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When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

The Christ Consciousness IS Christmas Day every day.

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“The Gift” A Christmas Day Event

Updated 12-23

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If you are still unsure about “The Christ Consciousness” or Jesus and “The Coming” you might wish to read/re-read

“The Incomparable Beauty of the Interfacing of Soul Magnetics AND The Quietude”

We ask that we all dedicate this day (today) as “Christ Consciousness” Day. And since each and every day, every moment of every day is “NOW” as it exists within the Continuum of The Creation and “The NOW,” each and every day from here on will respectfully, honorably and most favorably, be celebrated by us as “Christ Consciousness” Day. Now … let the celebration of Life continue!

Approximately ONE YEAR AGO we were all Gifted with “The Ancestral Procession” spearheaded by The Creator Himself. The Luminescents (Gods and Goddesses from all of the other Universes) and so many of the most Ancient of “The Elders” from each Universe entered into this realm. They entered this world as was agreed upon at a predetermined time, to continue to expand upon and enhance the good works each of us has begun with our unified commitment to BE, To BE of Service to The Light of ALL Lights, to the greater I AM, to make a difference by BE-ing the difference… remember? This was promised by all of us long, long ago per our Soul Contracts with “the promises made promises kept,” agreement. It also included the amendments and addendums contained within our individual as well as Collective Advocacy Agreements.

We wish to send a special “Kudos” to all “The Gatherers” who participated in The Creation of the Dimensional Doorways which interconnected THIS world, THIS Universe and all other Universes through the Matrix. This Matrix was lovingly tended to, nurtured and Created by Gwendonela and the other Avatars within “The Valley of The Ancients” as well as the Starkeeper forces from all Universes. This included  all of The Luminescents, those from The Angelic Realm, The Spirit Realm and all other aspects of The Creation Processing. Working in unison we Created and birthed into manifestation an Event once only dreamed about by fertile minds. Fortunately, The Creator in His infinite wisdom saw to it that there would be ample amounts of hutzpah contained within The Matrix of each Soul.

For those of you who have noticed as well as those who STILL have not, Planetary and Celestial Events are occurring in rapid, well-organized and definitively unqualified fashion and synchronicity right now. Terra (Earth) has regained most if not all of her Soul momentum and is guiding and gliding serenely, meticulously, methodically, peacefully and decisively at times, maneuvering Her Self within the depths of Her new Galaxy, Her NEW Universe. The Golden NOW has peacefully, albeit painstakingly at times, replaced the former Linear times we Earth-walkers were out of necessity living with as a means of buffering or limiting the human races until such time as they could function without a regulator reinforcing their lives.

Remember, it was not all that long ago when the 60’s permeated this world with its unsustainable peace, love and flower power. It was not that long ago that the dreaded Y2K (year 2000) came and went without much fanfare. Then so many were waiting for 2012 to come and sadly Light Workers found themselves experiencing futility because of what they perceived would be the outcome of this Mayan prophecy. WOW, we lost many a good Soul and many dedicated Light Workers when the Continuum did not SHIFT overnight and make everyone’s dreams come true.

SO, in the present NOW yearend each of us has a decision to make, or not make, about the Gift you want to send to all other Good Souls, all other true Advocates for Justice on world and off world as well. Why not think carefully and consider what the best Gifts are that you can share with others and remember to share all your good thoughts, your inspirations, your aspirations to all those who given so much and ask for so little. Even if you have not walked a mile in their shoes… yet, surely your empathic abilities and your role as part of the Collective Consciousness will direct you to give from your heart this year while being mindful that we are “All Related.”

Open your hearts, clear your minds and have the foresight to see beyond the veils of illusion so that you may share your joys and love others without condition. Think of it this way, if you were in the place of others, of walking in their shoes, what feelings, what compassion, what understanding would you need the most? Do not judge others by your perception of their shortcomings. After all you have each had to learn many lessons yourselves. What does The Christ Consciousness mean to you? Why not send those wonderful feelings you may have to those less fortunate?

This is the time to hone your telepathy. You formulate your thoughts and then direct the Power of the Mind to send them out for you. For those who may have trouble visualizing the power of the mind try this; imagine that a beautiful, highly evolved four-year old child is waiting in the power of your mind to send forth all your thoughts and your wishes to others.

God said “Think of it like this; A Child will lead you.”

Our wish for all of you is – the arrival of the day when none of you have any more wishes.

 No go and celebrate your life and all life.

And Merry Christmas and Merry Consciousness to One and All!

Salude, Celest and David


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Updated 12-23

Dear Celest and David,

Thank you for that wonderful Christmas Season message!

Wishing indeed all the Light and Love in everyone’s heart to shine and burst forth to action.

The Jesus the Christ Consciousness in us to spread, and spill over into this world.

Defeating the darkness, and overcoming insecurities and fears as witnessed around us.

Wishing for Terra to keep the course and more people to be mindful of her Soul.

Sending healing energy to all Earth’s residents and may there be more awakening taking place.

May more people be led to Godumentary and the Awakenedhearts websites

With God all is possible as we traverse along in the progress of The Golden NOW.

Looking forward to good health and continued well-being in the next New Year!

Holding on to The Eye of the Storm,


NOTE; Wiesje is the author of “Kids Corner” on the Godumentary website


My Christmas Gift is the promise of my complete acceptance of, and unconditional love for, each and every Being currently living in the illusion of separation, including at times myself.
Love Lyre




Chako Priest’s Books – The Ultimate Experience ~ The many Paths to God – Series

This page updated 5-28-2017

Chako Priest’s 15 books including “The Ultimate Experience – The Many Paths to God” series are listed on this page


The Faces of Ascension

Book #15


Published February 2017

Available in Hard cover, Soft cover and E-book

This book and all of Chako’s previous books are available direct from Trafford Publishing or from

THE FACES OF ASCENSION is a book for all ages. It will tweak your outdated belief systems and jump start your Ascension ambitions.

Verling (Chako) Priest, Ph. D. has channeled an intriguing BOOK 15. The Faces of Ascension. Sananda/Jesus has brought forth 8 Masters and God, the Luminescent. Each describes the various faces of Ascension. The Masters: Saint Germaine, Mother Mary, Gautama Buddha, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Ashtar and Djwal Khul, Mother Earth- Gaia, Kuthumi, and God give the readers new teachings for the path to Ascension. Each Master presents a different aspect/face–giving, receiving, joy, laughter, love, perseverance, and many more. Adversity, while mentioned, is not a face but a catalyst.

Verling Chako Priest is a telepathic channel for The Masters. She holds four degrees in higher education, two in psychology and two in transpersonal psychology. “Transitions” is her thirteenth book. Dr. Priest lives in Sun City Grand, Surprise, Arizona, and has been a channel for over forty years.

She has also been a contributor to God’s books in the “The God Book” series which are received by Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David or Arcturus from God and all the other Luminescents (Luminescents – the Gods and Goddesses from all the other Universes). She will continue to do so in the upcoming Book #8 of the series “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients” which will be published later in 2017.


Chako Priest /


Death Processes & Beyond of 11 Entities

Volume II

Book #14

This book and all of Chako’s previous books are available direct from Trafford Publishing or from

NOTE: in the search box just type “Chako Priest” or “Verling Chako Priest”

By Verling Chako Priest, Ph.D.

Published: 12/10/2015

Format: Available in Hardcover, Softcover and eBook format

Pages: 142

Verling Chako Priest, Ph.D. has once again channeled an extraordinary book. Eleven Entities who reside in Heaven come forth and tell their death processes and entrance into Heaven.

In BOOK 13 (Volume One) the Entities were all male. In BOOK 14, the subjects are all female.

Their deaths are varied from being ejected during a car crash, to asphyxiation from C.O.P.D. and nine other descriptive accounts of the women’s passing. The death experience does not always involve a tunnel. Some of the Entities just become aware that a woman is with them (Angel) guiding them to a Care Center where they are healed after sleeping a few days to a few weeks.

Another constant is each individual reviews his life on a huge screen. Many others are viewing their lives, but they are unable to hear or see the other lives on those screens. This book will trade old beliefs for new ones—the pearly Gates and gold roads are an illusion. You do not need to eat or drink; that is your choice as you evolve.

Souls reincarnate when they choose, or are nudged to return. “TRANSITIONS Vol.II, Death Processes & Beyond of 11” Entities is a book for all ages. It is definitely a page-turner!

Verling Chako Priest is a telepathic channel for The Masters. She holds four degrees in higher education, two in psychology and two in transpersonal psychology. “Transitions” is her thirteenth book. Dr. Priest lives in Sun City Grand, Surprise, Arizona, and has been a channel for over forty years.

She has also been a contributor to God’s books in the “The God Book” series which are received by Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades and David or Arcturus. She will continue to do so in the upcoming Book #8 of the series “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients” which will be published later in 2016.


Chako Priest /


Transitions book cover


Death processes and Beyond of 11 Entities

Book 13 – Published April 20th, 2015

“Verling Chako Priest, Ph.D. has channeled an extraordinary book. Eleven Entities who reside in Heaven come forth and tell their death processes and entrance into Heaven. Their deaths are varied from suicide, a broken neck, getting entangled in bramble-like scrub in the Outback of Australia and dying from dehydration, kicked in the head by a steer, being caught in an avalanche, and more.

The death experience does not always involve a tunnel. Some of the Entities just become aware that a man is with them (Angel) guiding them to a Care Center where they are healed after sleeping a few days to a few weeks.

Another constant is each individual reviews his life on a huge screen. Many others are viewing their lives, but they are unable to hear or see the other lives on those screens. This book will trade old beliefs for new ones–the pearly gates and gold roads are an illusion. You do not need to eat or drink; that is your choice as you evolve. Souls reincarnate when they choose. One of our subjects has resided in Heaven since the 1800’s. (However, if they do not make a move for soul growth, the Over-soul will nudge them back to Earth for another round.)

TRANSITIONS, Death Processes and Beyond of 11 Entities is a book for all ages. It definitely is a page-turner!”

About the Author

Verling Chako Priest is a telepathic channel for the masters. She holds four degrees in higher education: two in psychology and two in transpersonal psychology. Transitions is her thirteenth book. Dr. Priest lives in Sun City Grand, Surprise, Arizona, and has been a channel for over forty years.

Available in E-book, paperback and hardcover directly from the publisher

or at

To read more about Chako and some of the messages she has received please visit her section on our website:


Go to the link below to order Chako’s books from the publisher or go to


Chako Relationships book cover


Relationships: The Many Aspects

Published December 2, 2014

Channeled by Verling Chako Priest, Ph.D,

Available in E-book, paperback and hardcover directly from the publisher

or at

 “RELATIONSHIPS: The Many Aspects” is an informative little book. The Masters come forth and give a teaching on one of the many aspects of a relationship. This book is appropriate for all ages, as it leads the reader into self-examination of his or her relationships.

Sananda gives the Foreword and Introduction. He also teaches on religions in the first chapter. St. Germain teaches on the importance of giving and being able to receive. Serapis Bey speaks on kindness. Djwhal Khul teaches about transitions. God uses scabs as a metaphor for all the violence and factions of negativity that humanity is experiencing. As people come together and dialogue, bits of the scab chip off so that healing can begin. Mary Magdalene follows with her piece on acceptance. Ashtar talks about relationships in his Galactic Command. Lady Nada notes that people wear rose-colored glasses in their relationships. Babaji speaks about the complexity of this subject. Kuthumi teaches the importance of releasing.

Twelve chapters lead the readers to introspection of their belief systems, parental programming, and how they perceive the world. All of this is what people bring with them when they enter into a relationship.

About Chako

Verling Chako Priest, Ph. D is a transpersonal psychologist, psychotherapist, and a conscious telepathic channel and reader. “Relationships” is her twelfth channeled book. Chako has traveled extensively to Egypt, Israel, and Venezuela, and she has lived three years each in Hawaii, Vietnam, Australia, and Greece. She currently lives in Surprise, Arizona. She works mainly with Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus). He brings to her various ascended masters who give their teachings on many subjects, which then are put into book form. Chako, as she prefers to be called, is a senior-a great-grandmother. She has three adult daughters, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Chako has been a student of metaphysics for over forty years and an author of spiritual channeled books for the last eleven years.

To find out more about Chako and to read her messages please go to




Published:  9/5/2013

Available in E-book, paperback and hardcover at or

Presenters: Jeshua, Saint Germain, God & Mother Mary, Lord of Justice, AA Michael, Djwhal Khul, Lady Nada, Master Jonas, Serapis Bey, and Kuan Yin.

MASTERS’ TALES of NOW is a surprising little book of approximately 155 pages. Masters come forth and tell true tales of what is or what is not NOW energy. The book is similar to The Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The exception is the Masters’ tales are true. These 22 tales will lead you into the wisdom of the NOW energy. You will learn to recognize it within you, but always remember, judgments, however, will break any ties to the NOW energy. This book is appropriate for all ages.

Verling CHAKO Priest, Ph.D. is a telepathic channel. Jeshua/Jesus is her Mentor and brings other Masters forward to participate in her 11 books. She has traveled all over the world, living in Hawaii, Viet Nam, Australia, and Greece. She has 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great grand babies. She currently lives in Arizona, USA.

To find out more about Chako and read her messages go to


Chako Jesus

My Beloved Connection to Humanity and the Sea

By Rev. Cynthia Williams & Verling CHAKO Priest, Ph.D.

Channeled by Rev. Cynthia Williams and Verling CHAKO Priest, Ph.D. Jesus/Jeshua ben Joseph’s My Beloved Connection to Humanity and the Sea is a fascinating read. Jesus begins by telling the reader who God is and how we too are gods. Jesus uses metaphors to help the reader understand how this could be. Taking the sacred number of 12, he weaves the twelve chapters into the rich tapestry of teachings for humanity’s growth. He explains how humanity stepped down its energies on a soul level in order to experience duality in all its variations. Jesus has a deep love of the sea that is evident in the many miracles that he performed in multiplying fish and calming the waters. In our own history, we can find reference to dolphinlike creatures that walked upon the land during the day and returned to the sea at night. The teachings these beings brought forth were all about love, peace, and joy. Jesus communicated with the sea world in an ongoing basis. It is his desire for humanity to understand that there is more to his story than what is in the Bible. Jesus Christ asks you to read this book, allowing yourself to awaken your own remembrance from that far distant time.

Thank you for your continued interest in my books.  The JESUS… book took 2 years to come to fruition.  I am sure you will find it was well worth the wait!
Love and blessings to all,

Chako Priest 7-12-12

Note: Chako and Trafford publishing are in the process of converting all of these books in eBook format as well.


The Ultimate Experience: The Many Paths to God
“Realities of the Crucifixion

Book 4

by Verling CHAKO Priest, PhD

Jesus/Yeshua/Sananda orchestrate this book of twenty four chapters, each narrated through the telepathic channel, CHAKO, who in that life time was Mariam, Jesus’ adopted cousin-sister.

About the Book

There are twenty four chapters in this book. Each one leads the reader deeper into the intricacies of three realities that commingled during the crucifixion.

Five Apostles, Judas, John, James, Peter, and Matthew refute sayings attributed to them. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Grandmother Anna, and Mariam, Jesus’ adopted sister give insights into the Holy Family. Saint Luke states he was Edgar Cayce. Archangel Michael urges people to call upon him. Jacob-Israel tells of his twelve sons, the names to be the Twelve Tribes. Joseph of Egypt was the soul, Jesus. Plato and the Goddess Athena add their stories. God, the Father makes comments in the Introduction, dictates a chapter, and closes the book.

The richness of the information in this book will educate you, intrigue you, and change your belief systems forever.


The Ultimate Experience: The Many Paths to God
“Messages From the Heavenly Hosts”

Book 5

by Verling CHAKO Priest, PhD

Jesus/Yeshua/Sananda orchestrates this fifth book channeled by the Author, CHAKO, who in that Biblical era was Mariam, the adopted cousin-sister of Yeshua. Many Biblical stories are refuted.

About the Book

This book is orchestrated from start to finish by Jesus/Yeshua/Sananda. He brings forth sixteen Presenters, each of whom addresses issues relevant to humanity today. Saul of Tarsus refutes much that has been written about him. He supports the equality of women. Serapis Bey speaks about forgiveness, which even Yeshua had to learn. Babaji taught Yeshua how to control his emotional body. Mary Magdalene and Mariam, his adopted cousin-sister, describe how they helped stabilize Yeshua when humanity’s thoughts raged through him. Mother Mary and Joseph speak of raising Yeshua. God cautions us to watch our judgments. Sananda, Ashtar, Surea of Sirius tell of the many spaceships monitoring the world. Sanat Kumara tells of Earth changes. This book carries on from where Book FOUR left off with the Realities of the Crucifixion. The Masters emphasize the importance of releasing our belief structures. Do you want your Truth built upon someone else’s lies? The main message is to change your beliefs, so that your soul and the Earth can evolve. Abraham, Helios and Vesta from the Fourth Sun close the chapters. This book will change your belief structures forever.


The Ultimate Experience: The Many Paths to God
“Your Space Brothers and Sisters Greet You!”
Book 6

by Verling CHAKO Priest, PhD

Spaceships are coming with Sananda and Ashtar at the helm.

About the Book

This incredible book gives you a peek into the world of spaceships as told by eleven Masters of the Ashtar Command. Each Presenter gives his or her description of what awaits us if we choose to be lifted up on board these beautiful UFOs of Light.

Lord Yeshua/Jesus orchestrates this sixth book, as he introduces each Presenter: Andromeda Rex, Ashtar, Lady Tuella, Quan Yin, Lord Surea of Sirius, Christ Michael, Archangel Michael, Lady Nada, Divine Mother, Djwhal Khul, and Lord Sananda. There are twenty chapters that keep the Reader wanting more. We are told that the lift-offs onto these exquisite ships are by our free choice only. There will be four waves of opportunity for humanity to escape the rigors of Earth changes. Christians will equate this to the Rapture that is described in their bibles. We are told that this gift of lift-offs is through God’s Dispensation that is offered to everyone, regardless of his or her religious affiliations. All that is required is love in one’s heart toward humanity. You will be accepted.

Book SIX will stretch your beliefs and bring you into the world of science fiction, except truth is spoken here. Be ready to be lifted into a new reality‹a reality of spaceships, the Masters’ home away from Home.


The Ultimate Experience: The Many Paths to God
Teachings of the Masters of Light
Book 7

by Verling CHAKO Priest, PhD

Masters of Light give us their thoughts on homosexuality, the political scene, the Biblical era.

About the Book

The Ultimate Experience: The Many Paths to God, subtitle The Teachings of the Masters of Light, Book 7 has 231 pages and 22 chapters. The 18 Presenters are Masters and Lady Masters who are channeled by the author. They give their teachings on a variety of subjects. Yeshua/Jesus orchestrates the book.

Lord Kuthumi speaks of Homosexual planets.

Lady Guinevere sees another Camelot for the White House.

Mother Mary tells us a bit about Yeshua and his fondness for seasoning her stews.

Ashtar reiterates the fact that their ships protect the world and watch for any attempts to trigger nuclear war. It will never happen on their watch!

Blue Star of the Pleiades makes the observation that much of humanity straddles a fence and is slow to make that decision for Ascension. He speaks of walk-ins and how many souls are opting to enter into a more mature body versus a wee baby one.

Book 7 will continue to teach you of God’s world and Spirituality versus dogmatic religion. The main theme for humanity is to be flexible and to be willing to change one’s outmoded belief systems.


The Ultimate Experience: The Many Paths to God
“”Paulus of Tarsus: A Man Driven by the Word”

Book 8

by Verling CHAKO Priest, PhD

About the Book

Let me go back and bring truth and love into my narration, and not pride in my passion for spreading to the Jews and Gentiles what I thought were His Words and the meaning of the Kingdom of God. – Saint Paul

Channeled by Verling CHAKO Priest, Paulus of Tarsus presents the unique viewpoints on Saint Paul by some of the Bible’s most fascinating and influential characters.

Presenters Barnabas, Peter, Luke, and Jesus/Yeshua, share their remembrances of Paul’s time in history. As each person lends a different perspective of Paul’s life, Paul himself struggles in his attempt to set the record straight. He discusses how he lost his way on his Christian walk and even how he asks for Jesus’ forgiveness for incorrectly interpreting the Word.

With brutal honesty, the Presenters challenge our belief systems concerning Paul’s ministry and reinforce Paul’s humanity and his willingness to give his life in service to Jesus and his word. But most importantly, they remind us to give our very best as we travel life’s road.

A unique and stimulating read, Paulus


The Ultimate Experience: The Many Paths to God
Feminine & Masculine Aspects Must Balance

Book 9

by Verling CHAKO Priest, PhD

About the Book

In your first journey upon the Earth, if you came in as a male, you will come back out in your female form in the Ascension process. Conversely, if your first journey was as a female, you will come back out as a male.

Jesus/Yeshua Channeled by Verling CHAKO Priest, The Goddess Returns to Earth presents a simple formula for the masculine and feminine aspects within each of us—keep them balanced!

Presenters Jesus/Yeshua, the Divine Mother, God the Father, Saint Germain, Lady Nada, Kuthumi-Agrippa, AA Michael, Quan Yin, and Mary Magdalene each share his/her wisdom on these aspects and the importance they play in our ascension.

Once again our belief systems are challenged. I am a senior woman and to be told that I have a male soul was a stretch for even me, the Author! A unique read, The Goddess Returns to Earth stimulates the Reader and leads him/her down avenues that have never been explored.




By Verling CHAKO Priest Ph.D

Publication Date: July 20, 2011

BOOKS 1, 2, & 3 REVISITED is a compilation of the first three books in THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE series which were never published. Jesus brings forth 11 Presenters who give the readers poignant Teachings on a variety of subjects from marriage and divorce, to sex, to reflections on the Papacy… There are 75 stories, Teachings, plus the Closing Statements, which hold a plethora of information for readers. Jesus the Christ is the orchestrator, as well as the narrator of these amazing books, as He tells the facts and fiction of His own life.

Dear friends of my books:

Throughout these last 6 years I have received requests from several of you asking for my first 3 manuscripts (2004-5). These manuscripts were never published. I just distributed them by word of mouth. Now, however, I have been guided to ‘revisit’ them–re-read, re-edit. It took me and my editor, Heather Clarke, 2 months to accomplish this, but it is done! We turned the 3 manuscripts into one book. It has the same cover design as the others in that series, and incorporates all 75 lectures that were given to me telepathically by 11 Masters. It has 426 pages.

The title reads: The Ultimate Experience, The Many Paths to God: Books One, Two, & Three, Revisited, by Verling CHAKO Priest, Ph.D.

ISBN # 978-1-4269-7664-3 (Soft Cover)

ISBN # 978-1-4269-7665-0 (e-book)

This book is available at either Trafford (the publisher): 1-888-232-4444

Type in the search box Verling Chako Priest and a list of all my books will come up.

Or on in both Paperback and Kindle eBook formats

I do hope you enjoy this latest offering of my books. Keep in mind that this book is the compilation of the first 3 in that series, and now that series is complete.

Blessings to all of you,

Chako Priest 8-20-11



I AM Sananda. Beloved Readers of these books know that I, Lord Sananda and the various other Presenters, have given you this information for a particular reason. We do not just give forth our wisdom to an unknowing crowd. It is not loosely done on our part. Every time that we speak it has a purpose. The purpose may be simple—may sound simple—but it is complex for our words carry much energy. Therefore, our words, you see, will illicit in you the reader the ideas, the teachings that you have had in the past.

Your past is past! I like that phrase: What was was; what is is; what is now is now. Even these books that we have written with the help of this channel, known to you as Chako, even these books are in the past. However, we invite you to read them. We invite you.

Many of you hold belief systems that are ancient, beyond centuries old even that no longer serve you. Let them drop to the wayside. Be open to new ideas. Let the new ideas come forth. Look at them; study them. Then look at your own library of your mind and see what you can discard, what no longer serves you.

Can you believe with all your heart that I never married? How can you believe such an outmoded idea as that? Is it because the priests of each generation are not supposed to be married so therefore, the scribes wrote that Jesus never married either?

There is so much fact and fiction intermingled that it takes patience to try and find the Truth. There is Truth in these books as you read the various excerpts. There is Truth here. Let it come into your heart. Know in your heart that Jesus was a simple man with extraordinary ability. And yes, he is an aspect of me.

However, he had his frailties just as all of you have. He was born into a generation where the people had little consciousness. They were glued to their Laws that many times were not for that generation—just as many of you are glued to the sayings in the New Testament of the Christian bibles where many of the verses are not true for today.

Be discerning; be willing to let go; be willing to change. In our books we talk much about changing your belief systems. That is the purpose of these books—to keep hammering away at those belief systems, so that someday you may say, Oh my gosh, Jesus was married. His wife was Mary Magdalene. He had children. He did not die on the cross after all!

He was human in a body created by God, very much like your bodies are created by God. Know as you hold the books, you are holding Truth. And yes, we speak in different ways. It would be similar to your colors. To some the color would be red and to others it could be green. Your perceptions, your discernments all color what you read when you read books such as ours.

The different Presenters that came forth did so with great joy in their hearts. You cannot imagine the different Lords and Ladies that were lined up to speak with this Channel. These books, dear Readers, are meant to be shared; are meant to be discussed; are meant to be passed around; are meant to be given as gifts; or are meant to be put in the precious corner of your personal library. Honor them for they carry the energy from the powerful Beings that spoke the words. You are holding a gift in your hands and not a monetary gift, but a gift that the various Presenters have given to you. Each time one spoke to you in a chapter it is a gift that Being is giving you from the wisdom that has taken him/her centuries to develop.

Accept these gifts, dear Readers, and of course question them. No two people think alike. Do not be sheep that follow. Have your own ideas. Generate new ideas but embrace wisdom and Truth when it is spoken.

I AM Sananda, Lord of your world and I give you my wisdom and give you my love. Greetings.

December 7, 2008, Sunday, 11:20 AM.


“About the Author”

Verling CHAKO Priest, PhD was born in Juneau, Alaska, hence her name of Cheechako, shortened to just Chako by her mother, a medical doctor, and her father, an Orthodontist. Chako was raised in Napa, CA. She attended the University of California at Berkeley where she met her future husband. Upon their marriage and after his training as a Navy pilot, they settled into the military way of life. They lived twelve years outside of the United States Mainland in various places, which included Hawaii, Viet Nam, Australia, and Greece. Little did she know that these exotic lands and peoples were preparing her for her spiritual awakening years hence?

After her husband’s retirement from the Navy, they resettled in Napa, California. It was during this time that she returned to school at Berkeley, transferred to Sonoma University where she earned her first two degrees in Psychology. Chako then entered the doctoral program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) at Menlo Park, CA, which is now located in Palo Alto, CA. She successfully completed that program which consisted of a Master, as well as the Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology. Ten years and four degrees later she was able to pursue her passion for Metaphysical and New Age Thought-her introduction into the realm of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Ascended Lords and Masters.

In 1988, Dr. Priest moved to Minnetonka, Minnesota. She co-authored a program called, Second Time Around for those with recurring cancer for Methodist Hospital. She, as a volunteer, also facilitated a grief group for Pathways of Minneapolis, and had a private practice.

She studied with a spiritual group in Minnetonka led by Donna Fortune and the Teacher, a group of highly developed entities channeled by Donna. The group traveled extensively all over the world working with the energy grids of the planet and regaining parts of their energies that were still in sacred areas waiting to be reclaimed by them, the owners. They climbed in and out of the pyramids in Egypt, tromped through the Amazon forest in Venezuela, rode camels at Sinai, and climbed the Mountain. Hiked the paths at Qumran, trod the ancient roadways in Petra, Jordan, and walked where the Master Yeshua walked in Israel.

The time came, November 1999, when Chako was guided to move to Arizona-her next phase of growth. This is where she found her beloved Masters, who in reality had always been with her. They were all ready for her next phase, bringing into the physical several books-mind-provoking books, telepathically received by her, from these highly evolved, beautiful, loving Beings. Each book stretches her capabilities, as well as her belief systems. Nevertheless, it is a challenge she gladly embraces.

She just has finished writing the seventh book. The Masters are now speaking of the eighth book. There seems to be no end in sight (smile).

Author of the series of books:
The Ultimate Experience, The Many Paths to God

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Project PUSH

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”Project PUSH”

Important announcement – This is time sensitive material.

NOTE: please read the entire text below to better familiarize yourself with the hand technique.

This is a video on how to perform the PUSH technique

This Event will take place on

September 20th, 2013 at 7:00 P.M in “your” time zone

Light Workers and other goodhearted people are often heard talking about how frustrated they are, some are angry and some have great sadness about what they want to do about helping to cleanse this planet. They feel stymied. They want to do something to help the Universe, to help God, during these days of the final battle. Light Workers are also being heard to argue with one another, and are embroiled in others’ dramas. Many are simply falling off the path. They have given up. God told us recently, “This is totally unacceptable.” On July 25th 9:30 p.m. on the eve of (Celest’s Walk-In Birthday) while we had a good friend visiting us from Colorado, God decided to send (Celest) a loud unexpected message. This is what He said. “I want you to Create Project PUSH.” He went on to explain what it is and why it MUST take place.

“Project PUSH” is the title He has given this project. He said “What I am about to tell you is why this project must be a success. The autumn equinox of September 22nd 2013 is when everything will hit critical mass. In order for humanity to be able to continue as a species of life that is really intent on evolving, specific actions which will cause certain reactions MUST take place. Because of the Universal Law of Non-Interference and Non-Intervention, We had to await an invitation to assist you with this upcoming mission. We ourselves, I am speaking of My Self and all other Divine Beings off-world, must adhere to Universal Laws. So I am asking Celest to initiate a mission, a Project which will enable her and David to reach out to the Collective Consciousness. This Consciousness is to begin a new cycle of great change for the New People and the New Earth. Because Celest readily agreed, as did David, and immediately issued the invitation to US to join them and the rest of the Collective Consciousness, We will be there working right along with you. Together, We can and will make a difference. The Creator has made a decision; and it is to give the Starseeds and Walk-Ins an opportunity to pull together and fulfill the destiny that has been chosen for them. Since WE will all be working in harmonious alignment, a type of harmonic conversion will occur. All of Divinity will be a part of this. This includes all the Masters, the Messengers, My Star Keeper Children, Jesus, Mary, the Angelic realm and all others of the most Omnipotent evolved state will be working with all of you who sign on to participate. This is part of what the mission involves.”

“The other part is when you each follow the instructions given to you by Celest and David on how to do the PUSH. The chosen date of September 20th 2013 at 7:00 pm is when PUSH must begin. When you have all finished your part, then the Universe will step in and take care of the rest.”

Celest and David – This PUSH technique is a Pleiadian method which Celestial brought with her when she Walked-In. We have written the process which will describe the movements necessary to perform the PUSH and we have placed them at the bottom of this writing. To those of you who have been following The Masters Messages as well as the Messengers in the New Light Messages you are aware that this upcoming autumn equinox is the tipping point for Earth and all of her inhabitants. What is left of disorganized chaos on this planet must be changed to organized chaos. What we all will be doing is an energetic movement which will be combined with the most brilliant Light you ever could possibly imagine. The lights and movements you use must be filled with the purest intent. Because of God and Creator’s intent Their wishes must be respected. You can develop your own intent of consciousness; think about what sentiments, what thoughts, what energy you want to put into the focus of your intent as you work with us on this exercise. In times past we ourselves were called on to undertake certain missions that God asked us to perform. But during those times it was to only be us. He was waiting the gridline intersection of the culmination of energies during the autumn equinox which could align with the Collective Consciousness, before He could issue the call to all of you to work together in unity. Now The Call has been issued!          

God asked us to post this for all of you, for you really ARE part of the Collective Consciousness. He said to tell you, “It is time for all of Us to push back the dark and reclaim the Earth. You are not to do it out of anger or hatred and do not do so to seek vengeance. If this is not done out of love all will be for naught. Do not do it for the glory and I urge you not to think in harmful terms. In essence what I would like you to do is to build a wall of people through linking heart, mind and Soul. In doing so you will be able to accomplish what you can not possibly do alone. Although I am well aware that many of you have tried to do so previously it was generally unsuccessfully and only lasted for brief moments of time. Be clear where your focus is directed in order to push back the dark. And then when the designated time comes collectively push them back into infinity and then let the Universe take it from there.”

Note. We encourage each of you to take as much time as needed before the event date and time to recharge your energy and clear your mind as much as possible. Be sure to drink several glasses of water for 48 hours before this occurs. God told us that yes, you may practice this technique on your own in privacy once you understand and feel comfortable with the energy formations. Think about anything you want to add to the thoughts you will be projecting and feel good about what you will be doing. While you are practicing the hand movements we suggest you take a notebook or tablet you can not possibly misplace and while you are still remembering exactly what you want to say, write them down. Do not think you will remember everything you want to say, because you won’t, please write it down. Then read and reread it as many times as necessary.

But no one is to do this on their own; it must be part of the collective venture. In this manner as God said “it will be the hearts, the minds, the Souls of people all over My world who will be able to assist, after all you said you wanted to.” Because this is being scheduled for 7 pm it means 7 pm your time regardless of what country you live in. This will culminate as an Omnipresent wave effect as it reverberates around the world. The fact that the Universe will be waiting to scoop up everything we throw off this world should cause each and every one of you to attain a naturally high feeling, a feeling of accomplishment. It will be interesting to see how many Walk-Ins and Starseeds are finally ready to put their energy where their truth lies.

Carol Tyrell at our suggestion spent several hours while visiting us and using her astrological data, beautifully put together a comprehensive but simple explanation of the energy of all the planets which will occur over the time of the equinox. As you read it, even if you don’t understand astrology, everyone should be able to see the powerful influences which we all receive from the planets themselves which will be aiding in this endeavor. You will all be able to feel that you are truly NOT alone.

Get in touch with the people who are on your face book, your email, Skype contacts, telephone contacts, etc. and send them a link to Project PUSH. No doubt you will have to send them a reminder of this as the event draws closer. If you have websites please post the link. Write the date and time of the PUSH on your calendars. You are going to be reaching out to the rest of the Collective Consciousness whether you are aware of it or not. There will be a great deal of unconscious telepathy at work. You wanted change, you wanted to be part of it, and you wanted to DO something. Take a stand now; stand in your truth for the time is now. Please be sure to print this out.

God, “This is a good method of doing what you can and teaching others to do what they can. In the end it will be fine. This is the time you have been prepared for.”

Celest and David

Astrological perspective of the Autumn Equinox 2013

The Moon and Uranus in Aries produces electrifying rapid changes rousing us out of the old cultural conditioning that has kept us in bondage due to our group perception (Mercury) of what we believe is reality.  We have a unique opportunity to pierce the veil. The higher and lower mind working in concert, allows us to see the Universal Truths (Jupiter) behind the illusions.

The seeds planted in the 1960’s of social justice, evolutionary consciousness, the truth of love and peace (when Uranus and Pluto last came together) are challenging us at this point in time to put our money where our mouths are. The time for rhetoric is over. How are we Creating the next phase of evolution?  The dark shadow side must be recognized to be released, along with our own responsibility for allowing its continuation.  We have been given the opportunity to step into our power to banish that which no longer serves along with the strength to push back the dark (Saturn-Pluto).  The impressive joining of Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer supports us through deep emotional connection, along with the expanded support of higher guidance toward realizing the infinite possibilities ahead of us that are created by the power of our joining together.

Carol Tyrell Full Moon Magic/

PUSH Technique

Be sure to turn off all cell phones etc. when you are engaged in working on your part of the PUSH. You do not want to have any distractions.

Step one – Minds must be totally clear and focused. You can either sit or stand although we would suggest standing because the energy rises faster. It does not matter if your eyes are open or closed. You don’t need to do anything more than take slow even breaths during the procedure. Have a glass of good drinking water near you and if you have some sea salt, but only sea salt, put a tiny pinch beneath your tongue approximately 2 minutes before you begin. If you have a prayer of intent or your own Sacred Mantra you use before going into meditation or going into your own form of contact with Divinity, please say that after you take the sea salt. This will assist you in lifting and merging with your Soul Self and functions as a clearing of your energy. When standing we suggest you are barefoot and that you space your feet a little bit apart. Yes you could do this outside but we suggest you do it inside where there will be more privacy.

Step two – Learn the technique.

Have your right and left hands out in front of you with palms facing each other with elbows bent and be relaxed. Now make small circles with each hand both at the same time so that the hands are still close together, palms open and fingers splayed and think the thought collecting, collecting, collecting. Only three times. You want to circle your hands in opposite directions, right to right, left to left at the same time as if you were Creating two separate vortexes right out in front of you. What you are doing is literally drawing SuperConscious energy from the higher dimensions and magnetizing it to yourself.

Once you have collected the energy, but remember you only need to perform that motion three times, then move to the next step.

Now place the palms of your hands, facing away from you, with your arms extended straight outward with your arms and hands spaced apart as you would if you were trying to push someone away from you. Fingers should not be close together, they should be splayed apart.

Then bring your arms straight up in an upward motion so they are slightly higher than the top of your head. Next bring your arms downward in a circular motion as if you were following the contours of a full moon. Left arm going left, right arm going to the right, both at the same time. Bring your arms down still remaining in that full moon circular position until your hands are almost touching each other. Your palms should be facing each other and fingers still splayed apart as if you were completing a circle or getting ready to pick something up. At this point your arms and hands will be positioned downward in a natural way while still completing the circle. You should now be standing in an upright position with your hands facing each other somewhere down or near or below your groin, depending on how tall or short you are.

Now slowly begin to lift your hands upward with palms still facing each other but not touching. Bring them up to about chest level and then slowly turn your palms outward and extend your arms out in a definitive motion as if you were pushing someone or something away from you. If you do not see the brilliant White Light as you perform your procedure then visualize it. Many have the ability to see it but not everybody. This is when you begin to immediately, nonverbally or verbally, state your intentions, everything you have written down and probably memorized that you wish to say. Everyone needs to choose their own words. In this manner energy coalesces with energy so that everything you are stating becomes the energetic form of those thoughts which is already connecting with the matrix of this part of the procedure. And this part of the procedure is also connecting all of Divinity with your thoughts and your actions.

When you feel you are satisfied that you have pushed the dark energy out for the Universe to gather, this really should not take more than about five minutes, you will want to shake your wrists vigorously in order to sever that energetic connection so that you do not become overtired. Remember, that God and all the other Beings God spoke of will be accompanying you and engaged in their push as well. It must be a Collective Consciousness movement. Some people may actually feel the presence of Divinity as they do this. Some of you may become very lightheaded and have the sensation that you are either off planet or have risen above her. Many of you will find that you will feel extremely emotional and feel as if you may want to cry. Others will feel as if they are temporarily out of physical body. Actually, many of you will be out of physical body… but return you must.    

In the most basic sense, this highly evolved energetic motion you have been engaged in is a process of collecting energy and then releasing it. In the downward spiral of your arms you are collecting energy, when you bring your arms upward you are essentially lifting the energy up much like a weightlifter does. Then when you are pushing your arms in the outward motion you are releasing that energy into a designated direction which has a designated vessel. That vessel is the Universe.

What most of you should be able to realize at this point is that during this technique, specifically when you are drawing the energy upward, is that you are drawing highly charged energetic particles of Spiritual energy from all of your chakras. The charka system will extend the totality of its energy thus enhancing all of the energy you are now Creating. Remember your thoughts are a vital part of that new energy.  A synchronicity will be birthed aligning itself with all others who are also using the push procedure.

In this manner, by all of us doing this at the same time and by having the purest intent and responding to THE CALL, Collective Consciousness as one unified force will deal a very serious blow to the dark. All of Divinity functions as Collective Consciousness at an extremely high level and exists in a constant state of organized chaos. Now so do you. You have entered into a state of grace, ONE that will never leave you.

This is what we are doing… can we count on your support? Now God is Saying, “We need to be a force to be reckoned with.” The shear numbers of people and your thoughts will indeed make a difference.

Please be sure to check this website on September 18th for any updates or additional comments from us.

Salude… Celest and David

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Checking Sources and Aligning Energy

We have added new information on how to "Bridge the Gap."
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"Checking Sources and Aligning Energy"

SPECIAL NOTICE: Those of you who are familiar with Suzy ward and her son Matthew, are well aware that these two Souls, one in human embodiment and one in Spirit Form, are among the greatest teachers of this century. Suzy, who is Matthew’s mother, along with Matthew and ourselves, have been targeted by the Illuminati and their human and inhuman counterparts, because of the works we all are involved in, which is exposing False Prophets and bringing truth to the world, rather than sitting back idly and condoning through silence the heinous lies and very dangerous rhetoric that dark forces are perpetuating on humans through alleged "channelers."

Many people are becoming confused and discombobulated while trying to understand why different "Sources" of channeled information are saying different things regarding just about everything under the sun, especially NESARA. You need to understand please, this is exactly what the children of a lesser god intended. Their motto is "Devour and Conquer." If you value your life and your Soul and those who you love, you will remember this message from us.

We wrote the following powerful Universal Voice message for determining your sources of information which was given to us by Sananda. In this message, however God HimSelf was the "Speaker" guiding us. He specifically brought Sananda into this Godumentary in order for Sananda’s Voice and Intentions to be heard and understood by you. The following writings are for distribution by everyone, everywhere. We discussed this with Suzy after she and Matthew had read it. The first part below is Matthew’s comments on this Divine Message.

"Checking Sources and Aligning Energy"

Introduction to this message by Matthew

"It is with grand delight that I greet you after reading "Checking Your Sources," Sananda’s guidelines for determining the source of telepathic messages, as given to Celest and David, whom I honor highly for their immeasurable light service to Earth."

"Sananda’s explicit guidance is so very greatly needed at this time when telepathic connections are opening and the excitement of novice receivers can lead them unawares into reaching lower entities. By carefully following these guidelines, you can be assured of your sources’ identities, and you can proceed with elation when they are high light beings."

"Readers familiar with the Matthew Books and my messages circulated on the Internet know that often I have warned about the intrusion of dark ones whose intent is to give you false and fear-filled information to steer you away from the light. In addition to asking for protection of the Christed light prior to starting to record a transmission or receiving information away from a computer, it will be most helpful to keep in mind the conditions to avoid:

Do not receive when you are ill or fatigued physically, emotionally or mentally or when you are feeling stressed, fearful or angry about any circumstances-your energy level is low in such conditions, making it easy for low level entities to enter your energy stream. Become self-confident but be humble about your new communication ability. Do not become egotistical or focus on fame and fortune-the energy attachments of those thoughts and feelings are certain to connect you with dark sources."

"The capacity for telepathic communion is your birthright, a province of your soul, so welcome it and use it wisely! Please share with other soul searchers the light-filled information you receive. If they are experiencing the beginnings of their own connections, advise them about Sananda’s guidelines and my cautions."

"With the blessings of the universe, this is Matthew wishing you God speed!"

Dictated by God and Sananda
Written by Celest and David

This part deals with Aligning Energy

Ok Suzy, we have awaited the time when we would be permitted to address people who have not only a need to know about the importance of these issues, but especially when the times of massive energetic attacks by dark forces in the guise of the Light forces, would launch a tremendous onslaught against the innocent. The time is Now! We are writing this for those who are the initiates as well as for those who are already following the inner Knowing, yet can benefit by some other Spiritual knowledge they may not have. We firmly believe that there is never enough Universal Wisdom to know about and to put into practical everyday practice.

Most people have a major problem determining if their intellect is speaking to them or if it is Soul Voice. It is a "human condition," one that is quite simple to rectify. Until a person becomes adept at discerning these important differences, they can easily misjudge the voices. Once that barrier is broken, it then can become a natural, non-stressful means of true communication.

One way that we know of that everyone can use is the "Soul Intellect Test." We want you to bear in mind that this method cannot be controlled by your body or your mind. Here is the technique for finding the correct answer. Stand in an upright position, unless your circumstances are such that you need to be sitting instead, be barefoot, have your feet placed a bit of a distance from one another and close your eyes. Be RELAXED. While in this position raise both your arms so that each arm is extended straight in front of you, at chest height with the palms open and facing downwards. The arms need to be at a comfortable balanced level.

Think of an issue, or an answer that someone has given you, or perhaps an answer you yourself have arrived at, anything that you are seeking validation about; seeking to know the truthfulness of. Now if it is an issue, turn the issue into a question with an answer you think may be correct. Example: the issue is, "moving to a different state." You as the potential "mover" want to know if in fact this is the right move for you. Turn it into a question. Be specific but don’t over-dramatize it. Remembering to keep your eyes closed, proceed to ask the question either verbally or non-verbally. Wait a few seconds after you have finished asking the question. Then keeping your body in the position we spoke of, just open your eyes and look at your hands and arms. One of 3 things will have happened. Either your right hand, right arm will be higher than the left or the left arm, left hand will be higher than the right or the arms will appear to be stuck in the same position.

Right arm=right hemisphere of the brain. Soul Voice.

Left arm=left hemisphere of the brain. Intellect.

"Both hands/arms are in the original position means,"= insecurity about receiving the correct answers, a person who has problems relaxing and allowing the truth process to reveal itself. No, it does not matter if a person is right handed, left handed or ambidextrous. The "voices" cannot be manipulated. This is very important. Until people can come to terms with telling the difference between intellect and Soul, their personal evolution can be severely hindered. In time, simple visualization can work so that you can perform this even in a crowded public place. Those who have problems with this technique will need to relax and keep repeating this until it works. Those who have the problems are generally those who have been listening to their intellect too long.

Special Notice:

You cannot use this Soul Voice technique successfully if your mind remains within the intellectual mode of "thought processing." If you have a background of studying/working in medicine, science, reiki, psychology, mathematics, logistics and so forth, or if you are cynical about what you do not understand "logically," you may encounter problems as your intellect struggles to allow Soul Voice to "temporarily in most of these instances," replace the "learned response/condition." You will need to clear your mind of any thoughts other than the issues you wish to clarify from the "non-tangible realm."

"Intellectual" people are the ones who most experience difficulties with this type of "clearing." It is more difficult for them to learn to "blank" their minds than it is for other people. It is unfortunate, but it is what it is. Occasionally people who have studied "esoteric" teachings can encounter a "mind block" simply because this method of Soul Voice is so simple to activate. People have a tendency to feel that lessons must be complicated in order to be understood and "tangible.

1-First practice this attunement until you become comfortable with this process if it is unfamiliar to you. It may only require 1 or 2 attempts on your part, providing you have cleared your mind and are not trying to sabotage the process.

2-For those who have not used this technique before, in particular those initiates who are just beginning to explore the Higher Dimensional realities, you should know that it is by your becoming aware that the right arm is Soul Voice and the left is the intellect, that you are opening the channel of communication with Soul and that intellect may feel a tad confused by the surge of energy that Soul Voice always emits. The right arm corresponds with Soul and the left with intellect REGARDLESS of whether you are right handed or left handed.

3-You should always check to see if you have a "clear channel," this simply means find out if there are any self-imposed blocks there by closing the eyes, entering into the stance we wrote about and asking Soul Voice to rise to acknowledge that it is indeed activated. This is where the right arm will respond. Do not expect it to always leap several feet just to prove its existence and its activation. Yet it will move! Before you can successfully obtain the answers to any issues, you must first understand the distinction between right and left arm. Remember do not look for "logic," that is the realm of the intellect.

4-After you have completed the transition of understanding left from right; think of a question, ask SOUL to give the yes or no answer. Keep it SIMPLE and ask that the right arm, Soul, will move as either a "yes," or not move as a "no," in response to your query. So if it is "yes" your arm will have fluctuated, if "no" it will not move. You can also ask your intellect for its answer using this same method, only address the intellect instead of the Soul. Sometimes intellect and Soul will have the same answer, other times, the answers will be distinctly different. You then decide which you choose to believe.

The people we have taught this to over the years have had no problems using this method. Of course many of them had to exorcise their prior conditioned ways of thinking in order to accept the simplicity and accuracy of this method. On rare occasions people in the medical and scientific fields have managed to overcome their mind blocks and not only incorporate this method into their understandings, they have gone on to teach it to others.

One man stands out among the ranks there, a psychologist on the east coast who only required one session of asking/receiving the answers from Soul, was successful immediately. When we asked him how he of all people managed to do this almost instantly, he replied," I told myself I was in the front at a drive-in movie and staring at the big white blank screen, waiting for a movie to start that I had never seen or heard of before. That’s all I did." Now THAT is simple!!!

"Checking your Sources"

Here are the methods for checking Sources and receiving a true determination of the essence of the Source. Please note, these are Sananda’s words. If you have been receiving messages from one that alleges to be an evolved Soul or if you believe that someone is receiving these messages then each must determine whether or not the information they are receiving is from the "Most Highly Evolved Sources." Even the best-intentioned people can run amok and distribute mis-information if they do not know any better. In a very real sense, "The Source" is everything. All hinges upon the validity of truth; otherwise the information received is simply a replicated form of illusions. These are "strategically planned and executed illusions" that are dangerous and deadly, not only to those who believe them but also to the receiver of the information as well. Although we find it strange that so many accept at face value outpourings of demonic rhetoric, we do understand "the why."

You need to understand that under the auspices of Universal Law the dark forces cannot cross a barrier that the Creator has made. What this means is that when it comes to untruths and lies spoken by the dark forces to their unwitting contacts on Earth, that there is a simple and truthful method of validating the origin of the entities that are imparting or giving the information. Many entities deliberately disguise themselves as being of The Light and unless you investigate it carefully you can be deceived. Because the time of the False Prophets is here, it is now their desperate attempt to destroy the slowly built, unified field of consciousness that is spreading across this planet. Under this Universal Law you can not only determine the origin, you can also destroy the False Prophet, meaning the entity that is controlling the person, not the person themself.

When you are receiving information check the source of the information by demanding:

"I now demand in the name of Jesus the Christ to know if you are a being of the Jesus The Christ consciousness, if you are a being of the true God of the God Light Consciousness of The Creator, answer me yes or no."

At this point three things can happen, they will answer Yes, they will answer No or there will be silence. This law dictates that these beings can lie about anything, but they cannot lie about this. When you receive silence or a No, immediately go into the words below.

"I here and now command in the name of Jesus The Christ that if there is any entity that is not of the most evolved form of the Jesus The Christ consciousness, that is not of the most evolved form of God I Am, then you are to here and now disappear and cease to exist. This I command in the name of Jesus The Christ. "

The words of Sananda are very clear. You do need to be aware of the importance of accuracy in the words themselves. They must be repeated as He has spoken them, they cannot be altered. It is very important for people to know how this force tries to interfere with the verbalization and even the remembrance of these words. So write them down and read them just as they are now written or you WILL make mistakes. We know, we have taught this and watched it happen almost immediately. This is not a mantra, it is not an invocation, these are The Words of Sananda and therefore they are the words of God as well.

There are Universal Laws designed by The Creator and The Creation that uphold truth, that can and do destroy deceit when deemed appropriate.

Celest and David

"Bridging the Gap"

This technique merely requires concentration and focus; it functions as a wondrous way to alleviate and dissipate any and all interferences and interruptions in any "channeling" and interfacing with Higher Dimension entities and energy forms. It also means that those who are in contact with any of the Star Keeper Forces, (known on Earth as extraterrestrials) can receive and transmit all pertinent information with great clarity and understanding. This eliminates a problem so many are encountering both here and in the Higher Dimensions, which is attempting to communicate through the density and the combustive energy of the third-dimension.

It also eliminates the problem of not hearing all the words that are being sent to you.

Simply take 3 small breaths and release them through your nose; close your eyes and be sure you are completely barefoot before you begin Creating this Bridge.

Using simple visualization, picture a pillar, one that is like the ancient roman pillars, in this manner it is huge and round, not any other shape. The pillar is transparent; its size is at least twice the size that you are. Place yourself within the middle of the pillar and be sure that it extends way past your feet, into the earth. The top should be many miles above your head, reaching into the "heavens." When you can see and feel this, call a golden-white light into the pillar, remember as you do so, the light permeates you as well.

When the light is in place, call upon "the gold dust of God" to interact and intermingle with the light in the pillar. You will be able to see or sense the dust filtering up and down your chamber; now simply ask the pillar (chamber) to begin the spiral and circular dance of connection. You should be able to see and/or feel the topmost energy reaching and expanding upward and outward as it searches for the coordinates to establish the golden bridge. Now if you are already in contact with specific beings, simply call their names.

You will find that as you do so, they will immediately be able to communicate with you on a much deeper and easy to hear level.

If you are just beginning to connect with these beings, if this is still new to you, I encourage you as well as those who have more experience, to always, ALWAYS check your sources. Be sure you really are connecting with who you think you are. When you have finished with the communication, simply state to yourself and those speaking with you, "I am signing off now." At that point the pillar will disappear until you require it again.

The more you use this method the faster the pillar will integrate with you. For some people the total integration may take place after the first use. Those of you who are used to "hearing" the "INCOMING" clues can immediately put up the pillar. Do not forget, this is important for the beings attempting to reach you as well.

Salude Celest

Note from David

After activating my "pillar" I have found that communicating is much easier. Those whom I speak with tell me it has made a wondrous difference. They also informed me that their effort to reach me as well is much easier with the direct connection that has been Created allowing them to use less effort.