Post-Project ”PUSH” Earth News

Post-Project ”PUSH” Earth News

September 21st., 2013

Hello everyone, we hope you have all had enough rest after PUSH. Most people who participated in this event are not used to working with the supreme levels of energy which PUSH required. This is one reason why we made the video and gave the written text as early as we did, prior to the actual event. It has allowed people to become more comfortable and relaxed with what they were agreeing to take part in. In a way you could say this was an initiation process in order for you to learn to use more evolved energetic forms to assist in the Creation Process. In this instance it was for this immensely important Project. You all were awesome! We knew many of you were a little nervous as the gridline intersection came closer. But in a wonderful way your dedication to answering the call overcame your hesitations. We were thrilled that so many young children were involved in PUSH. The youngest we know of so far was 7 years old. Although there were many others, the age started at 7, then 10, 14 etc. And yes, these children did understand what they were doing, thanks to their parents and other family members. These children will be perfectly aligned with and assisted by the Star Light Children as they grow older.

First we will tell you what we witnessed: from the first moment when the earliest of the time zones in other countries arrived at September 20th 7:00 P.M., all of Divinity was there Pushing and continued to do so long after the furtherest time zone had completed its PUSH cycle. We could see that Divinity, every aspect of the Divine including all the Luminescents of all other Universes were there. Many of them showing forms of themselves in their natural state, while others were figures blazing across the sky like comet tails with the greatest most brilliant White Light emanating from them. Everything was silence, and then we became aware of this loud whooshing sound that over time became softer the further it moved away from this sphere, this world. We could see that each Being held an object that was simultaneously in their hands and yet they were also pushing these objects in front of them. The objects were huge, round, brilliantly White balls of Light and yes, the Harvest Moon was participating with them as well.

From our point of observation this world became alive; the world herself suddenly had the most radiant beams and prisms of White Light shooting out from the core of this world, while simultaneously we witnessed Light beams being shot into the spots where the dark energy had been displaced.  In what seemed but an instant we watched as all the balls of Light being carried, pushed by, all these magnificent Divine Beings suddenly filled with dark beams.  Divinity was thrusting those balls out into the tornado configuration which the Universe provided in order for her to dispose of the dark energy streamers. This is what we did together as Co-Creators, not depending on God to do all of this for us. We were demonstrating our activated abilities to join together and Create a Movement predicated upon the missions of the Collective Consciousness. Each of us were sharing personal responsibility by coming together to answering God’s clarion call by using our dormant gifts and fulfilling an important part of each of our destinies. In time you will understand this was a part of your destiny, you just do not know it yet. “Why are you here, what are you supposed to do?” This is one big reason to the “why.” As God just said to us… “Many were Called, but not all answered.”

Another aspect of what we witnessed from the very beginning was this wave effect rippling across this world; like cascading waves of the purest energy, the most loving dedication to service. This was far beyond a rippling effect caused by dropping a stone into water. These massive waves cascaded all over the planet, one overlapping the next in a contiguous fashion. This is what YOU have been accomplishing by Taking a STAND for Just Cause. You have each surpassed your own expectations of yourselves, you just do not know it yet. You should all be very proud of what you have accomplished and BE proud of yourself, individually and collectively.

“Change” has its own process of continuous evolution. We assisted in Creating Change by helping to bring in New Earth Energies and dispelling as many of the dark energies as we could. Whenever change is enacted on a grand scale many events take place as a result of new changes becoming grounded. What this means is this; you have to remember that not everyone wants change. People who fight change and are addicted to the dark way of life tend to act out because the very foundation of life has altered. They will definitely do so now. So be aware that you will hear a great deal about people acting out in irrational ways. No, we may not be able to change that, but it will show you more clearly what happens when much of the dark energy grip is torn out by the roots. Yes we de-rooted a lot. At this point though just try to live as normal a life as you can. Remain firm in your beliefs, while remaining passionately detached as more Earth changes take place and as more people leave the planet.  We are not responsible for what the other people do, but we are responsible for what we each do. We will also witness in the days ahead much which has been shrouded in darkness, will be exposed by the Light for all people to see.  

God’s Message to all of you who were a part of PUSH: “Greetings to all My Children; I will give you a brief message; a message about PUSH.  Few of you understand that you were actually enacting part of a role that is in your Soul contract. Yes, I always must plan far ahead because human nature has a tedious way of repeating and recreating old situations instead of Creating new ones. There wasn’t a single one of you who did not perform to the best of your ability, qualms and all. Perhaps if I used a name such as “Sam, Marnie or maybe even Phil” and sent you a message and said, “this is Marnie, I need your help,” you would be less prone to become shell-shocked when you know God needs your help. So call Me what you will.. but Call ME! I am not disappointed  in any of you, although I would have preferred that many of you were much more at ease when you preformed PUSH. You are each a catalyst just as PUSH was. What you each did required a great deal of fortitude; it is not always easy to work on this type of project when you knew so much was riding on it. Relax your minds, rejoice in your hearts, none of you failed yourselves and you most certainly did not fail me. I am bathing MySelf in fatherly pride for when PUSH came to shove, meaning actually doing your part, you gave it your all. OK NOW, you may or may not be pleased to know, I will be calling upon all of you as future events unfold. I expect each of you to perk up when you hear Me issuing the call and be ready to drop what you are doing. I will ask you to do what you can as aspects of Myself there on this world, to enact more change when more change is needed. We have more than begun the process, it is in full swing now. I am sorry if I cannot tell you it is going to get easier from this point on. In some aspects it will be as you all walk as wide awake Beings in a society that is mostly asleep. Just remember, in the end it will be fine. Rejoice, do the most with the time you have allotted yourself on this sojourn and fear not. …… GOD!”   (end of His message)

We will be collecting the comments that you have sent so far by email and by facebook and ask that others may be willing to send their own. We may not be able to post them all but we will try our best. We decided to include one example below. It is an email we received and because of the circumstances and the geographic location where this woman lives we are posting this today.

“Hello, it’s Nathalie who lives in Haiti.  So there are a lot of negative energy bands in Haiti but there are some positive ones too.  I usually go by the ocean to receive and send energy and there is a spot I love to go to.  Which is why I decided that would be where I would push from.  About 15 minutes before PUSH the wind picked up and the storm clouds came in and there was all this really loud thunder!  I smiled and said “you’re not keeping me from doing what I’m doing so just deal with it” then I asked for protection as I was doing this.  At 7pm I did as we were instructed, the wind died down and the storm clouds gathered in the direction I was pushing and they were so dark that the street lights went on! The wind didn’t come back and all was calm.

I am grateful to you for sharing this and for giving me the opportunity to do my part. In love and light, Nathalie” (end of email)

Thank you to Maria to translating PUSH into Dutch, Samuel for translating it into Portuguese and the websites we are finding out about that translated PUSH into their countries’ languages. By the way, it will be about a week before we post the comments so please check back. I (Celest) in about a week will do a short video on what you have all accomplished with your own chakra system as a result of being a “PUSH-er.” I suggest you watch it please! We will notify everyone on Facebook when that will be ready and of course on our websites.

Now, if any of you still feel you did not do enough or well enough we would ask you to consider this. First you decided you wanted to take part in PUSH, then you reached out to others of like-mind who you thought may want to take part. Then you had over a month to roll it over and over in your minds and formulate what it is your intentions were to be. That was of primary importance with PUSH. This all took dedication and time.

We will leave you with yet another important thought: The Force is not only with us… The Force IS us!

In loving service.. Celest and David

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