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Maria speaks out on Project PUSH

Comments Updated 9-13-13

And some of the comments we have received

At last!

At last we can do something!

A lot has happened since December 21, 2012. The financial situation has worsened even further. The inequality has risen up to new heights. A number of whistleblowers have told us things that happen behind the scenes. Politicians are still pretending they are seriously working hard for us. The last disclosure was that the West German government was providing doping for athletes as a standard procedure. No shady Spanish doctors with unknown clients, just medical teams funded by the government as “support” for athletes and coaches and of course many guarantees that nothing could be detected. The people who found this reports have not yet been able to give any names for fear of gigantic damage claims. Ouch!

Many athletes from the former DDR are battling damaged bodies thanks to many medical experiments. They still are not receiving any help from the government. They still are not allowed to know what poisons were fed or injected into their bodies.

For Lightworkers these disclosures are emotionally stressful because they see that in spite of everything most people still look the other way and are not demanding a complete disclosure of the facts. They feel that “these things should not happen, but there is nothing you can do about it, it is just the way things are”.

I am happy that God – as CEO of our Universe – has taken the initiative for project PUSH.

A few weeks ago during meditation I spontaneously left my body and started to dance to very vague music. I made all kinds of movements with my hands. I made vortexes and long streamers. It was a very weird experience. When I asked Celest what had happened, she told me that I was forming energy with my hands and was helping the planet. Apparently I pulled the energy out from the Universe.

Anyway it was a good preparation for project PUSH. The plan is that on September 20, 2013 local time 7 p.m. (or 19.00) we are going to manipulate the energy around the Earth. We are going to remove the suffocating black layer that still covers the planet. It has to be done by beings who are actually living on the planet, but it will be supported in a huge way by beings from outside of the Earth. The darkness that we push away from the Earth will be collected by the Universe and I assume will be cleaned and recycled.

My only objection against this action is that you can only do it for 5 minutes! There are so many things I would like to remove from this world, that I could be doing it for much, much longer, at least an hour, but apparently 5 minutes is enough!  Really? Really? Maria at


We are adding a few of the email comments; sorry we do not have time to add them all. We would love to hear from you though. And PLEASE keep spreading the word.

Remember, two days before Project PUSH (September 18 th) we will be adding additional information on this Project so please check back.


Note from Celest and David: We have heard from many different people who are having their friends over to their homes to do “PUSH.” Some we have heard from will be gathering in groups as large as 30 people. Some are crossing state lines and traveling distances to be with others of like mind for this event. And we are so grateful that many many people have chosen to be active participants by sharing this information with all they can think of. They like us understand the importance of the gridline intersection occurring on the Autumn Equinox and the relevance of the Full Moon at this time. It really is quite remarkable the response we have received. From our hearts to yours we say THANK YOU and WE LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!


I plan to join in project PUSH and at least 9 of my friends are also. I am grateful for your work. Debra


Hi David and Celest,

It strikes me that I have learned nothing if not that we are all one and the power of collective intention must be stronger than many singular conflicting intentions. I began thinking of us using one intention that honors and respects all beings, this is my suggestion, of course open to alteration if any of it is inappropriate, see what you feel! I feel strongly that I need to add NESARA IS NOW! to my collective push intention to anchor the Christ vibration, by the way in my last email, I forgot to thank three of my teachers, so a big thank you to both of you and Blue Star for the inspirational and transformational shifts I have felt since reading Blue Stars last book and Beyond the Journey, Life in the Hereafters. I gave my permission to publish my intention in the hope it is respectful and inspires others to be non judgmental. I am preparing for Friday with great intention and excitement. My thanks for the video as I find it difficult to visualize instructions!!

”It is our collective intention to push away the energies which promote the growth of fear, hatred, disrespect, cruelty, slavery, abuse and dishonor out of the energetic fields of Gaia. We thank and honor Gaia and all those entities who Created awakening and soul growth opportunities for all in earth school. It is our hopeful intention that the power of light and love each being receives in the push will once again awaken the living principles in their galactic heart so each may choose to return to the consciousness of love of Prime Creator, who never left them. All are one, NESARA IS NOW!, so be it!”


Sandra Roche.


“Now tell me, how exciting is this????  I feel so blessed to participate in this collective conscience movement.  Together in love, we will as one change the world.”

Sending you much love, protection, energy, and the best of health.


“To push the old away and welcome the new. To honor Gaia, myself, my children, for my friends, for my wife and all others who wanna create a new and better place for all beings. Hi Golden Now!”


“Thank you for making the video…it helps us to “get it“ now I can do the process without wondering if I am doing it right…I know I am …”


“Oh, Thank you so much for that video. That helped me so so much. Now I feel I won’t have a problem.” Love you always


Dear Lightworkers,

I have some questions about the intentions on this PUSH project. My basic intention is to have healing of mother earth. Is it possible to send intentions to stop negative things, like marshall law, greedy oil companies, etc? Not sure how I would send the intentions in a positive way. Thanks (name withheld)

(David’s response) Greetings.. so happy to hear you on board with us to go forward with God’s Project PUSH… first of all, your intentions are wonderful and keep on pursing them.. However there in all likelihood will not be any martial law in this country and if there is an attempt it will be short lived or stopped cold.. Second, the Light, the Jesus the Christ Consciousness, and all of Divinity, including yourself efforts, your intents of your thoughts, as a Light worker.. are pulling up all the ‘weeds’ the Dark have implanted on this world, evidence of this is all around. And we all need to keep reinforcing those efforts.

If you re-read what God had said in project PUSH you will see that this effort, this PUSH, is to COLLECTIVELY “PUSH” the remaining dark energies from this Earthly Realm and it our combined efforts that will accomplish this.. so we would suggest you focus on that concept for this event, and continue with you other efforts whenever and where ever you feel the need.. do you understand?? If not, please let us know, this is too important! This event is one of the many reasons we are all here now…  our love to you… David (and Celest too of course)


Count me and Jack in! I will post it on my FB too. Thank you! Jean


Hi there guys, here it is..Im going for it…lets try to see the light, but not from lack of breathing right 🙂 let them ride OUTTA HERE… in peace.

One of my thoughts to the NEW NOW is the expansion of awareness towards every visible and nonvisible energy present in our ongoing connection with the realm of vibration of the existence that it is. Samuel


Thank You David and Celest, I love you both, and you all! bye

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