New Light Messages March 7th and 10th

New Light Messages March 7, 2013 

Too many people dismiss the messages of warning given prior to your year 2000 and after, for much that was expected under the term Y2K was not perceived to occur, yet it has continued to occur at a rapid pace in our experience – the unfolding deterioration of your planet has gone unnoticed by multitudes who have dismissed cautionary words of preparation. In your time the ending of your civilization is in motion but it is perceived in what you would call slow motion; yet in our experience it is a very rapid pace, perceived as in seconds. Preparation is still advised.

It is the (wireless) signals and HAARP that are causing hair loss. The time will come when hair will be no more.

New Light Messages March 10, 2013

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. We would have you know that once again Egypt is the key, for without stability in Egypt the great warbird (Netanyahu) will feel more need to prepare to strike.

Once again you shall find the coming season in chaos and conflict, you see. Yet there are few who shall not feel the intense and strident energies of the season. As given, throughout your world sides have been chosen that have become stratified. At this time the hope for returning that which is compassion does reside with the elders rather than the younger people everywhere. Yet far too many of your elders have retreated and do not hold forth the Light.* You must, as within the Eye of the Storm, turn your attention through prayer, through visualization, through action toward the elders. You must demonstrate the need, you see, for those who are elders to come forward, to speak and become agents of transformation, for they may yet do so. They may be instrumental in aiding by calling on the Hand of Grace to go before the Great Awakener in performing the task of cleansing.

_____________ * Note: Our take on this relates to the ‘hippies’ of the 60s and 70s – the love, peace, and harmony generation – who have either become ‘yuppies’ or feel too detached to engage in the demanding task of raising consciousness and fostering compassion, goodwill, etc.

Know this: That which has been given often at earlier gatherings does now unfold rapidly, and there shall be greater potential for outbreak of clashes between sides chosen, even within this land. Those who stand in the shadow, who are motivated by fear, grow more anxious by the day, but they know not the cause. Those who stand within the Blue Light of Peace must not become detached or distant from the fray, yet must remain fully present in the state of peace while being in the Eye of the Storm. Know that the time is extremely short to achieve transformation. Even the Hungry Dragon, you see, grows impatient with restraints, while those who follow the Crescent Moon & Star grow more restive and angry at the disregard for their status (poverty and war-weary), which indeed is painful. We speak of compassion, empathy, that must be expressed, shown, given to all, or the fires of destruction shall burn in many forms.

That which will tame the fires of anger is the spiritual Light of Grace, given to all. Karma may be erased by the Hand of Grace; but it must be replaced with love and compassion if it is not to return as karmic pattern. There are a great many resolving karmic patterns, and these souls do yearn for freedom from ancient debts. As you do prepare for the Vigil, recall that there shall be many forces pulling you in many directions. Yours is to use that time of the turning of the season (Vernal Equinox) to focus on that which is the House of Abraham. In the land of the pyramids and teachers from the stars who did arrive from beyond your world, they shall guard the sacred teaching that all must come to live in harmony and peaceful fellowship within that land if your world is to be spared great suffering – unparalled suffering. The awakening must radiate outward from that area of the world and expand in ever-widening circles by the Hand of Grace.

Do know this: Many lives in every dimension, at every level, do hang in the balance. That which has been called an “extinction event” by your scientists is yet possible. It is not determined yet, but it may be. We continue to stand with you, to hold fast in the Eye of the Storm, to guide and, wherever possible, direct the energetic flow of peace toward the time of the Purple Sun. A great many more shall be spared, not in physical form only, but in the soul, the heart, the consciousness. Those who shall dwell in the time of the Purple Sun will restore the balance and heal the wounds of physical and spiritual aspects of all life. You shall know, fully come to know the consciousness of all living things, and that consciousness shall be at the heart of elevating all species. This is yet possible.

Know this: Hold steady, for the days to come and the weeks to come shall be extremely challenging and intense. Do that which has been given to maintain your balance within the spiritual center of your heart. We do leave you now with this blessing: May the Hand of Grace touch you and erase all karma in your soul record now and evermore, allowing your fulfillment of uniting with your Higher Self. May you be blessed in this lifetime with this gift: That you may daily be aware of the Great Loving Spirit that always does radiate within, behind, before, and around you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

{Then an obvious physical transition occurs} Yes, thank you for this message. The great elders, ancient ones of the oceans­, the whales of the sea­ need your prayers. I don’t quite understand it, but their DNA still has an awareness of that which first visited your world. We, from the Summer Triangle, are their protectors and need your help. These creatures represent a final hope for the well-being and vibrant balance of your world. Yes, these are in danger. Do send your prayers to those who face danger; bring upliftment to mind, heart, soul, to all in your world. Yes, as above, so below; it is so. The seeds of those lifeforms did emanate from space, as you refer to the Great Womb of all that is. Yes, it is so.

Roundhead: Can’t stay at all. He’d like to come and play, but not tonight. What’s the chance of a little dance?


The toxins in your air rob your bodies of oxygen. You have it available, use it twice a week, three minutes each time.

Do not overextend your energy output for the next four days. Let periods of quiet come. I heard the phrase, Sink into stillness, silence, whenever possible, and you may find these days creative rather than disruptive.

More earthquakes, trembling, coming up. Volcanoes, volcanoes, volcanoes are beginning to awaken beneath Earth’s surface.

Restless minds for many in coming weeks. Be careful where you put your thoughts.

They say the manipulators (of climate/weather) will find they have created an uncontrollable chaos.

Juice from the vine will get you to sleep in time.

Another attack will be attempted in air flight. I’m seeing the plane is over the ocean – within 8 days. Hold the vision of all planes, especially those crossing the oceans, enveloped by a protective shield of light, completely enveloped by the Hand of Grace. Protection through prayer can save that plane and all aboard it. That’s in the planning even now.

China – something about the Great Awakener shaking China.

Transmission received by Shamaan Eagle

(Note from Celest and David: we have spoken many times about the severe lack of oxygen all over this planet, one thing each of us can do to help ourselves is to use a technique we were shown called “Expanding your Lungs.” 2 to 3 times a day take a slow deep breath in through your nose and hold it for a few seconds, then slowly exhale through your mouth while visualizing your lungs expanding. If you do this faithfully the lung capacity does expand thereby holding more oxygen in the body. We have been doing this for a long time.)

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