Life in the Practical and the Spiritual world

Celest and David’s commentary about

"Life in the Practical and the Spiritual world"

The times we are all living in give new meaning to the word," strange." Yes, politics is a crucial arena, a central area for so many things to happen that do, are and will continue to affect everyone’s life; not only in this country but the ramification of all that transpires here has a reverberating effect on all countries and all people everywhere. One of the greatest errors of judgment that CAN or MAY be made by people, especially in this county however, are centered on the war between the Spiritual thinking people and the practical world thinking people. Everyone we know personally, as well as all those thousands and thousands of people who maintain contact with us from around the world, are choosing sides more so now than ever before.

Here is what we have to say about this conundrum: What Spiritual thinking people should bear in mind is that everyone is born with the potential for good; the possibility for Creating great changes. This is not "new news." True, there are those peoples who are born-in or walk-in who are here for their own agendas, not all of which are "of the Light." But for the purpose of this commentary we are dealing only with the former grouping of Souls.

The hot issue here has become not only Obama, "the man," but others’ perspectives of him-we are speaking of Spiritual; mentors or guides who are in the Spirit world but are communicating to their receivers. One great mistake we feel that is causing the unraveling now of Obama’s potential to be the right leader, is that too many people who have been so desperate to hear that "help is here," have clung since day #1 to Obama as if he was some type of savior. He is not!

Obama, regardless of how highly evolved or Spiritual he may be off-world, is living in the harshest reality in the harshest world of all worlds. In other words, while he is here he is a human being possessing human foibles. Politics is a strange quagmire of emotional and mental quicksand; it can and does envelope the men and women in politics in the murky waters of illusions and misjudgments. Obama is just one example of this. If he could have had more years to remain in the senate and actually learn what "We the people" really stands for; if he could have entered into the presidency without all his insecurities about his new position; if he develops enough backbone to learn to say "no" to his ill-chosen advisors and administration…that he himself chose-if he can lose the elitist persona that he wears so well, then and only then can he actually develop into a " true" human being. That means that he will retain all his human qualities but also live with one foot in each world.

When people are looking at him, why is it they cannot see that the practical-world Obama is the one who is making decisions that are less than worthy of his Soul status? Better yet, why is it that people must cling to an image, a POSSIBLE aspect of him and other politicians rather than having the courage to know for themselves when something is wrong and when something is right? Does this say more about the people of the world or more about the politicians? We ourselves are not taking sides; we are speaking the truth just as we always do. It does not matter to us if it is a popular one or not. Heck we have had the tar and feathers routine long, long ago for the same reason. Different players on the planet, different names, but the truth must ALWAYS STAND on its own. Even if it is not supported by all the people.

There is a great misconception about certain "voices." There is NOT just one voice speaking for those who are still "unconscious." There is NOT just one voice for those who are speaking for the conscious minds either. The voices for the conscious minds are now forming the collective voice. Although at the time we are writing this, the collective voice is in 2 halves. It is up to WE the PEOPLE to form the ONE. THIS is how miracles are Created. This is part of the true voices of the people. Only you yourself can correctly determine which voice you are. If not now, then later. People need to realize that change is happening; change will continue to happen in every facet of reality. Do not become disillusioned when the changes that you desire do not happen overnight. You are expecting too much. It is not the condition of the world, the leaders of the world, or economic conditions that are causing you stress. It is what is happening in your PERSONAL world that is. The individual’s personal world however, IS reflective of the greater world. This is part of the practical world life. Living with one foot in each world IS living! Change what you know you can in life; what you cannot change…you cannot.

Celest and David