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New Light Messages Jan 2014 #2

New Light Messages

January 19, 2014

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. Many do wonder at our use of the word brief. Know this: Our life span is far, far different than that which you do experience. Yes, we knew as saplings those trees you refer to as giants ­­– ancient ones – sequoias, redwoods, and bristlecone pines. Our life span does exceed many of those you call centuries. And so, ‘brief’ it is for us. Yes, know this: In coming days and weeks you shall experience a great intensity in that which you refer to as ‘energies’. Many shall be undone by these energies. We do caution that you pay heed, you see, to that inner voice within. But if you offer a smile, indeed, a hand of kindness to one who does greet you with a scowl, you will know the power of the co-creator firsthand.

Yes, there shall be a toll upon the physical body. You would do well to avail yourselves of the frequencies of the earth and the light of twilight and dawn, you see. As you approach the full moon you shall note within those around you an increased anger and discomfort; agitation, as you do call it. There are many who now succumb to the intensities of this time. Do not be among them. Take your time to sit within the Light; give your heart freedom, freedom to feel happiness even in the face of these energies. Yes, it can be; yes, it can be so. Think on those things that bring you joy, peace, and love, indeed, LOVE.

The Hand of the Great Awakener proceeds undeterred by efforts to manipulate that which does unfold. There shall increase volcanic activity and earth tremors in this time. Those who yet sleep now begin to awaken, but in a sluggish manner, as you do say, without awareness of that which does unfold.* (* “that which does unfold” is a reference to the ‘purification’ of the Hopi and other prophecies.)You may be a voice of understanding and balance. Take heed in your movements. Remain connected to your physical form. Let not the mind rush you. In all movements, take heed.

Yet know this: In many places upon this Earth the vile poison that has been released in the form of nuclear power, nuclear waste, nuclear bombs, or radioactive toxins do affect thousands of children and the yet unborn, among many others. This is the great calling of your time, for the soul to bring an end, end to the poisoning of life wherever it does occur. This is a portion, and we do say portion, of the task of your time. Your souls that have been called to the Light in service, service to life, the Way of the Heart, must accomplish, assist in, the ‘great cleansing’ – the ‘purification’, you see.

You see the Way of the Heart must, must come into being as the guiding force for all. For that which does occur unfolds within the mind, does run amuck. If it is the only power that motivates choice, then great suffering does come to the whole circle of life, to the entire cosmos and beyond – for all indeed is One.

We must take now our leave, but we do remind you to be aware, cautious. If nothing else in coming days, as you go toward the full moon, the new moon, and the full moon again, wear a smile. Yes, do go forward on the path of the Prince of Peace, knowing that you, too, are assisted, guided, and comforted by the Presence and full Blessings of the Holy One; and we, too, shall be with you, now and evermore.

Eoheim, Eloheim, Eloheim. Peace unto you.

The Lady of the Blue Light

(Hands out, palms up; hands cupped, and she appears to drink the sacred water; then hands over heart.) Thank you, My Lady, thank you. Yes, yes, She asks that you remember daily, daily, your prayers for the children, for the young ones of all species, of all species that are now so challenged, so challenged for survival. (She drinks the sacred water again, and her hands rest on her heart afterward.) Thank you, my Lady, yes, She offers Her Grace, Her Blessings of the Holy One to all. Thank you. Each one may receive Her blessing and Her Grace for the coming time as a special protection.


Never fear,magic is near,

And in all the work that you do,

Yes, be sure to make it come true.

But don’t neglect the magic in every moment.

Visions & Messages

Oceans much in distress. The turtles are dying. The ocean is radioactive in their nesting places. (Send prayers and Light to creatures of the oceans.)

Egypt, poor Egypt. Now many of those who live in the land of the Pyramids would choose to have Mubarek in place [of the current government].

Crucial; I’m hearing that we must hold in prayer the image of the Tree, the Dove, the Crescent Moon & Star (of David), and the Rose. These are the elements now unfolding a mighty force of destruction and conflict in the ancient lands. They must be met with prayers and images of healing of heart and soul for the sake of all mankind. They must be brought into the reality of the Way of the Heart.

The Pacific: pray, pray for the Pacific Ocean and all who dwell within it.

I see the new moon that waxes will bring just a flurry of stuff. Can’t get it clear. Some of it is nice.

Roundhead (again)

Roundhead wants you to use music and song a lot for the next two weeks – between now and the next full moon. He wants music and song and smiling faces and chocolate trains.

Tell everybody to stay well in this time.

 Let laughter ring like a bell,

Just to stay well in this time,

And dance.

Transmission received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages November 2013 #4

New Light Messages

November 2013 #4

Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. It is necessary, you see, that we be exceedingly brief. Yes, many directions, many forces do converge to a crucial point. As you do see, [there are] daily attempts to create divisions, divisions; [and] to thwart efforts to create peace as manifested by the image of the tree, dove, crescent moon, star, rose – these things do have power, yet are not sufficient. Action, as well, may hasten the Time of the Purple Sun. And so we say, the time does soon arrive for the Vigil, whose focus of spiritual energy may be directed, as always in these days, toward the House of Abraham. For indeed, that land that was once Persia also shares the House of Abraham. The great warbird does continue to press forward, guided by forces, elements outside the House of David. Yes, he does seek absolute dominion within the House of Abraham. You do now see the fruits of your previous vigil unfolding. It is now, now we say, crucial to contribute greater spiritual force, that the hand of the great warbird may be stayed, that many more shall come to support that which brings peace.

Indeed, the entire month (of December) will be rife with dangerous circumstances. Those who seek war to justify, justify, you see, their own fear will seek to sabotage efforts that have been, or may yet be, successful. These elements have been sent out, called into action by the great warbird and his minions – those who are of the shadow force.

And so, on the first day of the new month, you shall hold vigil. Your usual gathering (Sunday, December 1st) shall be longer and begin sooner, you see. Yet it shall be only one day, one day. We do request you begin individual prayers, sitting in the light of dawn of the first day of the new month, and that you end the day even after you have gone your separate ways. End the day with prayer and sitting in the Light.

Yes, when you do gather you shall hold the ceremony of the sacred pipe, for it does hold the presence of generations, generations that extend back through centuries, of that frequency of consciousness which is attuned to the highest thought patterns and spiritual soul patterns of those who sought peace, who sought harmony with nature and one another. And so, you see, as with other ceremonies and other traditions, it does indeed generate power by connecting soul to soul through the centuries of time and aligning to the divine consciousness of all that is of the Creator, in whom we all exist.

Further instructions will be given to this one. The opportunity, the opportunity to serve the Greater Good lies before you; it is the path, the work your soul has chosen. Go forward now with confidence that the blessings of the Holy One and Creator go with you each step, in each breath, in each moment, you see, as do we.

Know this: Great danger does yet surround this time. The warbirds do operate from a kind, as you do say, of insanity. It is called paranoia, and from that state great chaos and destruction may arise. As we do say often, judge not, yet do offer your prayers, your spiritual energies toward healing ALL. See them standing before the altar of transformation, and turn your prayers, your focus, your intent for the Greater Good. Beseech them who stand as their guardians to soften, to rise above and to climb upon the altar of transformation. In this manner, all may share in the Time of the Purple Sun.

Yes, know this: These are the days for which others before you did hold the ceremonies and offer the prayers that these days may see the greater force of the Light, of the Way of the Heart, thus to turn this time in your world toward peace, healing, harmony between nations and all souls who seek the Light of One. We walk with you as you follow the path of the Prince of Peace. Blessings of the Holy One upon you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim. Visions & Messages Do not worry; do not cloud your mind with worry about finances. The next door will open when you are ready, and in time.

Yes, yes, remain true to the Way of the Heart, though trying and difficult it may be at times. As you do that which is before you, you bring such beauty and healing into the world. The Lady’s heart is grateful; the Lady of the Light is grateful for your service.

Partake of more water in the next few days. You will find your body craving this, needing it to cleanse.

Oh, the children. She asks again for your prayers for the children who suffer so much in war zones and in places of want, of need.

Again raging waters and earth disturbances of magnitude.

The Descendant of the Pharoahs does face danger. Send the Blue Light to surround him, protect him.

Many miracles, many miracles multiply. Just when you’re about to say, “Oh, my, oh my,” many miracles multiply and whisk away your fears. Makes you younger by years. So does the gratitude dance; doesn’t matter if you ever have before, just do the gratitude dance and polish that floor! Yes, yes, polish that floor.

I keep seeing an image of Roundhead doing this strange dance, a special dance, ­the gratitude dance. Delight, delight, delight: Live in a state of delight. So many reasons to feel delight, so try it with all your might!

Received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages November 2013 #3

New Light Messages

November 2013 #3

Greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. Yet we do address that which is indeed seen as the workings of fate. It is not so, for it is as you have been given many cycles ago: that which we do speak of is the Hand of the Great Awakener. As given, the Hand of the Great Awakener would be unleashed. As you do see, it is so. Yet many, many fail to understand, to see that the strength, the power with which the Great Awakener does strike has been greatly amplified by actions taken to attempt, as you do say, weather control. Know this: It is not solely manipulations that they do practice; rather, it is a form of attaining and maintaining dominion over all resources and, indeed, populations. Yes, it is so.

Yet, the elemental forces are indeed involved to a great extent. For indeed, the Purification must go forward to awaken hearts, inspire souls, and motivate the will to choose the path that shall indeed lead to the Time of the Purple Sun. Yes, we do say, as given: There does continue to be turmoil from within the waters, the wind, the fire – all elements will rise now, again and again, with great force. Do recall: From within the Eye of the Storm you may act in concert with the elemental forces. Yet you must know this: Do not ask that one direction or another be taken; rather, do ask that the direction taken will serve the Greater Good from the highest frequency. For it is not for you to determine, but to surrender to the One, the one Source, yet act as co-creator with one thought, one constant desire, held above all else: that the uplifting of the human soul, the healing of the human heart, and the awakening of the higher mind for all may be accomplished before the final strike by the Great Awakener. Only this shall bring an end to the reign of the shadow forces within your world. And the full radiance of the Light of the One Source will shine in every aspect, in every place, in every opened heart within your world. It is not yet seen if the greatest of destructions must occur; we will continue to work with you to help transform those forces that shape your world; not elemental forces, but those forces within government, those forces that are within financial and military. The greatest power you have to bring about this transformation is to maintain your place in the Eye of the Storm, and continue to unfold your own transformation. From the smaller act comes the greater influence in all things, in all things.

We do request that you continue to hold Egypt, the land of the pyramids, in your prayers. Hold fast to the image – the crescent moon and star, the dove, and the rose – for as Egypt goes, so goes the whole land, the whole land within the House of Abraham. Shock upon shock shall unfold; do not waver. Do not yield to despair. Do not fall from your place within the Eye of the Storm.

Do continue to prepare, as you can, knowing there does indeed grow a powerful force of Light, a powerful force for the Way of the Heart, and a powerful force for healing the Earth, for She does stand, you see, as a symbol of the soul. Know this and continue your work as co-creator through prayer, through meditation, through your daily walk.

Before we take our leave we would give this one this message: Indeed there is substance to the message brought by 11:11. There are not three, but four (events); there are two more (two having passed already). Will they be necessary? Heed well, heed well the signs, that you may be guided in your daily walk, guided which prayers are most needed – when and where, indeed, for whom. This is your task as co-creator. Let gratitude go before you in your walk, in peace. Blessings of the Holy One shall be around you with every step. Yes, we do now take our leave. Recall this: We too are servants of the Blue Star.1 It is an honor to be among you, as you are among us. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Messages from Melchizedek

The Sun announces its full fury soon. Take care; it will be powerful. The Earth’s shield will weaken. Electrical bodies will be much affected. Ground upon the earth – your feet to the earth, your mind to the heavens. Maintain mental-emotional balance with music, with music. Peace be upon you, now and evermore. Melchizedek offers blessings from the heart of the One.


Well, when difficult times challenge your smile,

Sit down and think for awhile,

How many joys fill your life?

Yes, let your mind be free of strife By focusing,

yes, upon the good you have,

Oh, all the good things you have before you, before you,

And leave behind, yes, yes, and leave the worrisome things behind you. (Laughs)

He’ll be there to catch them, and turn them upside down. Okay.

You’ve got Roundhead

You’ve got Two-Bear

You’ve got Magic,

Who could ask for anything more?

Who – could – ask – for – anything – more? (sung more slowly)

Who could ask for anything more?

Even in a jar. Asparagus, asparagus. Even in a jar you’d be surprised what they can do. Even make gray skies blue, or seem that way. Oh, asparagus salad; pickled asparagus with all those lovely greens; tomato, tomato, how colorful. Delicious, and good for you. He will tell you much more of all the ways you can find asparagus.

Find a mushroom or two to put in the stew. Oh so good for you; celery root too. Before he goes, he’d like to say he too knows how to play (poker). He’s got his cards ready but not a penny he could find; he’ll have to get on the credit line, but he’ll make good, he’ll make good. His promises are kept.

Get your hat,

Get your coat,

Leave your worries on the doorstep,

Just direct your feet,

To the sunny side of the street.

That’s where you’ll meet … Many, many smiles.

Yes, a delicious one in many ways, maybe with mayonnaise. [Asparagus salad]

He has a mushroom cap on. Not just any cap on; it’s Lions Mane, by the way. [Lion’s Mane is good for the brain.]

Right. Good dancing last night. Thank you.

Visions & Messages

I see a tidal wave, like a tidal wave of events, not water; although, water is a concern too. Hold on to the bright Light, bright Light; going to turn out all right.

Great Hammer is not decided yet.

That was a very different energy. I have this image of a protective force, huge, massive, very loving, benevolent protective force, like a Mothership over us. I can’t explain it; very beautiful, full of love, full of love.

____________ 1 The New Light Messages were initiated when light from Supernova 1987A, the Blue Star, reached Earth.

(Note: Even though Shamaan did not message on 11/10/13, she spoke these words while coming back from a bit of a trance.)

November 10, 2013:

Melchizedek of the Golden Light will not abandon you. It has been spoken.

Messages received by Shamaan Eagle

New Light Messages /


New Light Messages November 2013 #2

New Light Messages

November 2013 #2

(Note: this message was received by Shamaan in late October however we just received it)

Greetings. Yes, we are among you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see. We would have you know that this, indeed, is the time in which the shadow does deepen within your world. As given, the danger that did erupt into further conflagration is not yet past, for the great warbird, Netanyahu, does continue to press forward with plans for more.

As given, as well, Egypt yet does remain the key, for its ancient influence does yet spread far. Many do now see the need for the prolonged presence of the one known as Mubarek at the helm, the helm of government in Egypt. Though it was not perfect or as might be desired, the stability did serve to maintain order in the House of Abraham. Those who now do struggle for dominant power within the House of Abraham continue to move toward greater conflict.

Yes, your prayers in the Vigil did contribute much to delay, delay, we say, yet not dissolve the threat. For this reason you see before you that which does represent ongoing prayer (the Sacred Peace Pipe, etc.), ongoing focus within the Eye of the Storm. It shall be needed yet for some time to come. Yes, many, many do yet meet the shadow as it sweeps through and brings cleansing – that which is known as the Purification. Grace, Grace, the Hand of Grace alone may lift karma and replace it with enlightenment, which does bring Love.

The bloody hand that still does grip the throat of Damascus shall prove to be of greater concern. The arrogance of the Bear [Russia] shall be its own undoing once again. Do not be deceived; that which does unfold in your own land is as the power struggle that does unfold in many places, also in the heart of the House of Abraham. Domination, the great illusion that is sought, that which is domination is the root of the destruction of those who do seek it.

Know this: many do seek this. They even vie for dominion and control of the weather systems that encircle your planet. Chaos is being created, and it shall have dire consequences. Unexpected disruptions, unusual weather occurrences will challenge many. You must heed the inner voice; heed well the inner warnings that guide your comings and goings (so as to avoid dangerous weather anomalies).

We do say, heed well the signs we give for protection, for it shall not be easily known which direction storms will take, which quality will be carried upon the wind or within the waters. [Possibly a reference to barium being carried in our atmosphere.]

Solar activity shall increase. No one can tame the Sun. Machinations used to attempt this taming shall impact your entire world. You must, as we have given, work with the elemental forces as instruments from within the Eye of the Storm, as instruments of Light, as instruments of calming, healing the damage done by others. You have the power, as you are co-creators, to work with the Source of all creation. Align yourself, attune yourself to that which would allow you to do so (i.e., attune to the Source of Light & Life).

We do say in this time: You must not lose sight of that which you have held in your mind, in your heart, as your goal. The door shall open and release those forces that enable you to be, as you do say, among the trees. Do not lose hope, nor shift your focus, energy. Continue to prepare; all shall unfold. Yet we do say, whether here or there is not as critical as being fully within the Eye of the Storm. From within the Eye you serve a greater good. Rejoice in the honor; rejoice in the great privilege of being within the Eye of the Storm. Do that which is before you with patience and gratitude. However difficult your challenges are, they are yet less than that of so many others. So we do say, rejoice at every opportunity.

November, late, early December brings a fresh challenge to the world. Meet it with prayer. Send forth your Light as co-creator to help defuse the danger that does build.

We now take our leave and offer this blessing: that each moment, and with each breath, you learn to recognize the great privilege of the life you have been given, of the path you do walk, the work that you do to serve the Light. Blessings of the Holy One be with you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

Yes, my Lady. She does come. She does say, “So many children do die; so many innocents who face a painful death. In such a manner the ordeal was the gift, painful but necessary to open deeper the heart of compassion that you may know that which you must alleviate and change in the world. Yes. A death but a birth, a death but a birth, as with an exploding star that gives light and life to those who accept it.

Pray for the innocents. She asks that you send forth your compassion, your prayers, with renewed, renewed awareness; yes, awareness of the suffering that must be lifted and replaced with love. As you did for your little ones, pray that others shall do the same, as all of life is One. Yes, Lady. Grace is Love. It does lift and heal all, all suffering, all karma, all.

Now there shall come many a flood of souls who need your prayers, for the gate has been flung open, pouring forth the voices of the Purification. Do not turn away. Stand in your light with courage and strength, that you may turn back the shadow with love.

Yes, She says. She asks that I tell you, no suffering is in vain. It brings new life always, always. Such is the way of Grace. [Shamaan then appears to drink the sacred water from her cupped hands, and her hand then rests over her heart.]

In weeks to come, many more innocents shall need your prayers.* Okay, I see. Thank you, my Lady. She asks you to be courageous; do not tremble. Know that the Blue Light of peace, healing, goes with your prayers, your actions, offered in healing, comforting others; and whatever level of life they may be, do not judge; offer compassion, love, and helpfulness. Peace be yours. Thank you, my Lady.

Yes, the Sun – will show much activity. _____________ * I believe this was a reference to prepare for sending prayers and help to the Philippine Islands.


More play, more play. It’s good you had more play, but not enough, not enough. You have to shake off the dust, the stuff of the world. Shake off the stuff of the world. As you care for the little ones, you care for all life. You care for your soul and the creation in all you do.

Eat more chocolate, too. Asparagus makes good soup; asparagus makes good soup. Put it in the blender, add a little dab of butter, good for the tum when too many strange winds come, as they lift it (the ionosphere, with HAARP).

Get your hat,

Get your coat,

Leave your worries on the doorstep,

Just direct your feet,

To the sunny side of the street.

Bye Roundhead.

He wants to dance more, dance more. He leaves with this: Treasure every moment, whether pain or bliss. Each one brings you closer, yes, to all that is in the heart of the Creator and all creation. Then the mystery is solved. In a dream he will explain it to me. He says, “I must go.” Soup, soup, soup. (Laughs)

Visions & Messages

Be careful. Jet stream shifting strongly, soon. Unleashing, unleashing storms, north central. Something big is coming.

Japan, Japan, Japan, ohh, poor Japan. More earth tremors are being created, created by manipulations of ionosphere. Rays going into the Earth; I see them destabilizing fault zones, major fault zones, swarms of earthquakes, growing in intensity over the next few months. Japan will suffer more damage.

The call goes out to the Lightworkers. Hold the Light; delay the Great Hammer to make time for more to awaken, to awaken and CHANGE course.

The Pachyderms [Republicans] have lost their way, and they will discover they will soon have to pay, far more than they thought.

Images, I can’t stop (them) ….

I saw the oceans rise up, driven by howling winds – much suffering ensued. [I remembered this as I worked on this message.]

It won’t be the victory that they sought (for the Pachyderms).

Build resistance with soup, soups – food for strong health.

I’m supposed to transmit this: “Yes, it is well. The work of the Vigil, joined with others – those who joined in prayer did help defer the threat of war. However, the danger has not passed – November/December – they show a new flare of tension. Maintain prayers through focused meditation. Continue to stay the forces of war.

Faith, hope – difficult though it may be to believe the world is moving in the right direction. The right force is moving the world in the healing direction, healing of the soul and heart. That’s what they are saying: Don’t lose sight of that, they said.

Messages received by Shamaan Eagle

New Light Messages /


New Light Messages September 2013

New Light Messages

September 2013

Greetings. Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, we must be very brief yet we would have you know: These days before new moon do bring great, great danger, not merely to the people of Syria, but the world. If it is so, that there is no declaration of war, further war before the 5th you see, it is indeed possible to avert full-scale conflict. Yet the Butcher of Damascus [Assad] must be brought to justice; it may present extreme difficulty in doing so. Know this: That which is his karmic burden shall be justice enough. Grace shall be the only power to alleviate that burden.

Egypt yet holds the key, and the key is not held very well at this time. The Vigil that you do approach is more crucial than you know. We would have you begin with the evening of the full moon, and for a time each night prior to that which is the Equinox, the 22nd. Sit together for one hour that you hold the Light, indeed, magnify the Light to such an extent that it may reach all hearts, all souls within the House of Abraham. It will be on the day of the Equinox that the sacred pipe be activated once again. It is but an instrument, but all instruments such as this emanates great power by virtue of its role in usage to bring peace, harmony, and healing, you see, to the world. There are many such in different forms, and each one, each one, we do say, is needed in this time.

As you do approach the time, more will be given. If it [it refers to nuclear weapons being used] can be avoided without deeper involvement in the war, a great many, a great many may be saved. We do continue to assist in avoiding any and all nuclear involvement. It does draw near. Know this: Those who have chosen not to intervene, in a peaceful manner, on behalf of those who walk in the ancient land where Damascus was the soul of that land, shall have much cause to regret for withholding, withholding assistance to the innocents.

We do now take our leave. This one has been assisted, and you all shall find greater relief in coming days. Stand firm in the Eye of the Storm; we are with you and all who hold the Light in heart and soul. Blessings of the Holy One do pour upon you; receive them and celebrate them, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Visions & Messages

This, and more, is why the Lady of Grace has wept [the use of toxic chemical gas in Syria].


Laughs. If you don’t dance, you lessen your chance of shaking those numbers loose, because you stay so tight. Yes, yes, it spoils the juice of life, life, life. You must learn the art of celebrating, even when you don’t see a reason. It’s always the season to dance. He says he must go. Yes, he must go, but practice your smile; it will stand you in good stead for a long while. Even when life looks tragic, there is always lots of magic. He’s waving goodbye.

Pickled asparagus. Oh, good for me and most people? I?ll try it, only once. Okay, bye Roundhead.

Seething, seething, ocean waters, are seething.

He gave me a lotus flower.

Tensions rise with the new moon. Counter the influence with prayer and laughter.

Better. More and more people need green beans. (Good for the kidneys)

Just have to get through this month; then the tide will turn.

Received by Shamaan

New Light Messages /