Time Is Not On Your Side

"Time Is Not On Your Side"

Our topic for discussion today is a linear topic working within a universal timeframe. As you all know, or should know, we are entering into the end of a cycle. A long awaited, much anticipated, and sorely needed cycle that has finally come about full circle. Not all will recognize it, not all will appreciate it, and not all will come to understand it, until it is too late.

This is Michael speaking to you from far up in the cosmos of what you would consider the "Origins of Creation." In this linear time of present time, all you perceive as truth is in fact two truths. The one you have been relearning is universal truth and the other is the realities that you have all been creating for yourselves. All of you, who are reading this here in this NOW moment, are awakening from your slumbers to rejoin in the combined efforts of mankind with the rest of the universe to raise the frequency and vibration of this planet and its inhabitants. This means all of the inhabitants, to the next level of planetary and personal evolvement. What is required in this now moment is personal responsibility, this means you.

What goes on in the lower frequencies cannot and will not be allowed to carry over into the finer expressions of yourselves on the renewed planet of Terra. Each is responsible for herself/himself in this matter. Ego, greed, fear, corruption, personal degradation of self and/or others and the willful violent acts committed upon others, were the root cause of all of your previous civilizations collapses. This is not to say that it was only human errors in judgment, there was much going on behind the scenes, literally being hidden from you in plain sight. Those of the lower vibrations sought to control and enslave you and a good job they did. They are masters of illusions, they are masters of deceit. They are the ones who have kept you in the dark ages all of these many millennia. You know them now by their acts and their deeds. They are losing control of many of you. Many more have fallen into their traps, you know of whom I speak. Their desire and intent is to use your own weaknesses against you. They accomplish this by delving into the deep dark recesses of your minds to find the one loose thread that you have left unraveled. It is by doing this that they can control you; by feeding your egos, giving you the illusion that much of what you are doing is acceptable and allowed, more often than not by touting personal freedom as the reason for your reactions. Do not be mistaken, what is for many considered "acceptable," truly is not and cannot be allowed entry into your new world.

Each of you has the "gift" of free expression; each has a right to choose his/her own destiny. What you do not have is the right to interfere with another’s free choice expression; whether or not it is part of their original Soul contract for completion of lessons is not your business. Nor do you have the right to interfere with others’ destiny potentials. Every word, every thought, along with every action by any individual Soul will be the basis of their next life experience. Every thought carries an energetic form all of its own, that combined with other similar thought forms create the realities that are present all around you. Thoughts are energy in motion when directed towards another person. Even in the most basic innocence, they carry a residual effect absorbed both by you and the person or persons the thoughts are directed towards. All thoughts should be Love based, it is in this that mankind will arise to the next level of its evolution.

There are far too many fence sitters, meaning those who have not chosen sides in this long awaited period in Earth’s history. The sum of all you are is the combined thoughts, the actions and the deeds performed, as well as those that were not acted upon. Free expression (free will) dictates that you alone choose these. If you choose to relinquish your gift of free will and succumb to another’s will, that is your choice. It is not up to you whether or not your neighbor transcends the mundane and reaches upward in their efforts to gravitate more into the Light of All Lights. It is up to you whether or not you alone make the necessary changes in your own personal life that allows for your own rightful ascension. Each and every one of those adventurous Souls who agreed to incarnate on the Earth Star planet, knew in advance of these times that are encompassing every current now moment. Each one knew of the trials and the tribulations that they would encounter as they traversed the madness that is currently assailing the Earth. Each knew that within them they would find the courage and the fortitude to continue to rise above the lies, the deceit and uncover the truth.

The first slumbering warriors of The Christed Light to awaken were the ones who would help to show the way for all those Souls who were still lost in all the illusions and the madness. They would teach those that they could, those that would listen, and also know when to walk away. These teachers were to be the forefront of the peaceful rebellion that would turn the tide of the dark forces’ control over this planet. These are also the same ones who time after time, have reincarnated to make the difference where possible, whenever possible and to "hold the line," under indescribable resistance from both the dark forces and the inhabitants of Earth who had fallen under the unilluminated spell. Many of the wayshowers too became caught up in the traps of linear time; David can vouch for that one. There are also many amongst you that were once a clear receiver of ancient knowledge and information to help guide the wayshowers along their journeys. Far too many have not used personal discernment and have fallen from The Light. These Souls are now becoming the very thing that they detest; they are aiding the dark in facilitating their web-work of mistruths. Unfortunately, many of these evolving Souls will join the millions of people who will not be ascending with Terra into the higher dimensions.

From My viewpoint I see a good many people who are gravitating towards The Light, every moment there are more and more flickers of light emanating from all over the planet. Not every Soul who moves towards "The Light" will make the journey to Earth’s resting spot. Far too many are carrying excessive baggage in the forms of ego, greed, self centeredness and lack of love for self and others. For many it is their lack of respect of their fellow man/woman and all other of Earths’ life forms. It is only human arrogance to believe that they are Earth’s only intelligent life forms. Thoughts generated are thoughts that have been conceived, what is done out of lust or malefic desire is a lower based thought form. It cannot and will not be allowed to rise into the higher vibrations and contaminate the future Earth. Each person must do a Soul Searching to find their Achilles heel, that which holds them back from becoming all that they can be, all can be a Love filled expression of The Creator and the Creation. Each is an important part of the whole, yet not all will make the journey this time around. It is imperative that everyone give thought to this as it will be the difference between living the life you were destined for, or repeating this experience in another time and in another place. All lessons must be learned in order to rise to the next level. Please to remember, these are the tests and experiences that you agreed to in order to better test yourselves in this lifetime.

In this time of present tense, all that is perceived is happening in the NOW moment. Everything that is being witnessed was meant to be. Everything that needs changing will change, in one form or another. Everything has a purpose whether you know it or not. Everything is an illusion, yet it is not. Every person’s purpose is known only to them at Soul level, yet it is the Greater Purpose for which all are striving towards. Others may view glimpses of things to come, yet not all will unfold as was seen. The future is written, the players are going through their assigned roles. Yet nothing is as it seems for all of it can be changed for better or worse.

In all these NOW moments changes can be made, free expression (free will) allows for all possibilities. These moments that are your perceived present tense have already occurred in the continuum, that which is the future as well as your past. All the seeds that have been planted have been growing. Some are flourishing and others are already being harvested. In this present tense of NOW, certain dictums have been laid forth. All karmic lessons can be fulfilled in the NOW moments of your futures. The Creator along with The Creation has decreed that any lessons that are left unfulfilled at this point may be dealt with at an accelerated rate, so that all who walk within "The Light" may continue into the future times of Earth’s ascension into the higher vibrations. Let me remind you that may have forgotten and also those who are just beginning to see "The Light" that Earth is and has been a school house planet. A place where experiences are lessons and lessons learned are experiences that do not and should not be repeated.

Pay careful attention here, everything you have not dealt with can be reconciled by you, acknowledged and put to rest in order to open and properly access the doorways to your future selves. This is an opportunity to transcend above the 3rd dimensional madness that has engulfed this planet and its inhabitants, and rise up to the next level of evolution. This, in plain words means you will not have to repeat lessons that have been already fulfilled. It is a chance to quickly resolve any personal issues you have with yourself and rise up beyond your own personal con-ditioning. Everybody has the ability, yet not everyone has the desire. Many will choose to keep repeating every lesson until they reach that saturation point where they have had enough of the experience. Those who do choose to rise above the accepted norm and stand in their truths will then be listening to their Soul Voice, not the preprogrammed responses of their intellects. Where do you think fear comes from? It is a programmed response that you initiated, cultivated and told yourself was acceptable.

People can make quantum leaps in their own evolution if they only allow themselves to do so. Far too many are afraid of failing. Would it surprise you to know that just as many are afraid to succeed? Again, every person has the ability, yet not all have the desire. Their own insecurities run far too deep. Many of these people you must deal with will be loved ones, family members, life long friends. It is the part of living your own truths that dictates when you must leave others behind. They will be those who are holding you back from embracing your future and your own destiny. It is not always easy to leave someone behind who refuses change, one who refuses to rise up above themselves. This must always be done by remaining passionately detached from the situation, just as one would do if they were merely an observer, someone who is there to bear witness to an event and at the same time not being allowed to interfere in an other’s free expression choices. Everyone must walk their own path in order to seek their own truths. Everyone must have the courage to make the choices that lead them into their next set of choices. Everyone must be true to themselves first and foremost, or they cannot teach another.

Karmic lessons are self imposed. They were designed or created by you to test your own resolve and personal convictions. They are also a balancing of the scales, a way to counterbalance the events of another lifetime. Each life experience brings with it a myriad of possibilities. It is through your own free will choices that thoughts generated are experienced later. Body, mind and Spirit, the essence of who you are, is a culmination of that which was created by yourselves through all your past experiences and into your present form.

Everything is thought in action. Thought forms exist on many different levels. It is when the thought that is created links with other similar thought forms that massive changes occur. Take for example the desire for peace. It is the cumulative gathering of all similar thought patterns that enact the changes necessary to bring it into manifestation. This applies to everything.

In today’s society, many of you are Spiritual teachers (Light Workers or Light Weavers) who are working to make the necessary changes while teaching others of what you know to be the truth. Many however are working under the false assumption that all information received is from The Christed Realm. Many, however sad to say, are erroneously believing that they are increasing their natural abilities through the use of alcohol and other "chemical substances." To those who are working or attempting to work under these influences, we respectfully request you stop this practice immediately. The good you "think" you are doing, does not balance the scales with the harm that you are Creating by adding the residue of these influences into the messages being sent outward. Whether these communiqués are through teachings, writings, personal psychic readings for others, or the act of public speaking does not matter. These energies not only hurt yourselves, they will, and you can quote me on this, "KEEP YOU FROM ASCENDING WITH EARTH." Everything you know to be true comes from Soul Voice, whether it is from a conscious or sub-conscious level. You will be kept from your rightful place among the stars and remedial lessons will be required.

Each level of understanding comes from a form of achievement or accomplishment. No one is perfect, if you were you would not be there, you would be at home reunited with The Creator and all levels of experiencing would have been completed. This hopefully will not happen for many lifetimes to come. Relatively speaking you are all "Young Souls." Your road ahead has just begun. It is not the lessons learned, it is the lessons learned "well" that influence your ascension to the next level of testing. It is not what you think you know, it is what you don’t know that can hold you back. Each level is an achievement, it is not the end-all. Remember the words that have been spoken for as long as you can remember, "A life well lived is its own reward."

Time is and has been an illusion. Time is no longer constant, it is collapsing, moreover it is evaporating into the Now moments that all other parts of The Creation exist in. In the future now moments I can already see the changes that have been desired and manifested in full bloom. The world as you would have it, already is. With every moment you will find time slipping away, your final chance to rise above yourself is approaching faster and faster.

Time is a luxury you do not have.

I shall leave you with a thought, If you could change yourself in a moment’s notice, would you? Then why don’t you? What is past is past, what is now is always now. This is the moment you have all been waiting for, the moment you have all worked so hard for, for so many, many, different lifetimes. Will you not allow yourself to ascend the final steps and fulfill this part of your destinies? The choice is yours, as it has always been. You will not be judged, for in time all will find their way.

In closing I would like to add,

"In the continuum everything is peaceful on Earth."
You have that to look forward to.
This is Michael signing off…..

Transmission received by David