A Need to Know

The Golden Now IS the timelessness of the "Continuum."
The Continuum is where all events (past, present and future)
occur simultaneously, only on different energy planes.
Energy planes equate to what you commonly refer to as "Dimensions."

"A Need to Know"

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to all who have ventured thus far into what you linear-timers term the "twenty-first century." You are among the few who have made the cut so to speak, for you have endured the onslaught of abuse forced upon you by the dark overlords. These tenacious ones have quite literally and yes, quite effectively attempted to control your every thought as well as your physical movements and status placement for as long as the human race has been in existence. It has not been an easy road for any of you, yet you, as Soul, have for the most part, overcome their diabolical plans for you. Those of you who are still left standing and Spiritually intact are the "Front Line" of defense for God’s passionate rehabilitation of this world. Kudos to each and every one of you. Yes, we know that not all of you are being active participants in this present highly charged and anticipated timeline that is geared to change the world around you. Yet the fact remains that as each of you must do your part by keeping your Spirits high and your expectations in check. In doing so you are contributing to the endless expansion of our Creative endeavors as well as assisting in the Divine process of uplifting the Human Spirit and condition.

Now you may wonder why we chose this topic of discussion for the day and we shall get to that in a moment. We are first going to comment on some of your responses to our previous message that we transmitted through this receiver of our truths. We see that many of you were distraught by our decision to inform you that we would not be fixing the problems of your world by waving our magic wands and cleaning up your air and water and so forth. Our intent was not to offend you, nor was it to imply that we are not willing, able and ready to help you. We were simply attempting to "prompt" those of you who are still doing nothing. This goes for those who are learning, but not applying what they have learned and thus failing to move forward. We are not here to win a popularity contest, it is best if you do not desire it for yourself either, for it will be a wasted effort. The masses are not ready for the truths you are about to share with them. First, you must understand that it is your responsibility to get the ball rolling one person at a time if necessary, while simultaneously dealing with your planetary problems in the same fashion.

You, the people, must first take personal responsibility for allowing this world and the human Spirit to fall into decay. Acknowledgement of this fact is the first step to en-light-enment. We, (the Star Keepers and Wisdom Keepers) did not do it. God did not do it. He merely allowed you to follow your hearts and hopefully trust your intuitions. You were each born-in knowing the difference between right and wrong and have made your choices accordingly….right or wrong. That is what free expression is all about….non interference…freedom of expression. Now that you know that this world has not turned out as it was originally intended to and you can now also clearly see how all of the dis-organized chaos originally transpired and the cause and effect of your personal decisions of non-interference, (lack of taking a pro-active stance in your own behalf,) allowed it to bring you into the current state your world and populace(s) are in, perhaps now you can use the lessons from your previous erroneous decisions to alter the conditions of the current ongoing test. "Test," you say. Why yes, do you still not remember that this is a schoolhouse planet, one in which you are the students? Let us remind you that you as the students of humanity are also the teachers for the upcoming generations of "you" who will follow your lead. We love you far too much to interfere with your personal choices; therefore we would not dream of robbing you of the experience of righting the wrongs of the past here and now in the present. We will, we are, here to assist you, however we will not do it all for you.

Now let us move on.. "A need to know." What does that mean to you? What would you tell your children this means?……………. Ok, now that you have had time to think about that for a moment we shall proceed. Long, long ago, it was decided by the God and High Council of this Universe that you children, and yes, we did say "children," because you are a very young race of Beings compared to many others in existence, that certain timelines would align and intersect in each of your personal journeys. This would in effect be one of the deciding factors of when you would have a need to know about certain events and other pertinent information that was relevant to your ascension process and personal, as well as planetary, growth. And yet we recognized at the same time that there would be some information that must remain on a need to know basis until such a time as you were ready or really were in need of the information.

For example, over the years we have filtered information to this world through different receivers pertaining to your world’s need to embrace and integrate various forms of free form energy. We taught these Souls the basics; they acted upon those sudden inspirations of knowledge by Creating prototypes of these basic fundamentals. We taught them to Create various free, nontoxic, energy sources. The problems arose when the powers that be suppressed this knowledge to further continue their hold over all of you. Their tenacious hold over you brings to mind the statement "puppets on a string," for that is how they played you in the past. Now is your time to declare – "NO LONGER." Now it is time to dig through the archives of your patent offices and other secreted caches and breathe new life into these new to you old ideas. How does this pertain to a need to know? In the past, before your industrial age, you would have not had the technology to bring them into manifestation and now you do… so proceed with confidence and let no one lead you astray.

Now let us take this a step further; as you are indeed in a time when you have a need to know. Life on this world is about to change abruptly. What you once considered as the way it is you shall find will soon be no longer. As your world continues on with the cleansing process that is underway and you and she continue to uproot anything whose foundation was built with dark intent, anything that was corrupt, or had con-trolling or personal ambitions at others’ expense, will be torn up, dismantled or obliterated. This includes what you have come to accept as the norm. Things such as monetary systems, corrupt forms of representation on all levels, erroneous teachings and so on, you will find will no longer function. One side effect of this house cleaning process is that many of your fellow men and women will be acting out by being irrational and wanting to take from those who have, even to the point of them illogically justifying each of you, as acceptable casualties of war. In other words, they will have no problem considering you as expendable as a means to satisfy their own immediate personal needs.

What is it that you need to watch out for? In a word…EVERYTHING! The have-nots, the Spiritually devoid, the first-second and the still third dimensional thinkers will try to take from those that have, from those who have prepared themselves and from those that are vastly different from themselves. This will continue until such time as they can no longer get to you. Then they will begin to feed upon each other in their desperation to survive. You are seeing examples of this occurring all over this planet from Somalia to Mexico, the Middle East and everyplace in-between. Many of these countries will not survive. And please, do not be naive and believe it will not, it could not, happen in the areas you live in. Hungry people become desperate. As the economies of this world fail and the peoples’ needs are not being met, those that still exist in a second or third dimensional way of thinking, will be acting out in in their death throes and it will not be a pretty sight for any of us to have to bear witness to. Yes, one of your purposes for being here is to help one another to see the Light in any way possible and to also lend a helping hand. But please remember, if you lend a helping hand to someone who knows no better they will bite the hand that feeds them.

We do encourage each of you to remain passionately detached from the mayhem that will ensue in the days ahead. We also encourage you be consciously aware of your surroundings at all times. This pertains to people, places and of course, things. Refrain from descending into negative thought patterns. When they arise discover their point of origin. Isolate the source of discontent and DEAL with it.

Be prepared to protect yourself from some of the most unlikely persons and situations. . Water shortages will continue to be a major problem so act accordingly when confronted with these life sustainable problems. As much as it pains us to say this, for we know as you do, that it goes against everything that we are, everything we believe in, these are not normal times. Your personal protection and wellbeing must come first. So utilize any means available to you to achieve these objectives. If you do not take care of yourself first and foremost then you can not be of assistance to others when you are needed most. As both Celest and David know, this is of utmost importance. Over a year ago, we advised them to start doing everything together, although they were already doing so. What changed is their observance of each other in their present home environment. We encouraged them to keep a watchful eye on each other whenever one or the other had to, say, go outside for a moment. One goes out; the other keeps a watchful eye on the other till they return inside. They use walkie talkies to communicate with one another when out of sight. Consider it the "buddy system" taken one step further.

And please, do not worry about memory lapses. As each of you progresses further into an exalted state of Be-ing, into existing and becoming One with the Golden Now, the past, present and future will be merged into one entity, which IS the Now. What you did in a previous moment has already occurred and may not necessarily be carried into the present Now moment. No you are not having a bout with Alzheimer disease. If you were not being affected by temporary memory lapses then there may be cause for concern. The Golden Now IS the timelessness of the "Continuum." The Continuum is where all events (past, present and future) occur simultaneously, only on different energy planes. Energy planes equate to what you commonly refer to as "Dimensions."

As food shortage intensify, as people start to provide for their own families and other loved ones, as food contaminations continue to rise, as commonly sought after items become less available to you, as distribution channels are interrupted, you will find a need to work together with other like-minded individuals to provide for each others’ needs. Expect racial tensions to rise. Expect religious zealots to try to forcefully enact their version, their interpretation of end time events. This is not the end times, this is the time of New Beginnings, the time of God here on Earth once again. Erratic weather patterns, extreme low oxygen environments everywhere, pollution and the like are playing a major role in low quality food sources. Even careless, distracted workers and the uncertain environments surrounding all employment venues will play a keen part in the unsatisfactory production of everything, every service, including food production. Double check everything; we know it is not a pleasant thought. People are distracted; when they are not focused on the job at hand they will make mistakes. Provide for yourselves as much as possible, learn to become self sufficient. Learn how to grow your own food. Research natural health remedies. Re-learn the ancient ways. You have spent the last twenty years re-learning the ancient teachings of your ancestors, reacquiring ancient knowledge of how and what it means to be human. Spend a little time seeing how people provided for themselves before the "modern technological age" presented itself. What worked then, will still work now. Unfortunately, most of this knowledge has been lost to the present generations, as they have embraced on demand, self-gratifying, societal roles.

Be prepared for the long haul, what you are witnessing occurring all around you is just the tip of the iceberg and the iceberg is melting. Make sure your personal and Spiritual foundations are strong; you will need them in the days ahead. No, it is not our intention to incite fear amongst you; our intention is as always to educate you. Being forewarned is being forearmed. How you react to the truth is completely up to you. You must be prepared however, this world did not fall into decay overnight and it will not be serendipitously resurrected overnight. It will take time and patience to reeducate the masses so that they in turn may go on to teach the future generations of "you" who are yet to come. Live your life, cherish all life above all else. You should each feel blessed and honored to have chosen and been chosen to be here in the present; to have the opportunity to watch and participate in the unveiling of the Golden Now.

On a special note we also highly recommend each of you take the time to read and re-read Gods latest book "Beyond the Veil ~ Epiphanies from God." – God’s truths and revelations for today and tomorrow. He has much to say to each of you and it is timely information for the ascendancy of the human Spirit. He has waited a long time to have His voice heard on this world of His by all of His Children. He has taken the time to share with you what He deems to be of importance for each of you to know concerning the times you have come from, as well as the times which presently are and those that shall come before you. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity or you may not be as forearmed as you otherwise could be. Another perspective is that each of you has earned the right to have a need to know.

These are just some of the things you need to be aware of. Trust that your feelings and intuitions will guide you, trust that you will be given the information you need when you need it. Try not to miss, or worse yet, ignore the signs when they present themselves. This is a small part of what it means to be taking personal responsibility for your actions and re-actions to situations and circumstances as co-Creator(s) of this Universe. We shall gift you with another tidbit of information you may or may not have embraced in the past. The word "uni" simply translated means "one." Combined with the word "verse" it then becomes a powerful presence known as "Universe." One verse, one song. I Am, We Are, Everything Is – ONE.

We are a collective of Voices from throughout this Universe along with David of Arcturus. These are just some of our thoughts, observances and insights of what is as well as what is about to begin to transpire here on Earth. Keep a watchful eye out, remember that you are the guardians on the Watch Tower, you are the minute men, you are the current caretakers of this world and are therefore responsible for the well-being of all life-forms that reside upon her. Most importantly, you are the Beacons of Light that illuminate the Light House. You each are a Light House, signaling, beckoning to others, helping them to find their way back home. We encourage each of you when you awake each morning, put a smile upon your face and then greet the rising Sun. Then thank Terra (the planet Earth) for all that she provides for you and then…..by all means…..Get On With the Day.

We bid you…..Good Day.

Transmission received by David