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Irrational Sects


Greetings Earthizens, well now, before long you will be hurtling into 2013, then what? How many of you ones will take the time today or even sometime this current year to see if you have learned anything about this year? So, there are millions of peoples all over this world seeking condolences and wanting to be commiserated with because they truly believe that all that they THOUGHT would come to pass this Year of Grand Events did not happen. Little do those ones know or want to realize that more has happened this year and will continue to, then they have any idea of. Peoples, I ask that you pay close attention to my words this day. I have been granted permission by the God of this Universe to speak very frankly with you ones about your "current affair trends." This year has seen more peoples awakening here than have in many centuries. Although it would have been far better and much easier if that had taken place with less pain and loss, each person on this planet has made it this way. You see Earthizens, 2012 and beyond for 100 years, are the times of the greatest changes. The next several years are the critical junctures of when the clean and the unclean clash, collide, come together in some instances and divide in others. The clashing and colliding will ease up a bit around 2015-2017; however there will still be renegade groups intent on their "service to self" agendas. This will however in a strange and beautiful way strengthen the determination and the Spiritual aspect of each TRUE Light Worker.

You ones have all been so busy thinking about how much you wanted things here to be a certain way, that most of you have lost sight of two key parts of the populations of all races here that must turn themselves around, or continue to fall and become part of the vast numbers of nonfunctional human beings. These two key elements here are – the sects and the children of this world. Too many peoples have been living in fear, but not only for their very lives. A huge proportion of the ones in fear are in this condition because of all they believed they have lost. Why is it not understood that if you believe you have lost something then you never really had it in the first place. I suggest you think that over please. All faith is being tested mightily now as well as the beliefs of all those who say they believe in nothing at all. Now, if I were to approach those who say they believe in nothing at all, who say they have NO beliefs and if I told them the fact that they BELIEVE in nothing is a belief, they would be totally baffled by my comment. Yet, it is what it is. All right cousins, it is time for you ones to address your OWN beliefs now: what have you learned this year? What are you learning about yourself and the totality of your own belief systems?

Have you yet learned how much you are willing to let go of, how much you are willing to give up for your beliefs? Have you learned how much you refuse to give up for your beliefs? Have you yet understood the depths of despair that humanity overall is experiencing and why they are? How many of you ones remember what God said in one of His books about the fact that He and others of Divinity, including myself of course, are looking beneath every rock, every stone to see what else comes slithering out? Cousins, because 2012 has been earmarked for the great changes to BEGIN and the beginning of a new world…among other things…how is it possible that so many among you ones still believe that an illusionary star ship will descend here and "rescue people from themselves?" Why do you ones think that religions are now THIS YEAR hammering away much harder and harder on people about their congregations’ need to bond even more tightly with their church’s beliefs? One would think that the stranglehold religions already have on people here would be enough! Although many peoples here began to clearly exhibit signs of even more moral decay and emotional irascibility shortly before the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2011, those whose petulant natures were already accelerating to new and previously untried heights of irrationality, had a serious detrimental affect on all people regardless of what their beliefs were. We had been expecting this "parlay of the worst kind." So of course we were not surprised, but a bit disappointed that so many Earthizens here failed to understand that all energies whether they are benevolent or malignant DO in fact impact on every person in one way or another. One of the main problems caused by thinking too much is that you lose both sense and sensibility. Your failure to understand all which began on the last fateful New Year’s Eve is haunting you whether you are aware of this or not.

Because each of your natures is so diverse and so used to exploring only certain avenues in life, it has held you back from realizing why the tumultuous nature of the events happening right under your noses was taking place. So much for being able to see the forest and the trees! Energy, although simply terribly misunderstood here, is something in the most tangible sense that you each Create on many different levels at all times. Therefore the closer you came to 2012 the more energetic matter you ones each released that barreled through this planet like a bullet out of control. The usual "normal" stupid actions of celebrating New Year’s Eve took a major turn for the worst. Although I personally find it hard to believe that so many among you ones can manage to consume such huge amounts of alcohol and illicit drugs in such a short span of time, millions and millions of people here did indeed break their own previously held records.

This was NOT the way to greet the stately graceful continuation of the Golden NOW Child, NESARA and the Jesus THE Christ Consciousness! Foolish humans. As if none of us would notice. As if the God of this Universe did not see!

Well before the midnight hour there were certain sects here both religious ones as well as other hardcore dangerous ones whose plans were busily being implemented for not only further world domination, but also to more craftily establish even more outrageous falsified reports on the world stock markets. In this manner they intended to count even more coup than they have been. Even now, in this final quarter of the year, stock markets, banks etc., are being "propped up" to display far more equity, monies and so forth than really exist! In great measure it is all tied in with the upcoming Presidential race in America as well as in other countries. After all, what better way to attack people WHO ARE IN FEAR, than to do so when the overriding fear factor needs some illusionary "facts" to hold on to. We overheard all the conversations that had taken place with these dark Souls; many, MANY of them belong to the infamous Bilderberg group. You see cousins, they along with the rest of those dark agenda riders, were the ones who caused the original fear here so many, many years ago. All they did for 2012 was simply enlarge on the fears that they created with full knowledge that you ones have also self-created other fears that match the ones they created. Do you see? Then of course there was the non-publicized agreements between the war-birds who have been calling in their markers of late.

No, there is nothing at all rational about those particular sects either. But even they have fallen prey to their own predator selves. They became so used to playing the horrid games of war, "you threaten this country, we will threaten the adjoining country and we will add more fortunes to our coffers." Now, although the Middle East was already intentionally inflamed by their own clerics and their own war-birds, even the peoples of those lands foresaw 2012 as "the year that ends the infidels." None on this planet have any understanding that there are many more meanings to the term, "infidel." Each sect of this world MUST believe that theirs and only theirs is the correct one. They must believe this; otherwise they would have to confront the consequences of their actions and their non-actions if they accepted the truths of these situations. THIS they can not do. It would mean their entire lives have been lived as lies. Earthizens, it was an easy matter for "planted" instigators to be placed in your midst. These are the men, women and sadly enough the very young adults and children who have been causing even more unrest among all races of peoples here.

This is what "intentional energy onslaughts" is all about. These peoples of all ages always look for the other peoples who have been known to be very unhappy, envious, have very low self-esteem issues etc. At that point it is a very simple matter to aggravate the situations even more. The preponderance of drug induced peoples here do not have the sense and sensibility to know that they are merely being used because they are considered to be "bottom feeders." However, once those addictions are in full sway, there is nothing and I do mean NOTHING, that they will not engage in to feed their habit! Addicts need other addicts to give "meaning" to their lives, just as thieves need other thieves "in order to learn more terrible ways to steal." The energies each of these types of sects emit is so dark, so dank, that it repels the goodhearted peoples, but is a MAGNET for the like-minded ones. This year has seen many false prophets rise through the ranks and ensnare those whose fears are palpable. Now, it is the good peoples here that are aghast and yes, although some of them are afraid too, they are not succumbing to the prevalent fear that has been sweeping over this world. Most of these ones fears now are because their sense and sensibility and their Soul voices are cautioning them to be on alert, be wary of those who are promoting violence and are overtaken by reasonless hate. Understand please ALL hate is reasonless!

To actually hate another person, or place or issue, is to lose all sentience, to lose the ability to hear Soul voice, it is to join the ranks of the insane. It results in losing your God connection. Sects do not feel this way. The religious sects believe that they are honoring their God; they believe that they MUST suffer for their sins – but ironically they certainly do know how to party hearty! Those are highly illogical actions.

Now, a main concern of ours is THE CHILDREN. They lack the maturity, let alone having the understanding that they each must live lives of self-contentment. That they each must live lives independent of the desires of their peers. The more they are given by well-meaning families and friends, the more they want. This is not right! There are very few of them in actual numbers who are able to withstand familial or peer pressure. They become the very thing they would oppose if they knew better because they are too immature to know any better. Until it is too late, that is. They, just as their adult counterparts do, attract the very same types of peoples that they are growing into becoming. Now, try to take a detached look at the children of today please. How many of them would you trust with your life when most of them can not be trusted to drive a car? How many of them can you honestly say are role models for other children or for adults? Do you ones understand what is happening here? The children are themselves forming their own sects; most children of today despise the very foundations that their families adhere to, that their families established for themselves, yet the children’s’ own foundations are rooted in diseased ways of thinking and an insatiable need to rely on entertainment idols and various deplorable internet activities as a means of feeling that they are "normal."

For the last 200 years, the children of this planet from all parts of this world have been the first ones to be overtaken by dark thoughts and darker actions. These are the children who then grow into adulthood as mental cripples. Then of course throughout their formative years they experienced new and more murderous ways to harm other children. They always harm those others who did not capitulate. They continue to do so even later in life when these ones became adults. There is nary a country on this planet that has not been assaulted by the children who later become deranged adults. As with all other sects, these ones ALWAYS attract others who are just like them. Sects are large groups of people of any age who become divided against one or more groups based on religious convictions, political alliances and peer pressure. Each family now lives in "a house divided." Although you ones may not be privy to this information until now of course, I can tell you that the Neo-Nazis, the KKK and the other lunatic fringes of the suicidal fundamentalists movements are growing – they are all alive and living all over this world.

Those who do not understand the abilities of the dark do not truly understand the abilities of the Light either. Light exists in and as a quantification of an energy which produces a spatial brightness that lives of and as itself as an infinite energy source, an energy power which is and always has been unlimited. How each person views the Light however, is predicated upon the individual’s innate understanding of Light and all that Light embodies. Although Light to one degree or another can be viewed by the human eye, the eye can only behold a certain amount of the energy of Light. The eye sees and senses the electromagnetic range of the angstroms.

The dark is energy without the illumination; yet it is a conglomerate of molecules of energy that are unlit, yet do project. Although it projects the absence of visible light, it is because it is devoid of the Light molecules necessary to sustain life. It can not reflect Light, it can not receive Light, but it CAN transmit the dark energy that comprises it just as Light can transmit the Light energies. The dark is the flipside of Light energy; yet just as Light does, the unilluminated spatial lack of Light can and does influence all parts of the human mind.

In great part those peoples here and yes that does of course include children, who bask within the Light by allowing it to filter into their hearts and minds causes Light to enhance all thoughts and Creative ventures and to expand the love connection. The dark stimulates the human mind, the very psyche itself, through the instilling of gross thoughts resulting in perverted actions. Yet the dark is charismatic in a deranged way. It seeks the ego and calibrates how much damage dark can inflict there. Dark is not a sect but it can aid in creating them.

Now, think for a moment about decisions you have made and ones you may be considering now. It would behoove you ones to understand WHY you make a decision BEFORE you make it! What is the catalyst? If you are reacting to something or someone out of fear then you are unconsciously joining the fear sects. If you are reacting to something or someone out of love then you are unconsciously for some of you ones, living as a true human being. Even if only for a moment. The minds of irrational sects are bound by the parameters of dysfunction. Dysfunction of the mind is caused by the mind being unable to expand itself. So it is that the dark influences the minds that are "in constraint" and the Light influences the minds that are "in freedom." The dark feeds on peoples’ "fields of broken dreams." This is what all sects do. No, I do no compare those living in the Light to a sect. They are living "the fields of dreams of the Divine." How did all this continue even yet today? How did it go on without any necessary cessation to the inflammation of the dark minds touching, grappling, groping and attaching itself to the mind and putting into bondage people who would have been good peoples? It is so because you ones have made it this way.

First understand what dark can do to not only young nubile minds, but to adult, mature minds as well. Understanding this is a preventative tool for you to use to protect yourself and all those you love. Now before I take my leave this day, I do want to caution you all that many, MANY irrational minds will become even more so. The sects are out in force now. Please, please, be careful of all that you do and say to others. Minds are snapping very easily now. You are each here now to stabilize your OWN minds whenever necessary and to bring calmness into situations simply by remaining calm. You see cousins; in this manner you will be using energy to combat energy and no one will be the wiser. From now on part of your mission is of course to continue to teach others while garnering wisdom for yourselves, but also to be perceived as a pillar of tranquility…..even though you may be shaking in your socks! Having qualms is perfectly normal but qualms can be understood by the mind if you deal with your emotions first.

This Earthizens is part of what "understanding" is. Assess the situation whenever possible, then follow through and project your "serenity self" and then even if you truly do not believe that you are serene, your mind will seize on the feeling and become part of it. You need not be concerned about the irrational sects attempting to commandeer your own mind as long as you know what you want in life and are not trying to vie for unholy attention from others. As for your friends and family members who refuse to break free of their sects, whatever they may be, you can do nothing except teach them how to live by setting a good example for them. No, not all of them will respect that for their minds are stunted and they refuse to acknowledge anything except what they WANT to. You must learn to love them enough to let them go. On a final note my Celestial daughter will soon be sharing information with all peoples about the now emerging race of "new children" being born on this planet. She will explain in detail why these extraordinary children are the heralds of "THE NEW PEOPLE." Now, Earthizens I leave you ones with a question: have I been frank enough with you this day? I am signing off now.

Salude…Blue Star

“There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side and that which is religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, all shall be as one… I shall meet you there.”

Blue Star the Pleiadian……

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