as you would have it be, in all its wonder and glory and keep your eye on the ball. Do not become complacent and think that others will do everything for you. Peace and happiness must first originate from within, if you cannot find these things in your personal lives how do you expect them to become a worldwide happening event? And no, they cannot be bartered for. This is another example of your need to begin taking personal responsibility for all that revolves around you, all that occurs in: your world. Please remember now as this bears repeating, Earth’s ascension into the higher dimensions is guaranteed, yours is not.

There is so much suffering, so much torment, poverty, starvation, anxiety and let us not forget frustration as we all search for ways to help alleviate others’ oppressions. I know change is not always fast but for now be patient, for it is steady and certain and everything which is wrong, unjust, racist and downright ludicrous on this planet – must run full circle before the clock strikes 12. For those of you who are feeling aghast about others’ actions in these times of NOW know that it is alright to feel disappointed in others, you are doing nothing wrong there.

On the bright side we see so many new light bulbs being lit on a daily basis. People everywhere are now beginning to take notice of how what once worked and was considered acceptable, no longer is appropriate. They are grasping the understanding for the need of necessary evil to awaken the rest of mankind. Evil in this case is a catalyst for change. People now comprehend more fully how out of control society with its outright bigotry has become and most certainly always has been. People are now seeking out alternative options as a ways and a means to enact the overhauls necessary for this planet to thrive once again as the God of this universe intended Her (Earth) and life here to be. Yes, I am speaking of the original design of "Heaven on Earth." We have also taken note of the fact that problems that once took years to sort through are being balanced out in only months, days or even moments, good thing too, what with the feeling of accelerated time. This too is part of the Divine gift inspired by God to allow all personal lessons to be worked through in this lifetime at an accelerated pace where before it may have taken many lifetimes to move forward in our evolutionary paths. Personal evolvement, instead of taking lifetimes to achieve, can now be accomplished instantly depending upon the Soul and its desires. Some are grasping at these opportunities and making quantum leaps in their awareness, others are, well – shall we say, the grass is growing up between their toes as they are standing still, or worse yet, spiraling backward. As always the choice is theirs to make.

Not so long ago when we had begun and have now completed our – unexpected – "God’s Book," God had compared the differences of each human being by using the symbolism of how each human is likened to different types of trees, (chapter #1,"Oh yes, it is all about Me (and you)." While meditating the other day I was shown something which I should like to share with you this day in hopes that you may better understand His/Her watchful eye over us.


"As I lay on the bed I became aware of this intense bright light that was coming toward me from the left of my "viewing screen." This light as it approached became more and more intense, almost bordering on the level of blinding. It was a golden light, much the same as I had seen in other visions in days gone past; however this one was much more powerful and somehow passionately soothing at the same time. The light was so intense that even with my eyes closed I found myself squinting to tone it downa tiny bit.

The light dissipated to a degree and I realized I was in a forest, one likened to any number of ones here on Earth. On the left were these vine-like trees stretching upward to the sky, on the right were the tallest, almost proud looking trees, such as the tamaracks or ponderosa pines. What struck me most was the vine-like trees for they glowed with a "Golden Light" that I have come to associate with the supreme Father/Mother Being most of us refer to simply as God. They emanated a brilliant luminescence and were vibrantly alive with all the natural wonder of a newborn child. These I was later told were the Souls who were currently waking up from their self-imposed slumbers (I.E. the walking asleep.) While admiring the beauty of all that I beheld before me I noticed a path on the ground that lazily curved from the other side of the golden vines down past them and continued on down past the left of where I was standing. As I watched, I saw someone walking down the path towards me. Believe me or not – it was "Father Christmas" all dressed up in his regalia of velvety red. (Note; God often appears to us, Celest and I, as Father Christmas for personal reasons.)

He was sauntering along the path, His gaze going to and fro while taking in the full measure of all His children as He casually puffed away upon His – Corn Cob Pipe. Now some of you may think this is strange, I however found it quite natural and a smile came instantly upon my face. You see, God appears to us all in His different guises if we but take the time see and listen with all our natural senses. God’s humor is indescribable and He wears it quite well. Atop His head was a hat, one I see only in movies and pictures of the past. It was the flat-top hat, white with a flat – wide 3 inch or so brim. Some of you may remember them as the political type hats of the first quarter of the 20th century in America and abroad. Again I had to smile for He was so casual and definitely not out of place despite his surroundings.

Imagine it if you will, a beautiful pristine forest with trees emanating a Golden Glow and Father Christmas walking towards you smoking away on His Corn Cob Pipe dressed in His full regalia wearing a Styrofoam type hat upon His head. Nary a writer today could imagine something so bizarre and unusual and still manage to make it appear as common and somewhat ordinary.

From this point on God continued his stroll while examining all of the trees, nodding with Fatherly admiration as He slowly strolled on past me, soon after which I slowly came out of the vision I was having.

So what is the point of all this you may say, let me see if I can put some clarity to it that all of you may better understand. Oh heck, God did an excellent job of it when He had us scribe the book for Him; perhaps it is time for you to read His/Her words for yourself. The book is "And Then God Said… Then I Said…Then He Said…"

God is always checking up on all of us to see our progress or lack of it. He never leaves us alone and untended, yet he does not interfere with our own free expression in the form of choices that we each make. He does not require that we visit Him on Sunday in synagogues or churches, more so He tends to prefer to keep things simple as they were always meant to be, one on one, no matter where one may find themselves at the time. While we are here in lesson we must all take advantage of every tool we uncover to help us on our journey to graduation. As for us, we choose to celebrate Christmas everyday as Christmas signifies a new beginning – a rebirth if you will. It is a time for all to be thankful for all that they are blessed with and the great opportunities and experiences that lie before them if they choose to pick up the gauntlet and run with it.

I shall leave you with a thought, one that pleases me from time to time.

"In order to avoid Spiritual illiteracy, one must journey within"

As always, "We are Calling ALL Good Souls to Unite Now"

Au revoir
David of Arcturus