Things you can do to make this a better place

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Things you can do to make this a better place

A Special Writing from Maria Nieuwenhuysen

Using the PUSH

Every time I hear or read about something that really makes me angry or disgusted, I take that honest emotion and use it for a PUSH. I know that I am changing the situation and I don’t get into an anger or despair. So I do a lot of PUSH-es (!!!), because we are all flooded with news about cruel and destructive plans or situations.

It is even better now that I have read in the latest God book (Winter People) that after the PUSH there is a vacuum that I can use to create what I want to see or to happen.

So e.g. when I see chem. trails. I can do a PUSH to help end the poisoning of our skies and afterwards I can visualize a clean healthy atmosphere full of life and oxygen.

Flooding with Light

A few months ago I saw a group of dark riders entering my neighborhood. Since then vandalism (and probably crime) has gone up. We had very noisy illegal motor races and sometimes the atmosphere is really threatening.

I wondered if there was anything I could do to counter this. After starting in the Winter People book I got an idea. I showered all the large apartment buildings in the area and all the other houses in light.

Of course I wondered whether it would work. That night I had a dream. In my dream a rather angry mob showed up in front of me and stated “we are not going to move!”. In this dream I almost engaged in a shouting match (!!!) but I quickly came to my senses. It was a large mob and I just removed myself from the scene. When I woke up I realized that I was shown those beings to let me know that it worked.  They felt the light and it threatened their way of life! Of course those beings don’t have to move, they can just grow and enjoy the light!

Then I got really bold and did the same with government buildings, universities, ministries, offices of large companies. Now I am even doing it with countries!!!

Imagine a very dark restaurant with lot of shady, very private nooks and crannies where people do business and suddenly the curtains are pulled open and bright lights go on and show everything that is going on. Can you imagine that it is so much more difficult for corruption to flourish in such an environment? Flooding this place with light has really “ruined” it for corrupted workers. Imagine doing this with a large financial institute!

Doing this kind of work brings the new paradise-like world closer and it makes me develop myself spiritually. Although it really takes very little time my Soul keeps showering me with compliments. Yes, it takes some energy to do that. There are days when I just don’t have enough energy to do it.

I don’t use this on people. They have to make their own choices. I use the pushes on events, ideas, plans, practices. I use the “flooding with light” on places and buildings.

God said in the Winter People book that it might take 10 to 15 years before the Earth is a safe place. That is not very long for the planet, but it is a long period for a human being. Maybe we can shorten this period???

If you want to join me in this, please let me know how you are doing.


Note from Celest and David: You may contact Maria by sending us an email to and we will gladly forward it on to her. We ourselves would love to hear your thoughts on this as well.

Also, we are in contact with many people who are still performing the PUSH technique on a regular basis, some as much as once a week. Every little PUSH in the right direction is making a difference whether you can see it or not. So PUSH on and know you are in great company!

If you do not know how or need a refresher on how to perform the PUSH techniques you may find the information on the following webpage

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