We are addressing the 99%:

We are addressing the 99%:

To the 99% we understand all of your frustrations and we support you, we are a part of you. We ask that all people remain peaceful and act with integrity. It is ok to be angry, but you can be angry without becoming violent. As of this date 10-16-11, you are now being taken seriously, by the very people you have grievances with. The people and institutions you have risen up against are hoping you will become violent because if you do, you will lose your credibility. If you do not have credibility then you can not be perceived as honorable. This will be a very long drawn-out process that you have initiated. Be prepared to accept setbacks. The process of reformation is not easy nor will it be of short duration.

“We the People” must not become the very actions or thoughts of the things that we are fighting against. What you have in ample abundance is your intent and determination for justice for all. But what you lack is focused leadership. Be very careful please, there are many people who have no integrity and simply love vengeance, who always mingle with large groups and cause these groups to become violent. To have proper leadership is being in touch with people all over the world whose goals are the same as our own. Form panels, forums, group meetings in homes and clearly define the best, most peaceful way to achieve our goals. Remember that this year and next year are major election years in the U.S. and other countries. Insist that politicians define our policy. Banks can not exist without political backing. Anarchy is not an answer.

Remember what this really is, is not about occupying one city or another, it is about “Occupy the World.”

Celest and David