Homosexuality -what the governments, religious leaders don’t want you to know

” Homosexuality “

What the world governments, Religious Leaders and the Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know.

It is time for the people of this planet to confront or be confronted by all those illusions and outright deceptions they have been exposed to for so long. This brings us to the oft mentioned phrase so many people use,” I want to know the truth.” The downside to this is that when they are told truth, if it does not correspond with what they have been conditioned to believe, then it MAY cause massive changes of thinking OR, it can cause anger and utter disbelief. The topic here will surely have the same results. A great part of what people believe about homosexuals, also known as “gay people,” has been a diabolical, invasive psyche attack geared to cause gays death and fear. It is a calculated form of genocide. The true purpose was to and still is, to effectively eradicate all homosexuals from this planet. The rest of what people all over the world believe has been a byproduct of this GREAT HOLOCAUST. BUT, there is a grievous lack of personal responsibility by the same people who pride themselves on their heterosexual, religious, or bisexual lifestyles. The lack of responsibility is quite evident. People have not bothered to use their intuition, their sentience, or to just ask their Guides or the God of this Universe what really lies beneath the surface of supposed AND suppressed truths.

If you wonder how long homosexuality has been here on this planet we can tell you that it always has. Are you aware that most animal species also are homosexual? Although there are many that would be termed “bisexual” as well. The governments of this world have always worked with the pharmaceutical companies, long before they were called, “pharmaceutical.” This is also true of their tie-ins with all organized religions. Why would they not be, after all, they were all founded by the true founding fathers, the Illuminati. It had been foreseen so very long ago that humanity would have to remain under strict control, to be kept on a short leash. So the nefarious plans were then initiated that would effectively control body, mind and Spirit. You need to understand that it only required the very first generations of people born here to instill the beliefs the masses still have today. Yes, even many people known as Spiritual or the Light Workers of today, still carry those ancient lies and see them as truth. And yet many of these people, these teachers are promoting unconditional love and acceptance. Unfortunately they too succumbed to the “con” in conditional.

Understand now please, we are not speaking of the lower-based consciousness of gays who are either perverts or predators. Of course these types of people still exist who will prey on others….for a while longer yet….just as they do among the heterosexuals and the bisexual populations. Gays are not MADE-they are BORN. Back to those long ago times: So many millennia ago, the Illuminati and their LEGION were well aware that the people today known as “gays” were in many instances very old, very evolved Souls who had great NATURAL gifts of sentience. They had wondrous latent abilities to become a peace loving and peace living population. They would be able to evolve and become some of the greatest peace keepers, artists, singers and writers of all time. They could be of great assistance in quelling fear and beginning great colonies of advanced thinkers and doers. Of course this could not happen if the ordinary people allowed gays to thrive. Therefore, the gays’ weak link, their Achilles Heel was attacked and that Heel was their sexual preferences.

We find it ironic that the whoremongers and harlots of yesteryear, as well as those of today, were not attacked for their dubious lifestyles. We know people who even envy some of the high-priced call girls of today. The public may look down their collective noses at prostitutes and pimps, but they are nonetheless tolerated to one degree or another. We have known many, many, gay people over the years and they are gentle, compassionate and caring people. They desire to live and let live and evolve to the best of their ability. The faction among them, who are the disgusting, selfish, self-indulging ones, cannot be picked out of a crowd of people who are not gay, but have the same lower-based consciousness. If the public had any idea of how many bisexuals keep their true identity secret because they fear the same type of hostility that is meted out towards the gay populations, they would be amazed. Then of course there are the conniving “swingers” who just keep on swinging while intentionally forgetting their marriage vows or their long term relationships with their partners. (For reference please read “Marriage and Communicable Intent“) at www.bluestarspeaks.com

Long ago, when the very first corrupt powers began to hold sway over this world, their devious plan for enhancing their control over the world’s early populations depended to a great degree on keeping people in the bigotry, hatred and fear mode. This was accomplished quite rapidly by choosing certain races that were considered to be subhuman. Just as is still happening today. The black races were among the very first ones to be treated in this manner. As the governmental controllers of the world began to tighten their grasp on the minds’ of the people, it was quickly seen that if the peoples’ physical health was in jeopardy, a wonderful way to continue “population control,” was to manufacture medicines that would supposedly cure their health problems. In truth these concoctions only either exacerbated the problem or created health problems that would be debilitating and eventually cause physical death. This was the beginning of the pharmaceutical/governmental tie-ins. It happened all over the world. The people were merely disposable/expendable pawns in the game of power. Just as today.

Races, cultures, free thinkers etc., that were considered to be “radical” because they were outspoken in their beliefs, were always the first targets. Africa itself has suffered grievously because of the illiteracy of the people and their inability to be able to live a free life. Once again however, the geniuses behind the scene concocted a horrible plan to use the people there as human guinea pigs. AIDS, just as all other diseases, is a manmade ailment. Africans were considered to be subhuman and definitely expendable, so they became one of the most used and abused subjects for the medical experiments that were supposedly to create antidotes for the disease AIDS, which was blamed on an animal species. After that it was easy to see what the religious factors considered an abomination of God. Ergo, the gays became the terrible target. In many cases the “do as I say, not as I do” policies were condoned by the religious hierarchy. Politics and religions walk hand in hand. Privately held meetings are a common event where the leaders of each meet to discuss their success ratio and decide what else can take place to enrich their own coffers. Publicly, they would never admit to this. What makes this even more of a dangerous situation is that only the hierarchies of the political world and the religious world are aware of this. So the devout and tithed to death congregations of ALL religions are unaware that they too are simply feeding the beast. Pharmaceutical companies reap their benefits by their carefully engineered drugs and their secret alliances with political allies and easily swayed lobbyists. They are bought and paid very handsomely for their efforts. This is how the true fanatics of this world are born. Keep people segregated from other people and rely on the power of illusions to continue to ensnare the minds of the people. Especially people who are not very stable mentally or emotionally. KEEP THEM IN FEAR!

As more and more people felt the necessity of revealing their true gay status, suddenly AIDS was introduced into the gay populations all over this world. The horrific plot to continue the genocide was succeeding. Of course it did not hurt that AIDS began curiously enough, to find its way into the public arena through drug use and blood transfusions. And the pharmaceutical and religious factions just kept becoming richer and richer. It was incumbent upon all religions to back all antigay movements. How else could they continue to convince their congregations that “homosexuality was a sin against God?” People quote the religious texts of the day, yet seldom live up to their most basic teachings, and this is to love and cherish all life.

We have taught people for years the need for everyone to strive to become more androgynous. No, we are not saying that you all must be gay. Androgyny can also exist is an altered Spiritual state. To teach by example does not mean that you yourself must be active participants in a sexual lifestyle change. Teaching requires acceptance and understanding of the true situation. For as long as the human race has existed here on this planet, the dominate societies have always promoted a masculine agenda. There was and still is a diabolically devious plot behind this. Women were and still are in many cultures to be seen, not heard. Tell us, what sense does this make? Jesus taught of the necessity for both sexes to embrace equality between them. His reasons were sometimes subtle, for He knew what many today do not; primitive, immature people do not accept truth or accept change willingly. The human race has entered into a new segment in their evolution; one which many people speak of as, the time of the Divine Feminine Energy, to prevail over this world. We agree to a point. The truth of the matter is however, that all people need to desire and embrace a balanced harmony, a duality, between both their masculine and feminine sides. Duality, in this sense, is a balanced dual nature of integrated male and female energies that complement one another. “Masculine” is constructive, non-ego driven energy; the force behind the “change.” It is a determined and clearly thought-out energy. “Feminine” is compassionate, understanding, clear thinking and productive, not destructive or domineering. Words have many meanings depending upon how they are interpreted or understood. The word “gay” is described as “joyous and lively, merry, happy, lighthearted, bright and brilliant.” Does this sound anything like the diabolic, insidious interpretations of a well balanced, intuitively aware, caring, compassionate Soul? Being homosexual is a choice, being heterosexual is as well. How long will you allow others to dictate to you your beliefs and preferences? Perhaps it is time to introduce a new term to the populace of Earth. Since most Earthlings like titles or terms to label something new, perhaps we should call it homo-sensuality (homo-sense-duality or homo-sentience)? That will surely give the chatter level a boost in frequency.

One thing stands out in a dramatic contrast to truth OR Spirituality – If you cannot protect your own mind from the invasive beliefs of others, then how can you possibly expect to teach others the difference between truth and illusions? Did anyone stop to consider that “tomorrow,” they may be next?

Perhaps the people in every country who are so full of hatred about the lies of the gay culture they have been told about, are projecting their own version simply because they do not bother to search out the truth behind the illusions of what the gay culture is. In this manner the people are exhibiting their own version of “don’t tell – don’t ask.”

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