Reuniting with the Droga Disc

"Reuniting with the Droga Disc

and the Himalayan Crystal Skulls"

The "Dropa" disc is actually misnamed; it is from the culture known as the "Droga," which is an ancient civilization of extremely intelligent beings who are teachers and explorers who are some of the more intellectually serious beings in this part of the galaxy. The Droga are visitors to the Earth star planet, who long ago worked together with the indigenous tribes as teachers and also cohabitated with them. They at that time monitored the early civilizations with devices that they left in strategic locations to monitor the earth for planetary changes. The Droga, whom you may know as the "Dropa," left behind certain discs that encoded many of the messages from the Star Keeper races. They were used as homing devices and also incorporated an anchoring system, which when placed upon a pole would anchor the healing energies from the universe down to the planetary surface of the Earth, much the same as whales do.

The Droga disc is made from a stone-like substance with hardened properties to keep it remaining intact over many generations of usage. There are many such discs in the region of the Himalayans and also throughout China. These discs were discovered by the Chinese people in many parts of the country, the Chinese governments has gone to great lengths to conceal their existence and to hide the true knowledge of the origins and truths of this planet and our communication with enlightened beings from other parts of this Universe. The Chinese military has been not so secretly gathering up the Droga discs and having them destroyed, for they know that eventually all things become public knowledge and these discs could ruin or actually destroy the beliefs systems that they have spent many long years indoctrinating into people’s minds.

This could not be allowed, so they destroyed a great many of them. Now a few have survived and some are in the hands of their caretakers. Of these individuals, a great many of them know only of the archeological value, as they are not privy to the means of accessing the information that is encoded on them. This does fall under the "need to know" category.

When looking at the discs you will notices a similarity to your phonographic albums. Although they vary in size from that of a 45 rpm record on up to a full sized recording, each disc contains the equivalent of information as that which the hard drives on your computers of today hold. The discs vary in thickness; they are grooved, just as a record album is. Most discs are about the thickness of what you would perceive a stone tablet to be.

Now over the many centuries the Droga have visited Earth to check on the progress of this developing civilization while discerning the best time to reintroduce themselves to her populations. The Droga are an extremely evolved civilization, they do not contact many as most are not ready for this communiqué. Those that they do come in contact with have earned the privilege of receiving their wisdom and guidance. They are not chatty but more direct and to the point. One night while lying in bed watching all the orbs and Spirit forms playing overhead we were blessed with a visit from the Droga. They swished on in through the ceiling and started to communicate with us. They rather sternly reminded us that we were Droga as well as Arcturian and Pleiadian. They also reminded us that we had spent considerable time with them. We have been contacted many times by the Droga, for at one time we were both students and teachers on their home world, as is the custom of all evolving civilizations. That of course is another story.

As is the custom with departing civilizations from this planet, the Droga discs were left behind as a journal, a record one might say of all that has transpired and of future events yet to unfold.

Now on to David’s story.

I first came in contact with the Droga discs about three years ago while attending an Awakened Hearts conference in Scottsdale Arizona. I had no conscious knowledge of their existence and found them to be very intriguing. At this conference where I met once again with my future wife to be, I was introduced to Dr. Frank who along with the Droga discs had in his possession thirteen original Himalayan Crystal Skulls. Dr. Frank is an archeologist who was directed by dream or by Spirit to the exact resting place of each of the Skulls. He is now their caretaker and doing a very fine job of it.

At some time during the weekend we were all invited to join in on a Crystal Skull activation ceremony. We were asked to put certain personal items in the circle with the skulls to energize them. I added my labradorite stone and my bracelet. The bracelet I still have, the stone I gave to a good friend who has always had excellent clairvoyance. He for many years suppressed this gift, for others told him it was not natural. Now this is not an uncommon occurrence, far too many "gifted people" throughout the ages have been put into sanitariums because they were thought to be crazy. Upon receiving the activated stone his awakened visions recommenced. Last time I was in touch with him, he had quit carrying the stone and was working on suppressing the visions again. He knows nothing of his special gift and is unfortunately afraid of it.

During the activation process I felt an immediate oneness with the Crystal Skulls and the Droga discs. It was as if they were calling to me. Clearly I could see the images they were displaying to me; at that point I had not developed my telepathic abilities, so I was seeing and sensing the information as it was being transmitted to me. I could feel their presence, their wisdom and the knowledge that came forth from within them; from it was a sense of complete and utter trust along with the feeling of a loving embrace, one that most could describe as a "Coming Home" feeling. I could see the Spirit energies swirling about and felt my connective ness with all the others in our group, sensing their thoughts and their emotions all at the same time. It truly was a remarkable experience. I imagined this as a one time experience; little did I know that soon after my own journey towards enlightenment, other adventures would begin and begin they did. One month later I had moved and went to stay with Celestial while I continued the re-education of myself and discovered my true purpose for this life experience.

While there we received a call from Dr. Frank who was urgently insistent upon us meeting him in Seattle before his departure back overseas. We of course dropped everything and left the next day. While there I had the privilege of "Playing" with the discs and the skulls again. We could literally feel the energies pouring forth from all the skulls and the discs as they reached out to us. The discs intrigued me, so I started holding them and meditating. With one hand on the top and one below I began my re-integration with them. While gliding my fingers over the flat edge of the disc feeling the grooves, I felt a sense of closeness, not only to the Droga, but to a sensation of being able to read the disc, much as a blind person would do when reading Braille with their fingertips. A moment later we noticed a brilliantly bright blue beam of light shooting upward from the center of the disc. It truly was a sight to see.

If you were to look at the discs, you would find all the center holes are the same size, much larger than a 45 rpm record hole, and beveled as if drilled through at an angle. It was then that it was shown to us that the discs were designed to be mounted on a pole or a staff. From there they could send and receive their recorded information back and forth to receivers throughout the galaxy and also receive light energies coming down from the skies above. This energy as it was being transmitted down would go through the disc and then radiate outward, sending healing energies in an omni-directional pattern to the planet herself. It truly was quite remarkable. It is sad to think that technologies like this exist to heal this planet and restore the quality of life on this planet, yet so many are being withheld for the own personal betterment of those who "Think" they are in charge.

The Himalayan Crystal Skulls on the other hand… each had their own personalities, much the same as we all do. Each skull was uniquely shaped and constructed from different types of stone or crystal-like substance. The skulls are like all other crystals, they are record keepers. The skulls tell the stories of Creation, recording and documenting all for future preservation of the truth. Uniquely hidden in the surface of stone are hieroglyphics, much too small for the human eye, yet viewable with a magnifying glass. What the hieroglyphics say I cannot tell you, what the Crystal Skulls spoke to me about personally was the truth of complete Oneness with everything and everyone. Throughout my travels I have been blessed with the knowing that we are not alone, never have been and we never will be. If there was one message I am sure they would like me to relay, it is to love one another, love yourself and share that love with all of mankind. Through this all things are possible.

The reasons of our visiting the Dr. at this particular time was more of a personal nature, one that is better off kept a secret. I for one was grateful to have had the opportunity to "Play" with my friends again and look forward to our next encounter.

David and Michael