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"Ongoing Changes"


“Pattern Breakers!”


Here we are virtually through the Earth Star date of 2011 with the much anticipated and for many, greatly feared 2012 looming on the horizon. With so much going on everywhere and NESARA’s winds of change doing what they were meant to do, which is altering this world from what it has been into a better place to be, no longer do the people of Earth view this as "a storm on the horizon." The winds are cleansing and purifying this planet for the generations to come and yes, there is much excitement in the ethers. This time has been long awaited as the correct gridline for the emergence of a new generation of beings being born here. Time and time again in the past, these changes have almost come into fruition here on the Earth Star planet and yet time and time again, the changes have been suppressed. No longer though. And it is good thing too.

I realize many of you out there are confused and anxious for the changes to come full cycle and I remind you that patience is required here. Change does not happen overnight, in fact most changes take millennia to unfold and then come into full manifestation. Fortunately for all of us, this will not happen this time around, so we still have a little time to get our house in order. However the changes that we, you and I, are awaiting shall take time to sort out. Belief systems must first be challenged, people must take a stand for what they believe in and the truth must be allowed to come forth and then all your worthy efforts to awaken your sleeping Earthizen brethren shall be rewarded. I am one of many who are here to be instrumental in bringing in these changes, in fact….. all of us are.

Since the times of Atlantis we have all waited and searched diligently for the intersection of the right grid lines to appear when all of this could become possible, and appear they now have. What was once the status quo and deemed acceptable is a vessel that is no longer holding water. People are demanding change and it will come, although somewhat painfully slow in many cases, change it all will. We watch as the economies of the world get a wakeup call and the magnifying glass is out and uncovering the tools of the trade that the money lenders have imposed upon the societies of Earth.

The medical practitioners are confused because what once worked to heal and remedy everyday aches and pains is no longer working. The move back to natural healing remedies and leading a stress free life is paramount on many people’s minds. Everyday we read about those who touted themselves as the elite, being brought into the light and many people can now see the truth of the deception behind their actions.. Again, this is a very good thing. Does it help any of us that oil, food and other staple prices have gone through the roof? No. Is there anything you, personally can do to protect yourself from all this, of course there is, but first you must look deep inside and decide where your true priorities for this action that requires change lie. Is it solely for self-preservation and for your better interests alone, or do you have everyone, everywhere on your priority list? Can you honestly look inside and acknowledge that you are not living in fear; fear about what is now fast approaching….the hitherto unknown? Can you look inside and with peace and serenity in your heart know that wherever you are there is nothing to fear and know that in the end that everything will work out as it should?

Are you still afraid of dying? Why is that? Is it a deep-seated fear of the unknown? I am well aware that many people seriously doubt their own ability to succeed in life. Likewise, many of these same people are equally afraid of failure. Here is a thought, if one is afraid of trying due to their fear of failing and/or succeeding then where does that leave them, does it leave them lost and alone, swimming round and around like a goldfish in an observation bowl? Do you really think the God of this Universe did not take everything into account, each of our individual strengths and weaknesses, before choosing each of us that are here right now on this planet to be instrumental in the unfolding of His Golden Now? I have sensed that some of you consider this a cruel joke, you wonder, "is this what you call life?" First you must put forth the effort to live life before you can feel alive. Imagine if we had to get it right the first time around, no second chances, no forgiveness, what a catastrophe that would be. Sometimes it takes many lifetimes to learn the best way to live life; perhaps if we really tried we could do it the first time around none of this would be happening today. Anything is possible. We occasionally have people questioning our teachings, wondering if we are teaching and promoting fear. I believe in telling the truth and I am not afraid of rocking the boat. I believe the people of this world have the right to choose, the right to know the truth and that no longer can the people be treated like children. People can handle the truth, what they can no longer handle is being lied to. All of our teachings are direct and to the point and yes, sometimes they strike a chord in people. During the sixties, seventies and eighties much of the information was sugarcoated to prevent people from withdrawing and intentionally blocking out any other brushes with the truth. No longer can they be coddled, there simply is no more time left.

I was reading the other day about the confusion people have about all the different books, the varied perceptions surrounding Spirituality, ascension and so on. What to believe? This is where you must use discernment and decide for yourself if what you hearing/reading is speaking to your intellect or to your heart and Soul. Now mind you, there is a fine line when first encountering information that is new to you. Sometimes you just need to take a moment and sense and feel the information to find out if it comes from an enlightened place or not. The possibility exists that you are not ready for that level of truth yet so shelve it for the moment and come back to it when you are ready. I have seen people read God’s books and hungrily devour the information and search for more. Others read a page or two, forget what they have read or even fall asleep later to find out that the information was above their head. Once they learned more and went back to the books everything made perfect sense and they had no trouble breezing through the information. I personally have read books from highly evolved beings many times, each time was like reading it for the first time. As my evolutionary status changed so did the information I was receiving. So by all means, I encourage everyone to read all of our writings more than once, new information will present itself to those who are open and receptive and READY.

We have always encouraged people to question everything, everything they have been taught since earliest childhood. Science is on the verge of some major breakthroughs but first they must question what was taught to them originally. Furthermore they still must accept the position of being in uncharted waters and then introduce the unknown element that has kept them baffled and floundering about in the dark for so long. They must enter into their equations the Spiritual element. What a concept, I do say so myself. You see, without considering the Spiritual element in everything you do, you will only proceed so far in your travels before reaching roadblocks. This Universe, all Universes’ foundations are based upon Spirituality with Love/Light as the most powerful force anywhere. All forms of life were Created with all of the elements intact and therefore must be considered before altering anything. The same goes for everything in your "personal world." If you wish to have peace in your life, you must find it inside yourself. The feeling of calm, serene and tranquil should be foremost on your minds in the days ahead if you are to succeed at life and the lessons that every lifetime holds for all of us. You cannot have peace in the world until you first have it at home. I do so hope that you understand this, for it is very important.

To bring into manifestation all that you wish in your life, be it happiness, peace, and love etc., you must first be a balanced human being. You must first love yourself before you can ever love another. You must be your own best friend before you can be another’s. You must have peace within to see peace unfolding in the world around you. You do not need to totally understand all that you read and hear, so much information is stored in your Soul Voices’ memory that you can never recall it all. Trust in the fact that all that you assimilate in your lives, all that you experience, and all that you learn is stored away for retrieval by you when you need it most. The more you learn and experience in any one lifetime, the better prepared you will be for the next one. The more garbage (undealt with issues) that carry from this lifetime to the next, the more you will still have to work through next time around. Do you now understand more about what reincarnation is about?

Change is the most Constant variable in the Universe. Small changes in your personal life can alter the course of your destiny. There is no other place in the Universe exactly like Earth; you should treasure all that she offers to you because the previous minute of your life will surely never come again. Help yourself first so that you may help others when they need it. If you cannot take care of your own self then you will surely be of no use to another when they need you most. Expect a miracle, they are evident everywhere if you take the time to look and see. Better yet, be that miracle for others to see. Most people have no idea of the cause and effect that can occur from a simple smile given to a passerby on the street. You may have just changed their entire outlook on the day from one of dreariness to one of lightheartedness. See the good in everyone, see them for who they really are, not the physical shell that they are for the moment inhabiting. The physical vehicle only lasts for so long before its time is up. It is the "inside" that may last for all of eternity.

If you wish to know God better, than take a closer look at yourself in the mirror. Then take a moment and look around you and try to really see what is there. See the good people you come in contact with for who they are, for they, as well as everything else that IS, is what God in totality is. If you wish to speak with God directly then be prepared to listen for His response for He does answer everyone… in one form or another. So you just found out from someone who knows that you are an Arcturian, or a Pleiadian, or some other being from another planet. Good for you. Do you need to know more than that? No, not really. What is important is how you live your life here and now. So many are obsessed with life elsewhere in the galaxy but they still have not figured out what life here is all about. You chose, you were chosen, to be here now. Is that not enough to know for the present? Can you now start living here and acknowledge to yourself the possibility that you are also being out there at the same time?

We have quite often spoken of "walking with one foot in both worlds." This is referring to having one foot firmly planted in the present, in the practical world, the other foot firmly planted in the Spiritual world. Contrary to popular belief, the Spiritual work is easy; existing in the physical world is what is hard. Please believe me when I tell you, if you were not up to the task at hand, if you were not able to face the challenges that life throws at you, you would not be here now during the most "interesting" of times that the human race has ever encountered.

As we all becoming aware, people’s true colors are coming out and the shock and awe factor may be a tad bit confusing to many of you. So many people do not really know how to deal with the ongoing changes. They do not have the balance necessary in their personal lives to withstand the onslaught of emotions that are running rampant within their hearts and minds. This injects an element of uncertainty as to how they will react in any given moment.

We encourage you to take time to be "one with nature." Do you remember when you were young and you could find yourself fascinated for hours over something as simple as watching ants build their colonies? Do you remember your vivid imagination in full bloom as you lay on your backs staring up at the clouds and envisioning what they looked like, what shapes they seemed to take? Can you remember the times when you were at peace with life simply because you knew no differently? These are the moments of time that we must all pursue and allow the time to do so. Life, contrary to some beliefs, is very short in a physical lifespan. If we do not make the most of it then indeed life will pass us by. What is hidden from us in plain sight, what exists in the Universe all around us, pales in comparison to what lies ahead for us here, right now. This time is our time, our time to make a difference, to be the stewards for the generations of those of us who shall return time and time again to see the future unfolding for the human race. These are exciting times and we must cherish each and every moment.

I sometimes sit back and carefully ponder all that we take for granted. If we all wish, as I do, to change all this, perhaps now is as good a time as any to break the mold and become pattern breakers instead of pattern makers.

I Am, David of Arcturus

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