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  • When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

    When Remarkable People give a Remarkable Gift

    The Christ Consciousness IS Christmas Day every day. If you wish to re-visit or have not read last years wondrous event please go to “The Gift” A Christmas Day Event Updated 12-23 Scroll down the page to read other Remarkable Peoples “Gifts” If you are still unsure about “The Christ Consciousness” or Jesus and “The […]

  • Gatherings 11

    Gatherings 11

    “Let the Gatherings Begin” and “The Gifts of Experience” Gatherings, II Cyndi and I just returned from another trip to visit with family and to meet like-minded people who indicated an interest in meeting with us as we traveled to the locations of our family members.  We traveled east this time and visited with individuals […]

  • The Gatherings – Contact Information

    “The Gatherings” Contact information Contact list updated December 10th, 2017 **** 11-2017 Special Update: A Radiant Collective “ARC” is now activated Please Contact Janet for more information about these “Gathering” nighttime conference calls Janet – Janesville, Wisconsin ***  ~  Check back frequently for updates ~ ***** NOTE: Scroll down to see the newest contactees […]

  • The Gatherings – Another First Step

    The Gatherings – Another First Step For “The New People of The New Earth” Contact Celest and David at Hello everyone, thank you for your interest in “The Gatherings” we all, as a Collective, are bringing into manifestation. Please check back often and we will continue to keep you updated. We encourage each of […]

  • The Gatherings – Manifesting in The Golden NOW

    “One World ~ One People” Let the Gatherings begin This phrase we used means that all people should be treated equally and no longer divided.  As one “Advocate” has suggested we could have termed this Luminescent inspired endeavor “New Earth  ~ New People,” a term God and all the other Luminescents of each Universe use […]