The Ancient Art

"The Ancient Art"

Oh I feel like singing. The song in my heart. I feel like sending the love that emanates from inside my heart around the world, saturating everything and everyone with the beauty of love and All That Is. I marvel at the wonders all through the day, everywhere I turn there, little treasures to behold, blossoming up everywhere, oh what a treat.

Oh what a great day to be ALIVE. Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look, with all the fabric of my being, I sense life anew, bursting forth, shining bright in all its glory. To you Mother Earth, I send the Light of all Lights. It is shining so brightly from deep within me, I send you my love, I wish to share it with you. I thank you profoundly for all of your gifts, you have bestowed upon me everything as new. You give purpose to my life for you give me my life, this you do unselfishly, asking little in return. We work in harmony, you and I, as we both flourish and radiate the true essence from All That Is.

My lungs fill with your sweet fragrances with every breath of air that I take. Your ground is so fertile, you have seen to that. With everything springing forward from you, everyday it seems you are bringing something else anew. Your creeks and your rivers flow up and out from within, springing up everywhere, you surely do care. Your bringing forth the water is something that I need; it nourishes my body and soothes my Soul. You bestow upon me the wonders of nature in all of your myriad ways. You enrich my passions and my desires. You nourish my appetite for adventure and the experiences abound. These I can find no where else in this great universe where we live.

I gaze up thoughtfully as the clouds gather overhead, their pillow-y softness beckoning to me. I dream of playing and resting upon them just as angels do. I watch you shifting and changing your shapes, outlining images and making faces too. Are we playing a game? That I will leave to your imagination too. We share so much, me and you.

While playing our game another of God’s Creations came whishing by, its wings fluttered and soared way up high, landing softly upon the pomegranate tree having nothing else to do. I asked, butterfly," how do you do?"

I quietly listened to the Wind as it carried a tune, telling me its stories of life past and new. I feel the freshness surround me as you enveloped my body, reassuring me of all that we do.

I give thanks to the pebbles under my feet, you have stories too. The Stone People are talking, well, I’m listening too. The stories they tell of things that they knew.

I honor the blessings bestowed upon me and return them in kind. I cherish each moment with every breath that I take, every expression of the love around me, fill me with such joy. The emotions swelling up inside, are truly nothing new.

At times like this I need to remind myself of all that I have done, for without me, this would all come to an end. I create as I would the world that I live, knowing full well, that this is my time. I sing you my song, the song of my life; the melodies carry such a delicate tune. Written only by me, I will share it with you. I’m speaking of love, what else should I do?

I am living in the moment, counting each blessing I see. A smile casts upon my face, a frown just won’t do.

I give thanks to the Sun shining brightly in the sky, sharing its energies with me, recharging my batteries to the depths of my Soul. Your rays casting forth, beaming forward from you, you nourish our world, oh the marvels you do.

I feel like flying, soaring high in the sky, dancing with eagles, sharing their tune. The Orbs floating past motion gently to me, they wish to share in the game. Later at night, they play hide and seek, peeking out around corners playing games with me. You have a secret you keep from my life, not wishing to ruin the surprise. Your shapes are a changing looking much more solid too. The colors you wear, God gave them to you. All of the rainbows have this in common with you.

Oh I have so much to share; it’s hard to know where to start. There is no end to all that I see, the miracles keep happening, I’m sure not just for me. The future is so bright, I must lower my eyes. To see it all at once, would ruin the surprise. Peace and harmony abound all around, I am thankful it is not just for me. I share with wife the beauty in my life, she smiles knowingly, for she shares it with me. The fun that we have, we wish all could see. For our life is not boring, you should give it a chance. We have fun from the time that we wake and all through the day. The adventures ongoing, for all through the night, we live out our dreams. Refreshed in the morning from all that we’ve seen.

We sing you our songs, the songs of our lives. There is so much else to do, if you have a moment we would love to share them with you. Our lessons of life are simple and challenging to do, we keep everything simple, why shouldn’t you?

We learned such a long time ago, something most have forgot, at this time we would like to share it with you.

The Ancient Art of Work,,,, Is to Play.