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New Light Messages November 2013 #2

New Light Messages

November 2013 #2

(Note: this message was received by Shamaan in late October however we just received it)

Greetings. Yes, we are among you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see. We would have you know that this, indeed, is the time in which the shadow does deepen within your world. As given, the danger that did erupt into further conflagration is not yet past, for the great warbird, Netanyahu, does continue to press forward with plans for more.

As given, as well, Egypt yet does remain the key, for its ancient influence does yet spread far. Many do now see the need for the prolonged presence of the one known as Mubarek at the helm, the helm of government in Egypt. Though it was not perfect or as might be desired, the stability did serve to maintain order in the House of Abraham. Those who now do struggle for dominant power within the House of Abraham continue to move toward greater conflict.

Yes, your prayers in the Vigil did contribute much to delay, delay, we say, yet not dissolve the threat. For this reason you see before you that which does represent ongoing prayer (the Sacred Peace Pipe, etc.), ongoing focus within the Eye of the Storm. It shall be needed yet for some time to come. Yes, many, many do yet meet the shadow as it sweeps through and brings cleansing – that which is known as the Purification. Grace, Grace, the Hand of Grace alone may lift karma and replace it with enlightenment, which does bring Love.

The bloody hand that still does grip the throat of Damascus shall prove to be of greater concern. The arrogance of the Bear [Russia] shall be its own undoing once again. Do not be deceived; that which does unfold in your own land is as the power struggle that does unfold in many places, also in the heart of the House of Abraham. Domination, the great illusion that is sought, that which is domination is the root of the destruction of those who do seek it.

Know this: many do seek this. They even vie for dominion and control of the weather systems that encircle your planet. Chaos is being created, and it shall have dire consequences. Unexpected disruptions, unusual weather occurrences will challenge many. You must heed the inner voice; heed well the inner warnings that guide your comings and goings (so as to avoid dangerous weather anomalies).

We do say, heed well the signs we give for protection, for it shall not be easily known which direction storms will take, which quality will be carried upon the wind or within the waters. [Possibly a reference to barium being carried in our atmosphere.]

Solar activity shall increase. No one can tame the Sun. Machinations used to attempt this taming shall impact your entire world. You must, as we have given, work with the elemental forces as instruments from within the Eye of the Storm, as instruments of Light, as instruments of calming, healing the damage done by others. You have the power, as you are co-creators, to work with the Source of all creation. Align yourself, attune yourself to that which would allow you to do so (i.e., attune to the Source of Light & Life).

We do say in this time: You must not lose sight of that which you have held in your mind, in your heart, as your goal. The door shall open and release those forces that enable you to be, as you do say, among the trees. Do not lose hope, nor shift your focus, energy. Continue to prepare; all shall unfold. Yet we do say, whether here or there is not as critical as being fully within the Eye of the Storm. From within the Eye you serve a greater good. Rejoice in the honor; rejoice in the great privilege of being within the Eye of the Storm. Do that which is before you with patience and gratitude. However difficult your challenges are, they are yet less than that of so many others. So we do say, rejoice at every opportunity.

November, late, early December brings a fresh challenge to the world. Meet it with prayer. Send forth your Light as co-creator to help defuse the danger that does build.

We now take our leave and offer this blessing: that each moment, and with each breath, you learn to recognize the great privilege of the life you have been given, of the path you do walk, the work that you do to serve the Light. Blessings of the Holy One be with you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

Yes, my Lady. She does come. She does say, “So many children do die; so many innocents who face a painful death. In such a manner the ordeal was the gift, painful but necessary to open deeper the heart of compassion that you may know that which you must alleviate and change in the world. Yes. A death but a birth, a death but a birth, as with an exploding star that gives light and life to those who accept it.

Pray for the innocents. She asks that you send forth your compassion, your prayers, with renewed, renewed awareness; yes, awareness of the suffering that must be lifted and replaced with love. As you did for your little ones, pray that others shall do the same, as all of life is One. Yes, Lady. Grace is Love. It does lift and heal all, all suffering, all karma, all.

Now there shall come many a flood of souls who need your prayers, for the gate has been flung open, pouring forth the voices of the Purification. Do not turn away. Stand in your light with courage and strength, that you may turn back the shadow with love.

Yes, She says. She asks that I tell you, no suffering is in vain. It brings new life always, always. Such is the way of Grace. [Shamaan then appears to drink the sacred water from her cupped hands, and her hand then rests over her heart.]

In weeks to come, many more innocents shall need your prayers.* Okay, I see. Thank you, my Lady. She asks you to be courageous; do not tremble. Know that the Blue Light of peace, healing, goes with your prayers, your actions, offered in healing, comforting others; and whatever level of life they may be, do not judge; offer compassion, love, and helpfulness. Peace be yours. Thank you, my Lady.

Yes, the Sun – will show much activity. _____________ * I believe this was a reference to prepare for sending prayers and help to the Philippine Islands.


More play, more play. It’s good you had more play, but not enough, not enough. You have to shake off the dust, the stuff of the world. Shake off the stuff of the world. As you care for the little ones, you care for all life. You care for your soul and the creation in all you do.

Eat more chocolate, too. Asparagus makes good soup; asparagus makes good soup. Put it in the blender, add a little dab of butter, good for the tum when too many strange winds come, as they lift it (the ionosphere, with HAARP).

Get your hat,

Get your coat,

Leave your worries on the doorstep,

Just direct your feet,

To the sunny side of the street.

Bye Roundhead.

He wants to dance more, dance more. He leaves with this: Treasure every moment, whether pain or bliss. Each one brings you closer, yes, to all that is in the heart of the Creator and all creation. Then the mystery is solved. In a dream he will explain it to me. He says, “I must go.” Soup, soup, soup. (Laughs)

Visions & Messages

Be careful. Jet stream shifting strongly, soon. Unleashing, unleashing storms, north central. Something big is coming.

Japan, Japan, Japan, ohh, poor Japan. More earth tremors are being created, created by manipulations of ionosphere. Rays going into the Earth; I see them destabilizing fault zones, major fault zones, swarms of earthquakes, growing in intensity over the next few months. Japan will suffer more damage.

The call goes out to the Lightworkers. Hold the Light; delay the Great Hammer to make time for more to awaken, to awaken and CHANGE course.

The Pachyderms [Republicans] have lost their way, and they will discover they will soon have to pay, far more than they thought.

Images, I can’t stop (them) ….

I saw the oceans rise up, driven by howling winds – much suffering ensued. [I remembered this as I worked on this message.]

It won’t be the victory that they sought (for the Pachyderms).

Build resistance with soup, soups – food for strong health.

I’m supposed to transmit this: “Yes, it is well. The work of the Vigil, joined with others – those who joined in prayer did help defer the threat of war. However, the danger has not passed – November/December – they show a new flare of tension. Maintain prayers through focused meditation. Continue to stay the forces of war.

Faith, hope – difficult though it may be to believe the world is moving in the right direction. The right force is moving the world in the healing direction, healing of the soul and heart. That’s what they are saying: Don’t lose sight of that, they said.

Messages received by Shamaan Eagle

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New Light Messages August 2013 #2

New Light Messages

August 18, 2013

 Yes, greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We would have you know this: It is indeed as we had hoped it would not be, yet the House of Abraham is aflame and there are many, many who even now gather to join the ranks of those dedicated to the peaceful way. At this time we do not see an end to the conflagration, the upheaval. But there are things that you may do as an effort to prevent greater uprisings, as an effort to prevent the flames that now consume the House of Abraham; yes, to prevent the worst destruction. We do say this: As Egypt devolves into inner torment and violence, the entire House of Ishmael follows. The remaining opportunity to mitigate, perhaps deflect, this danger that shall indeed engulf the whole world is with the Equinox that you do now prepare for.

We do advise and repeat: That you would do well to gather that which will not perish in storage, for events do escalate apace.

Miraculous intervention is the only impediment to great suffering. As co-creators you may call upon this miraculous intervention; yet in doing so we would have you add a request, indeed a vision of a great awakening. Call for an awakening to that which is reality, an awakening to Higher Consciousness, awakening of the many souls who sleep during this critical turning point. You will see an escalating awakening that shall cause multitudes to rise up and say, “No more war”, “No more war.” And so you must continue preparing the path towards the Time of the Purple Sun, towards healing the House of Abraham. We would have you begin now, this night upon retiring, a continuous prayer that forgiveness sweep away centuries of karma and replace the empty space that was occupied with love, love, love, that your world may be spared a painful reckoning.

[It would be such …] A painful reckoning in which all, all shall be caught up. We do continue to assist as allowed in turning the tide away from conflagration. Yet there must be many others, many more others with whom we may work to send out the call to the highest level, that others who serve the One will now join you, and together we may turn the tide toward healing the soul and lifting the burden of karma. Know this: If there is containment of bloodshed before the next new moon, hope is reborn. Remain at your posts within the Eye of the Storm. We remain with you and do hold the Light of One that all may know joy. Go now upon the path of the Prince of Peace. May your burdens and discomforts be eased by blessings of the Holy One, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

“Time, time,” they say, “not much time.”


Oh how he enjoyed the dance. You must create even more chance.

Oh where, oh where has asparagus gone? Remember, remember the asparagus song.

Asparagus, asparagus

Blessings to you. Yes, be careful, be careful, it’s the full moon. Don’t let it make you swoon. High energy, but it doesn’t have to burn.

Yes, soon, soon, the tide may turn. No more now, for he must go.

Patience, patience, wins the game, you know.

Bye Roundhead. He says he must go.

Visions & Messages

Fire, fire, fire – in so many places.

Poor, poor Japan.

Ask and you will receive; it will bring relief from worry, worry, worry.

The instrument, HAARP is destabilizing Earth’s axis. Not good, not good. Pray that this instrument and its manipulators will be brought to the Altar of Transformation. Soon!

Transmission received by Shamaan

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NOTE from Celest and David: Remember to join us on September 20th for Project “PUSH.” This may well be the most important thing you do all year.


New Light Messages April 2013

New Light Messages

April, 2013

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, it is so. This one does now clearly understand why it was necessary to reveal that which did occur in her seventh year. For it is so: many more, many more have been and are being subjected to decisions made by the shadow forces, those who are indeed motivated by desire for domination, you see, and great power. In this time many millions do succumb to the great disruptive power that is seen in the work of those who do attempt to manipulate weather patterns of your world.

Each one, each being does have a center of gravity, you see, that which does maintain balance, balance within duality. There are, indeed, three sites within the body that do maintain this balance: that which is the pineal gland, you see; that which is the solar plexus, as you do say; yes, and that which is the Starseed within the center of the brain.1 These are greatly disturbed by the manipulations of those who disrupt heaven and earth2 (heaven in the higher mind and earth in the physical body­, the solar plexus) for their own motivations. Yes, it is so. This one is extremely sensitive to these disruptions, as you shall become, as ALL shall become if it is not brought to cessation, as you do say. For the Great Awakener does make ready that which will indeed bring to an end those actions that do so devastate the natural patterns of your world. It is near at hand, you see, very near at hand. For there is but a short, short time to achieve a turning away from these destructive events before there is the point of no return, as you do say, no return.

Yet it is that all others will be subject to the further machinations of that which you do know as HAARP, and the vapors (chemtrails) that are spread throughout your atmosphere. Indeed, a great deal more is being done than you know. The very foundations of your Earth’s crust shall be shaken. Yes, much is being torn loose within the Earth from that which does sustain all life. Do know: That which is your shield, the electromagnetic envelope of your world, is being destroyed. As you do see, many more bodies (high-energy particles, asteroids, comets) from the far reaches of space are now able to penetrate, and will increase.

Will the time of the Great Hammer be necessary? This you must attend to, for the answer to that question does lie within you and others who resonate with the spiritual frequency that is the starseed. And we do repeat: you are very few. It is well that you have begun the opportunity to focus more of your spiritual energy of prayer on that which must, MUST, be brought to a conclusion, and quickly (a new prayer time for the Colorado group which is focused on stopping these destructive influences has begun).

We do say before we take our leave, do direct your prayers to Egypt, for once again Egypt holds the key to a direction that will give rise to healing the past and making way to a future of peace. Do turn intent and focus for peace upon the Hungry Dragon: though it will not strike, it does create in the world instability and fear. Its time of passing does draw near. Pray that it does not take a great many others with it.

The one known as the Descendant of the Pharoahs does weaken in the face of the withering force of the Pachyderms. Strengthen him through prayer. Strengthen him to remain firm in his choice to serve the Way of the Light, the Greater Good, and not the powers of those who seek their own aggrandizement. Heed well your opportunity to assist in turning back the hand of the shadow, through remaining firm in your own commitment to serve the Greater Good, from which you do have life. As we are able, we do offer assistance and, indeed, some relief from what could be far greater discomfort.

As a result of that which does occur through the disruption of your atmosphere, your center of gravity, your electromagnetic force, that which you do refer to as fields – those things are in great chaos; yet where we may offer stability and relief, you will find some ease. Know that it must be temporary.3 Do use these moments of ease well. Focus upon your spiritual center. Awaken further the Starseed, that it may accelerate your healing and recovery. Know this: Many, many millions more are not aware of the root of their discomfort, or have access to that which brings relief. You may help awaken them through your prayers, through your living in harmony with Higher Self. This will enhance the frequency of higher consciousness within your world. This will help awaken knowledge and understanding of the causes that bring discomfort and disruption in the body and in the earth that must be corrected, even stopped. Do this as you abide in the Eye of the Storm. We abide with you.

Yes, we are with you in the Light of One. Lady of Grace offers her blessing, and the peace, peace of her Blue Light that shines upon you. We do say: Go now on the Path of the Prince of Peace, that which we also walk with you. The healing blessings of the Holy One pour upon you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

_____________ 1 The starseed cell group is located in the hypothalamus.

2 Shamaan believes this is referring to geoengineering­ HAARP and chemtrails­ and is not just symbolic.

3 Upon reading this statement I asked of Star Nation, “Why must it be temporary? I received this response: “For if one does dwell in comfort and constant relief it would be more likely that one would forget the suffering of others, of the Earth and her creatures. It is, as you do say, human nature.”


Your life is enhanced when you dance, Your Light is much brighter when you dance, Oh, the burden’s much lighter when you dance, Much more, much more. You’ve got to cut a hole in the floor, The dancing will get you through. It will help you to do all that’s in front of you. It’s true, it’s true.

Asparagus will be hard to find this time, but it’s out there …. He’ll show you where. Time, time for –

“Asparagus, asparagus …”

Buckets galore, buckets galore, buckets galore, But sing, sing, sing some more.

“I can’t stay anymore.” He must go, but he does implore you to laugh and sing, after all, it’s spring.

Yes, yes, yes. Tempers and times are really rough; but you know, those who smile are really tough.

Get over, get over to the sunny side of the street.

Get your hat, Get your coat; Leave your troubles on the doorstep, Just direct your feet To the sunny side of the street. (Laughs)

He’s dancing in clown shoes, great big red, red clown shoes. It doesn’t hurt to be a clown; yes, it could help chase away a frown.

A joke. Okay, I will; I will make up a joke. Okay, not now. Okay, every day, any day, think of something funny.

Message: Don’t get too serious; you’ll drive yourself delirious, most certainly. Yes, many things are wrong; but in your heart you’ve got to have a song. Your wake-up smile is your energizer; nothing you could do would be any wiser. It stays with you all day long, and keeps your heart singing a song.

He still has a plan to get us on the land. Don’t give up hope, hold onto the rope. You’ll get there, you’ll get there. Maybe it will take magic.

You’ve got Roundhead, You’ve got Two Bear, You’ve got magic, Who could ask for anything more.

Buckets galore.

Clown shoes, or iron boots: which do you choose?

Messages & Visions

Bo Tree. There’s something about the Bo Tree. It’s not me, it’s not any of us. Someone else will come to the Bo Tree and be free.

Careful, careful: happenings at sea. A ship is in motion and in some kind of trouble.

Another asteroid coming, a big one. Not the Great Hammer. It is another warning, another warning.

China: trouble with the Hungry Dragon. China loosens its grip on the tail.

I just heard Roundhead say, “Let’s go boogie-woogie.” He’s shaking his bottom.

I heard a message – “emerald.” I closed my eyes and saw emerald as an energy that would help in this time.

Roundhead: That’s how it goes with money – flows up and down, but things will soon turn around. You’ve gotta keep your bounce and be ready to pounce on the next chance; you’ll see it if you dance.

War will threaten; at the last minute it will be averted.

Blue-green serpent twists in agony as the natural currents of wind are churned by the instrument of the manipulators [thought to be HAARP]. This changes much that occurs on the surface of the Earth.

I’m seeing more cave-ins (sinkholes), landslides, too.

Messages received by Shamaan

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New Light Messages March 7th and 10th

New Light Messages March 7, 2013 

Too many people dismiss the messages of warning given prior to your year 2000 and after, for much that was expected under the term Y2K was not perceived to occur, yet it has continued to occur at a rapid pace in our experience – the unfolding deterioration of your planet has gone unnoticed by multitudes who have dismissed cautionary words of preparation. In your time the ending of your civilization is in motion but it is perceived in what you would call slow motion; yet in our experience it is a very rapid pace, perceived as in seconds. Preparation is still advised.

It is the (wireless) signals and HAARP that are causing hair loss. The time will come when hair will be no more.

New Light Messages March 10, 2013

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. We would have you know that once again Egypt is the key, for without stability in Egypt the great warbird (Netanyahu) will feel more need to prepare to strike.

Once again you shall find the coming season in chaos and conflict, you see. Yet there are few who shall not feel the intense and strident energies of the season. As given, throughout your world sides have been chosen that have become stratified. At this time the hope for returning that which is compassion does reside with the elders rather than the younger people everywhere. Yet far too many of your elders have retreated and do not hold forth the Light.* You must, as within the Eye of the Storm, turn your attention through prayer, through visualization, through action toward the elders. You must demonstrate the need, you see, for those who are elders to come forward, to speak and become agents of transformation, for they may yet do so. They may be instrumental in aiding by calling on the Hand of Grace to go before the Great Awakener in performing the task of cleansing.

_____________ * Note: Our take on this relates to the ‘hippies’ of the 60s and 70s – the love, peace, and harmony generation – who have either become ‘yuppies’ or feel too detached to engage in the demanding task of raising consciousness and fostering compassion, goodwill, etc.

Know this: That which has been given often at earlier gatherings does now unfold rapidly, and there shall be greater potential for outbreak of clashes between sides chosen, even within this land. Those who stand in the shadow, who are motivated by fear, grow more anxious by the day, but they know not the cause. Those who stand within the Blue Light of Peace must not become detached or distant from the fray, yet must remain fully present in the state of peace while being in the Eye of the Storm. Know that the time is extremely short to achieve transformation. Even the Hungry Dragon, you see, grows impatient with restraints, while those who follow the Crescent Moon & Star grow more restive and angry at the disregard for their status (poverty and war-weary), which indeed is painful. We speak of compassion, empathy, that must be expressed, shown, given to all, or the fires of destruction shall burn in many forms.

That which will tame the fires of anger is the spiritual Light of Grace, given to all. Karma may be erased by the Hand of Grace; but it must be replaced with love and compassion if it is not to return as karmic pattern. There are a great many resolving karmic patterns, and these souls do yearn for freedom from ancient debts. As you do prepare for the Vigil, recall that there shall be many forces pulling you in many directions. Yours is to use that time of the turning of the season (Vernal Equinox) to focus on that which is the House of Abraham. In the land of the pyramids and teachers from the stars who did arrive from beyond your world, they shall guard the sacred teaching that all must come to live in harmony and peaceful fellowship within that land if your world is to be spared great suffering – unparalled suffering. The awakening must radiate outward from that area of the world and expand in ever-widening circles by the Hand of Grace.

Do know this: Many lives in every dimension, at every level, do hang in the balance. That which has been called an “extinction event” by your scientists is yet possible. It is not determined yet, but it may be. We continue to stand with you, to hold fast in the Eye of the Storm, to guide and, wherever possible, direct the energetic flow of peace toward the time of the Purple Sun. A great many more shall be spared, not in physical form only, but in the soul, the heart, the consciousness. Those who shall dwell in the time of the Purple Sun will restore the balance and heal the wounds of physical and spiritual aspects of all life. You shall know, fully come to know the consciousness of all living things, and that consciousness shall be at the heart of elevating all species. This is yet possible.

Know this: Hold steady, for the days to come and the weeks to come shall be extremely challenging and intense. Do that which has been given to maintain your balance within the spiritual center of your heart. We do leave you now with this blessing: May the Hand of Grace touch you and erase all karma in your soul record now and evermore, allowing your fulfillment of uniting with your Higher Self. May you be blessed in this lifetime with this gift: That you may daily be aware of the Great Loving Spirit that always does radiate within, behind, before, and around you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

{Then an obvious physical transition occurs} Yes, thank you for this message. The great elders, ancient ones of the oceans­, the whales of the sea­ need your prayers. I don’t quite understand it, but their DNA still has an awareness of that which first visited your world. We, from the Summer Triangle, are their protectors and need your help. These creatures represent a final hope for the well-being and vibrant balance of your world. Yes, these are in danger. Do send your prayers to those who face danger; bring upliftment to mind, heart, soul, to all in your world. Yes, as above, so below; it is so. The seeds of those lifeforms did emanate from space, as you refer to the Great Womb of all that is. Yes, it is so.

Roundhead: Can’t stay at all. He’d like to come and play, but not tonight. What’s the chance of a little dance?


The toxins in your air rob your bodies of oxygen. You have it available, use it twice a week, three minutes each time.

Do not overextend your energy output for the next four days. Let periods of quiet come. I heard the phrase, Sink into stillness, silence, whenever possible, and you may find these days creative rather than disruptive.

More earthquakes, trembling, coming up. Volcanoes, volcanoes, volcanoes are beginning to awaken beneath Earth’s surface.

Restless minds for many in coming weeks. Be careful where you put your thoughts.

They say the manipulators (of climate/weather) will find they have created an uncontrollable chaos.

Juice from the vine will get you to sleep in time.

Another attack will be attempted in air flight. I’m seeing the plane is over the ocean – within 8 days. Hold the vision of all planes, especially those crossing the oceans, enveloped by a protective shield of light, completely enveloped by the Hand of Grace. Protection through prayer can save that plane and all aboard it. That’s in the planning even now.

China – something about the Great Awakener shaking China.

Transmission received by Shamaan Eagle

(Note from Celest and David: we have spoken many times about the severe lack of oxygen all over this planet, one thing each of us can do to help ourselves is to use a technique we were shown called “Expanding your Lungs.” 2 to 3 times a day take a slow deep breath in through your nose and hold it for a few seconds, then slowly exhale through your mouth while visualizing your lungs expanding. If you do this faithfully the lung capacity does expand thereby holding more oxygen in the body. We have been doing this for a long time.)

New Light Messages /


A Unique Moment on Earth

A Unique Moment on Earth

 December 21, 2012 Universal Time 11.11

By Maria –

Today a unique moment for the Earth and humanity took place. The cycle of about 26,000 years reached a turning point. The Earth crossed the equator plane of the Milky Way. The Sun, the Earth and the center of the Milky Way were on one straight line. Maybe this day will in the future become a planetary holiday!

Of course you don’t hear anything about this in the media. Only those on a mountain who are totally confused waiting for spaceships or the people who believe that the world will end today receive wide attention on television and in the newspapers. In this way the media are changing this unique event into a bizarre tale of disturbed people. They do not want people to really understand that this is a monumental event, a turning point in the history of mankind.

Tonight I received a message from the Earth. Yes, the Earth communicates with its residents. With all its inhabitants, so maybe you got that dream too. Sometimes the Earth uses dreams. The Earth explained that she had given mankind every opportunity to change their ways. She could easily have stopped all the violence against her and her Children (plants and animals) and remove humanity from her surface. But she didn’t, she had endless patience, but times are changing now. Violence, selfishness and destructions are no longer tolerated.

To experience the moment as consciously as possible I spent a few hours meditating around the time of the shift. There were indeed very strong waves of energy entering my body. Your body is restructured by this energy. I wonder what changes I will experience as a result and I am also curious about what others have experienced. One change in the level of consciousness has already taken place and trickles through the physical world. The dominance of the male disappears. According to the cycle, in the next 26,000 years it is the woman’s turn to be dominant, but God has determined in consultation with all parties that it is not going to happen. There will be equivalence. This removes the cornerstone of the duality and so humanity will be able to develop more easily to the next new level: the 5th dimension.

A while ago I heard on the radio a specialist on space travel talk about the benefits space travel can offer to humanity. When mankind has exhausted and destroyed the Earth, we can all go to another planet and when we have destroyed that one, we can go on to the next! What a vision! Humanity as the asocial, backward race of the galaxy, that leave behind nothing but devastated planets! No, mister specialist, that’s not going to happen. At least not on this planet.

Today a selection process has started. The Earth will select with the help of God the people that have enough spiritual development to remain on Earth and to become the beginning of the new version of humanity. The Earth will require a certain level of its inhabitants and those who fail this test will not continue here. When you look around, you will understand that many people will have to leave. This selection should be completed in a few years – 1, 2 or 3 years.

And not only the people who do not meet the new requirements will leave. There are also many people who traveled from other civilizations and have come to help raise the consciousness level of Earth for the 21 December 2012 event. Many of them feel that they have accomplished their task and want to return to their home planets. They also will quickly leave the Earth.

There are many scenario’s ready for the coming year. There is one main plan in which humanity and the Earth will come to a new version of  themselves. There are many variations possible in this scenario, because those who have chosen evil as their path, are fighting for their existence and will definitely try to take down with them as many people as possible. They also have freedom of  expression. And their choices – and the choices of the goodhearted people – can’t exactly be determined in advance.

According to the roadmap a new Antichrist will rise. We already have had many of them on Earth. In the Western world we lately had Stalin and Hitler, but in other parts of the world we had the Pol Pot regime, the terror regime in North Korea and many others. So nothing unique. He too will try to seduce mankind by pretending to offer a way out of the chaos. Just as Hitler did to the Germans. This figure will come from the Vatican. Will he succeed in recruiting in a number of Lightworkers? We must wait.

As the violence against the Earth is very extreme with chemtrails, fracking, genetically modified foods, HAARP, nuclear power plants and many other things we still know little about, it could also happen that the selection process must be accelerated because the life of the Earth is in danger. There are limits to freedom of expression.

For the coming year it remains imperative that everyone maintains a strong connection with his soul. That way you can remain free from fear. This is important because fear lowers your level. You can also get advice about the many dangers. Of course, you can trust that people who are on the right path – who continue to develop themselves – will be protected. The Earth regularly provides advice to its residents. The year 2013 will be a roller coaster for the inhabitants of the Earth. Again, it is not true that only less developed people will leave the Earth, many highly developed people will want to leave too.

Note from Celest and David: Maria is also translating all the God Books into Dutch. If you or you know someone who may benefit from these please email us at and we will give you more information.  

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