The Microscopic and the Macroscopic View

"The Microscopic and the Macroscopic View"

For those of you who still have no idea of how easy it is to look into the present, the past or the future of any species be it man, animal or any other life form, please allow me enlighten you. There is always someone somewhere, monitoring all that you say and do, everything you think. The "Watchers" are documenting everything you do as well as everything you fail to do. They are the record keepers. They have been as long as time has been. Their purpose is to record the developments of each life form, each planet, every solar system, whether it be good or bad. You must understand that without the knowledge of how, why and when things came to be, you cannot prevent things from re-occurring. This is an error of judgment that humans make, in their minds they categorize and assimilate information that is to be used at a later time. They believe that if it hurts don’t do it, if it tastes good, you remember it. If it takes the joys out of life, why keep doing it. Humans have the unfortunate ability to keep recreating the same dramas and the same tests over and over again. At some point they will get it right. It is unfortunate, yet it is true all the same. Liken it to the person that has been married three or four times, in their minds eye they keep hoping something will change, something will be different next time around. Yet without taking the personal responsibility to change that which has obviously affected them in the past scenarios, most are fated to do it again. In time all people will "get it," for far too many, it may be many lifetimes from now. There is never a conclusion to any cycle until someone or something intercedes and puts a stop to the pattern.

We who are of the benevolent Star Keepers, have watched with keen interest the development of the human race. Most interesting is your ability or inability to see what is right in front of you. So much is hidden from you in plain sight. Many see what is coming towards them, yet they do not always choose to do something to change the outcome, whether it is big or small. Each one must realize that everything anyone does, affects not only your lives, it affects all others you come in contact with and many more who you will never know. For in truth, everything is connected, in one way or another. What happens to a person on the other side of the planet may or may not, in one way or another, affect you some day and visa versa. Each of you is allowed to view any part of the past, present or future, in order to gain clarity in a situation, or to find the answers to the questions you are seeking. Nothing is being withheld from you; it is only the con-ditioning of your minds that restrains you from searching out and realizing all truths. The truth is meant to stand on its own and it does. Attempting to defend ones’ truths causes them to "lose all credibility." This you should give some thought to.
We of your "Families" are here to assist you. Most of the answers you seek will not be withheld, some are on a need to know basis. So many believe they seek in earnest the answers to why they are here, yet do not listen when they hear the answer. We have answered that question many, many times, over and over and over again. As your clocks tick faithfully forward, more of you will come to realize that the answers you seek, you already knew. You may have just forgotten or worse yet, you have sensed them and chosen to ignore them for they seemed far too simple. If it is not complicated, if it is not hard, then it can not be true, right?

Wrong answer. The truth in its most basic form is "Simple."

Allowing yourselves the freedom to believe that you can do anything, you can be anything and that you as yourselves can create or manifest anything is your "God" given right. We ask that you create the world as you would have it, one person at a time. You cannot change the masses without first cleaning your own house. We are here to assist you, the pre-requisite is; that you must first ask. We cannot do it for you. Then you must follow through with what we teach you. If not, you cut off the lines of communication between us. We are only allowed to do what is deemed to be of non-interference. Each of you must be allowed to evolve at your own pace, in your own way. That is what makes each of you unique. When the time is right, each of you will stop your endless searching for the reason why you are there. You are here because you chose to be. Too simple? It is what it is.

As you awaken each morning, examine the images that flowed gently through your mind’s eye as you slept. Differentiate between what you see and what your Soul tells you, leave your intellects out of it. You will come to the understanding that the answers you seek to the questions at hand are right in front of you. It is during the dream state that you are the most responsive to receiving information. Learn to analyze those dreams and recognize them for what they are. They could be warnings, suggestions, or future events about to unfold. Black and white dreams are generally something that has yet to unfold, color is typically the present. Pay attention to the seasons, the clothes people wear, all is important.

We have gone to great lengths to provide you with guidance, now all you have to do is pay attention. There are signs everywhere for those who are looking. The more you listen, observe and respond accordingly, the more that will be shared with you. This is for this "Simple" reason, you have earned it and you can handle it. There are a great many teachers upon this planet who are more than capable of helping you remember what it is you thought you forgot. As you sift through the pages of books or poetry, as you watch movies on your television sets, or as a song begins playing its melody in your heads, remember this is one of the many ways we use to awaken your minds to the truths and realities of your world. Many others such as David who it taking down this for you, or Celestial, are trying to teach you that which you wish to know and show you how to find the answers. Sift through the pages of their websites; it is all there for a reason. They will always know when too much information is not in your best interests. Each evolves at their own speed. There is a time and a place for everything and you can not build a good "Foundation" without first doing the groundwork. Clean the cobwebs out of your lives, get rid of that which you no longer need. What it is that you desire, only you can call to you.

Let us take for example, the ability to manifest. Each of you has it within you, yet few have the discipline to manage it correctly. With every thought you have, you are essentially creating that which you desire, both good and bad. Now many of you would gather to yourselves more money and more material things, without realizing that without the peace and happiness that can only be found from within, the rest is just window dressing. What you seek the most only you can give yourself, no one can do it for you. You can build a mansion upon the sand; it will still sink without the proper foundation beneath it. Until you are at peace with yourself, there will only be chaos in your life. True happiness cannot be bought or sold, it comes from within. The more simplistic that one endeavors to make their life, the easier it is to make the right choices and the less complicated things are.

Getting rid of the garbage is more than taking out the trash once a week. First one must peel away all the layers to get at the seed.

That’s all for now,
Michael and David