We are calling ALL good Souls to Unite NOW

"We are calling ALL good Souls to Unite NOW"

Written by Celest and David

We fully support and endorse Mark Kimmel’s Universal Project. We are writing our own additional thoughts and desires as an effort to co-join with Mark and do what we can to bring into activated manifestation the final solution that seems to have eluded the people on this planet for so long. This is one way that people can and do define themselves. Just as you define yourselves by who you love, how you love and if you are willing to go that extra mile to be an active participant in all things good and true. This is an opportunity for each of you to assist the God of this world by showing unmitigated support through the defining of yourselves as Children of God and aligning yourselves with "just cause."

As advocates for a free society allowing all benevolent life forms to live without restrictions among all the people on this planet, we here and now pledge ourselves to:

"Honor God and all of the Creation by honoring all celestial friends, allies, all Star Keeper societies from all other Star systems to interact with us, and we with them, in peaceful Creative ways."

"We understand that there is no place for bigotry, hatred or misuse of power, and we refuse to participate in those heinous actions."

"We know that in order for this God-given opportunity to become a fully emancipated act, we need to cherish and love ourselves and cherish and love all others as well."

"We work to ensure the continuity of love from all those who carry the Light of all Lights; of all others of like-Spirit who are here on the planet to do all they can to enable the unfettered state of the Human Spirit to soar without constraint."

"We hold the vision of the continuation of the Golden Now sweeping across this great planet, carrying the Jesus The Christ Consciousness to everything and everyone here."

"We do not look back at all that is gone from our lives, rather we joyfully look at the present time which is bringing into ultimate fruition, GOD I AM."

"We have agreed to take a STAND and willingly do so now for as long as is required for the good of all."

You can read these words as often as you want to and please send them out to others who are of like-mind. If possible read them at least once a day or evening and focus them upward into the loving arms of God. We are asking each person who reads this and understands this to decide which path they are on now. We ask that those among you who are willing and able to, to write your own thoughts, inspirations and desires and email them to us. We will post all we receive. Remember please, what you WRITE you CREATE!

Salude….Celest, David and our evolved companions