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A Man with a View

Here is one person’s view on what is happening in the world today..

John: I can’t help but think back to the 70’s Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver where mega corporations control everything and human decency is thrown in front of the profit bus

David: Today is a combination of everything.. because you are looking at the bigger picture..

John: the big picture is ugly. Part of me just wants to tune it out because it is so terrible, everything that is happening all around and it is beyond the ability of one to affect any change

David: that is where it has been. now people are angry and they are fighting back… it is not going to be pretty… no, not "the one"… its the many who are fighting back… and the fuse has been lit… for the first time the politician are afraid…

John: I’m going to make a prediction here, since history tends to repeat itself and human nature doesn’t change all that much

David: you are physically isolated from it there, where you live, we were too.. now that we are here we are seeing something different in full color every day… human nature is changing whether people are wanting it to or not.. it took the economic crunch to make people aware of it… and now.. WE need to stay out of the people’s way! So John… what is your prediction?

John: I’m seeing the collapse of the Weimar Republic happening all over again, only this time it is the Republic of the United States, and instead of the of the monetary systems like Wall Street and other fluidic markets loaning huge sums of money to an entity that can’t possibly pay it back, we have the People of the US who are the largest holder of US Treasury debt. Now couple rising unemployment with retarded economic growth and we are starting to see the signs of exactly what started in Germany in late 1928. There is a marked rise of xenophobia and nationalism not only in continental Europe, but here in the States as well. More and more seats in Parliaments and Congress are being taken by right-wing ultra-nationalists and hard-line religious fundamentalists. The last time this happened en-masse was July 1932, when the NSDAP gained the largest majority in the Reichstag election, we all know shortly thereafter a "strong man" leader, who was democratically elected seized power and legally made himself a dictator.

In January of 1933 there were over 6 million people unemployed in Germany, in February 2010 the number of US persons unemployed was over 23 million and rising. I see on the right in this country a slew of intellectually bankrupt potential candidates who invoke the name of God and practice religion publicly in order to pander to the less educated, jobless vocal minority. This "person," because really, it is one type of person wearing different masks, is dangerously blaming the Country’s problems on everything from women, to immigration, to Federal Taxes. This person is a master button pusher targeting as many fears as they can on a vulnerable population. Too many people take for granted that those in front of them speak the truth, and far too many don’t question the motives of those doing the speaking. I fear we may beat many of the Europeans in electing and subsequently converting our Republic in to a full Fascist Police State. I see the signs all around me. The Federal government is now allowed to spy on its own citizens without any warrant and some of its agencies can strip search passengers on transportation (which even the FBI cannot do without legal authorization). The introduction of biometrics into every day technology (face recognition will become part of the world’s largest social network), tracking of persons whereabouts (your phone is telling on you)… this is all being introduced so fast, but the public is too busy being caught up with their tech-lust, and too overwhelmed by the tidbit information onslaught, to notice the ramifications of these overall polices. I see the Weimar Republic again, falling, and future textbooks will tell the story of how the US and European States crumbled, the ensuing war and atrocities and resulting centralized systems that took the place of their former Republics and the citizens’ former freedoms….

The tipping point is close, I can feel it like a shadow lurking at the corner of your vision but too quick to be seen distinctly. The record high unemployment, the recent official devaluation of the national credit rating, the plummeting value of the fiat currency, the rise of extreme religious panderers, the slow realization that not only are we as a country financially bankrupt, but morally and ethically as well. About the time I was born, the "greed is good" mantra had changed its name, but has stayed the overall driving force for the country, and now it is time to pay the piper and I’m not sure what the hell to do, no one has any sense anymore.

David: you are right on the money, you are completely accurate and everything you are saying is true. That is why we are staying out of people’s way. Other people share your view but nobody is talking publically about it… people need to know that they re not alone in their thoughts..it is part of balancing the practical with the Spiritual..

John: I had hoped I wouldn’t live to see the full collapse but I have this feeling I won’t escape it by out-living it. I suppose it is just par for the course; over the period of human history the vast majority of people are born in to this world kicking, screaming, lead short miserable lives of hunger and pain then more often than not, exit the world the same way they came in, kicking and screaming.

Celest: John we do not want to see this through either. Blue Star AND God have separately said.. publically that it will take 100 years for all this complete revamping of the world systems and people COMPLETELY changing to happen. You may not believe us but it is true.

John: That follows the generational lifespan, enough for one generation to hand over to another. By the time my parents have died, I will be old enough to be in that bracket of people ready to leave the workforce in the next couple of decades.

Celest: yes we acknowledge that…Many of us, have been quietly meeting here planning how to best stay out of "harm’s way" and do what we need to in order to survive the nest 10-15 years. You would not believe the things we are all seeing people doing! The anti-government movements have taken a whole new turn. People are going from fear to absolute uncontrollable fury. The fact that so many of them are hungry has unfortunately been a major catalyst. It is the upcoming generations that will have to carry the banner or gauntlet, the one that people are now deciding to bear. Ugly is about to become much uglier. Human nature is very strange. People just do not want to change anything unless things happen that force them to. It did not need to be this way. We hear from people all over the world who are feeling this way….. every one of our sources are giving out the same message…. But if warnings are not heeded…. Sometimes it takes the ugliness in people to enact change… we don’t like it, BUT..

Change only happens when people are forced into it unfortunately….. It is happening, people don’t like it… but they caused it… they let it happen, they let all the bad things happen, and now they are fighting it… you cannot blame the governments for everything..

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