Who are the Indigo Children

Who are the "Indigo Children?"

The Indigo children, the Crystal children and many others of different names are not new arrivals to this planet. They’ve all been here many, many times just as you and I have. They enter into millennia epochs when times of great changes are occurring. They have been doing so since the Atlantean days.

They are born with a different type of DNA factor. Their genes are much more developed than other children of their age groups. They come into physical form with great psychic abilities. It is these abilities that are prominent throughout their lives. They are highly intelligent yet at times can be very aloof to adults. These children are exceptionally gifted telepathically and possess an innate ability to retain knowledge of other universes, other lives. They should not be confused with psychics. Their "paranormal" abilities are quite apparent from early childhood, whereas many times physics have to consciously develop their gifts, even to the point where some are struck by lightning before the ability develops.

All these children come from different galaxies and planets; there is not just one universe that is "home" to them. Contrary to what some believe, they are not a dying race of beings who are here as a last ditch effort to save their civilization. They do not need saving, except perhaps from those who are trying to save them.

Our personal name for these children has always been the "Cornucopia Children." They have a talent from birth to mind link with all other Cornucopia children from this planet and all other planets. They also mind link with those yet to be born. They are actually a part of the new civilization that will come into form. That is if they can be allowed to live their lives non-invasively. Many years ago China boasted of what they called the "China Psychic Children." These are actually simply a group of the cornucopia children. These children are now approaching a timeline when it will be very difficult for them to lead "normal lives. " The children unfortunately are being underestimated by the adult caretakers. Cornucopia kids understand a greater freedom than do the adults. They understand and have retained ancient memories of living life to the fullest without constraint; however this in itself poses great peril to the children. This planet is one of constraint without reason; of complacency and inhumanness to others who are perceived to be "different." The majority of people here see children as a tool; one that is necessary for the continuity of the family name. Others though see children as an aspect of themselves, for better or worse. Few see a child as simply a free Spirit in his or her own right.

These children fit in best with other children who are like themselves. Also, they are more like children who are adults, only without normal adult perversions. The Cornucopia kids are very, loving children; yet there is a virility about them and a fragility about them at the same time. Their innocence in many ways mirrors an infant child, for they see things as they truly are, not as most humans perceive them. Their most prominent feature is their eyes. As has been said, "The Eyes are the Windows to the Souls." These children reflect their Soul Being in their eyes. They did not come here to save the planet, nor do they want to. The children are enacting a part of the movie of Creation. As they grow into maturity they will marry with others, some humans, some walk-ins and some other children who are also Cornucopia children. Their descendants will inherit the best of both worlds, the genealogy, the Spirituality and the humanity that is all peoples’ birthrights. It is most unfortunate that this has become an esoteric media circus. These kids are the last beings on this planet that need anyone to save them through forms of experimentation. Unfortunately this is what is happening.

Suddenly everybody wants to be on these children’s’ bandwagon. This has gone on to such a degree, that normal everyday children are being forgotten. This is not right. ALL CHILDREN ARE SPECIAL. There are groups now who want to harness the Cornucopia children’s’ energies to become a tool for war, while proclaiming that this is somehow connected to the golden age, but it isn’t. There are groups and individuals who are attempting to gather these children into groups, their purpose is to test the childrens’ abilities and future expansion potential. These men and women then want to teach them how to harness their potential and use the children’s gifts more productively. Of course this would be done according to the teachers’ beliefs; however these teachers are not Cornucopia children. They should be listening and learning from the children. The children need to live an ordinary life in their own unordinary way. They may be of higher intelligence and possess the greater telepathic abilities and the greater universal knowledge; however they still need to live as children. The adults are not walking in the children’s shoes, until such time as they do, they should leave well enough alone. By the way, where are the parents of these children? How can be they so quick to push children into a limelight that the children are not prepared for? Parents need to be parents.

Certain countries are worried about the potential that these children hold for influencing everything from religion to politics, and / or they fear that the children could use their combined telepathic abilities against any others that their teachers wish to target. What these children require most is down time and to be treated as ordinary children. They should not be singled out as something more special or unique than the typical child. Wise parents should know that they must refrain from revealing the identities of the true Cornucopia children. This is to ensure that when the individual child’s timeline arrives, all assistance from the Creator and the Creation and all destined human assistance will also suddenly materialize. This is no different from the way it happens with each and every other human being. Parents should not be raising the children under a dangerous microscope. Too many bipolar agents working for bipolar governments are much too willing to allow the elimination of the children as potential threats. The children’s abilities could be used destructively if they are manipulated by people who have hidden agendas. If you cannot believe this can happen, then you better think again. There was a time when no one believed the holocaust could happen either.

Much disinformation being broadcast about these children is happening behind the scenes. These children overall are being categorized as freaks, psychopaths, genetic mutants and heaven forbid, ALIENS. Many religious figures are aware of their existence and are afraid of them. Their fear is that the children’s knowledge could jeopardize the future of religion per se. The Cornucopia children are not here to harm the planet; they are not here to take over the world. It is easy for normal average citizens to assimilate this type of disinformation. People are afraid of what they do not understand. Most act out in FEAR. These are the same people who believe peace can only be achieved through war. Then there are those who are ferociously pushing the children to be overachievers, this is done out of misplaced devotion. To others it is simply a way to boost their own egos without remorse for the consequences that may befall the children. These children are here to influence societal changes and influence a new, better way of thinking. They are also destined to have a great impact on ecological issues and political agendas. In time they will debunk a great deal of theological beliefs that are still present today.

Although the children are from all corners of the galaxy and they are some of the most evolved Souls, please to remember, many do not consciously know it, "yet." They are the baby-boomers of the future; they co-exist here and in many other worlds. Some are also from the angelic realm. They have descended into matter at this time, on this planet, to assist in the re-education of the human race. The children are also here to teach by example. These children are not to be feared, nor to be worshipped. None are either saints or martyrs. They are not here to construct any religions for they know the true purpose and origins of the human being. Please remember, all have been in human form many times before.

The Cornucopia children are the scholars, the Avatars, the revealers of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Much likened to the seers and prophets of long ago. Today they are children, tomorrow they are the leaders. The children are on the earth, but not of the earth. Some of them are walk-ins, yet they are as human as you or I. They are the forerunners of every new civilization. These children accompany the birth of all Spiritually progressive civilizations, it has always been so. Make no mistake about it, Earth is rebuilding a new civilization. It is the Spiritual orientation that the Cornucopia children shall assist in establishing. What was planned long ago shall be again, in a better time and a better place. These children are here to assist those who have fallen into the intellectual and moral turpitude of the masses. Their mission is clear, awaken as many as they can, and leave the rest to their own devises. The Universal Law of Non-Interference is quite clear. Teach only those who ask and desire the truth.

A question for you to ponder:

Have you considered the fact that "they" are you, only in a purer more innocent form? Their realities are not your realities. Theirs come from logic and reasoning and Spiritual understandings far above the typical human comprehension. The Cornucopia children’s understanding is not tainted, biased, nor corrupted. They posses clarity of what unconditional love truly is.

Within each Soul lies the ability to transcend the dark and enter into the light. It is on that plane where we shall all become as one. It is there where we shall all be working in peace and harmony, mind to mind, heart to heart, Soul to Soul. That plane is available in the third-dimension; it exists where pure intent and motivation live.

"Let the children laugh and sing the greatest song of all.
I know the children are our future."……………..

Until Next Time,
Celestial and David

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