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Website Updated August 16th, 2014


Important NEW Postings and updates



We have moved our websites to our new hosting server, “Rainbow Products” is under construction and will hopefully be updated in the next few days… thank you for your patience when our sites were down.


6-23-14 – Blue Star Transmissions Special Edition

“We are calling for ALL good Souls to unite with us now…”


“While you were sleeping…”


God’s 6th book, “Advocates for Justice


Climate Change and the resulting effects on Humankind

Karmanistict Events and the Consequences of being Wrong


Its all ok

 Attention Light Workers: “It’s NOW or Never,” and Disclosing countries’ leaders agendas


Worthy of revisiting

The Four Horsemen of the Golden NOW


Beyond the Journey – Life in the Hereafters


This website continues to research and explore various realities and myths that are commonly known as “Paranormal.” Although we contend that these things are quite rational and normal… for the most part. We are dedicating this website and our time and work on it, as an ongoing effort to Awaken the Hearts of all people to the truth behind the events occurring on this planet…because we care. These discussions on this website will be for those who need to know, those who already know, but NOT for those who don’t want to know.

 Contrary to some peoples beliefs, This website is “NOT” for entertainment purposes. Salude.. Celest and David

This website will be updated as we have time. All current postings to all three websites are listed under “Update Notices

All of “The God Book Series” and the “Blue Star the Pleiadian” Series of books

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