Epiphanies and 2012

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Epiphanies and 2012


Melena of Arcturus


I bid you all a warm welcome from all of us who watch your symbiotic dance of change from above. I am the one known as “Melena”. I am what many of you refer to as a Master Teacher, I graduated from the Earth Star Walk long ago. I am here in Divine service and David and I would like to share with you some truths about the year 2012 that you may not have realized or even considered.

I realize that there is a fear mode that exists about things you do not understand. This is “a given;” for we must take into consideration many Earthizens’ current levels or stages of evolution. I know that many of you have diligently studied and follow the Mayan teachings of long ago and have found out, or believed you have come to a better understanding of what they tried to share with you. First of all, the Mayan calendar is an astrological event, one that was calculated by glimpsing forward into possible future timelines through the examination of specific planetary alignments. They knew from our earliest teachings that each planet has its own specific force or magnetic pull and that when a planet is in direct alignment with either an allied or opposing planet, that the impacts can be felt on every other planet within a specific solar system. They calculated very well. They saw the strong possibility that there would be at this timeline a shift into a higher state of consciousness by the human race. It was not only possible but probable. You may wish to research the significance of the Cardinal Grand Cross planetary alignment that is now and will continue for the next 2.3 years to greatly impact upon your world. I would be amiss to say that although the Mayan calculations were for the most part accurate, they lacked certain pertinent information that would have been useful in determining the outcome of this completion of the current cycle of human evolution.

The Mayans knew better than to believe in coincidence, they knew everything happened for a reason and there was a science to the methodology they used that allowed them to calculate and summarize their conclusions. They utilized what so few of you have yet to fully comprehend. They knew instinctively that science could only take them so far. Calculations are always made with a variable and the one variable that they used that your scientists have yet to discover is the Spiritual aspect of the Creative process. Simple mathematics only takes you so far. Sacred geometry is one form of the Universal language, yet by itself it is only a part of the whole. In order to completely understand how everything works you must be able to blend all the elements together; the practical, the Spiritual and the other variants that you have only begun to understand. For example, a higher awareness of the basics of quantum physics must be understood and integrated. You must also be aware of the need to factor in the Universal laws governing the Creation process. Above all else, you must believe in sanctity of all life.

Tesla had a grasp on all of this, unfortunately his overseers perverted his teachings and subsequently transformed them into various forms of weaponry designed to control the elemental forces. This was not the reason this information was shared with him, however as you know that which is given in love can often be contorted into something perverse if not used properly. I am one of many who are the teachers of humanity; we share freely with those who are ready and willing to accept our sage advice. Those who are receptive to our tutelage can enhance their way of life. We are as you would say; limited by the amount of information we can share at any one given time. Truth can only be shared in increments, too much and it will either undermine our good efforts, or could possibly exceed your ability to assimilate it in a positive manner. There is so much you do not know and so much you believe you are ready to understand, which is in the “present tense,” untimely. We have shared technology with your governments in the hopes of Creating equality among all your nations.

They have intentionally suppressed this information and kept it from reaching the public in an attempt to continue to postulate their own visions of utopian societies. Now I know too much information is not a good thing, however to make the necessary advancements as a unified race of beings, we will begin in the near future to share information with you that is currently above your present level. We, out of necessity, must bring you along faster than we originally intended because so many prominent people, those in positions of influence, have amended their Soul contracts and altered their futures by deciding not to fulfill their preordained missions. All of you must work in harmony with each other. What is good for the masses must be shared unconditionally, this is very important. If conditions are imposed on any technological advances that are shared with you than this would negate all the higher energies that are associated with these gifts.

2012 has been earmarked by the doomsayers as the end of all life. It has also been heralded by many as the unequivocal entrance of a higher level of consciousness which will envelope this world. It has been said that during this timeline the planetary poles will shift and life on this world would be thrown back into the Stone Age, or quite possibly all life will cease to be. Yes, the poles have been shifting thanks to our help and they will continue to do so. However, it will take many more of your Earth years before any major polar shifts will occur that will immediately impact upon your wellbeing. So stay focused, stay out of fear, view all changes as they really are, they are Light inspired and positive.

I must say, you were not far from this extinction event occurring a mere 50 years ago. If it had not been for the desires of Earth herself to survive you may have very well manifested these end times into reality. She had a different plan in mind though and you are all reaping the benefits of her wisdom, so please do not waste this precious gift she has bestowed upon each of you (the allotment of more time to set things right). She knew what few of you ever thought necessary to realize, that she could no longer give more of herself to allow you as a species to evolve without jeopardizing her own physical being. She knew and it was agreed upon by the God of this Universe that the human race was destined to be welcomed into the Universal brotherhood of galactic races. So she took it upon herself to ask for help to keep her planetary body alive. Now mind you, she could have CHOSEN to let this orb die and she as Soul, could have evolved into another aspect of herself.

Now, where would that have left all of you?

Each Soul has a destiny, a purpose for being, whether it is here on this world or traversing untold numbers of Universes in search of their next place of destiny. I cannot tell you what each of your destinies are, that is up to you to find out. I can tell you that your presences here on Earth at this moment are critical to the continued evolution of the Human species as a whole. Your thought patterns, their direction and their intensity of focus will shape your future realities. Say for example that the masses of this world become intent on manifesting some form of Armageddon as a means to bring closure to the old way of life here. What this will mean for all of you who remain is a prolonged period before the reformation of this planet can come into complete manifestation. Now, those of you who are reading this at this present time know that you can only change what you can change; this pertains to the Universal Law of Non-interference just as it pertains to impacting upon another’s destiny. If you wish to change this world for the better then you must reach out to others and educate them without forcing it upon them. How do you do this? Quite simple. Do as Celest and David do, share what it is you know through whichever means are available to you. Reach out and touch people with words that utter the reassurance of sincerity and purpose by offering them an option to the reality they are used to dealing with. Most people are open to change if you can present your facts and reasons to them clearly and without any threatening or forceful intents.

Now, since 2012 is just another date on your linear time calendars and the lack of pressure you should all feel about this non-cataclysmic date is firmly seated in your conscious mind, I would like to tell you what you can do for yourself to better be prepared for the others who are not as well versed as yourself. Start living in the Now. You are not limited to one form of reality; you can be in two places at the same time. In other words, you can view the affairs of the people of this world in all its lower density lunacy from a detached position, while simultaneously existing on a higher plane where the energies are smoother and more conducive to your ever changing physical vehicles. As you practice this balancing act you will find that more of your cells will transform and be absorbing more light particles. Your heartbeat will slow, your breathing will become shallower and your sensitivity to all aspects of your surrounding will become much more acute. As this happens, use the tools you have gathered along the way to suppress or at least to alleviate the harshness associated with being in close proximity to various gross energies.

A mass migration is occurring all over this world, humans and animals alike. Follow your instincts, your “gut feelings” if you will. Stay out of logic or it may be your undoing. Logic has brought the human species to its knees; your utilization of your sentience will rid you of ill-founded logic. If you feel compelled to relocate be sure you are doing so for all the right reasons. If you do so only out of fear and uncertainty then you are following the wrong guidance. Yes, there is a sense of urgency in the air, however please remember that you have had your entire lifetime to prepare you for this gridline. If you have done so adequately then you will be prepared for whatever comes your way. If you have not then you will learn, you may fall and you will then decide if you have what it takes to get back up and try again. You cannot fail yourself if you try, you will fail yourself if you sit back and analyze every move and wait for a flashing light to lead you onwards. You have already made the correct decision before you entered into this world, now it is up to you to follow the breadcrumbs you laid out for yourself to follow. Most of the children of this world have ignored virtually every sign informing them that they were on the wrong path. Do not follow others; follow your own instincts, those that emerge from the marriage of the mind and Soul Voice.

Now what is an “epiphany” and why is it important at this time? Your dictionary defines it as:

A sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence.

Does this make sense to you? If 2012 is an epiphany then it is your responsibility to help bring this into manifestation. Do you see the connection here to the turbulence of the mass consciousness of this world at this moment and the epiphany of 2012? Do you think this battle that is raging on between those that have and do not want to let go and those that have little or nothing to sustain themselves, is a phase that will as in times past soon burn itself out? Can you truthfully look out into the world and see the imbalance, the injustice, that prevails on all levels and console yourselves by thanking God that you are better off than they are? Does your heart not weep? Are you still willing to sit idly by and do nothing when you have the power to enact changes, small or big? You have always had the power, it is the differences which exist amongst you that has divided and segregated each of you from the other. These differences that you have allowed to shape your realities have diffused your power base. It is time to take it back.

I could look back into any one of your lives, back to any of your previous incarnations, without exceptions; do you want to know two of the commonalities that unite all of you? One, you are all part of All That Is, you are all an aspect of God in physical form. Two, you have been in physical form in all the colors that now separate you. No longer can you afford to see only black or white, red or yellow, you need to see each other as the splendid Rainbow colored individuals each of you are. If not, you will never in this lifetime be able to find that finer aspect of Self. Do you now know why you are here and what it is you need to do? You are not alone, the God of this Universe sees to that.

Now shall we take a look at another aspect of the word epiphany? This word is also defined as:

Appearance of god: the supposed manifestation of a divine being.

Divine being… that which you are. Divine being… that which is God (by whatever name you choose to call Him/Her). Divine being… that which connects all of Creation together. Divinely inspired… that time that is now, that is ushering in the changes that are occurring throughout this Universe on the behalf of all who are a part of this realm. Is it supposition? No, my dear ones, this is fact. You were all chosen to participate at this time by the one known as God. He/She chose you all because of your resilience in past times, because of your steadfastness to holding the light when no other light was present. You have all been chosen because He knew that when things were at their worst you would be at your best and that is how you will triumph over adversity. If you want proof of the manifestation of a Divine being at this time, then you need look no further than in a mirror and look at your own reflection. Once you can see this in yourself then, maybe, you can begin to see the same in others. This act alone will bring closure to lifetimes of muddling your way through the dark dankness that has permeated this world. Manifestation… this is thought in activated form, thought is an energy, and it requires nothing more of you than intent. It is your focused thoughts combining with all similar thought forms which will allow the human race to rise above the moral turpitude of the masses. I am here to tell you that I see many of your lights shining brighter and brighter every day and that many of you are exceeding your own expectations of yourself. This is not by chance or happenstance. If you are aware…then You ARE awakened. So stop sitting on the sidelines. You are no longer among those who are still slumbering their way through life without a clue or a care or a reason to believe they should have a clue or a care about what has been plaguing the human psyche for so long. Once you have made your choice for survival by seeking your Spiritually enlightened Self, then all assistance will be granted for your continued success. You will not fail, for failure is not an option. Not all of you will see this through to the end, for there are many bridges to mend, many more still that need to be torn down. For some, this may be more than they can handle at this juncture. This is their choice and one that none shall judge them for.

So now you are wondering what will come of all your efforts. Briefly said, you will be building a new civilization, one where war, poverty, greed and abuse to self and to others will be a thing of the past. You will find that new technologies will present themselves that will make your lives more comfortable and much less complicated. You will see an end to hunger as new ways of procuring the substances you need for survival are met with everyone’s best interests at heart. You will see that money or the collection of it will not be the driving force in your lives. You will share with each other equally the natural resources of this planet without abusing them.

In the times ahead you will find that the need for pharmaceuticals and repetitive trips to the doctors will be a thing of the past. You will know intuitively, instinctively, how to heal yourself and whatever you need assistance with there will be many who can offer this to you. Drugs and pharmaceuticals are of lower vibration and thus they will not be tolerated in the days to come, your bodies would revolt against them, just as they are doing now. Natural remedies, those lost with the myths and legends of the past will resurface and you will find that through the proper use of these natural remedies your lives will be greatly extended. Living two or three hundred years if you choose will not be out of the question. You will find that your neighbors from distance planets will be able to meet with you on your own turf, to work hand in hand with you to advance the Creation Process. Ascended Masters will be able to visit and offer teachings to those who desire this, or are in need of them. Some life forms that no longer exist on Earth will return and once again flourish. Many of your current animal and plant life forms will cease to exist on this plane and transition to other worlds that are conducive to their own Spiritual evolvement.

Forget your concerns with 2012, you have enough to deal with just getting through the remainder of 2011. If you want to do something really great with your life… then have an epiphany. The life you save may be your own.

Melena and David of Arcturus

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