Spiritually devoid! Why?

"Spiritually devoid! Why?"

Spirituality is the understanding of our connectiveness with "All That Is," with the Creator, God, the universe(s) and the whole of the rest of Creation.

Why is it that so many hold back from desiring and accepting this in every aspect of their life, this I do not understand. Why is it that so many go to church on Sunday, stick their toe into the Spiritual well and then forget about it again until the next Sunday? Do you suppose they truly believe the rhetoric that the religious institutions teach? Do you suppose they truly believe that all they have to do is confess their sins and all will be forgotten and that is all that there is to the personal responsibility aspect of Spirituality? Do you suppose that the majority of people on this planet are so Spiritually devoid that they do not realize that religions, a wrathful God, much less the alterations of God’s original messages in the Holy texts of yesteryear, were done only to instill fear in order to control the people? Are there really that many sheep being led to the slaughter?

As far back as one wishes to trace back the history of this planet you will see the patterns of how the few desired, manifested and thus accomplished the enslavement of the many. As far back as one looks you will find that the Spiritually strong gave in to their desires and lost their connectiveness with All That Is. I have witnessed the Spiritual cast aside for a moment’s pleasure finding that it never, or at the very best, the Spiritual side was very slow to return. I wonder, do they really believe that God is mad at them, that He does not forgive those who forgive themselves. Do you not yet realize that you are He as He is you?

The people of Atlantis and Lemuria were a highly Spiritually connected civilization. Much of this was cast to the wayside when technology advanced ahead of their humanity and recognition of their true origins and the true purpose of life. This has been the downfall of all civilizations before and since then. The end result has been? A total cleansing of the populace by this unique and wonderfully magnificent planet in order that the planet itself may survive. We are yet again living in those same times, yet so few recognize the signs. Far too many have not a clue that this place we call home, planet earth, is every bit as alive as you or I. Mother Earth provides everything we need to survive, flourish and expand ourselves, yet we allow the raping of her lands, her natural resources. We even allow the draining of the very life force that flows through her veins, oil, her blood! How long do you think you could survive if all your life sustaining elements were drained from you? How sad it is to believe that we call ourselves an advanced civilization when we do not take care of our own sustainer of life.

I spoke earlier of those who like to "test the water" so to speak by sticking their little toe in to see if it works for them. To them I say, jump in head first and do not look back. There are wonders, beauty, truth and unlimited Love waiting all who take this leap of faith into the vast unknown and oneness of All That Is. I personally could not even begin to imagine my life now without my constant communication and companionship with everything, and I do mean every-thing, that makes up the vastness of the Creation. This being the most natural course eludes the many, I wonder why?

I too traveled down the path of the Spiritually devoid, floundering around, no course, no direction in life, never being truly happy, never feeling the intense peace and love that comes naturally and flows unconditionally throughout this universe and beyond. I tell you all this because I have been there wallowing around with no direction, no purpose in life, no real sense of belonging, always searching, never finding. Now do not get me wrong, I had friends, family, lovers, good jobs and lots of "Toys." Those to me do not even begin to hold a candle to the purpose and direction in my life today. I now cherish every moment, not as if it was my last, I cherish it as if it were my first. I live a lifetime in every "now" moment knowing with full confidence that it is not my last. Even more, I know with absolute certainty I am never alone!

I now know the answer to the proverbial question, "Why am I here?" I know where I come from, I know without any doubt that the true essences that flows though every fiber of my world is filled with love, happiness and even more so, a complete a total feeling of peace and contentment. Would I trade it for another moment of meaningless pleasure? Not for even a nano-second. Whenever those thoughts enter into my head, into my thoughts, I trace them back to their sources and I eliminate the origins. It is not allowed and I do not allow anything that is not in my highest, most evolved best interest to invade my private world without knowingly inviting it in. "Listen to the wind" I was told so often. At first I could not understand the meaning of this, now it makes total sense. The sweet melodies that flow through the soft breezes sing of life and love, soothing the deepest reaches of my Soul. They carry the messages from beyond time and space.

I now look forward to everyday. I have fun every moment, in everything I do, everything I experience, everything I bear witness to. The fun never stops, from morning to night, from nighttime into the early morning hours, the adventure continues….. and life is an adventure, one to be cherished and embraced with passion, zest and pizzazz. Now this does not mean we will not have to deal with life’s little nuisances, the difference is, we do not have to have them take over and dominate our being. We must learn to live life with one foot in both worlds. Being here physically does not necessarily mean existing here. We can choose to exist in both worlds, the physical and the Spiritual. These worlds do both exist here, in the NOW, where we at this time call home, on Mother Earth.

Like you, the more I learn, the more I realize how much I too have forgotten and the more insatiable my desire for knowledge becomes. The more knowledge I accrue, and use wisely, the more I understand what WISDOM truly is. I realize that there is no-thing that could tempt me back into the dramas that so many of my fellow Earthizens exist in. The adventure, the fun, the laughter, the loving that comes with being completely happy and content with who we are leaves no room for loneliness or want, want of anything…….

So you may be asking yourselves, what is my point here? The point is simple, if I can break free of the bonds that I willingly cast upon myself, so can you. All that is required is desire, intent and FAITH in one’s self. To find one’s self and one’s purpose for being here, overcoming all obstacles no matter the self inflated size of them is our true purpose here. Without being in all our Prime Time Glory, what do we really have? Me thinks it is merely an illusion.

Finding our spiritual connection allows our hearts and souls to open up the doors and windows to unlimited and unconditional possibilities. We were given the Gift of Free Expression, some call it free will, and use of this GIFT is one that is to be cherished, honored, respected and THEN explored to ump-teenth degree. The world as you would have it is waiting, won’t you at least lend it your ear for it is speaking loudly if you would only listen to Her words. Now let me remind you who have forgotten, spirituality is found from within, no one can give it, nor can anyone take it away. Church is the union between God and you, not a palace built of timbers and stone.

In service to the True Human Being,

(Higher Universal Man) i.e. (Half Man/Half God)
I Am David