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New Light Messages November 2015 #1 & 2

New Light Messages

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November 1, 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see; yet we would have you know that, indeed, each shall be given opportunity, you see, to alleviate that which you do know as stress, challenge in your path. You do often see these challenges as obstacles, you see. These challenges are not obstacles, but opportunity to attune within, to attune to that which does unfold as growth, as well to attune to that which is timing, as you do say. Yes, timing, for there shall come a time for each, a time of release, of restoration, you see, for all.

Yes, it is as given: The Great Awakener is seen throughout the world, sweeping the world with challenge. There is acceleration ahead of you in this time, increasing fires, floods, earthquakes, mudslides, of the earth collapsing. Yes, it shall come hard to a great many in the coming season, and your prayers, your focused generation of the energy of Light shall be most helpful, most helpful for that which is the acceleration of war within the House of Abraham. The great warbird, Netanyahu, the Angry Bear, and others do seek to stir greater conflict. It shall have grave consequences, we do say, for all. And so you must continue to hold forth in the Eye of the Storm, and we do say to frequently hold the image given to bring peace – the sacred tree, dove, crescent moon and star, and the rose – all must be seen daily, daily; indeed, for the coming season, and it shall be critical, as you do say, critical.

Great storms, great storms will arise that may hamper the plans of the warbirds. The Great Awakener does create in their path opportunity to transmute, you see. All such occurrences present an opportunity for the soul to choose differently. And so we do beseech you to hold forth the image, create within a manifestation of your vision of the image. Share it with others.

We do take our leave, yet do remind; as given, this season of celebration that you do know as Christmas does present great danger, great danger, we do say. It may yet be prevented, deflected, yet shall require prayer and focused attention on the image of transformation. We do take our leave and must say: In each area of your life there are no obstacles, there are indeed opportunities. Use them well.

May you walk with the Prince of Peace, the path that leads to the Way of the Heart, and the Light of One. We shall be beside you each step by step. Blessings of the Holy One pour upon you now and evermore.

Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Dance, dance. More dance, more dance, more dance. Yes, he’s doing the Hula. Singing:

Enjoy yourself,

It’s easier than you think.

Enjoy yourself.

Remember: Things can change in a wink.

Oh, he’s showing me homes growing up like mushrooms. Don’t worry, your home in the mountains will arise. Why? Because …

Magic is all around you

Is all around you,

Just look and see.

Magic is all around you

Is all around you,

And me!

Magic is all around you

Is all around you,

Buckets are too!

Magic is all around you

Is all around you,

And me!

He’s waving goodbye in a hula skirt.

Something serious going on – interference, they dropped me back. [This is the point at which I saw something horrible, but because it could not be prevented, I was ‘dropped back’ into body.]

Note from Celest and David “The two of us understand what Shamaan meant when she stated she was dropped back into her body. Recently we ourselves have been unexpectedly returned to our bodies during excursions we have taken while in our own vision states. This happens for many reasons; the most important reason is for our own safety. This sudden accelerated return can be quite unsettling, especially if one has never experienced it before. This “dropping back in” can leave a person confused and disoriented about where they are physically and what had just occurred. It normally requires a few moments for a person to regain their composure.”


New Light Messages

November 15, 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. There is need to be exceedingly brief, yet we would have you know: There are, indeed, in motion plans that will bring greater sorrow than has been seen. As given, there will be need for daily, daily prayers that the Way of the Heart may be found by those who are lost in the grip of the shadow. There is daily need to ask that grace erase karma, erase and replace it with love, with compassion, with tolerance. These are indeed the times wherein karma does play a very large role in the events you see occurring; yet there is more, more to come.

There is also an awakening. It must spread like Light rising above and throughout your world. It must spread; the great awakening must envelope all. So you do now see the need to remain steady in your commitment to remain in the Eye of the Storm, for you must be a magnet, a magnet that will draw many, many others to join you until the Eye of the Storm expands and engulfs the very storm itself, as the shadow shall engulf itself.

Know this: What does loom over the holiday season you do call Christmas may yet be prevented. Yes, many, many centuries, indeed, many thousands of years have prepared for this time. This moment offers the greatest opportunity for those who serve the Light of One to overcome fear, anger, and indeed ancient wounds that are the wounds of a karmic nature.NOW is the time, yet the moment is brief, and your opportunity narrows. You must indeed remain focused upon that which you have chosen, focused, as you do say; we do say, fully engaged!

We do say that you are joined in your efforts to hold the Light steady in the Eye of the Storm, and others who’ve made the same choice do join you from other worlds. They do come and continue to flow into your world. They bring the Light of peace; they bring hope; most importantly, the essence of the Way of the Heart.

Yield not to fear; yield not to anger nor judgment. Yield not to the shadow. Stand firm and prepare for the changing of seasons. Prepare the solstice, for it shall be pivotal, pivotal, you see. A great deal of opportunity does present itself in the form of challenge.

We must take our leave at this time, yet as always we do say, “We STAND with you; we WALK with you the path of the Prince of Peace. We, too, follow the Way of the Heart and shall aid you at every turn. You have but to ask. Do recall every moment, each moment; each chance is pivotal in this time. The blessings of the Holy One do shower upon you now and evermore. Do not tremble, for you are strongly blessed, as they do say, in the Way of Light. Use it well. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We Are.


Not time to stay, even though he’d like to play. No time. Another time he will stay. As often as you can in the next week-and-a-half, eat asparagus.

Asparagus, asparagus …

Lady of Grace

She reminds us: ALL things are changeable; all, all. Pray. Use your power of the Light. Hold in your heart, your mind, images of the world you’d like to see, that needs to be. Heal the children – so wounded, so devastated. Pray, for they carry the seeds of your next world. Yes, my Lady, it will be done. (From cupped hands appears to drink the sacred water; hands then fold over the heart chakra.) Blessings from the sacred heart. Thank you, my Lady.


Did you feel that? Melchizedek, the energy of Melchizedek. It’s beautiful, it’s so peaceful, peaceful. He gives a blessing to all, all who gather to serve the Light, to serve The ONE. He blesses us all and says, “May the sacred fire of love burn brightly within your soul, forevermore.”

Transmissions received by Shamaan from “The Messengers.”

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New Light Messages March 2015 #2

New Light Messages

March 15, 2015


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We must be exceedingly brief, you see. Yes, we would have you know: Indeed, your world has reached a crucial turning point with the coming of the seasonal threshold, which is your equinox. A grave danger does loom, that if it manifests does accelerate the decline of survival for a great many at this time. We do say: It is indeed already too late (for some) – the point of no return has been reached for many lifeforms in your world. That which does loom as a grave danger, should it be unleashed, will further accelerate the disappearance of many lifeforms, including human, you see.

There are some who do seek to generate greater dissonance, conflict, but pray it shall not come to fruition. Those who have chosen that direction do now press forward. Indeed, the imbalance created as a result of the despoilers and manipulators of your natural resources in your natural world have created a danger that does build. It shall be seen and clearly understood by those who serve the Light. It shall be seen in the coming season, at the end of your spring, and in the following season, unless intervention does occur. We do call upon you and others who serve the Light of One to use the turning point of this season to stir an awakening, you see, of soul, mind, indeed of body, of those who yet sleep in the comfort of their distractions. Call, we do say, upon the Great Awakener to shake the slumbering, that they may become fully aware of that which does press down upon them. It must be known by multitudes that the disappearances of so many lifeforms will also ascertain the demise of many humans. For the circle of linkage is now broken, and there is but a short time in which it may be repaired, you see. We do say: The threshold you approach of the equinox is extremely crucial at this point in the cleansing of your world. We do say: a three-day vigil is essential.

We ask that you gather in the evening of the 19’th ; the time of the equinox in the 20’th , you see; and in the morning, by 11:00 in the morning of your time on the 21’st ; that you may hold forth a stream of energy, of prayer, of calling forth of the souls of those who yet slumber; a calling to the gathering of the forces of Light so that which does build may be defused at this time. The warbird Netanyahu is at the center of this great danger. There are others who willingly join him. It would be indeed a great mistake if it is allowed to unfold without intervention. We do beseech you in your gathering, in your coming together at your threshold (equinox) in this new season, to hold forth in the Blue Light of Peace, of Hope; do hold forth in a prayerful manner that which would uplift souls, minds, indeed hearts of those who are tired of the dark fury of war. And so Light arises, you see. Do gather and pray that the wheel of karma may be turned, and all karma may be erased by the hand of Grace, and all may be replaced with tolerance, compassion, love, indeed we do say, LOVE.

In your coming together, know that you are not alone; others do gather with you. We do gather with you, that the forces of Light, life, LIFE, we do say, will be strengthened on your journey to the Time of the Purple Sun.

We do now take our leave, and we do say: Gather for three days, and in those days be ever aware that you carry a sacred responsibility of holding the Light in your heart, in your mind, and in your soul. Carry it with gratitude. You have been chosen, as you have chosen the Light. The courage of the Holy One go with you now and evermore, as you follow the path of the Prince of Peace. We go with you. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Not even Roundhead. They want me back now. I feel them present, but they are being asked not to speak. I see Roundhead smiling. “Not now, not now.”


Even the grasshoppers? My goodness. I’m seeing a stream of creatures, insects, animals – leaving.

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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Note from Celest and David – “You may want to consider doing a “PUSH” Movement during this three day vigil.”


New Light Messages November 2014

New Light Messages

November 9, 2014


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see. Yet we would have you know; indeed, it is as given: Those who follow the Pachyderms (this is reference to the Middle Eastern countries) shall destroy themselves. Many, a great many shall recoil, recoil, we do say, in horror at what has been unleashed now due to inattentiveness. Do not despair though, for it shall appear that the Way of the Heart is blocked by the Pachyderms. It shall not be so. It shall appear that those who have attained power will be, as you do say, unchallenged. It is not so, yet it shall, indeed, take time before many more do awaken to see what has been stolen from them. It shall become clear that a danger to ALL has been unleashed. But we do say this: It must not come too late. Those who seek the Way of the Heart, who serve the Light of One, must continue, we say, continue to do all that can be done to turn the tide, awaken others, awaken those who have succumbed to the deceptions, to the disruptions, you see, that create a great imbalance. As those who have raged in the land of the Crescent Moon and Star have created horror and repulsion in the world by their actions, so shall the Pachyderms.

We do say, do not despair; yield not the Eye of the Storm to those who walk in the shadow. You must hold steady in the Light, knowing that which has been attained through the manipulations of the shadow shall fall. Go forth; carry brightly the Light within. Do that which does serve the great circle of life. The sacred circle of life must not be broken by those who seek to obtain great power, wealth, and high position through force, deception, indeed, through abuse of the Earth and all life upon it.

As given, much is held in the hands of the few. If you turn away in dismay, in despair, others will follow you, and thus the Time of the Purple Sun will be delayed, delayed, we do say, NOT STOPPED. Continue in prayers, in thoughts, in actions directed toward opening the hearts of others, awakening the Light of the thirteen cells of your star ancestors. Continue to hold forth in the knowledge that we stand with you and the Way of the Heart shall not be blocked.

We must now take our leave. We do say: Do hold in the Light the Descendant of the Pharoahs, that he may be strengthened to stand firmly for the Way of the Heart in the Light of One, that he may not be seduced, you see, seduced to appease those who would misuse power and resources. Go forth on the path of the Prince of Peace. We walk with you in the Light of the Holy One. May you know the strength, the courage that comes by walking in the presence of the Divine Source. Blessings of the Holy One do surround you now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – We are.

Lady of the Blue Light

She’s here, but I’m to speak for her, not with Her. Prayers, prayers are requested. The children suffer so. The Great Awakener will triple, triple activity. You may assist the work of the Great Awakener through prayer, through action, to stir awareness in others as to what does unfold.

Yes, yes. (Appears to drink the sacred water with hands cupped, then hands over heart.) To all, to all, yes, blessings of Her grace given to all around. Yes, doubt no more. At this time the atmospheric envelope does contribute greatly to muscle pain. Compound – California poppy, Jamaican dogwood, and corydalis; and copper on body, copper on body – will assist.


What? (Laughs) No dancing in the dance hall tonight. Okay, more chocolate, more everything – to make you happy, healthy, and sleep. Roundhead: Lighten up with a little play; lighten up with a little play. Find a way, find a way. Unusual times, yes. That’s why, he says, you must find a way to make the time to play, to play. Each, each (of us).

Pears and pomegranates, good for the season. Pears and pomegranates, good for the season.

Yes, both represent Love. Good for the season.

Be careful of the wind …. Glowing wind (radiation). Roundhead is busy running around with a great big spoon. He keeps repeating – healing comes from the Heart, healing comes from the Heart, healing comes from the Heart. He’s running around giving people, all people – and the Pachyderms – giving them a big spoonful of medicine. It’s not liquid, it’s Light, its glow is Light. It goes directly to the heart chakra; and then poof, they’re smiling.

Fun eventually comes to everyone; you just have to invite it in.


Something big is going to shift in the world. Yes, it’s the Earth. Something is shifting. It’s the magnetic poles, the poles. It will bring a lot of earthquake activity, topsoil moving, sliding, and cracks in the surface. Fault lines shifting in many places. Building pressure, shifting, and releasing. Tremors, even many beneath the sea (surface of the sea).

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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Origins of the New Light Messages, Who are the Messengers?

New Light Messages August 2014

New Light Messages

August, 2014


Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. In these days you do see ample cause for prayer. That which is the House of Abraham is torn asunder. All within suffer. Now you do also see the need for prayers for the young ones, indeed, for all creation. For that which is now visited upon the House of Abraham shall extend its reach, even unto this land, for choices have been made. The warbirds have been given free latitude to do that which they deem necessary. Know this: The spilling of innocent blood is never necessary. And so the Purification does continue. Yet we do weep, weep for the House of Abraham, and we do weep for the young ones, and for your Earth. So many do yet sleep, inattentive to that which does unfold before them. The Way of the Heart is sullied, sullied with the blood of innocents. As given, this time that is before you is marked by rivalries and ancient karmic wounds. The Hand of Grace is sorely needed.

For this reason we do remind you that each one, each one must step forward and be a messenger, for each, indeed, is a messenger to all you encounter, to every soul, every creature, every space that you fill. You do carry forth with you the message of the coming time, the time wherein the soul shall awaken, the heart shall open to give and receive the healing balm of love. You carry forth the message of a humble return to the way of nature, and you do carry forth the message of the time of peace, yes, even in the House of Abraham a time of peace, where the Purple Sun does shine with benevolence upon each and every one. This is your role as surely as it is a role of this one. Yield not to despair, for when you do, you do steal away a small part of hope from all who suffer the pain of the Purification. You must hold the Light in the heart, in the mind, in the soul, the body; you must hold true to the path you have chosen.

It shall come hard in these weeks to come. It shall be nearly unbearable to see the suffering. Focus, focus upon your intent, your task, that you may bring into manifest form the promise of the time of the Purple Sun, yes, the promise of fulfillment of the healing, the awakening, the realignment of soul to the Spiritual Source.

These things will come. They must be aided, you see, by those who serve the Light of One. We do beseech you: Do not fall under the spell of forgetfulness, under the spell of heedless comfort. Be aware of that which does unfold. But at the same moment in space and time, you must be aware of the time that you do approach. It is now, as has been given: joy in one hand, sorrow in the other. Yet what has not been given is that in-between two hands is an open heart, glowing, glowing with the light of a new Sun, a new Sun.

Recall: Of this reality you each are a messenger. As you do approach the Equinox, the fierce spiral of events shall appear frightening indeed. Remain in the calm. Remain in the conscious awareness of that which must be. Remain ever in the Eye of the Storm, that you may be an anchor for those who seek understanding, strength, hope, and above all, comfort, the comfort of an open heart.

We do say: This coming three to five weeks shall be tumultuous within your world. Again we say, “Move with caution. Heed well each sign given, but hold forth the Light and hope of the knowledge that this time shall lead inexorably to the time of the Purple Sun. Let that be your guiding star. Let that be your comfort. Yes, patience and compassion are your leading guidelines now.

We take our leave with this final message: “Be cautious, cautious, for there is indeed a rising tide of infectious agents that shall extend into every area. Many shall meet extreme challenges to life force as a result. Use all that has been given to support your world, your health, your being, your body. Some [infectious agents] have been unleashed purposely, some by accident. Be aware, cautious; become attentive to detail.

Go now upon the path of the Prince of Peace with a light surrounding you, filling you, guiding you with each step. Know that you walk among those who have also chosen to serve the Light, to serve the One Source, Giver of the Sacred Breath, imparting to all the Sacred Fire in the Divine Heart of Love. Yes, this is your destiny. Claim it, fulfill it, for your sake, for the world. May the blessing of the Holy One go before you, behind you, each side of you, above and below you, as you go upon the path of the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim – we are.

Visions, Messages, & Roundhead

More sinkholes everywhere; more sinkholes opening in the earth. Fluctuations, massive fluctuations in atmospheric and electromagnetic fields. Grounding will be necessary. The trees are endangered, under attack and need prayers, help.

Roundhead’s here, but he’s far away. If he comes too near he’ll try to stay; can’t do that today. Neglected dancing shoes, oh yes, they have the blues. Neglected dancing shoes.

Must celebrate in gratitude all the good things that come to you!

That was lovely, just now. I was infused with a golden white light, a golden white light.

I feel Roundhead; he has much more to say, but he must come on another day.

Ah, yes, that was a gift; that was the light of Melchizedek [the golden white light mentioned above].

I want to send Roundhead to help a very sick whale. It’s trying to get to the north Pacific. It’s been in the northern waters of Japan. It can heal if it gets to clean water, but its stuck in-between now. Send Roundhead to the rescue. Roundhead says, he’s on his way. Thank you. This whale won’t die today. Go Roundhead (laughs)! He’s got a big satchel; he’s got this big medicine bag strapped across his shoulder and across his chest.

I heard something that I must pass on – the mantra for this week must be: May the Hand of Grace erase karma and replace it with love.

Transmissions received by Shamaan during her weekly gathering of like-minded individuals.

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New Light Messages July 2014 #3


New Light Messages

July 2014 #3

Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be exceedingly brief. Yet we would have you know that a great many, a very great many shall not survive this world, as it has become …. A great many species other than your own shall pass, for the forces that are awash in your world cannot sustain life at the highest levels, you see. We may intervene, but this will not be sufficient, as you do say, to alleviate the suffering, to curtail the numbers that shall pass. It is as it must be to cleanse this planet, to bring an end to that which contaminates the soil, to flush rivers, oceans, and bloodstreams of all.

We do say: Heed well, heed well the signs that do appear all around you. As given, the House of Abraham now is shaken to its foundations. As given, once again, danger of nuclear conflagration does spread. Yes, Japan did make its choice centuries ago with pride, in warfare, and now it does come full circle, and yet, the circle does widen to include all, all in the path of deadly radiation. And so you shall see a great many creatures of the sea who shall not survive. The grave imbalance to your world does grow ever more grave. And so you do see the necessity for those who serve the Light, for those who follow the Way of the Heart, indeed, for those who have chosen to be beacons, beacons we do say, of healing, of hope. And so we shall at every opportunity intervene when circumstances threaten to cut short the journey of those souls who serve the Light of One. As given, there are too few, you see, too few. And so we do assist each one, each one who has chosen the Light. We do also assist each one who does seek the Light. This is our mission, to do all that may be done, to prevent the greatest tragedies. So we do stand ready, prepared to assist all others who serve the Light of One and the Way of the Heart.

Your task is to remain ever committed, true, true to your task, never wavering in the face of difficulty, or even in the face of death. This is the time you have chosen. Now, we do say, is the hour of your soul’s greatest opportunity. Some would say challenge; we do say opportunity to achieve an evolution that might take centuries in a few, a very few of your years. Maintain your role, your position, in the Eye of the Storm. Do that which is before you that serves the Light, hope, and the greater good. You shall have always our assistance. We stand with you as we ask: Do continue your prayers, your thoughts, your actions, to help save what can be saved. Know this: You each have but to ask, for our assistance will be given. Know it may not always come in the form that you might prefer; it shall come.

Yes, you shall see greater activity beneath the surface of the earth, beneath the surface of the oceans, indeed within your atmosphere itself. Most will not understand, will not see. It is for this reason that the Great Awakener does intensify, accelerate, you see. Pray that, indeed, the Hand of Grace erase all karma and replace it with love. The Way of the Heart MUST prevail.

We must take our leave at this time, and do say: Carry forward with your choice, your mission, as we do with ours. Together we may be able to save more than otherwise would be saved. May the blessings of the Holy One be felt within your soul, your heart, your mind, and your body, now and evermore. As you do follow the Prince of Peace, may it grow stronger within you with each day. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Keep it up, keep it up. Keep on dancing. Yes, the glow, yes, keep up the glow, glowing bright. Dancing in the morning and in the night, to keep the glow bright. Just a few steps will do; you’ll find it helps you to walk lightly, smile often, and pray all the time.

Roundhead is back. He says, just focus on the Hand of Grace, focus on the Hand of Grace, that karma may be replaced with wonder, LOVE, and forgiveness.

Visions & Messages

I’m hearing the trees and the seas; both are in great need. Pray, pray for the trees and the seas.

Denmark, Denmark. Something about Denmark. It is capable of influencing Japan if it would seize the chance.

I heard, “The Sun WILL have its day, and when it does, not even the mice will come out to play.”

The crescent moon. The crescent moon [in the flag of Islam] needs to embrace the star in order to lift consciousness. For those who follow the way of the mosque the star represents higher consciousness, spiritual insight; the crescent moon represents the emotional forces, the emotional forces. They must come together for peace.

There will be given a teaching for those of the House of David, for those who follow the way of the ‘temple’ and practice ‘Chabad’.

[The people of the desert sands must now seek the mountaintop to attain the peace they seek. (Addition given 7-14-14.)]

Transmissions received by Shamaan Eagle

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