Defining INTENT of Project “PUSH”

Defining INTENT of Project “PUSH”

Since project PUSH has been published online there have been a lot of reactions from people who wanted to participate. We have also received many suggestions for things people wanted to remove from our lovely planet. Yes our lists are also getting longer and longer.

Some lists were OK, but some lists also had a small problem. So we decided to add some examples in this article.

Here is the main problem we encountered: it is not the intention of the project to attack anyone – not even the meanest criminals. When you attack anyone you automatically, place yourself in the 3rd dimension – the dimension we are leaving behind. We have been attacking criminals in the 3rd dimension for ages. We have had prisons, gallows, death sentences and it has not helped to create a better situation.

What we are doing now is to push the energy off the planet. Although we still have the same goal we have to be cautious to express it different, so the Angelic Kingdom, many Beings from other planets and all the Luminescents (the Gods and Goddesses of all the other Universes) can join us. And yes, they will all be present and doing their collective part during Project “PUSH.”

Let me show you the difference.

“We want to get rid of all bankers” will not be supported by our crew of helpers, but if we express it differently “we want an end to financial slavery” they can wholeheartedly support us.

The same goes for this one: “we want to get rid of all rapists” will not be supported, but “we want an end to all sexual exploitation” will or “we want an end to all forms of rape”.

So check your list, check how you expressed your goals so we can receive all the support we need to accomplish this.

Try to define your intent in simple language: “repressive energies, removing all lower based thought forms.” These are examples.

You can cover many different types of energies that are not good for the planet using fewer words, but words that are all encompassing.

Looking forward to Friday, September 20!

Celest, David, Maria

Remember, two days before Project PUSH (September 18 th) we will be adding additional information on this Project so please check back.

Worth Mentioning: At the beginning of September we flipped the page on our calendar and the “header” above the image said one word “DESTINY.” Project “PUSH” is a key part of all of our Destiny’s. Its purpose, its intent is in a nutshell why we are all here now. And no, we do not believe in coincidence, this word on the calendar was placed there with Divine intent. Celest and David

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