Heralding the Arcturians

"Heralding the Arcturians"

Greetings one and all, we who are a consortium of voices from the planet of Arcturus send you our fondest regards. We are watching, we are HERE, we always have been. Many months ago during your linear timeline of October 2008, we along with our brothers and sisters from other star clusters arrived here en masse, aboard our ships of Light. Some of us descended down to the planet to be of assistance to both our walk-in forces as well as our Earth-born cousins. We stayed; we are among many of you now, though most know it not. We are here to observe your progress on all levels as well as to be of assistance when deemed necessary, during these tumultuous, unprecedented times here on the Earth star planet. A timeline long awaited…we must add. Time after time we have come in peace offering your elected officials the wisdom of our experience in matters concerning the welfare and enhancement of the human race. Time and time again we left disappointed by their unjustified indifferences towards us. Our offerings of assistance to help correct the overwhelming problems that this planet and you as a species faced, was defiantly ignored. Our only goal in these heartfelt, genuinely peaceful pursuits was to assist in the physical and Spiritual unification of all our races. This time we are here to stay for the betterment of this planet, which by the way, is ON LOAN to you.

The human race is a curios race, many of you believe so adamantly that you are the only intelligent lifeforms in this Universe. We can and will prove those unbelievers wrong when the time is right. We monitor your communications, such as your internet requests for information regarding other civilized Universal beings. We are aware of your desires for us to make our presence unequivocally known to you. However we do understand as should you, that the timing of such an event has to be right, otherwise the chaos that would erupt could be quite literally devastating to your populace. This is not an acceptable option, for your safety and that of our emissaries is foremost on our minds. So be patient, it will happen when the timing is right. Just knowing we are here should bring some comfort to you as the duality continues to play out its hand here on Earth.

We patrol and protect the planetary grid as well as the skies overhead with our peacekeeping forces; we have for many years in fact, so do not think that we have just arrived, for we have not. The entire Universe watches with genuinely keen interest the affairs of the human race for many reasons. We all are your ancestors so we should never leave you totally on your own, especially at this early stage of your development. In the earliest years of this planet things were much simpler; we were accepted by the indigenous races. To them we were known as the Bird Tribes, for to them we arrived in our chariots from the skies. Well, we the Bird Tribes, from many diverse races, have returned once again to make our presence know to ALL of you, so keep your eyes open, for we are everywhere. Undoubtedly many of you have seen our Ships in the skies overhead. Yes, your governments are well aware of our presence, they always have been. For reasons that will soon become apparent, their reasons for this will become known. Then watch as the Shift Hits the proverbial Fan.

Today we should like to share with you some of observations concerning the sustainability as well as the evolution of this planet. As many of you have become aware this planet is undergoing a form of Teleformation. It is moving out of the realms of linear time. Yes, the North and South poles have been readjusted to allow Earth to transition herself into the higher frequencies which are currently elevating and enveloping this planet. Will there be a complete pole reversal in the times ahead-no. These planetary realignments are only done when specific gridlines have intersected, when the human race has demonstrated its readiness to ascend to a higher level of evolvement or de-evolvement… as the case has been in the past. A "fine tuning" you may more aptly term this procedure. So please understand that many of the physical effects you are currently experiencing are intentionally being initiated for the betterment (ascension) of this planet. The global warming as you would call it is also a natural occurrence, so do not be too alarmed by this. Yes, in time there will be many areas where the oceans waters will cover previously dry lands. We will give the occupants of these areas plenty of time to relocate as necessary. You will also notice the subtle shifting of continents, being forewarned is forearmed. Please note; mountains move as well. The benefit to these planetary shifts that most of you has yet to realize is that once this transformation has run full cycle you will find that nearly all of this planet will be habitable, unlike it is in its present state.

Before we go any further we should clarify something else about this global warming phenomenon you are currently undergoing. Yes, your skies are atrociously polluted; your oxygen levels are extremely low, your waterways are presently becoming almost entirely uninhabitable to the life forms which live in them, the soils are overused, toxic, under nourished and almost spent. Your food supplies as well as your physical bodies are contaminated with pesticides and other pollutants. Your human bodies and your water supplies have unhealthy levels of pharmaceuticals and other contaminants which you have accepted as a necessary evil all in the name of progress and let us not forget, the eternal quest for long life. Your reliance on fossil fuels, the unsafe practices of extracting these materials and abusive consumption of other natural resources has nearly taken the life of your planet. You should be pleased that so many of us are here and care about your wellbeing, otherwise it may have become necessary to cleanse this planet completely, once again. We see this intentionally deliberate contamination of all your planetary resources as a major step backwards in your evolution. You as a species have unknowingly become a liability to this planet; in fact, you came seriously close to costing her-her life. In this current timeline, you have the opportunity to correct all the mistakes of your past. We suggest you take this to heart; the time for personal procrastination on all levels is at an end. Many good Souls are currently incarnate here on this planet and they are working on ways to alleviate these problems, they need your help. Contrary to popular beliefs among many of your metaphysical groups is that we are here to FIX all of your problems. We are not. This is a job you must undertake. We will assist and guide you as needed, however it is time for all of you to take personal responsibility for either your actions or lack of action and correct the mistakes of your past…by working together for the GOOD of ALL.

Another subject which is noteworthy at this time is the amazing numbers of new-to-you species which are making their presence known all over this planet. Some are the reemergence of lifeforms from days gone past, like your Loch Ness Monster. Some are evolutionary changes, some are due to the intermixing of various species, and some are entirely new lifeforms which have never before existed here on this planet. Those of you who are rolling with the changes are undoubtedly noticing their desire to communicate and to co-exist with all of you. It is indeed an exciting time to be alive… is it not?

As we mentioned to you above, our combined Universal peacekeeping forces are protecting you from the deliberate assaults of the lesser evolved civilizations who would like to continue their abuse of this planet and all of you. We are evident in your skies, we are here and we will not be leaving. The continued stability and continuity of all our civilizations relies upon this. Most of you have no idea of the implications your decisions have on the rest of this Universe. So how can you help us to help you? Be aware, be willing to make major changes in your lifestyles, seek out the truth, live those truths and question everything. Lose all your petty differences, stop your killings and start acting as a unified race of beings, as a TRUE Human Being. You are from good stock so this should not be all that difficult to achieve. There are many of you who are currently choosing to leave this planet, for the times ahead will be challenging to say the least. Please take heart in knowing that you are each up to these challenges. As your populations become more focused you will find that there will be abundance for all who remain here on the Earth Star planet. Your desire for a better life will come from the realms of oneness.

Before you start thinking that we favor any of you over the other let us put this to rest, you are all our kin and we have all of your best interests at heart in every endeavor we undertake. The human race is far too important to let it continue its decline into Spiritual suicide. Spirituality is vastly misunderstood here, it is in its most simplest of terms the union between yourself, all of you, all of us, with the rest of Creation and The Creator. Do yourself a favor and rise above the moral decadence of the masses and see the Godliness you are to epitomize. We do understand your curiosity about us, we appreciate that. However at this time we ask that you remain focused on the tasks at hand there in your own world. It is worthy of much attention. If you do choose to leave this lifetime now, do it for the right reasons, do it because you have done ALL that you currently are able to do. Others will pick up where you have left off and they will continue as they have always done, to teach others of all that has been long forgotten. We ourselves as a race went through a similar period in our own evolution so do not feel as if you are the first ones to go through these trying times, for you most certainly are not. And no, in case you are wondering, you will not be the last. Some of you may deem these times, these overhauls of personal and planetary values as nearly impossible. Some of you may still believe that we are here to do the work for you, which we are not. We are here to assist you in every way possible so that you may HELP YOURSLF. If we were to clean up your mess, solve all your problems and put humpty dumpty back together again, what would you have learned? Nothing, we venture to say. Call upon us if you feel the need, we are only a mere thought away.

In the timelessness of NOW times that lie before you, we will be back to share with you other insights and observations we have made along the way that may be of assistance to you. Remember, Life is for the LIVING, so get to it. Good Day.

Transmission received by David