Sheep or Lions

"Sheep or Lions"

We received this the other day and thought we would share it with all of you. Comments anyone?

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Hi Celest & David,
Please, no need to respond to this email. I read Blue Star’s 4/25 – 6/25 transmission last weekend.

A particular phrase got my attention… stop being sheep!

The following day I saw this message on the reader board outside the church near my home…I thought it quite telling and thought of all the sermons I heard as a child in church…brainwashing starts early in the churches… (Thankfully I attended many different churches as a child. By the time I was a young adult I had figured out that religion was not for me. Too many unanswered questions.)

Anyway, I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing this jpg too. Illustrates Blue Star’s point wonderfully…

Keep up the good work…
Thank You! Darlene

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Read the Blue Star Transmission "Of Lions and Lambs" on the bluestarspeaks website in the Archive section.

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Yes I know they do like sheep and lambs.
Feisty Lions like us they do not want.

Brother Ifty

The sheep pic came thru loud and clear. The Calvinists are fundamental that’s for sure. I can just hear the pastor telling his "flock" to follow Jesus because he will never change. He’s the same today as he was yesterday and will be tomorrow.

Wait until Sananda arrives in his "cloud ship" wearing his metallic space suit…
Won’t that cause the congregation to faint dead away, ha.

xo Chako

Dear Celestial and David:

This telling sign is a microcosmic example of the macrocosm. In other words, this sign would read: ILLUMINATI LIKE SHEEP, if it represented the dualistic world we inhabit, rather than representing a single church. But, thank God, we and Mother Earth are changing, and changing fast, as we continue on our paths to Ascension.

The reason sheep herd together is because of their fear of the wolf. The reason people herd together is because of the fear of being different, which causes ridicule and ultimate ruination on a third dimensional level. While wolves do exist, one wonders, if the sheep, collectively, confronted the wolf, would the wolf have enough courage to begin its attack . . . perhaps not . . . hundreds of sharp hooves plummeting the wolf’s body might well make the point to the wolf that the sheep will not be fearful of his attempt to dominate. Likewise, if people would standup to the Illuminati, realizing that fear is but an illusion, they could not control and manipulate us. Ultimately, they would have to give up their corrupt leadership positions, and either step into the Light, or shuffle off to another third dimensional planet.

What keeps the sheep, and us, from Standing In Our Truth? . . . a lack of understanding of how the Universe works. Even though physical bodies can be decimated, the Souls of sheep, or us, cannot be ended.

God does not want us to become martyrs, however, if enough of us absorb Light in sufficient quantities, we can collectively Stand In Our Truth before the Illuminati and bring them down from their high perches. In fact, this is what is happening on our way to Ascension.

We, and the sheep, will soon have our day (eternity), and the sheep will lie down with the wolf, while we will become loving stewards for Mother Earth . . . she has done so much for us, and we will, at last, remember our responsibilities to bring her back to the pristine condition that she so deserves.

Love and Light,
Jack Nelson

Yes, the message in that pic could not be more clear.
But I could offer an ending to that phrase:

"We like sheep…they make great sacrifices!"


Hi Celest and David,

Seeing the words ‘All We Like Sheep’ brought to mind the rest of the verse from Isaiah 53:6 which reads "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way—-"

I think the operative phrase is "gone astray"; which is what the church feels we have all done.

I "went astray" when I discovered the truth. I will never return again to the flock.

Hal Bradstreet

All I have to say is….honesty from the quaint…….
go figure…LOL
Blessings, Love and Light