Severing the Ties: Umbilical Cords to the Past

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“Severing the Ties: Umbilical Cords to the Past”

Does the title of this writing sound strange to you? Does it sound like something that only happens once in a lifetime in childhood? Think again! Take a long look into your past and think of all the experiences you had that ultimately changed a course or pattern in your life. Think about the REALLY good ones. Then think about the ones that were not so good, the ones that you may still have some resentment or regrets about. The latter group may be the ones that cause you to ponder on probabilities or possibilities; “if it had only turned out differently, how much better off I would be and how my life would have been less constrained, less unhappy at times.” This is an example of how an umbilical cord that is intangible can act tangibly and cloud your mind and better judgment.

Think of the past experiences as doors, now imagine that you have closed those doors, sometimes many times in your past. Do you ever pause to think about how it is that the seemingly invisible connection to those doors still exist? Has it occurred to anyone that besides DNA which leaves its trail within the body of a person, there is another energy which along with the DNA aspect of your identity, exists as an energetic scent that is integrated with all past experiences and leads directly back to the individual who had the exposure to those prior events? It does you know! These ties exist in the back of your mind simply because you did not SEVER them, you did know you needed to because no one taught you the importance of doing so. So unfortunately the doors remain half-open, half-closed. In order to effectively sever the connection one must first acknowledge the experience for what it held for the individual personally.

It is when you have arrived at a true understanding of the past situations that they “lose their hold upon you.” Then you MUST “LET IT GO.” Every time you release those episodes (experiences) from your mind, your will feel lighter, less depressed, more capable of living in the “NOW,” rather than re-experiencing the past. This is when transitions, “moving up the ladder so to speak,” come into play.” See “Letters from God #1.” There is another aspect to this final separation, the severance of binding ties. These energetic ties act like umbilical cords, umbilical cords binding you to the past. These umbilical cords can be self-imposed or placed upon you by others, either consciously or unconsciously. During previous life experiences you can easily “carry over” those bonds from long ago, this is not always a good thing. Although none of us are permitted to consciously remember all prior ties, until you have confronted the experiences that still beset you, peace of mind is at a premium.

I suggest you act upon canceling the outmoded attachments before this upcoming New Year begins. You will sleep better, your dream state will be more appealing and you will consciously be aware that you have done all that you know you needed to do. “First” – people who attach cords to others unconsciously, are USUALLY well-meaning Souls, there are of course the “others,” those who do so in order to draw upon your energy, or sometimes simply to cause you to feel “down.” In this manner they can draw you into their own dramas and persuade you, oftentimes involuntarily, to participate in them. Then there are those who wish to divert your life-force to themselves or to another. Remember, so many of these people have no idea they are doing this. They would be horrified if they were told. Some of these people have cracks in their psyches and are simply behaving as they “normally” do. An astounding number of these groups have allowed negative entities to enter into their being; it makes it possible for that entity to use the silly, undiscerning person for the sole purpose of getting to you. Especially here and now in this present lifetime. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

Freeing yourself from the unwanted cords is every bit as important as “deprogramming” yourself. Remember, some of these people may have accompanied your life walk in a distant past; others may have been your foes. Regardless of the exact reason for you personally, your indelible fingerprint is visible to many of those you do not want you around today, in this present life experience. Part of your “recovery process” is allowing others, especially those you love, to either succeed or fail in their “lifeing” process. It is in great measure an aspect of “severing the ties.” It does not mean you do not love them anymore; rather it means you love them enough to let them go. Further, that you love yourself enough to do so. In this manner you set them and yourself free from the ties that bind you.

Tethering a person to the ground removes their ability to fly freely. They must learn to learn without any constraints, except whatever ones they impose upon themselves. It may also mean that the one involved with the actual severance may no longer “fit in” with societal groups/organizations. So neither the person initiating the severance nor the one(s) being severed will feel as though “they belong,” and that is ok. Do you honestly want to be like everyone else? Do not lose your true identity “in pursuit of fools.” Have you ever heard the term, “do not suffer fools gladly.” I receive much email from people asking how they can get in touch with their Arcturian guides. I think to myself, “why? Don’t they trust the guides they presently have?” All guides, regardless of who they are, whether of the Spirit Realm or Star Keepers from a distant galaxy, are there for specifies times to give you the information you need at that time. I myself have many guides, some are Arcturian, yet many are from a wide variance of different cultures. Seek truth wherever you are led, ask the Universe to assist so you may be led and truth shall find you. It may lie under the stone you are sitting on, or the tree you are leaning against. They know far more than you do anyway, if you just take the time “to listen.”

The largest part of tie severance is taking personal responsibility; quit looking for all the answers and stop being dependent upon others to give them to you. All answers reside within your Soul Voice. In the years to come it is imperative that each and every person who remains on Earth needs to make a conscious effort to do some personal house cleaning.  That is if you have chosen to still remain on the planet. In other words, all these intervening years are to teach you to teach yourselves that there is nothing to hold you back. This applies to all peoples who choose to survive the transitory times. Each Soul has this opportunity, yet not all will choose to make the journey. Although many Souls will leave before these times all who have “earned” the right to return to Terra will share with Her in Her “uplifted times.” These Souls will join those already here in the gardening section. This is why, well one of many reasons, why it is incumbent that the cutting away process bursts forth full fold now. Why take 3 steps backward when you can make a giant leap forward? Ok, lets say you have done the work to complete the necessary severances. When you know you have done all that you can, then it is time to protect yourself by practicing “passionate detachment.” Acknowledge all that you see or hear about, but DO NOT be drawn into dramas that are not of your own making!! “Bear witness” and let it go.

Remember animals know instinctively when to eat, when to rest, when to cull their herd eliminating the ill and rabid. They also know “when to let their children go!” They always shove their offspring out the door, so to speak, thereby not permitting them to be dependent or worse, co-dependent on the herd group. There is of course an opposite but vital “cording group” that is necessary to preserve. It is the “Soulbilicial” cord that connects you to your own Soul Cluster. It is through this connection that thoughts are shared, experiences are viewed by others, and that certain “timelines,” can be met. Here too lies the validation of certain ideas and also potential plans that have been set in motion now move forward. This is the primary one, the one you should be most aware of. Each Soul Cluster has a different direction or purpose; they thrive and move faster in the directions they are led to when the Cluster is “intact,” has not been infiltrated by dark energies. As with anything else, this chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It is for this reason that those who are not “keeping up,” those who are not trying to learn on their own, and those who are back sliding must be cut loose, they must be “culled” from the group. They will either make it on their own or they won’t. Their choice. When conditions are correct, new teachers will appear. The new teachers will then teach them HOW to fish, not GIVE them fish.

You see, people forget that we each carry a sword, this is one that is quite “tangible” in its “intangibility.” One that can be of great assistance in not only maintaining intact Soul Clusters, but one that is extraordinary in its “rite to passage” for severance and closure. It was forged for the sole purposes of providing protection by cutting through the ties that are no longer relevant to our present and present future selves. This sword has been with us for as long as we have been. Those who advance into the higher levels of “knowing” acquire many other swords. That however is not a factor of importance yet to those who do not wield the first sword. If you really “know” God, then you shall have no problem in “knowing” this sword. At some point in your life you will intuit when to call your swords to you, they are never far away; they only await your remembrance that “they ARE.”

Many of you will be able to see these swords of yours with your “third eye.” Others will feel their presence. However there are many people who will remain oblivious to these God Sent images. If you understand that these swords are an extension of yourself, a part of “you” that has been forgotten but not lost, then you will be in a better “mind space” to use them for the purposes they have been intended. What is also important is that you visualize the swords and acknowledge to yourself that it/they do indeed exist. When you are ready to “call the swords to you,” be sure you have a clear channel and please check your Sources See “Checking your Sources.” Ok, so lets say you now have your sword in hand… so to speak. Imagine its ability, its grace, its purity of purpose. Using only your thoughts, swing it around gently, you will feel the weight in your hand(s). In the macrocosmic instant of doing so, you will be reclaiming your birthright. If you do not use the sword(s) then it can not be of assistance to you. Only you can decide which ties need to be severed, and in so doing clearly understand not only the “why” this one or that one, but “how” it will ultimately benefit you.

Remember you must each assume personal responsibility for all that you do, and all that you do not do. Activating your sword is yet another form of personal responsibility. Part of what I am stating in this writing has already been touched upon in a previous article entitled “Letting Go in Order to Receive.” Moving right along here…. So after you have activated your sword, thing about all the ties you have to your past, think of the ones that are currently ongoing. Think on the dramas you are participating in, consider the relationships you have been in and compare them to what you have today. Is it repetitive? Is it healthy? What about all the issues that keep popping up in your mind that are over and done with. Have you “let go?” You must do this in order to move forward with your life. Let us say that you are now settled in the mind-thought of now being ready to call in your sword. You call it to you by simply stating, “I am now calling in my sword of the Christ Consciousness, my sword that is indigenous to myself alone.” When you either sense, feel or see its presence, program it to do exactly what it is you want it to do. You could start by telling it that you want to completely sever ALL umbilical cords connected to your body, mind and Spirit that are NOT in your “Highest, Most Evolved and Best Interest.”

Now that you have stated your Intention, imagine that the sword is moving around you, above and below; all in a widening circular fashion. Imagine that it is cutting through all the bondage that is holding you back, holding you down from “Being Your Destiny.” When you have finished, and only you will know when you have, send a thought form to all the cords you have severed. JUST ONCE! Imagine that form is filled with the most brilliant Light you have ever seen, that The Light is igniting all the ties and burning them. Now mind you these cords can only rebirth themselves and reattach themselves to you if you let them. At this point it is up to you to NEVER EVER re-visit the thought again… period! In time you may find out from another person, that many people whose cords you have severed from yourself may feel lost themselves, confused, or angry with you. It is because they can no longer feed off your energy. You have not hurt them, you simply set yourself free and freed them as well. You will be one step closer to “living without a safety net.”

Now understandably I know I will receive an email from someone who will worry because “what if” they hurt another Light Filled Being by mistake. My answer is a resounding, “Lord no, you cannot, so do not be concerned about that” Anyway, during the aftermath of your severances, you may feel lightheaded. I personally felt the sense of having cords unplugged from all over my body! Be sure to drink a lot of water and place a pinch of sea salt beneath your tongue to help balance your electrolytes. If at any time in the future you detect an attachment attempting to grab hold of you, reprogram your sword and send it out again. Remember, new people, new places, new events could cause another future person to attempt to “bind you.” Ok, there is but a little bit more to this lesson.


I myself became entangled in the lives of others. In many instances I was the one who attached cords to others in ways that I believed would secure my existence. As I began to consciously sever all those ties, I can tell you that I felt lighter, freer, unobtrusively able to grow into myself, My Soul Self. You know we are all so much more than what we know we are, right now, at this moment, and in every moment. Yet everything we are “right now,” is a part of the whole of our individual existences. The “Rules of Engagement” here on this planet are not that complicated; in fact they are very simple. It is only the intellect that prevents us from realizing this. But boy when we do “awaken” to that fact…. watch out world…here we come! Nothing and No Thing can stop us now!

In Love and Service,

David and Michael


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