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Stone Triangle

Stone Triangle

Author: Steve Outhit

167 pages (E-book version only)

Long ago, in a time before humans civilized this planet, something very big took place on Earth. Something which has until now gone unnoticed. The result of this event changed the geophysical landscape of Earth and we, humankind, have been living on a planet that is not in its original condition.

A chance employment on Oak Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada, led the author to make the rather significant archaeological discovery that the world is mapped with boulders. Because of this and additional discoveries made there is no return to classic Earth history as we know it and now must look again at our world and us, humans.

This is the story of the discovery.

For historians and archaeologists this is a must read book for it presents subject matter never before considered and gives the reader the necessary tools with which to verify this discovery.

(Note from Celest and David: Steve has recently been doing further research in Vietnam, Cambodia, China and now Columbia South America. And yes, this is an aspect of his mission for this lifetime. He like all of humanity is looking for answers. We look forward to hearing more about his discoveries and revelations.)



The Gift – A Christmas Day Event

“The Gift”

A Christmas Day Event

When: 7:00 P.M. in all time zones on December 25th., 2017

  • (Note: Another submission was posted on 12-19 and one at 6.30 p.m. on the 25th)

NOTE” The newest submissions listed after the others

On November 10, 2017 as we were preparing to sit down and log in to the “Pacific North West Pipeline Gathering” conference call, God and all the other Luminescents appeared and said They would be listening intently because there was information They wanted us to share with the people on the call. They announced that They wanted to have a Special Event that would spread across this world and touch the hearts and minds of all good people. They said, “It will Create a wave with a crescendo that will be heard and felt around the world and throughout all Universes; the result will be remarkable and will be aligned with a special conjunction in the sky that will also take place.”

This spatial event is the conjunction of Venus and Saturn. “Venus” has long been called “the planet of love;” she is actually a planet of such serene beauty and uncompromising pure love that when she appears aligned with another Superior planet, they combine as a force to be reckoned with. “Saturn” is known as “the planet of Karma” and “The Great Teacher.” He is a planet whose energies assist in separating the energies of the wheat from the chaff. This truly is a magnificent GIFT in and of itself which will spread their combined energies across this world … especially on Christmas. When Saturn enters into a conjunction that is only separated by 1 Degree from Venus, this is when the Great Teacher begins to issue final homework assignments to some people and yet assists other people in climbing the spiral staircase which shows them their DESTINY.

Those who are a part of the Collective Consciousness will benefit greatly by participating in this “Gift” event.

The Luminescents went on to say, “Peace on Earth is a rite of passage. Those who truly want this passage must first find peace within themselves. A truly magnificent way of finding this is to inspire yourselves by inspiring other people.”

Realistically define to yourselves what thoughts and inspirations you can send to other people that will inspire others’ minds to free themselves from the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, sorrow, lack of motivation and dismay. We wish to remind each of you that when we work together for a committed goal it is a win-win situation. Here is what we are asking each of you to do. We ask that each of you listen to your hearts and your minds and find the words that resonate with what you are going to “Gift” to other people. The Luminescents then said, “Remember, every thought you have during this Gift Event is being transmitted to the minds of others through a spiraling force of telepathy.” For some reason very few people understand that sending their thoughts out to others whether they know the other people or not, IS a form of telepathy. Telepathic thoughts will connect with open-minded people; they can not connect with close-minded people.

Remember the “Power of Thought” is what you are gifting to other people. Define to yourselves what are the most relevant, most wonderful loving thoughts, you would like to bless others with. Keep your mind clear and use as many words, as many phrases, whether it is a sentence or a paragraph, in order to relay that to people across the world. The more people who participate in this special event the greater the success will be at the end of the event. And we are being reminded to tell you that all the Luminescents, the Masters, The Creator, every one of them will be working alongside all of us at that special time. We would like you to know that all the good thoughts each person has during Christmas will be combining with all the thoughts we will have at the appointed time of 7:00 P.M. in ALL time zones December 25th., 2017. We suggest you may want to recite “The Christ Consciousness” prior to the event to assist in paving your way.  If you do not remember this mantra we are writing it here: “I here and now command in the name of Jesus The Christ that if there is any entity, any energy, that is not of the most evolved form of the Jesus The Christ Consciousness, that is not of the most evolved form of God I Am, then they are to here and now disappear and cease to exist. This I command in the name of Jesus The Christ. “

You can visualize your thoughts and send them out to combine with all the others who are participating. You can perform a “PUSH” movement or “The Golden Force” movement if you feel this is the best way to send out your Gifts to others. You can spend one minute, ten minutes or one hour doing this. This is completely up to you. Please connect with everyone you can and share this information with them. Use your social media, email lists and whatever other means you have of spreading the news of this event.

We also wanted each of you to know that this “Gift” event is being aligned with all the other events which will take place in 2018. God and the other Luminescents spoke about these other events in, “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients.”

The message we ourselves are sending out on Christmas is: “We are sending you unconstrained, uncompromising, unconditional love and healing energy to your hearts and your minds and directing it to bring you enough measure of calmness and tranquil thoughts to allow you to see beyond the veils of illusions and deceits. It will allow you to have a better understanding that no matter how difficult things may seem to be to you, there are millions and millions of other people who are in more dire straits than you are. We are also sending you energies of empathy which are empowering reminders to each person that whether you understand it or not, “YOU are all related.” Live as a true human Being and you will do no wrong. Though we may never meet in person we will never stop assisting you.“

Remember, the greatest Gift of all is happening to you. Don’t be selfish – share the Gift. Also remember you are each a conductor of telepathic energy; yet most of you do not realize this.  And PLEASE, do not forget to Re-Gift this to others.

“Everybody is invited, it IS a party of an Infinite Kind!” … God

Salude … Celest and David


Here are some of the Gifts that are the heartfelt thoughts that some other “Gatherers” will be sending out across this world on December 25th 2017 at 7 p.m.


We have grown exponentially, individually and collectively, as we have shared our thoughts and ideas with each other to expand the consciousness of all of us throughout the study and practice of these books and words given to us by the Luminescents of the Universes.  Once obtained the brotherhood Creates within us feelings of belonging to each other as a collective of like-minds and hearts.  We feel free to be, You and Me.



Go within your heart and find one thought. JOY for example. Thoughts are like a pebble being thrown into water. It Creates one circle that turns into another and yet another. Just like our thoughts one is connected to another. We are all connected through our thoughts. A joyful thought can Create a smile, a memory. A feeling of gratitude. What we think about matters. We are all connected one thought at a time.

May you be filled with Joy, Peace and Gratitude.  P.M


The Love and Light of God fills the air with a sparkling that is seen with my heart. As I consciously fill my lungs with this sacred, sparkling air: all that is left inside me is Peace… Love… Joy… Harmony… for All… is One.

I Am in God’s Love and Light! Katherine Louise


This is my strong “knowing” since I learned this as a song in Dutch

“Nu daagt het in het Oosten, Het licht schijnt overall, Hij komt de volken  troosten die eeuwig heersen zal”

So often the words popped in my mind. Here the best interpretation/ translation.

Now this Christmas:

The Day is breaking in the East, The Light is shining everywhere, It comes to comfort all Earth’s Nations.

It comes to reign eternally, the darkness will disappear from this centuries long night.

A new day of unending days will glow with unspeakable splendor.

The sun’s rays, to which the nightly darkness yields, shall triumph in Christ’s eternal Light!

Already day is breaking in the East, The Light shines everywhere, It comes with Love to reign for ever and everywhere in all folks and all nations’ heart.

Namaste, Wies


The Gift that I am sending to all those in need is FREEDOM. Freedom from fear. Freedom from hate. Freedom from the lies long told. Freedom from the feelings of loneliness and sorrow. The gift of freedom in your heart from the knowing that you are not alone, not now, and not ever.

Like the Golden Beacon of Light shining from the treasured shores of home, shining ever so brightly and calling to those long lost in the dark murky seas of fear and loathing… Love, Light, Truth and Freedom will set you free and light the way home for one and all.

Love and Light, Travis


There is a saying that is used around Christmas time that goes like: “It is better to give than receive.” This Christmas let us change that saying to: “It is better to give AND receive.” And the Gift to give and receive is LOVE.  Love is the greatest gift that a person can give to another. God has given everyone an unlimited supply of Love; you just can’t exhaust the amount of Love that exists in the Universe(s) that is available to everyone to send to another. This Christmas use your Power of Thought to send out Love to the four directions, to all people everywhere in the world. That Love will circle the world many times and be re-gifted to you. Love is the greatest Gift that can be given and received, so be a part of the Giving and Receiving this Christmas and every day beyond. Through giving and receiving Love, WE can change the world.

I send my Love to All, Dave B


“I just want people to know how awesome it is to love yourself. God loves us all. No matter how you feel about yourself or how you judge yourself. Love is always there. So let your light shine. Just BE. Be thankful, Be kind. Be who you came here to Be. Let your star shine! “

For quite a while now I’ve been hearing a little bit of the song, “Good Morning Star Shine” and I wasn’t sure why.

Now I know! Thank you Celest!! I love you guys.



I Am joyful and most grateful to send each and everyone a healthy meal (through POWER OF THOUGHT), with ingredients and a recipe card to assist you in Creating your –

Step by Step Foundation Layer Cake:

#1 Energy (supports health and well-being)

#2 Calm (supports emotional stillness during storms)

#3 Focus (supports ability to direct attention to desires)

#4 Vitality (supports Creativity, Spirit, passion)

Mix these in Equal portions and snack on throughout the day. By the Power Of Thought they will replenish if you keep using or sharing them.  We are each here as an expression of God, when we make peace within our own cells, we can embrace our other selves around us and unite as ONE.  This is Self Empowerment.  Thank you for taking your power back.

Janet Zimborski


I remember a song from childhood that goes like this:

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine,

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Hide it under a bush, Oh! No! I’m going to let it shine,

Hide it under a bush, Oh! No! I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

My gift is for everyone to let their Light shine. When babies smile, giggle and laugh, they are letting their Light shine as they exude a love to everyone around them.  Let us all once again become like children and let our Light shine as we freely send our love to everyone both near and far.  And, may the love we send be re-gifted back to each of us and out to all of humanity.



I wish to Gift a new world, one where all people recognize each other for their Divine selves.  Where we hold all people dear and worthy.  Where we strive for justice, peace and equality.  Where all people are cared for and all needs are met.  A world in which all people and animals communicate and work together with good intent. A world in which all people hold the Earth Star planet in sacred love and respect.

All people Create beauty and love from the heart.  Love is our guiding principle and our relationship with God, Jesus The Christ and all the Illuminaries (Luminescents) is as normal as breathing.  This is the Gift I wish upon humanity.



You have never been alone and you never will be.  You have always been loved and you always will be.  Because we all are ONE and because we all are God, there is nothing that we all cannot overcome.  So cast out your fears and dry your tears.  Let’s all work together through love to get God’s good works done.

John C.


We are infinitely grateful, overflowing abundance, eternal compassion, freely forgiving, ever-expanding joy and love. ONE.



Know that you are a gift. So love yourself and trust in God. Don’t rush, just go with the flow while enjoying the present moment. Be still while living gratefully. Bring God’s Golden Light to you and let the energy lead the way to your Soul’s journey.



Through all the heartaches, tough and hardest times that you have endured and or maybe going through right now, know that it shall pass. You are never alone in facing anything. You are given love, guidance, and protection each and every day. Ask for help and it shall come. Have kindness and compassion for all living Beings as you would want for yourself because we are all ONE.

Merry Christ Consciousness, Starlight


Submissions added 11-30-17

Let kindness prevail! It lifts up the hearts of the giver and receiver.

A smile, a compliment, an encouragement or helping someone in need

May influence the receiver to be more joyful, peaceful and more positive.

It is a win-win situation for giver and receiver.

Christina M


That is awesome guys.

I will be there in mind and Spirit.

Thank you!

Steve. I am now in Columbia South America tracking the truth 😉

(Note: Steve is the author of “Stone Triangle.” Information about his book is located in our “Recommended Reading” section on the Awakenedhearts website.

Steve has recently been doing further research in Vietnam, Cambodia, China and now Columbia South America. He like all of us is looking for answers. We look forward to hearing more about his discoveries and revelations.)


12-11-2017 Dear David and Celest,

This is one of the emails I sending out …

On Christmas Day, December 25, 2017 at 7pm your local time, good people are joining together in offering the Gift of the Power of Thought.

United heart to heart, we will think of what it is we wish to see as our future with Earth. By joining together, what we vision as a group is what we get, what WE manifest. You may have heard “Mind is the builder”. Majority does rule, for by uniting in positive thought, we become the majority group in Creating our reality.

This is our gift to each other and Earth Mother.

Begin to think today of what you wish to see and work with stating this as positively as possible. Maybe you wish an end to war. This can be stated as seeing all people working together in peace, harmony and cooperation. Maybe you wish clean water. See the water as clean, clear, sparkling, free flowing, thirst quenching water. Maybe you wish an end to homelessness. See all people living in beautiful, climate appropriate, comfortable, pleasant, well maintained housing. Whatever you wish, state it in a positive manner. Feel free to add whatever you desire to see.

Join with all on planet Earth, and all of Creation who are helping Earth at this time, at 7pm local time, on Christmas Day evening. If you cannot physically join in at that time, set your intention to join in at 7pm, for third dimensional time is an illusion.

Share this with family and friends. Share with all you remember. Invite each and all to join us in creating a wave, a crescendo around the world as with “The PUSH.” (Project PUSH)

For more information, feel free to contact me and/or see

May you and yours have a blessed and Merry Christmas, the birthday of the one who showed us how to walk in Love.

Light & Love, Maureen

12-19-17  My Gift

What we experience is based on our frequency, literally. If your TV is tuned to a news channel, you see and hear news. When we tune ourselves to the higher frequencies of love and joy, then loving and joyous experiences come into our lives.

These high frequencies that more and more of us are emanating are helping raise Earth’s frequency, ultimately to the frequency where Heaven-on-Earth exists.

To go along for this ride of all lifetimes, ALL we need to do is be loving and joyful.

We ALL can do that, because we are ALL ONE. Rejoice!
Lynne C


12-25-17 at 7:00 P. M. Eastern time

 For anyone who is stagnant in a cloud of negativity, darkness, unsureness or unfaithfulness, or who just need a reminder, remember God’s Golden White Light is always with you, and it’s power is your command.

In times of duress or lack of motivation, call the white light to you. It is your compass, your all-seeing eye, and most importantly it is your guide. It is abundant as it is infinite, so don’t hesitate to surround yourself in a shield of golden luminescence…. JJ.


An aspect of the Gift I am  sending out to everyone, to every life-form, to this world herself is to infuse all the waters of this planet with The Light of ALL Lights, The Jesus The Christ Consiousness, and in so doing I will be asking everyone to assist in this process. In doing so all the water in and on this planet will be infused, this means every molecule, whether it be in the sky, the waterways or with the human body, all life-forms bodies. This also includes any thing that has any water particles within it. In so doing we will infuse the Light into all aspects of this world and we will show all the other Universes that we are still Standing!


If you wish to have your own “Gifting” thoughts added to this website then email us at


Events /



A Radiant Collective, ARC

A Radiant Collective, ARC

The start of a NEW “Gathering” group

in November, 2017

A Radiant Collective, ARC, is the name of the new conference call Gathering group that will be meeting on a conference call on Thursday evenings.  The frequency of this calling group will be every two weeks similar to the present calling group known as the Pacific Northwest Pipeline, PNP, except that it will be on the off week from PNP’s call timing.  The time window for the calls is tentatively set for 7 PM Central and 8 PM Eastern time.

As some of you may know PNP has a schedule that meets on a conference call at 1 PM Eastern, 12 Noon Central, 11 AM Mountain and 10 AM Pacific time.  The PNP group has been very successful but we have realized that not everyone can meet on a call in the middle of the day unless they were retired or had the ability to control their work day.  Hence the evening call group is being established. The middle of the day call timing seems to work for the PNP group when dealing with four time zones.  Four time zones will not work in the evening for the ARC group.  So the time envelope for the calls was set for their ease of participation.  However anyone in any time zone is free to call either group or both.

The mix of participants on the PNP group includes those that have a good familiarity with the Awakened Hearts, Blue Star Speaks and Godumentary websites as well as ‘The God Book series,” the Blue Star Transmissions and to some extent the Matthew Books.  In other words the participants have the ability to follow with ease any of the dialog s that can come up on any of the calls.

The ARC group wishes to explore the possibility that there are individuals who may regularly visit the websites to read the contents of the web sites but may not have the same knowledge base that the PNP group may have.  They may have limited exposure to “The God Books” and the other books mentioned above but they know that they desire to speak with like-minded people because they have no one near them to talk with about Spiritual concepts.  Therefore we would like to invite them to email any one of the following to discuss being able to participate on the Thursday evening conference calls.

The ARC group may develop to be more of an educational group that will catch up by beginning to read the God Books and the other sources of information found on the Awakened Hearts, Blue Star Speaks and Godumentary websites.

Please contact:





The Gatherings /


I said… She said… and then They said…

The Gifts of Experience

Message #30

I said… She said… and then They said…

…and all who were there understood every concept and every word of what was said because we were all of like minds.  We didn’t have to think that there could be someone present who would think our beliefs as strange and off the wall.  We didn’t have to wonder if there were some there who were religious;we didn’t have to contend with those who might express the opinion that we all were going to hell for our beliefs.  We could be just ourselves and talk about anything and everything Spiritual.  What a wonderfully free and involved discussion the seven of us had in Yakima, Washington.  This was the first time that many had even met each other in person.  The only contact previously was participation on the conference call Gatherings that have been held almost every other Friday during the past twelve months.

This first everin person physical Gathering of seven of the conference call group participants was held in mid-September.  We had participants from Idaho, Washington, Texas, Wisconsin and New York.We had a variety of talents among the group that came to the In Person Gathering.  Even with the variety of abilities it was also true that at times we were the teachers and at other times we were the students.

We took a number of pictures during the event and the amount of orbs that showed up on the pictures confirmed to all present that we had a lot of other company during the two days total that we spent together.  It is at times like this that you speculate that there may be many more entities and beings also participating, it’s just that we don’t have the ability to see them.

 I have written a number of times in the past about the conference call method of like-minded people Gathering on phone calls.  Celest and David have mentioned many times that this is a great way for people to get together and meet on a call.  I wrote that the conference calls are a way to meet without having to spend travel time and expense to talk to others who are wanting to have a dialog with others who believe the same way they do.  I further wrote that as time passes those who become friends on the calls may wish to sometime in the future get together in person to further the growing friendships that they have established on the calls.  Well the first In Person Gathering happened in September and the seven of us will never be the same.

My wife and I have traveled the last five years to the Pacific Northwest to visit our son who lives in the area.  Last year we met with three people individually at locations near their homes.  This year I happen to mention that wouldn’t it be great if a few of us could meet at a convenient location and the answer was a resounding YES!  So that started the ball rolling.  Cyndi and I gave three of the participants a window where we could break away from our son’s family to attend an In Person Gathering.  A location was picked out that was convenient to the five of us.  We mentioned the potential dates and location to others and over time two others from the Midwest and the East decided to join.  We ended up with seven of us meeting in Yakima.  There were others of those who participate on the calls who would have liked to attend but had conflicts of one sort or another and could not attend.

Toward the end of the In Person Gathering all who were there said that we had to make this an annual event.  We talked about moving the meeting place to a more centralized location.  We would plan to announce the next In Person Gathering with enough advance notice so others would have a longer time span to make arrangements to plan to attend.  We also mentioned that it would be nice to have more time together than just the one full day and two half days that we were able to do for this first In Person Gathering.  We will just have to strike a balance of time for travel and meeting together that will meet the needs of most of the participants on the conference calls.

Now will this future In Person Gathering be restricted to those who are presently participants on the conference calls?  No!However that may be the case if no other like-minded people decide it is time to get off the fence and join in on the conference call Gatherings.  The present participants are waiting for others to join and we would welcome any like-minded people who visit the Awakened Hearts website and have some knowledge of what is contained in the God Book series.Having a familiarity of information contained in Blue Star Transmissions and maybe the Matthew Book series will also allow a person to follow the dialog that takes place on the conference calls.

It is true that the present group meets at times that may not be convenient for those who are employed in positions that would not allow participation due to the timing of the conference calls.  Presently the group meets on a conference call every two weeks at 1 PM Eastern, 12 noon Central, 11 AM Mountain and 10 AM Pacific Time zones.  Or in other words four different time zones, smack dab in the middle of the day.  Not convenient for most people who work or have very active lives during the middle of the day.

Therefore we are in the process of establishing another conference call group that will meet in the evenings. This new group will meet on a conference call in the early evening time period and will be scheduled during the off week from the group mentioned in the previous paragraph.  At the present time it looks like the group will meet on Thursday and the time envelop for the calls will be established to facilitate participation for those living in the Eastern and Central time zones.  HOWEVER, this does not mean that others in other time zones cannot participate on the calls; it just means that the person who has agreed to be the moderator presently lives in the Central time zone.  As the conference call Gathering groups expand, there will always be flexibility for more conference call groups in other time zones.  Also if there are those who have not participated in any of the calls and have a few people of like mind and they would like to have assistance in setting up a calling group of their own, we will gladly share any information that we have to assist you in this endeavor.  Just email the writer at the contact information located on Awakened Hearts website.

Now why would we suggest that a potential participant have knowledge of “The God Books,” Blue Star Transmission and even the Matthew Book series?  This might strike many that we are being exclusionary in our concept of Gathering.  We do not wish to exclude anyone from participation; it is just that we have found that people who are familiar with these sources of information have the ability to participate on the calls easier.  We have participants who talk frequently on most subjects that come up on the calls and we have had many who participated on the calls for a number of calls without making any comments at all.  And that is okay.  After a time when they felt more comfortable they were able to give some input to the rest of the group.  And the beautiful part of this scenario is that the group needed to hear their input.  It made a difference to the rest of the group.  We like to say that at times we are the student and at other times we are the teacher.

Do we have a set agenda for the calls?  No!  We have found that a very important feature of the calls is spontaneity of the subjects that are discussed.  You never know what will be discussed when you enterthe conference call Gathering.  But rest assured, it will be something that you will find that you somehow needed to hear and that is the beauty of the conference call Gatherings.  We never know ahead of time which participants will be on the call or what topics they will offer to the group.There are times that Celest and David join in on the call after it has begun to give the group a message or impart valuable information that the group needs to hear.  They don’t join in on every call but often enough so that most participants don’t like to miss a call.  Even when Celest and David aren’t on the calls, the group has a dynamic of its own that gives information to each other that we all needed to hear.  It is like Celest and David have said in the past, we all have to have the strength to stand on our own and not have our hands held at all times.  We have this ability and it shows on the conference call Gatherings when they don’t participate.

When we were concluding the Gathering in Yakima, I asked the participants to send me a paragraph to insert into this article if they wished to.  I felt it was important to give the readers of this article a view point from someone other than me as to how some felt about the Gathering in Yakima.  So here are their unedited responses.  Names and locations have been removed only.

First response:

What can I say about our trip that we took to Yakima other than it was so marvelous to finally meet up with some of the peoples that we have conversed with over the years?  Truly,________ and I have spoken for quite a few years so really was so great to meet her in person. It is so hard to describe how it feels to grow up in a huge family and not feel a part of it, cannot talk to anyone about this spiritual family, really, and then meet up with like-minded/hearted peoples and spend a couple of days with them and it feels like I truly left my real family there in Yakima. I have missed everyone greatly after coming home here to my birth family.  I will treasure the time spent with everyone. ____and_____, thank you so much for making this happen for all of us and your generosity.  So grateful to have had a comfortable room to talk, laugh, dine, and do the work.  Fantastic Push movement and going over the latest Master message little by little. _____, thank you for leading us in a brief ceremony and sharing my room with me.  I could listen to your stories day and night!  Let us all do this again with more peoples!!!  Blessings, __________


Second response:

It’s been awhile since I got back but I still have good memories and feelings from our gathering.
First it was great just to see everyone, some of whom I had, until then, only talked with on the phone.  Sharing the space with all of our friends was comfortable, relaxing, joyous and really heartfelt for me.  I felt like I was reconnecting with parts of myself through everyone else.  I also connected with everybody really quickly and easily. The feeling of being inspired, hopeful and grateful all at the same time continues to come back me through the group calls.  Words seem inadequate at this moment.  I feel like something has shifted inside of myself in a way I don’t yet understand.  Whew!!  It was great I am grateful for so much, the two ____  and all of my fellow gatherers and the God books and Bluestar, I am blessed.___________


Third response:

I understand everyone has been in my thoughts and love also. We are so blessed thanks everyone for bring in my life once again. Much luv to all.__________


Fourth response:

Arrived in __, spent the night with my daughter, & have driven to __ where I’ll spend a few days.

It was great being with you all, mind-sharing, connecting heart to heart, knowing that we are co-creating our world._____________


Fifth response:


Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for our group time together. I am so glad I followed the inner promptings to change my plans and get a flight to Yakima. I enjoyed every minute and loved to hear each ones stories. When in a group of like-minded individuals there is joy and happiness being felt. I guess they would be called heart felt connections. I feel like the luckiest person to be able to be in the group presence,  eating such wholesome foods, laughing, and talking of our dreams for the world, going over article Celest and David wrote and the 7 person push was incredibly powerful.  ______________


As the reader can see, all who were there greatly enjoyed their experience.  It is now time to end this article, but let me leave you with this message.  “We all want you, the reader, to have the same experience that all who attended the Yakima Gathering had and who will continue to have during future conference call Gatherings”.  Please join us on a conference call in the future.

Until next time, Dave

Dave can be reached at –

The Gifts of Experience /



Why GO To Earth?

The Gifts of Experience

Message #29


(Note: Dave, the author of these postings and his wife Cyndi are also active participants in “The Gatherings.

They are also contributing a message they received from God for the next “God BOOK” #8, “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients” which is almost finished.

You can find their contact information on “The Gatherings contact Information” page of this website. We encourage each of you to send them an email and everyone else as well on “The Gatherings” contact list and INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Salude, Celest and David)


Strange question and a strange title for an article isn’t it.  But that may very well be the question that the Souls of my wife and I had to consider before our present incarnations on the Earth Star planet.  How do I know that?  Well in Blue Star’s transmission that was published on Awakened Hearts website on August 25, 2016, Blue Star made a disclosure of sorts.  In the last paragraph Blue Star mentioned the Texas GATHERERS who made a trip to visit with other Gatherers in the Pacific Northwest.  Blue Star used the phrase, “…each of yourselves for being a true human being, although you each originated on other planets”.  That type of statement certainly does get one’s attention.

A number of years ago when my wife and I began reading the God Books and found references to different origins for persons presently living on Earth, we mused about where we might fit into the equation.  Were we Earth Seeds, Star Seeds, Walk-Ins, Born-Ins or just what were we?  We wondered also if we should make an attempt to find out our origins; you know go to some person who could take us back through our many incarnations to see “where we came from”.  We made the decision to just table that idea because we felt if our Souls wanted us to know then we would be told in some fashion.  And until that time frame appeared, we would not spend any more time asking ourselves the question.  I guess it would appear that we got a partial answer on August 25th in Blue Star’s Transmission without going to an earth bound person to provide the information.  Our Souls may have decided that we did need to know that we originated from a planet other than Earth.  (I would speculate that the majority of the persons reading this article also originated on a planet other than the Earth Star planet.)

Even though we have a portion of an answer to the question of where we came from, the knowledge has not changed anything about how we consider ourselves or how we continue to conduct our daily lives.  So to me this means that it doesn’t make any difference where you come from; you still have to conduct your lives in the best fashion that you can.  This knowledge is the very same as letting go of those events that have occurred in the past.  Let the past stay in the past and then make a commitment to conduct your life in the best way possible going forward into the future.  So with that said let us try to answer the question posed in the title of this article.

The first thought for an answer that came to me is:  “Why Not”?  I have read in the God Books that the Earth Star planet is the most beautiful planet in the Cosmos.  When one sees different pictures, or movie scenes or videos made from above the Earth, Earth is truly a sight to behold.  And the people making comments that accompany these types of media also express their awe of the sight of Earth from space.  Now I am not a world traveler but I did spend time in the early 60’s in the Navy and traveled to the Mediterranean Sea on cruises aboard an aircraft carrier.  The ship stopped in many ports and I took tours to see various sites.  I also had positions with companies that required me to travel to Western Europe, North Africa and Central and South America.  Everywhere I traveled, the varied landscapes were just a wonder to behold.  It was only where humanity had made its indelible mark on the landscape that the landscape was changed to something that was diminished in beauty.

I have traveled to a majority of the states and have always found the landscapes to be spectacular, even those that some might not think of as beautiful.  But when you look closely and see how the existing vegetation is working hard to grow and stay alive in the countryside of places like West Texas, it is still a thing of beauty.  And this has been going on in these locals for a long time.  And then you also have the landscapes that mankind has greatly changed by the harvesting of a lot of what grew in that area and this action has changed the landscape in this region forever.  Sometimes Terra can adapt to the actions that mankind has committed and sometimes the actions are to the detriment of Terra.

I try to thank Terra every day for all that Terra has given to mankind that day.  Regardless of where you buy or acquire what everyone uses on a daily basis, Terra is the one who has supplied the raw materials to produce whatever is used by mankind.  So I think that it would be a good thing from time to time for everyone to thank Terra for all Terra has provided.  Because Terra is the one who supplied it all to us; it didn’t come from outer space.  Maybe you might think that thanking Terra every day is a little much.  So let us look at a hypothetical scenario this way.  Let’s say you thank Terra every day for all that Terra has provided to you and your family.  But then one day someone says to Terra, “I can’t thank you today because I am much too busy”.  What do you think your reaction would be if Terra then said to you, “that is okay because I too am too busy cleaning up the messes you, humanity, have made to my body, so I’ll just skip providing you what you need this day”.

Now, wouldn’t that be truly a “WAKE UP” call.  It would scare the pants off of you wouldn’t it.  I would venture to say that Terra skipping “one day” would create a really large problem for the world.  Without thinking too much about it one might think that just one day would not be so bad.  Okay, one day without water added to a day without reflective heat from the Sun (keep in mind that Terra’s atmosphere cancels out a lot of harmful rays from the Sun), would cause a very large problem that might take a whole lot longer than a day to correct.  And that is only the first thought that came to mind and I am sure there is other just as pronounced consequences if Terra “took a day off” from all that Terra does for us.

Terra taking a day off is not a good thing at all if the hypothetical scenario that I described truly is a probability.  Is this the writer’s fantasy or could it really happen?  I don’t know if anyone could truly say with a great degree of accuracy that it could not.  The world might never recover.  So why take a chance and just make a sincere statement that you thank Terra for all Terra has provided to mankind this day.  Now I am pretty sure that there are some readers that are thinking that the writer is really being way too melodramatic today.  But have you ever really thought before about how much Terra does for us each and every day?  Yea that’s what I thought!!

So getting back from hypothetical land, Terra has never taken a day off and wouldn’t because Terra’s love for all of mankind is as consistent as the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West.  Terra knows every Soul that has ever incarnated on her surface better than the personality of the Soul even knows about itself.  Terra has watched an individual Soul reincarnate over and over multiple times and many times has sadly watched the personality make the same mistakes that have affected Terra’s body.  I have read that personalities most often take the same body shape and temperament and have gravitated to the same type of employment for their life’s work in consecutive lifetimes.  As this occurs over and over, Terra can only wait and hope that the next lifetime will be different.

Then again I am sure that Terra has greatly rejoiced when a personality on a subsequent incarnation has changed its impact on the planet because it followed a nudge that made the personality awake and take notice of the harm that had taken place to Terra’s body.  The present personality is unconsciously correcting the damage that the preceding personalities had done.  Can you imagine the feeling that Terra must have to see humanity waking up and taking stock of the devastation that has occurred throughout the life of the Earth Star planet; then see humanity taking corrective measures to undo the harm that was done in the past?  For a moment think about the news stories that reflect how protests by various groups have given the public an education of the environmental problems for various areas.  And then on the other side also remember how some in the media and others have tried to label these people as being crazy and that there is no such problem.

Well I believe the environmental problems are real and will become more evident even to the detractors as the earth changes become more severe in nature to correct the environmental problems.  When will the earth changes start some may ask?  Those asking this kind of question must not be aware that earth changes are occurring all around us and these changes are accelerating.  Some may also be asking why Terra would have to take the actions that are evident in the earth changes.  It is so Terra can rid Herself of the pockets of negativity that have accumulated over time.

At the present time we are seeing many changes in the weather patterns that have been occurring.  What changes some may be asking.  Well there are no predictable weather patterns anymore it seems.  We have a website that we scan daily to see what the forecast is and the site includes a ten day forecast.  This ten day forecast is pretty useless to count on the weather beyond the next day or two because it very seldom is correct for anything further out than two days.  The weather is also changing in many places where it is hotter during the day, unseasonable so, and colder at night in those same locals.

There will be more changes to come and one may ask what we can do about it.  One thing is to be prepared for those times when services may be interrupted and we can’t obtain all the necessities that we may need for the short term.  The other is to be prepared to help those who may need our assistance when a major earth change occurs.  So what can one do when these major changes occur far from us, like half way around the planet?  Well we can use our Power of Thought to send out Light, Love and Healing Energy to those who are suffering from the effects of the earth changes.  Now, are we interfering with the Soul Contracts of the people suffering?  We could be if we don’t also put a caveat into our thoughts that we only want to help to the extent of moderating the effects of the earth change.  Our intent should be to work with the Universe to help others.

We can be of assistance because we have the ability to help others with our thoughts.  And that is the reason I believe that the Souls of my wife and I chose to come to the Earth Star planet.  Our Souls were either asked by God to be present or our Souls asked God that we be present during this incarnation that we are experiencing at the present time.  Either way, we are here and we thank God that we have the ability to help others through our efforts to make a difference.

Until next time, Dave aka Phil


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