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  • Project PUSH – How to perform

    We are creating this page for all those who are new to “Project PUSH.”

  • A Special Project PUSH for 2017

    A Special Project PUSH for 2017

    A Special Project PUSH for 2017 Orchestrated by Etaoqua (Etaoqua is a facilitator of “The Gatherings” and can be contacted through the information on the “Gatherings Contact” pages on this website. NOTE from Celest and David; please remember that since linear time is an illusion, you can contribute to this PUSH Movement even though the…

  • A very special PUSH

    A very special PUSH Note: This is time sensitive data. On July 12th we heard from God and all the other Luminescents, Master Kato and the entire Collective of Masters, that 2 weeks from that date they wanted us to energetically come together and start manifesting everything that all other Winter People along with ourselves,…

  • Project PUSH June 25th 2014

    Project PUSH June 25th 2014

    6-14-14 Special information on the upcoming PUSH: Please scroll down to find some important updates we have added to our original message. Greeting everyone, we have been asked by God to initiate yet another Project PUSH. This time it is to be one of the most massive efforts that the “collective” is being called upon to participate…

  • Leaping into the Void

    Leaping into the Void

    Leaping into the Void  Greetings everyone, first of all we want to let all PUSHers (Project PUSH and PUSH: A New Collaboration) know how deeply we feel about the wonderful work that you accomplished both individually and collectively. What we witnessed ourselves during the entire PUSH collaboration was a magnificent MASSIVE unbroken wave of pure…